Texas Destiny

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You felt his breath, heavy with passion upon your neck. Everything about you that was feminine yearned to be closer to him, to be somehow more intimate than even the brush of your nipples upon his chest, or his arms wrapped behind you in a strong embrace. Straddled atop his sitting body, you let your head fall back and stretch your throat out while he planted kiss after kiss upon it. A soft moan escaped your lips…

“You okay Steph?” asked your friend in the seat next to you.

Coming back to the real world, you blushed slightly and smiled to cover up your embarrassment and surprise. “Yeah, I’m just ready to get there.” With your eyes focusing fully back on the road, you try to relax. It had been fun so far, a road trip with an old high school friend who you now only managed to see every year or so. Funny adult life. But the trip had another purpose, one that only you and he knew about. As far as your friend knew, you wanted some time to see Dallas — alone — while she would see a guy friend. As much as you enjoyed the little vacation, all you’d been doing the past couple days was think of meeting him. Of finally seeing what his smile was like face-to-face. Of feeling what it was like to be held in his strong grip. And, of course, thinking of what it was like to finally make all those fantasies that you’d shared with him real. The pleasant daydream that you’d just had still tingled.

The drive had been enjoyable so far. Galveston was great, but your approaching trip to the Dallas area had overshadowed it a little. You set your mind upon the road ahead for what seemed like the hundredth time. Checking your gas gauge, you smiled inwardly with the knowledge that Dallas was just over the hill on this straight Texas Interstate. There would be no more stops before you finally made it.

The rest of the road trip went by as a blur, and before you knew it, you were laying back against the pillows in your hotel room, relaxing and half-heartedly watching the local news, reflecting on the little scheme he’d helped you craft. You had dropped off your friend according to the plan you’d arranged with him, and your mind and body were running riot trying to contain your sense of desire for the next day. And there you were, finally about to meet him! As planned, he’d be there in the morning. You couldn’t wait…

At some point later in the evening, you realized how tired you were and drifted off to a pleasantly fitful sleep.


When the alarm went off the next morning, you were instantly awake. With a glance at the time, a rush of excitement came over you and you hopped up, fairly bounding toward the bathroom. Once there, you checked your face in the mirror and gave your facial muscles a pleasurably rigorous rub. Splashing your face with some water, you went into the bathroom proper and started the shower, then headed back to the sink and brushed your teeth. You finished up and stripped your T-shirt off your torso, freeing your breasts first in that semi-sensual dance of getting ready for a shower.

Kicking off your shorts now as well, you looked over at yourself in the full-length mirror opposite the sink, inspecting the body that you fervently hoped would in turn be inspected quite thoroughly by someone else in just a couple of hours. It isn’t vanity, you thought. It’s readiness. I’ve been needing this for so long. Needing HIM. Posing momentarily, you presented yourself to the mirror in a pose that you were counting upon to drive him wild. A wave of excitement passed over you, and you lingered there for just a moment longer to pose again. Just the thought of his gaze traveling over you and being there totally naked and vulnerable sparked a warm flame inside.

Taking a deep breath and closing your eyes to try and contain your excitement, you stepped into the shower and relished the steamy water running in hundreds of beads over your skin.

You took your time, but at some point later in the morning, you were ready and awaiting his arrival. Your rich, red hair was dry, everything was clean and smelling good and your perfume was a light but present accent. To pass the few remaining minutes, you wondered which of the many fantasies that you and he had shared over the many months would be the first one you and he would finally enact.

And then there was a gentle knock at the door, and you giddily stole one last glance back into the room. Immediately to the left of you were the sink, the closet, and the full-length mirror. To Anadolu Yakası Escort your right was a wall that extended all the way back into the room itself, interrupted only by a large armoire that also held the television. All was relatively tidy, though the corner of a bra peeked out of your suitcase, lying partially on the couch. Good, you thought. He loves little imperfections like that.

Peering through the peephole, you saw a young man standing outside in the hallway. He is handsome, you thought to yourself as you smiled broadly, undid the latch, and opened the door.

