Terri and Bess

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My neighbor, Terri, is a real knockout. She’s about 5’3″, shoulder length golden hair, beautiful green eyes, luscious lips and a body to die for. She has a thirteen year old daughter, Bess, and has been widowed for the past eight of her thirty-three years.

At eighteen she was working the perfume counter in a department store when she met her husband Cal. They married six months later. He was forty-seven, ten years divorced with two sons in college. He ran his own internet-based business and was a multi-millionaire. Neither member of the happy couple could believe their good fortune, but his two sons would have nothing to do with Terri. Sadly, Cal died of a stroke at age fifty-four. He left his business and fortune to his sons, but a generous insurance policy provided Terri and Bess with a comfortable lifestyle. Terri wasn’t much of a housekeeper; a cleaning service came in once a week, a lawn service took care of the grass, shrubs and trees. Terri enjoyed puttering in her gardens, painting in watercolor, and sometimes lounging by her pool. Terri in a bikini was a sight to behold!

My wife Melinda and I moved in next door two years after Terri bought her house. Four years later Melinda confessed to multiple affairs and moved out; we hired shared a lawyer and achieved an amicable divorce. That left Terri and I as unmarried neighbors, but I was always shy around women and never dared ask her for a date. Melinda, in fact, had been the one to ask me out, and was the only girlfriend I’d ever had. I was short (5’7″), rather near-sighted and never thought I was anything special in the looks department. But I sure enjoyed looking at Terri!

We did chat, however, and one day Terri rushed over as I was getting out of my car. “Will, I’m at my wit’s end! Bess is impossible! She curses me, blows up at anything, storms off to her room or out of the house. Her report card was all D’s and F’s this time and I’ve just learned she’s been skipping classes. And two of the group she hangs out with got caught selling weed!”

“Oh my, Terri! You have my sympathy. I haven’t a clue how to deal with a teenager.”

“Apparently, neither do I.” Terri sniffed and wiped a tear from her eye. “She used to be such a sweet girl.” I squeezed Terri’s hand; she squeezed back, said “Thanks for listening, Will,” and returned to her house.

A couple of evenings later Bess knocked on my door. “Mind if I come in, Mr. Bridges?”

“Not at all, Bess. Can I get you a lemonade?”

“Yes, please.”

“Come into the kitchen, then.” She took a seat while I poured her glass. She took a few sips and just stared at the floor. I felt like she wanted to talk but she didn’t say anything.

“Would you like to play a video game, Bess?”

“OK, I guess.”

“Competitive or cooperative?”

Her head lifted. “What’s cooperative?”

“You and me take on the bad guys and try to save the world.”

“Sounds cool! Let’s do it!”

Bess loved the game. We played for more than an hour, then I paused it and said “Bess, I’d better let your mom know where you are.”

“That’s OK, I probably need to get home anyway. Thanks, Mr. Bridges, can we do this again sometime?”

“Sure thing, Bess.”

I phoned Terri from work the next day to fill her in; “Is it OK for her to come over like that?”

“Yes, thanks, Will. She came home in a good mood, told me where she’d been and we didn’t fight for the first time in weeks that I can remember.”

“Glad I could help, then.”

After that Bess was over at my place almost anytime we both were home. I kept Terri posted on what we did, which was mostly video games but sometimes a TV show or movie. A few weeks later I took a day off work; I ran some errands and returned home around noon.

Terri dashed over as I got out of my car; “Will! I can’t thank you enough! She’s like a different person! She’s doing her schoolwork, she’s quit being rude and disobedient at home, she’s even started to cook! I never did much in the kitchen besides use the microwave but she’s been fixing breakfast for more than a week now!”

“That’s great, Terri, not sure I deserve the credit but I’m glad to hear it.”

Bess opened up to me one day about how she knew her former friends were bad news but she felt lonely without them. I asked about her interests; she was really quite bright and mathematically inclined. I suggested looking for some ‘geeky’ friends. The next Saturday afternoon she brought a short guy with thick glasses over to join our video game. After that she often had one or two friends over on the weekends. She had friends over to her own house as well, but the guys had trouble concentrating if her mom was around!

Bess’s grades went from D’s and F’s to A’s and B’s. One afternoon she came by; I invited her in but she said “I need to get back, I’m cooking supper. Would you like to join us? Chicken and rice, fruit salad.”

“I’d be delighted! Sounds great.”

“I hope so! 6:30?”

