Tempted Moms Ch. 05: Summer Awakening

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I would like to thank ‘younghrted2’ for taking the time to review my story

All characters are fictional and 18 years or older.


“I just can’t believe what Hubert asked me last night,” Terri said, as she lay on the beach next to her good friend. Both of them had their arms crossed on their bellies with their toes pointed toward the ocean.

Margery, Terri’s friend, replied, “Well, don’t leave me hanging. What did your husband say?”

At forty-two, Terri was still a beautiful woman, with long, silky black hair and brown eyes. She heard what her friend had asked, but now felt a little hesitant and said, “Forget I said that.”

Margery, with her top untied as she sunned, lifted herself just enough not to expose her breasts and huffed, “Oh no! You can’t start by saying something like that, and then expect me to just forget about it. Spill it, girl!”

Terri sighed. “Okay. If you must know… Remember how I told you Hubert and I hadn’t had sex in quite some time, and that I figured it must have been from him working so many late nights at the office?”

“Yeah, I remember.”

“Well, apparently, I’m the problem.”


“Yes,” Terri sighed. “The son of a bitch asked if I was interested in spicing up our sex life.”

Margery lay back down on her arms and replied, “I don’t hear how you’re the problem, Terri. I mean, that’s more than I’ve gotten from my husband. At least yours is making an offer to spice things up.”

“Yes. But you didn’t let me finish. My husband’s idea of ‘spicing up our sex life’ as he calls it, is to have me fuck someone else, while he watches!”

“Oh, my God!” Margery declared, rising onto her elbows once more.

“You have any idea how degrading that is? To have your husband more or less say that you’re not enough to excite him anymore?”

“Wow. Okay, I can see your point now.”

“Yeah! And to even make it worse, he said he didn’t care if it was even with another woman!”

Margery couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“I’m glad you find this funny!”

“I’m sorry, Hun,” Margery chuckled. “It’s just, I remember how shy you were back in high school. To picture you being bold enough to even kiss a girl… Well…”

“Ha! Ha! Yes… I was a little backward back then. At least I broke out of that shyness I once had. But this is different. Am I that unattractive that I can’t turn him on, anymore?

“You’re joking, right? Jesus, Terri. You’re drop-dead gorgeous, so get that idea out of your head! There isn’t a guy on this beach who wouldn’t want to have a chance to fuck you.”

Terri smiled, “You think so?”

“Honey, I know so,” Margery said, while lightly touching Terri’s hand.

Margery’s touch sent a little tingle through Terri’s body, shocking her at first. Feeling a bit uncomfortable from it, Terry pulled her hand away and replied, “So why would he ask that, then?”

“Who the hell knows why guys do what they do? Maybe he has a fetish for seeing you getting fucked by someone else.”

Terri pondered over what her friend had just said and replied, “Okay, let’s say you’re right about that. Why did he wait all these years to tell me, then?”

“I don’t know, maybe because he knows how reluctant you are at doing crazy stuff?”

“Okay. Maybe I was hesitant in the past about doing crazy stuff; it just scared me to take risks like that. But now I can see how much fun I missed out on. If I had the chance, I’m sure I would be more open to experiencing new things. But, what my husband suggested I do, you have to admit, is going a little too far.”

“Yeah, you’re right. That’s pretty dark on your husband’s part. But just because you got married at eighteen and had a son, doesn’t mean you can’t try and have a little different type of excitement in your life.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, for starters, how about teasing some of these young lads we have running around here?”

“Margery! God, no! I could never do something like that! How would that look, with me being a married woman?”

“Jesus, Terri! It’s not like I’m telling you to fuck one of them. Why do you think I like coming here? We could just as well’ve sunned at my house. It’s because I love catching these young muscular lads almost drooling at the mouth when they’re eyeballing me. I mean, I find it exhilarating, knowing I can still get them horny.

“Margery! My God, you’re so bad!” Terri chuckled, but it also got her to thinking.

You know she might be right. I mean, what harm could it do?


Dustin and his buddies walked down the beach, eying up a spot to play volleyball. All but he and his friend Jacob had girlfriends with them, which left them to take in all the beautiful babes on the beach. They had just found a spot to set up the net when his buddy Jacob said, pointing over his shoulder, “Hey dude. Look at those canlı bahis MILF’s over there, mothers I’d just love to fuck!”

