Teasing The Taxi Driver

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After a meal in a restaurant, me and Matt, my boyfriend, stepped into a large black taxi cab. We were separated from the taxi driver by a panel. There was a large glass window in the centre. The seats were a fake leather material, black and cold. We jumped in quickly and sat very closely together. We were already warmed up and very horny.

He slid his hand up my naked leg and up my crotch. I put my hand on his thigh and gently moved the tips of my fingers up his inner thigh. We turned to each other and began kissing. He combed his fingers through my wavy hair, pushing my lips harder onto his. He slid his fingers into my pantie and slithered his hand in between my pussy lips.

“Ummm, nice and wet,” he muttered to himself.

I could see the taxi driver peering at the rear view mirror, and once realising what we were doing he instantly shot his head, transfixing his eyes to the mirror again, and smiled cheekily. I smiled in response to his satisfaction.

I wanted to tease the driver more, this was fun. ataşehir escort bayan While turning my right eye towards his reactions, I began kissing my man and grabbing his cock seductively. I rubbed his crotch up and down with such pleasure and attention. I could see the driver gazing intensely, almost ramming the taxi into another car. He stamped on the brake hard before he could hit the car.

We just giggled to ourselves, both now realising that he was aware of our goings on. He started nibbling me neck and dipping his 2 fingers in my wet pussy, making me shiver and tense up. He pushed in his index finger and then sliding his finger up to my clit, rubbing it hard in circles and then pushing back down into my pussy. He repeated this a few times which made my pussy become very juicy. I pulled out his cock and bent down. My mouth covered his erect cock. I licked the rim of his cock, staring up into his eyes the same time. I gave it a deep suck then licked down his shaft. We both knew that the taxi escort kadıöy driver was watching and pleasuring himself. We wanted to tease him more.

I could see the taxi driver starting to rub his crotch, and muttering, “fucking hell!”

Matt pushed me onto my back, my legs bent up. He engulfed his mouth on my pussy, flicking hard his tongue on my clit. I loved to be sucked hard and having my clit flicked like you really wanted it. He shook his head sideways forcefully so that I would feel his lips rubbing my clit hard. He knew he needed to treat my pussy like he was wanking his hard cock. He inserted two fingers in my pussy while sucking my juiced up pussy. I could feel his fingers arching up quite sharply inside my pussy, rubbing my g-spot quite accurately. I was panting hard and squeezed my tits at every thrust he made against my g-spot.

“Fuck yeah, oh yeah.”

He was dipping his face, in and out my pussy, enjoying every suck. I was getting very wet and flustered. I could see his cock maltepe escort twitching in motion with my panting. I sat up and could see the taxi driver wanking his cock fast, his face tightening up and lips pouting. I sat on Matt and bounced up and down on his hard cock, twisting my thighs and bouncing up and down again. He buried his face between my breasts, squeezing them at the same time. My pelvis became ever closer to his.

I wanted to watch the taxi driver wanking so I turned myself around and sat on my Matt’s cock.

My breasts reflected on the glass window and the taxi’s driver’s eyes gawped at them ferociously. I leant forward while Matt pushed his cock up and down into me with sheer force. My tits bounced up and down, shaking back and forth. His breathing sped up and sweat dripped down his forehead. Both his hands were clenching the edge of the seat, aiding every push he was making. I could see the driver wanking courageously now, his mouth all curled up, and his eyes squinting.

“Fuck I’m cumin,” oh yeah, he sure was, or should I say, they both were.

“I’m cumin, I’m cumin.”

My tits flew around madly now and was being pounding very hard. I could see the driver, grasping his cock with his last two gropes, and they both came. I was now hornier then ever!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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