“I’ll be there!”

It was bursa escort bayan a simple but tasty meal. Conversation was limited until, remembering that Terri loved to read, I asked “Anything interesting from the library?”

“Oh, yes, I’m reading a book about the great extinction…”

Bess perked up: “The dinosaurs?”

“No, the end-Permian extinction, before the dinosaurs. More than 80% of species in the seas and 70% on land were wiped out. That actually paved the way for the dinosaurs. Before that, it was relatives of our ancestors that ruled the land — the Therapsids.”

“Wow! I’d never heard of that!”

I wondered: “So did an asteroid cause that one, too?”

“I haven’t gotten that far in the book, yet.”

From there we talked about the dinosaurs and whether we were in the middle of another great extinction. Terri and I batted ideas back and forth while Bess, typical of her generation, fact-checked with her iPhone.

After desert — cheesecake! — Bess asked “Want to join us for a game, Mom?”

Terri, a good sport, said “OK” and we fired up a game and tried to explain it to her. After a few minutes she put down her controller. “I’ll leave this to you two. Thanks again for the dinner, Bess, I’ll take care of the dishes.” I watched her leave the room and then, to my embarrassment, realized Bess had been watching me ogle her mom!

Bess smirked and said “Let’s get back to the game.” I smiled sheepishly at the girl I was beginning to think of as the daughter I wish I’d had. A daughter with one heck of a sexy mom!

After that, Bess invited me over at least twice a week, her cooking consistently excellent as was the conversation and, need I say, the scenery? I took to ordering pizza or taking the two of them out on Friday or Saturday nights.

Spending time around Terri, however, I found myself enjoying more than just her beautiful face, mesmerizing eyes, gorgeous hair and spectacular figure. She read voraciously and conversation flowed easily between the three of us. She showed off her garden and, shyly, allowed me to see one of her completed paintings, which, to my untrained eye, looked very good. I was falling fast but was terrified of asking her out without Bess along — she was way out of my league and if she shot me down it could wreck our sort-of ‘family’. I couldn’t risk doing that to Bess.

One afternoon when I took a day off work another neighbor, Wanda Simmons, dropped by with half a cherry pie. I invited her in and we sat at the kitchen table, drinking coffee, eating the desert and chatting; she mentioned her divorce would soon be final. She was pleasantly plump with a sweet face; I began to wonder if I should ask her for a date. The thought brought me up short; I couldn’t really imagine dating anyone but Terri, however impossible that pipe-dream was.

Bess let herself in (Terri and I had exchanged keys awhile back), said “Hello Mr. Bridges, hello Mrs. Simmons, sorry, didn’t know you had company, I’ll come back later,” turned around and left.

Wanda was taken aback; “Does she often just pop in like that?”

“Well, yes, I’m sure she misses her father so Terri lets her spend time with me.”

“Ah, well, look at the time, I’d better be going.”

“Thanks again for the desert, Wanda.”


When I saw that woman in Will’s kitchen, I knew I needed to talk to Mom! I found her in the backyard painting, a nice rendition of the creek and woods bordering our property. Usually I wouldn’t interrupt her but this was important!

“Mom, you need to go on a date or something with Will! That Mrs Simmons was at his house, you can’t let her get her hooks into him! No way she’d let me stay friends with him!” I was angry and scared.

“Whoa, slow down sweetie. Mr. Bridges is allowed to have whomever he’d like at his house.”

“What he’d like is you! I know he would. You can’t just let some other woman step in and take him! I know you miss Papa, so do I, but at least now I’ve got Will. I can’t give him up to someone like her! You’ve got to do something!”

Mom put her arms around me; “Hush, darling, calm down, let me think.”

“What’s there to think about, Mom? Don’t you like Will?”

“Yes, dear, I do. But he’s never asked me out. Well, by myself, anyway.” She smiled at me but I thought to myself his taking us both out was as much about spending time with her as me.

“He’s shy, Mom, but I’m sure he likes you!”

“Oh, I hope you’re right. Tell you what. Invite him over tonight, fix something special, but you’re such a wonderful cook that goes without saying. Anyway, I’ll try to get his attention.”

“Oh, Mom, you’re the best!” I kissed her and ran back in the house to a window facing Will’s. I saw Mrs. Simmons leave; I rushed back over and invited him to dinner: “I’m fixing Cordon Blue.”

“Sounds scrumptious, I’ll be there!”

“6:30, then.” I went home to start cooking up a storm. This needed to be super special!

