Team Mom

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My name is Rosa Gonzalez. I’m writing down my thoughts here to try and understand something. How did I go from blowing my son’s athletic director, his football coach, and his teammates, to fucking my own son, Ricky, himself? Let me explain.

I’ve had a hard life. I had Ricky when I was only 16. I’m 34 now and Ricky’s 18, and I’ve tried all along to raise him alone and encourage his interest in football. Ricky’s the team quarterback and has a chance at a college scholarship. I’ll do anything to see him succeed.

This is where my troubles started.

I’m a petite Hispanic woman with three assets: a pretty face, fat nippled tits, and a JLo ass that quivers and snaps when I walk. Surprised I’m talking this way? Then listen up – I’m also a cock-loving whore who will put out for any guy that’s nice to me. I’ve tried to keep that side of myself from Ricky, but he’s seen enough men around over the years to get an idea that Mom’s a piece of easy ass.

We left the neighboring town last year because I got caught sucking off the Principal in the parking lot by the school board president. I looked up from the floorboards at her shocked face just as the poor guy shoved his hips up in an attempt to gag me as he unloaded his hot jiz.

I swallowed that shit with an extra thrill at being discovered for the cheap cum drinker I really am. The principal gritted his teeth and yanked my hair as he smeared his wet cock all over my gasping face. That poor lady just stood there with her hand over her mouth in amazement.

After that, we had to move one town over to protect Ricky from embarrassment. He was such a solid prospect that several schools begged for his transcripts. When I chose Riverdale High, it was partly due to the football program, and also because the A.D. and coach were handsome men that made my pussy buzz. Remember, I’m only 34. I need to get fucked daily, and I’ll suck off the school janitor if that’s the only cock I can find.

Things came to a head this weekend. On Friday, I was called to the school by A.D. Mick Jones to discuss the team’s weekend bus trip to Sunnyvale.

“Rosa, we need a parent to ride with the coach and boys to help keep order.” Mick began. “I think you have the best enthusiasm to inspire the guys to victory – plus you’re easy on the eyes.”

I flipped my hair and faked a blush as Mick came around from behind his desk. I playfully examined his whistle as he gently put his hands on my hips.

“You are so beautiful. Please – may I hug you?” he managed. How quaint. I had something else in mind.

“Why, Mick. You’re bursa escort a little forward, aren’t you?” I teased, but I slowly brushed my fat tits across his sweatshirt in a circular pattern. I purposely stopped in mid-drag, then smiled up at him and pulled my jugs hard against the jersey so he could feel my big nipples poke insistently into him. I reached down with my tiny hand and unzipped his slacks as he exhaled a grateful moan.

“Why don’t we skip the hug.” I breathed as I tugged his aching prick, ” and why don’t I just eat the cum out of your pis slit?”

Mick pushed me forcefully to my knees and I went into full whore mode – moaning, slobbering, sucking hard while I wiggled a fingernail into his asshole.

“Oh, Rosa – I can’t hold back- I’m gonna-“

No shit. When I suck cock they all unload in under a minute.

“Unnngghhh–” Mick clawed at my wavy dark hair as I buried my lips against his abdomen. Thick chunks of man lava blasted against the back of my throat as I gulped and swallowed greedily.

I jumped to my feet with sparkling eyes and pulled out my compact. ” Didn’t miss a drop!” I sang as I wheeled around and out the door of his office.

I stopped at his secretary’s desk. Julie was a cute librarian type with horn-rimmed glasses and hair in a bun. Poor thing. I bent over and whispered conspiratorially.

“Whew! Better watch him! He was really looking me over!” I said as I pretended to adjust my bra under my sweater.

“What-what do you mean?” she flushed as my tits were in her face.

“Well, look- it’s my nipples.” I said, and I quickly pulled up the sweater and lifted my flowery cups. My fat, tan tits spilled out over her desk, and Julie instinctively reached up to block them from her personal space.

“Jesus-” Julie stammered as I placed them in her hands.”They’re so warm- so big- your aureoles-“

“I know.” I cut her off. “Everyone wants to slobber all over them. My nips show thru everything I wear. They’re very sensitive.”

At this, Julie looked over my shoulder at Mick’s closed door. “What-do they taste like?” she said with a choked whimper.

I pulled her face to my chest and she gnawed and bit my tips with a shameful, hungry groan.

“I knew you were a dyke.” I taunted, “make sure my kid’s transcripts stay good and I’ll spray your face with cunt juice when he graduates.”

That did it. Julie orgasmed with a silent shudder as I pushed her glasses off her face with my saliva-soaked tits.

That night I climbed aboard the bus for our overnight trip. I wore a short buttoned-up bursa escort bayan cardigan with nothing underneath, and a short, tight skirt with black nylons and heels.