Dustin turned around and spied the older ladies.

Holly fuck! He thought, as he admired the one wearing the hottest little pink string bikini he ever saw. The other girl also appeared to be in excellent shape, wearing a bright yellow bikini, but he couldn’t stop staring at the first woman’s figure. The way the pink bikini bottom barely covered her nice firm ass was causing his dick to harden. “Wow. You’re right. They sure look hot. Too bad we can’t make out their faces.”

“Dude, look at those asses. No way with bodies like that, they’re ugly.”

Dustin laughed and replied, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Behind him, Jessica, who was one of their buddies’ girlfriends, spoke out, “So why don’t you studs go over and invite them to play, instead of gawking like that?”

“Nah, they look like they’re enjoying the sun too much,” Dustin replied, as he spied that their tops were untied, and they appeared to be in some deep conversation.

Fuck, I’d love to see those tits, though. Dustin thought, as the women lifted themselves on their elbows.

“What are you, chicken?” He heard Jessica exclaim.

“Dude, we got to go over now, or we won’t hear the end of this,” Jacob whispered to him.

“Okay. Let’s go.”

Slowly they approached the girls from behind, and as they did Dustin kept a laser focus on that firm ass he liked so much. In his mind, he imagined squeezing it tight in his hands while his tongue slithered within her crack and lapped at her asshole. Those thoughts only caused his cock to stiffen. However, as they got closer her head turned slightly, and he was blown away by whose ass he was drooling over.

No fucking way! His mind screamed as his body froze up in shock. He couldn’t move as he just watched in horror, as his friend called out, “Excuse me, ladies, but would you be interested in… Mom?”

“Jacob? Dustin? What are you two doing here?” Margery asked.

Terri quickly retied her top as she turned around and sat up. “Yes, this is a surprise, to say the least.”

As her friend Margery worked on her top before spinning around, she noticed a different expression on her son’s face. One that she couldn’t put her finger on, but it was making her feel a little uncomfortable.

However, her eyes drifted lower, and when they did she silently gasped. She had noticed her son’s very large protruding pediment.

A strange feeling ignited inside her, as her mind went to an unthinkable place while her eyes gazed upon his manhood.

Oh my, he’s so big. And so hard. Oh my God! Why did I just think that?

Quickly clearing her head, she looked back at her son’s face and felt herself blush as she noticed her son still staring at her with that same expression. But not at her face; he was looking at her barely-covered body.

Once again, Terri’s mind wandered and thought, Did Dustin get excited by looking at us? At me? His mother?

Suddenly she remembered what her friend had said about catching the young lads watching her, and felt herself getting wet, thinking she had that effect on her son. She was unaware that those wicked thoughts had just awoken something dark and sinful inside her.

However, as she tried to deal with her shameful arousal secretly, she figured out what his expression was, and it only excited her more.

He’s lusting over me. No! That can’t be it. Stop thinking such nonsense.

“Well? Speak up, boys.” Margery said, shaking Terri out of her improper thoughts

once more.

“Oh… Sorry, it’s nothing.” Dustin replied, trying to recover from his own misguided thoughts. His face was slowly turning red, realizing he had just fantasized about licking his mother’s ass. Unfortunately, he also found himself still wanting to admire her sexy figure, and it scared him.

“No. You both were going to ask us something.” Terri spoke, knowing she needed to get her mind off what it was thinking.

“Oh! Terri! I get it now!” Margery exclaimed with a light chuckle. “They didn’t know it was us. Did you, boys?”

Dustin swallowed hard and mumbled a couple of mixed-up words that made no sense at all.

“You didn’t,” Margery said with a little smirk, while looking at her son Jacob.

“Well, spill it, Jacob. What were you two going to say?”

Terri could see her son’s expression change to one of embarrassment. She then noticed his friends in the distance, and in a low tone said, “Did your buddies put you up to something?”

“Kind of,” Dustin murmured. “They didn’t think we’d have the guts to ask you both if you’ll like to play a game of volleyball with us. But now it’s going to be hard to explain to them that you’re our mothers.”

“Quickly, Margery spoke up. “Well, I’m interested in playing.”

“What?” Terri replied. “Like this? In our bikinis?”

“Sure, why not? You just said a minute ago how you wished you could have done some more crazy things when you were bahis siteleri younger. Well, I’d say us playing volleyball dressed like this would be crazy, wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah, I did. But I didn’t mean I should try something off the wall right now. Especially playing like this, with our sons.”