Will rang the door gorukle escort bell at 6:20; I started to answer it but Mom said “Allow me.” She was wearing a summery dress with good cleavage; her hair was bright and shiny, her makeup really made her eyes stand out. She opened the door: “Welcome Will, come in!”

“Hi, Terri, you look even more amazing than usual!” As soon as he closed the door Mom gave him a big kiss and mashed her tits into his chest. Way to go Mom! His eyes nearly popped out. She took his hand and led him to the living room sofa.

I scooted back to the kitchen and began taking the food to the table. “Dinner’s ready!

Mom and Will moved to the dining room; “Need any help?”

“Just pour the wine, please.” I’d left a bottle of Riesling to chill and set out three wineglasses; Will poured Mom’s glass and his but just put a splash in mine.

“Stingy!” I teased, I knew they wouldn’t let me have more than a taste.

Will and Mom praised my cooking lavishly and finished most of their dinners (and all the wine), but could hardly keep their eyes off each other. Mom was actually blushing! Usually she would volunteer to clean up while Will and I played a video game or started a movie, but I announced I was going to work on my website; “You guys mind cleaning up?”

“No problem!” they both answered. I couldn’t help smiling as I headed to my room.


We carried the dishes to the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher and scrubbed the pots and pans. Somehow all this involved a lot of bumping into each other, laughter and phony apologies. Chores completed, Terri draped my arm around herself and walked me to her bedroom. I couldn’t believe this: I hadn’t had a date in years but somehow here I was with the woman of my dreams!

Once in her bedroom she turned to face me. I kissed her, gently at first, and she kissed me back. We gripped each other tightly and our kisses became searching and hungry. Our tongues explored our mouths and wrestled with each other. She broke away; I turned to close the door, then faced her again. She turned around and pointed to the zipper at the back of her dress. I unzipped it and she let her dress fall to the carpet. Then she turned toward me — and burst into tears! She collapsed into me and buried her head in my chest. I held her, then guided her to the bed to sit, while I knelt on the carpet. She continued to sob into my neck and shoulder.

After awhile she quit sobbing and lay back on the bed, facing away from me. I stretched out beside her and took her in my arms; she snuggled back against me. “I’m sorry Will, I suddenly remembered the last time Cal unzipped my dress. I never thought it would be the last. I miss him so much.”

“it’s OK, Terri. You can cry on my shoulder anytime. Cal was a good guy — he deserves to have a good woman miss him.”

I held her for what seemed an eternity. I was content just to be there with her. The daylight began to fade. I gave her a squeeze, said “Excuse me a minute” and got up to relieve my bladder.

When I returned she rolled over to face me as I stood next to the bed. “Make love to me, Will. Please?” I undressed myself as she watched, then climbed in beside her, kissing and caressing her as I removed her bra and panties. I fondled her magnificent tits, kissed and sucked on them; then I put a hand to her sex and began stroking her slit. She felt moist and hot.

A thought intruded: “I don’t have a condom, Terri.”

“Damn. Me neither.” Then she chuckled: “Bess would just as soon I didn’t use one! She’s always wanted a baby brother or sister.” I laughed. She continued “Cal and I tried but I miscarried twice before he passed away.” She closed her eyes and stifled a sob. “After that I told Bess I wouldn’t deliberately bring a child into the world to grow up without a father.”

I took a deep breath. “If you want a baby, Terri, I’m all in. And I’m right next door and not going anywhere.”

“Oh, Will…make love to me!” My cock, which had grown soft, sprang to attention. I guided it to her slit and gently pushed in. Then I began stroking in and out. She responded, moving her hips in rhythm with me. Another time I would’ve concentrated on her pleasure, but I sensed that wasn’t important at the moment. I lasted maybe fifteen minutes. When I started to cum I tried to pull out but her legs and arms trapped me and I spewed into her vagina. She kissed me and said “Thank you, Will. It’s been so long.”

“For me, too, beloved.” She smiled at the endearment and we spent the night cuddled like spoons.


When I woke up I quietly opened Mom’s door; I smiled and closed it quickly when I saw Will there, his arms wrapped around Mom. I headed to the kitchen to make omelets and coffee. Then I knocked on her door and announced: “Breakfast is almost ready!” When they came to the table they were hand-in-hand. I couldn’t resist asking: “Am I getting a stepdad?”