The boys nudged each other and nodded approvingly as I sauntered to the back of the bus to sit with the coach. Ricky sat up front with his best friend Tyrone, and both boys ignored my entrance as they discussed the playbook.

Coach Steve Johnson was a handsome, muscular man, and he looked me up and down as I sat down next to him and pretended to pull my skirt down. My dark circles and fleshy sweater meat fought a losing battle to stay covered as I leaned into him as we talked about his career, the boys, and tomorrow’s game. My perfume swirled around his head as I constantly played with my hair.

As we rode through the darkened night, the rhythm of the road caused the boys’ noisy chatter to die off as they fell asleep on the seats in front of us. I adjusted my position and laid my head on Steve’s shoulder. He swallowed hard and tried to discretely cover the fleshy missile now billowing upward through his drawstring-sweats.

“I’m sorry- I’ve got a little problem.” Steve whispered in a low voice as he scanned the bus for any sign of awakened football players.

“Let me see it.” I cooed, and pulled his pulsating cock right out into the open. I smeared a thumb over the glistening precum on the head, and Steve moaned savagely.

“Rosa- no- if the boys find out- your son-” he began, but I just pulled my g-string to the side and sat down hard on his huge erection.

“Uuuff.” I husked quietly. “Too late. You’re fucking my hot wet pussy now.” I unbuttoned my sweater and started riding his cock.

“Christ-Rosa- the bus driver-” Steve intoned.

I looked over my shoulder to see the driver checking us out in the mirror. “Don’t worry.” I licked Steve’s ear as I clawed his back. “The driver will get fucked at the hotel.”

At this, Steve groaned loudly and began to rinse my cunt with hot juice. The players sitting in front of us woke up and looked over the seat back.

“Holy Shit! Mrs. Gonzalez!” they shouted, and other players filtered back to see what the commotion was about.

I raised up off Steve, trailing stringy cum, and lay down on the seat next to him. I wantonly put both legs up on the seat backs and exposed my dripping sex to the crowd of 18 year olds.

“Who’s next?” I hissed through hooded eyes as I pinched and twisted my nipples. I was overcome by lust, and forgot all about Ricky’s reputation – and my own.

All of a sudden, Ricky’s escort bursa best friend Tyrone parted the crowd forcefully. “Mrs. Gonzalez! Are you alrigh–” the sentence went unfinished as I pulled on his belt buckle.

“Give me that fat black cock!” I spit out as I tugged and whinnied to get his fat prick into my cunt.

“But Ricky- Ricky will- uuhhh…” Tyrone’s erect prick sank fat and deep into my whorish pussy, plugging the leak and bumping my cervix.

The guys all cheered as Tyrone began to fuck me with confidence now, knowing he owned my Spanish pussy till he got his boiling nut.

“You like this black cock, bitch?” he sneered as he pushed my legs up in the air. Somewhere above the din I heard Ricky’s confused voice as he sought to see what was happening.

“Mom! Mom! Are you alright?” Coach Steve jumped up to push Ricky away, but in his haste he forgot to put away his glistening, re-hardened cock, covered with my juice and curly cunt hair.

“Your Mom’s fucking Tyrone!” the guys hollered excitedly, and I began to whimper and beg without shame or reservation.

“Give it to me – fuck my wet pussy!” I pounded on Tyrone’s muscular chest and reached out for another boy’s cock as it sprang into my face.

“Stuff her mouth full! Hurry up!” I heard, and Ricky was now looking over Tyrone’s shoulder.

“Mom! Why!” Ricky agonized. I was beyond shame.

“Honey- I-I need cock- bad!” I said through slitted eyes as Tyrone bulled into me with a glassy-eyed fury. I noticed that Ricky’s sweats bulged out obscenely, his cock deciding independently that I was a whore tonight, not his Mom.

“Show Momma, honey. Show me what a man you are.” I panted, and another guy pulled down Ricky’s sweats like it was a locker room prank.

Tyrone unloaded his teenage sperm into my pussy as all the guys gasped at the size of Ricky’s exposed cock. It was huge, big around as a pop can and as long as my forearm.

“Mom! No! Stop!” Ricky cried, but we both knew it was too late. Coach Steve pushed Ricky from behind with a look of crazed lust.

“Fuck her kid! You know she needs it!”

I reached out with my hand and rubbed Ricky’s rubbery head up and down my wet slit.

“Mom- Don’t! You’ll make me- “

“Cummm!” I wailed, as I pulled Ricky all the way in and wiggled around his spitting, boiling log.

Ricky slammed his hips into me violently, angry,embarrassed, yet full of desire for my sloppy, well-fucked pussy.

I orgasmed with a wail and passed out. When I awoke, we were at the hotel. I was tied to the bus driver’s bed, and he was giggling and pissing all over my cum-smeared torso.

“Uhh- you fucking pervert.” I managed, before passing out again.

Needless to say, a promise of pussy for all on the return trip led to our team winning 69-0.

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