Teaching Chris Ch. 02

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We had been in touch all the week before, on our private email address that only the three of us knew about, discussing what had happened the week before, and we were going to actually have sex for the first time. It would be his first time with me, his first time to have sex with a properly passionate woman, something he had never had before. And then my period started. Typical! I communicated this and we decided that we would repeat some of what had happened last week, but also include me wanking him off all over my breasts without him having to wear a condom. This time of course he wouldn’t be able to go down on me.

The day was fixed and we got the room ready, comfortable and warm. He arrived to see me stripped from the waist up, smiling sexily, and came toward me with his pent up hunger evident in his eyes. All his nervousness was lost this time and he grabbed me and kissed me with his desire evident and with a lot more confidence. My nipples hardened as he sucked on them and explored every inch he could reach. I eased his clothes off, exploring his body as I went, and got him comfortable on the sofa. Then I knelt between his legs.

I took his already glistening rock hard cock, carefully put ataşehir escort on a condom and prepared to suck him off. It was a strawberry flavoured condom, my favourite flavour so I knew that sucking him off would be extra enjoyable. I took him into my mouth and began to suck and lick his cock, long slow strokes up and down, then short flicking licks over the head of his cock, which made him tremble and whimper, then strong sucks, then softer more gentle and teasing strokes, until he was trembling all the time and his moans were becoming higher and higher pitched. He whispered to me how good it was and I kept right on giving him all the head I could, taking him as deep as I could till he moaned with some urgency that he was about to come I sucked him harder as his hips arched off the sofa and I felt his cum fill the condom. Spurt after spurt, really quite a lot, hit the rubber before he relaxed and subsided back down onto the sofa. I gently removed the condom and knotted it, and gave him a moment to recover. As he opened his eyes, he smiled at me, most of his tension released.

We talked small talk for a short while as his breathing returned to normal, and I remained where I was, knelt between kadıköy escort bayan his knees. I reached out and began to play with his cock again, quickly encouraging it back to hardness. I began to talk to him in a low, sexy voice, telling him some of the delights that awaited him in future visits. All the hot sex we would have. The delights of properly exploring each others bodies. How he would feel when experiencing my orgasm when I rode him with me on top. I told him about the delights of fucking me while I was made to bend over on the stairs, and what it might feel like to fuck me while i was tied up helpless on the sofa, and also stretched out and fucked flat out in the kitchen. I varied my wanking strokes, hard, soft, long and short strokes. I wanked him gently and then harder, I used my other hand to play with his balls and tickle under his cock. I gathered from the moans of enjoyment that he was really getting close, and indeed at that moment he murmured that if I carried on like this he was going to cum again.

As he began to breathe harder I kneeled up over him and placed his cock between my breasts and wanked harder still. With a great groan he reared up and his cum escort maltepe spurted over my breasts. I spread the head of his sticky cock all over my breasts and I was covered and all warm and sticky. When he opened his eyes he just looked at me, and when he was able to speak he said the sight of me with his cum all over my breasts was one of the horniest and hottest sights he had ever seen!

Shortly afterward he dressed and left. I was so horny and hot and aching that I got my vibrator, and slipped it down my clothes so I could touch my clit with it. I was frustrated with watching him cum and cum again, so i circled my clit with the head of my vibrator and felt the magic begin down there. i buzzed pressing harder, then more gently, then circling again, then harder. Really, it didn’t take long and i felt my orgasm grow and grow, but frustratingly i couldn’t finish for what seemed like a lifetime… the sweat gathered between my breasts and made them stickier, I moaned and writhed to get myself off, and eventually I peaked and screamed out a massive orgasm, the one I really needed!

My husband was pleased with the way it had all gone. Watching me wanking and sucking Chris and then bringing myself off with my vibrator had got him very hard. I knelt before him and began sucking his cock, and he loved every second of my tongue and mouth. It didn’t take him long as he was so turned on, and without condom his cum spurted down my throat. I was delighted to swallow every drop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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