“What’s the difference if it’s with our sons? I’m sure they don’t care how we’re dressed. Do you, boys?”

Before they could respond Margery quickly said, “As for playing with them as their mothers, I was thinking more about pretending we’re just a couple of regular girls wanting to have some fun. I mean, we can’t have our boys tell them who we really are, can we?”

“I… I don’t know, Marge.”

“Come on, Terri! If we don’t, it’ll look like we turned them down. Do you want that to happen?”

Terri thought about what her friend said. So many things were running through her head. The way her son had looked at her. How big and hard he was. What sexual excitement she’d felt a minute ago. It was almost too much to take in. But her friend was right. She did wish she’d done more things. Exciting things. Things like this. But this was her son. She knew it just wouldn’t be right.

“Terri?” She heard her friend say as she gazed upon her loving son’s face, and then thought about her son and how it would look if she didn’t go through with it. Throwing caution to the wind, she blurted out, “Okay, I guess you have a point.”

Shocked, Dustin replied, “So, you will?”

“Yes, Dustin. I guess we will.”

“Umm. Mom.” Dustin mumbled, lowering his head. “And you’re okay with acting like you don’t know us?”

Margery chuckled before his mom could reply, “It’s fine, Dustin, we understand. I’m sure we can act like a couple of lonely women looking to meet up with a couple of young studs.”

“Margery!” Terri blushed as she shouted.

“I was only joking.”

“Thanks, Mom. I owe you for this,” Dustin said, as he turned away with Jacob to head back to his friends.

But as they walked away, Margery leaned over and said, “Did you notice your son was hard?”

“Margery!” Terri hissed softly.

“I’m just saying. I told you these young studs would want to fuck us.”

“Jesus, Margery! That’s my son!”

“Yeah… He is. But he’s also a well-hung young man from the looks of it, and I wouldn’t blame you if you got a little excited by it. God knows I did.”

Again Terri scolded her about such talk before standing up and fixing her towel.

However, she couldn’t deny her girlfriend was right about getting excited, and found herself picturing her son’s hard protrusion, along with how muscular and fit he was. Her boy had turned into a genuinely handsome young man.

I should be ashamed to be thinking about my son like this. What’s wrong with me? Am I that sexually frustrated?

“So, you ready for some fun?” Margery asked, breaking Terri’s thoughts.

“I’m still not sure about this, Marge,” Terri implored as they started to walk toward the group, slowly. Knowing she couldn’t tell her friend the real reason she was hesitant, she blurted out, “I mean, what’s going to happen if his friends find out who we are?”

“Just relax. Fooling our boys’ friends is what’s going to make this even more exciting!”

Then Margery abruptly stopped and said, “Hey, we better remove our rings or they’re going to think we’re a couple of sleazy tramps.”

“Oh, you’re right,” Terri replied, and slyly removed her wedding band and put it in her handbag.


Dustin watched as the girls approached. His cock grew stiff once again as his eyes wandered down his mother’s sultry body. The way her naked hips would sway in that little string bikini and the way her heavy D-size chest bounced, barely covered under that top as she strutted up to them, was having a wicked effect. An effect that a son shouldn’t have from his mother.

However, he couldn’t deny it. The sexual want he felt for his mother was growing stronger by the minute, and he sinfully thought. God, now I want to suck on her tits.

“I still can’t believe you two twits got those girls to agree to play.” Dustin heard someone say, dragging him out of his dark desire.

“Huh? Oh, Yeah.” He laughed, just as the girls arrived.

“Hi. I’m Margery, and this is my friend, Terri.”

“Hi, ladies,” they all replied as they introduced themselves.

“Hi. Margery. Terri. I’m Pat, and this is my girlfriend, Jessica.

“Hi,” both moms answered.

“And I’m Ben, and this is Sara, my girlfriend.”

Again both women answered with a ‘hi’.

“So now that we know everyone, how are we doing this?” Pat asked.

“Boys against girls sounds good to me,” Jacob said.

They agreed, and started to play the first match. Of course, it appeared the guys were going to dominate the girls, since it had been such a long time since either Margery or Terri had played such an active sport. But only after the boys scored another unanswered bahis şirketleri point did Margery call the girls over to her.

“Listen, we’re getting killed out there. I think it’s time to turn up the heat.”