Mom and Will kissed, squeezed each other’s bursa merkez escort bayan hands and answered, in unison, “Yes!” I squealed with glee and tackled them for a group hug. After breakfast I couldn’t wait to share the news with my friend Janet; she was happy for me but I realized too late she might suffer some envy: her parents were divorced and her dad did little besides send a card on her birthday and a present at Christmas. I knew I was lucky.


The next evening we enjoyed leftovers and a horror movie. Terri and I gripped each other during the scary scenes; several times she buried her head in my side. I would give her a hug to signal ‘all clear.’ Bess, meanwhile, snickered and made light of the carnage. The movie ended around 10:30 and Terri and I bid Bess good night. She had a happy, perhaps mischievous look about her but refrained from saying anything. My heart was racing — I wanted to make this night special for Terri!

Alone in the bedroom, I decided we needed to clarify our intentions before indulging our passion. “When shall we marry, beloved?”

“Sunday? Or Saturday? I can’t think of anyone to invite. Do you need more time?”

“Not at all. I’ll check on getting a license and when a Justice of the Peace is available.”

“Thanks, dear.”

She had a glow of happiness about her, looking more beautiful than ever. We embraced, kissed and began undressing one another. I kissed and caressed her nakedness as each part of her became exposed. She likewise ran her fingers over my chest and back. I fondled her breasts; she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my fly and extracted my rock-hard tool. She gently ran her nails along my shaft while I licked on a nipple and then sucked it into my mouth.

My hands roamed down to cup her shapely bottom. We fell to the bed and kicked off our shoes; I unzipped her skirt and removed it. She removed my trousers and briefs. Finally I pulled off her panties and we each pulled off the other’s socks.

Totally naked, I put my face between her thighs and began kissing my way to her hairy, unshaven snatch, covered in golden curls. She moaned softly and ran her fingers through my hair as I kissed her nether lips. Then I mounted an all-out assault with fingers, lips and tongue; she gasped as I sucked on her clit. I could feel her climax building. She screamed and convulsed; I redoubled my attack for several minutes before pushing her legs up and driving my tool into her tight, wet vagina. She convulsed again as I slammed my way in and out. I could feel my own climax building; she stroked my shaft as I pulled out and my balls as I pushed in and I unloaded into her. I lay on her for a time and then moved to cuddle her back to front. What could be more glorious than to make a baby with a lovely, loving woman?


I couldn’t believe the sounds coming from Mom’s room! It made me happy, though — Mom deserved to be loved, and Will seemed to be doing a thorough job.

Mom and Will married the next weekend. Neither had much in the way of family or friends so it was a simple, quick ceremony in front of a justice of the peace; I served as Mom’s Maid of Honor. My brother Calbert, Bert as we called him, arrived almost on the anniversary of that dinner that brought Mom and Will together. Finally, we had a baby!


Family life with Terri and Bess was wonderful. I sold my house; a quiet couple in their sixties with no kids moved in. I kept my job, which gave us the funds for travel and vacations. Our first trip was to Niagara Falls during Bess’s Spring break; not exactly a honeymoon but very enjoyable as none of us had seen the Falls before. We had discussed going without Bess but there just wasn’t anyone we were comfortable about leaving her with.

Our family dinners continued with lively conversation and cooking by Bess twice a week or so. Other nights we made do with leftovers, takeout or delivery; once a month or so I grilled on a Saturday. Often one or two of Bess’s friends would join us. I overheard one say to Bess “Your parents are so cool!” She agreed, and didn’t bother explaining that I was her stepdad.

With Terri, we could talk or just spend time together. I would sit near her at her garden or easel, content to chat, watch or read a book or magazine. Nights, of course, were incredible, whether we made love or simply cuddled.

Bess and I continued our video gaming, and the three of us often watched a streamed movie or TV show together. Terri and I liked romantic comedies; we both agreed Sleepless in Seattle was the best! Terri also like historical dramas and, oddly, horror flicks, which I endured. I liked old movies and musicals such as my favorite, The Music Man. Bess liked action/adventure and Superhero flicks, especially the Iron Man trilogy.

I took an interest in Bess’s social life and school activities. I remembered high school all too well, the good and the bad. That period of Terri’s life, after her mother died, held little but bitter memories of her stepfather’s abuse. I at first deferred to Terri with regard to any parental guidance or correction of her daughter, but quickly realized Terri had no stomach for a fight and shied away from anything that might lead to an argument. So I had to step up and play the tough-but-loving dad role.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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