Teach My Coworker

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I had been showing my co-worker, Kim, how to do some things she wanted to do, on her home computer.

We had started out with her seated, and me hovering over her shoulder, to her objections.

After a while, in frustration, she jumped up, and pushed me down into the seat, saying it would go much faster this way.

I said ok, and she hovered.

She tickled my ear, play with my hair, massaged my shoulders, which was great fun, but very distracting.

We have been friends for a few years, day-hiked once, but no romance sprang up, which surprised me, since she is such a cutie.

I playfully complained when she started tracing my ear with her tongue, and just to get her to stop, I quickly turned my head, expecting her to jump back.

She surprised me, by not moving, we just looked at each other, our noses a centimeter apart, until I put my tongue out & licked the tip of her nose.

She tilted her head, and slowly pressed her lips to mine, in a close mouthed kiss.

It was nice, but I don’t know how to kiss like that, so I licked her lip with the very tip of my tongue, she did not move away, so I darted out a few more times, and she began pressing harder against my lips.

I figured she was just playing with me, so I wanted to play with her, I swung the chair towards her, caught her by the back of the knees, and she sat on my lap.

That surprised her, but she just put her arms around my neck, tilted her head again, and kissed me in a mashing way.

I pulled back, holding her in place, and continued licking her lips, outside, between, across, always gently, and she began to follow suit.

She began to get pretty good at the soft, slow, wet kiss, and we just enjoyed each other for a half hour or so.

Finally, she sighed, and snuggled her nose & mouth against my neck, and sat quietly for a ataşehir escort bayan few minutes.

I assumed the fun was over, and started to lift her to her feet, and get back to the computer.

She realized what I was doing, after she had regained her feet, and then resisted.

I looked quizzically at her, she leaned over, and kissed me again, wetly, gently, our tongues slipped over, and around each other, we caressed each others lips and tongues.

She straightened, and in a single movement, she lifted her blouse & bra, offering her small breast to my examination.

Without thinking, I opened my mouth, and sucked the closest breast into the warm embrace of my mouth.

My tongue tasted her skin, my hands raised to her hips, almost touching around her small waist, she lifted her hands to the back of my head, massaging & caressing me, and with her movements, and the gentle noises she made, she instructed my movements.

We both at the same time, decided to move to her other breast, sliding my wet lips across her warm flesh, fastening upon her nipple, which grew in my happy mouth, my tongue played upon her soft flesh, tasting, caressing, massaging with my lips, tongue, lip-pinching her nipple until she made a mewling sound, and shivered, for long seconds, making me believe she had just orgasmed.

One of my hands had slipped down her hip, caressed up her thigh, turned & twisted repeatedly, against her vagina, she pressed against my hand, one of her hands moved to her un-suckled nipple, where she pinched, pulled & twisted it, between her fingers.

After a few moments, she pulled me to my feet, resumed kissing my lips, I felt her hands loosening my belt, lower my zipper, and as she pressed my pants down to my ankles, her face came level with my penis.

She looked at it as if she had escort kadıöy never seen one before, her hands gently grasped it, turning it one way, then another, testing it’s strength, determining how far she could twist, turn & point it, without causing me discomfort.

Slowly, staring at it’s eye, her face descended, her lips touched the glan, in a dry kiss, her lips part slightly, sliding the head between her slick, hot lips.

After she had completed her examination, she brought her nose close, smelling it, I could see her smile, she rubbed it along her cheek, gently at first, then more firmly, eventually, her lips parted and her tongue slid the length of it, circling it’s helmet, she seemed pleased at it’s firm softness, she pressed it against the entire inside of her mouth, caressing it with her lips, tongue, and cheeks, inside & out, pressing it wetly against her cheekbone, across her eyes, rolling it as best she could, across her cheeks, her lips wetly nipping it, caressing it, whenever it came near.

Her lips had become much fuller, she was breathing more deeply, completely mesmerized by her new toy.

She slid it down her neck, tried to rub it against her breasts, but they were much too low, and I was not about to sit, removing my penis from her attentive face.

Her mouth would engulf my cock, releasing it wet, her hand would gently masturbate it, until it became dry, she would wet it again, I thought she might keep this up for longer than I could last, and I pulled her to her feet, she would not release my cock, holding and caressing it, squeezing it every few seconds, enjoying the responsive spasm from my cock, I stepped out of my pants & shorts, and started unbuttoning her pants.

When she realized what I was doing, she finally released my cock, and stripped herself in seconds, maltepe escort again grasped her new toy, and led me to the bathroom, turning on the shower, adjusting the water temp with one hand, pulling me in with her, like a slave following his leash.

She grasped the soap, and started really giving me a cock-massage, with the slippery soapsuds, until I gasped that I would not be able to last if she continued, and that I wanted to make love with her all day.

She liked that, released my poor throbbing dick, grabbed a loofa, soap & washed my face, neck & chest, turning me as she washed around in circles, down my body, paying loving attention to my cock & balls, also the crack of my ass.

After she finished with my feet, she hosed me down, & threw the loofa at me, giving her time to grab a shower cap, saying she didn’t want to waste time with wet hair, turned back to me, raised her arms above her head, and with a wonderful smile, she brightly said, “Do me”.

I did “Do” her, much as she had done me, when I finished with her last foot, I managed to move it into the shower flow, washing the soap away, then brought her toes to my mouth, where I sucked three of them into my mouth, my tongue caressing each in turn, and as she shifted her position to keep her balance, I placed her foot on the top of the tub, and my eyes, hands & mouth found her vagina.

She allowed my mouth to lick her lips a few minutes, then growled lustily, pushed my head away, turned under the water flow, turned it off, grabbed a towel, and dried me.

I enjoyed the drying, especially as she dried my ankles, her mouth seemed to naturally find my penis, sucked it inside, and she massaged it to stiffness, never touching it with her hands.

I stepped back, not wanting to spill my seed yet, grabbed another towel, knelt beside her form, and dried her body, suckling her breast’s as I dried her back & neck, then we both rose, she took me by the cock, and walked backwards to the bedroom, where she flicked the comforted down, she dove onto the bed, landing on her back, spreading her arms & legs widely, and she said “More”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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