“What do you mean?” Terri asked.

“I mean, it’s time to use our womanly charm on them.”

“You mean to tease them?” Terri hesitantly replied.

“That’s exactly what I mean.”

Terri tried to object, but the rest of the girls quickly agreed before she could open her mouth. As they walked back into their playing positions she just watched, as they started teasing, adding a little more sway in their hips along with a bounce in their chest.

If that wasn’t enough, just before Jacob could serve, she noticed how they all spread their legs as they bent over, resting their hands on their thighs, giving the boys an excellent show of their cleavage.

Terri’s heart pounded in her chest, not sure she could go along with doing such things. Flaunting her womanly parts in front of her son was something she never dreamt she would ever do.

This is crazy! Just outright crazy! What am I doing! she thought, and then remembered how she held herself back when she was younger. So scared to ever do anything daring.

You can do this, Terri. It’s only a little harmless teasing, after all. Isn’t it?

“Okay, here goes.” She whispered to herself as she hesitantly followed suit, and then noticed her son watching intently as she slowly bent over.

His piercing gaze ignited a strange sexual excitement inside her, as she placed her hands on her thighs and arched her back a little, to exaggerate her breasts even more.

Surprisingly she didn’t fight the sexual urge building inside her. In fact, she shamefully relished how good it felt to see that lustful desire in a man’s eyes once again, even if this man was her son.

Dustin couldn’t tear his eyes off his mother’s breasts, and his cock grew as his mind imagined what it would be like to caress and suckle on those supple melons. He could picture himself flicking his tongue over her ever-hardening nipples, bringing her closer and closer to sexual euphoria…

“Score!” He heard.

“Dude! What the fuck! That went right to you.” Jacob yelled.

“Oh… Sssorry,” Dustin replied, as he turned and looked at his mother.

Oh fuck. He’s… He’s stiff again! Terri thought as her eyes spied his swollen bulge, causing her pussy to moisten, which also scared her a little, knowing how wrong it was to be enjoying this.

Terri wasn’t the only one to have noticed her son’s problem. Her friend Margery had been watching what she had done, and softly said to the group. “Aim for Dustin. Terri, keep doing what you’re doing.”

Terri shot a ‘stop it’ gaze at her friend, but realized even though making her son hard was wrong, deep down, she sinfully liked it. So much so that, as the boys were going to serve once again, she couldn’t help herself.

With her eyes focused on her son, she bent over as before and admired how he gazed at her half-naked breasts, causing the wetness to grow further between her legs. That little annoying voice of reason spoke up once again, imploring her to stop.

But alas, her yearning for excitement was too great to ignore, and she slowly straightened herself up, sliding her hands on her thighs as she did.

Terri watched her son’s face intently, and saw his lips part as she slowly moved her fingers up her thigh, causing her inner demon to awaken from her depths, fully. She was now lost in this sexual taboo that she was playing at with her son and enjoying how wonderful it made her feel.

There was no way she could stop now, even if she wanted to, and she watched her son’s eyes widen as her fingers reached the edge of her bikini bottoms.

“Oh… Fuck…” she mumbled under bated breath, then her hand slipped over the material and climbed ever closer to her waiting mound. The sexual need to excite her son was driving her down a dark path. She wanted him to see her do this. To touch herself. To make him lust for her even more. But, just before her fingers touched her welcoming slit, someone yelled, “Score!”

“Dustin, you fuck!”

“Yay! Another point for us!” Margery yelled back.

“Sorry, guys,” Dustin replied as he lowered his hand in front of his shorts, hoping nobody would notice his rock-hard cock. “I think I need a break.”

Terri’s heart was pounding in her chest. That was the most exciting thing she had ever done. But then, shockingly, she realized what she would have done if someone hadn’t yelled. She then looked at her son as he desperately tried to cover his dick, and realized it was her fault he was in this predicament.

Okay, I need to cool it. This teasing has gone way too far. Terri thought and said, “Yeah, I think I need a break, too.”

“Okay, break time, I guess,” Jacob yelled, and the group left the net area and headed toward a spot closer to the water.

However, instead of sitting down like the rest of them, Dustin hurried out until the water was over his waist.

It was evident to Terri what her son was doing, and she felt guilty knowing she was the cause. Turning toward her friend, she said, “I think I’m going to join Dustin.”

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