“Hi, Stephanie,” he said in that quiet voice you’d heard on the phone many times, and knew so well. It sounded so much better in person though.

Your insides quivered with excitement at the sound of his voice. You quickly mastered yourself but could only say, “Hi.”

In response he grinned, raised an eyebrow, and asked impishly, “You gonna let me in?”

Without a word or hesitation you opened the door and stepped out of the way. He stood there for a moment, smiling at you with his eyes. And then – a mere heartbeat later – he stepped in and hugged you warmly. You returned the embrace wholeheartedly, as your heart pounded in acute anticipation.

You stood there for a while, you and him, holding each other close, and then he broke off partially. Sliding his arms around your waist and tilting back to see you eye to eye, he smiled again.

“I’m so glad to finally meet you, Stephanie,” he began. “I’m sure this is much a dream come true for me as it is for you.”

“Yes it is,” you replied, and then led him deeper into the room. “It’s not much but—“

“—But it’s a hotel room,” he interrupted as he sat down on the bed and stretched out. “It’s nice.”

Taking a seat in the hotel’s office while you talked with him, you both relaxed and discussed a range of things for quite some time — of things once said, of the funny details in life. He was just as easy to talk to as ever, something you’d come to really enjoy.

The conversation inexorably was drawn toward sexual matters, as both you and he would make remarks that ranged between subtle and blatant, flirting with each other in an increasingly charged waltz of conversation. Before you knew it, the subject was fully on it, and you were acutely aware of your arousal, which had grown steadily since he’d arrived. Excusing yourself, you headed to the bathroom while you still could resist the temptation to rip his clothes off right there. He acknowledged with a grin and a nod and settled back into the pillows.

Heart pounding, you closed the door behind you and began to strip, but then thought better of it. You wanted him now, but you also had wanted to perform a strip tease for him. The thought of it sent a strong thrill through your body. Not wanting to lose track of time, you shut off the light and headed back out into the main room.

His eyes were upon you, and he no doubt had anticipated you. Even so, his pupils were dark with dilation, a sure sign that he was in a storm of arousal of his own. He lay there, outwardly calm and collected, a half-smile on his lips.

Slowly, sensuously, you slipped off your shoes, then your socks. With those out of the way, you turned around 360 degrees and faced him again. The lump in his crotch was visible but he was otherwise unchanged. Across the room, you stripped off your shirt, a little bit faster than your footwear, and sent the garment falling forgotten to the floor as well. Your breasts hung there, bound as they were by your brassiere, and you leaned with one hand against the wall and posted the other on your hip.

“Do you like what you see?” you asked, playfully.

He did not reply. Instead, he held his index finger to his mouth and made a silent “shhhh” command. Then he winked at you and smiled.

You kicked off your skirt and it, too, landed in a heap. Your panties were – by this time – fairly wet, and you watched his gaze travel there for a moment to find out. Closely, his stare roamed over every inch of your skin, and with a shiver the last of your inhibitions left you. Though neither of you were into the mainstream of dominance and submission, it was a thrilling scenario that he’d given you just once, several months ago.

Your pulse heavy in your ears, you made eye contact for a brief half-second, and then reached down and pushed your panties down over your hips, then past your thighs. You looked down just Pendik Escort in time to see a tiny string of your sweet nectar detach itself as your panties cleared your crotch. For but a moment, you felt embarrassed, but then you remembered that he would love that simple and unintentional display of imperfection and would see it as quite perfect instead. You let them fall to the floor, their middle soaked in your sexual juices, and you stepped out of them.

With a deft toe, you caught them and kicked them toward him. Without breaking his stare, he caught them and brought them up to his face. Then, for a brief second or two, he looked down to marvel at the object in his hands. He flashed a wide grin and mischievous glance up at you, then pulled them to his nose, closed his eyes and inhaled, long and deep.

“Mmmmmm, honey, you smell heavenly,” he said and then sat forward and crawled toward the foot of the bed. Draping his feet off and sitting up straight, he fixed his attention back squarely upon you.

With his eyes riveted upon you, he was incredibly sexy and… and powerful. There you were, mostly naked in your own hotel room, completely vulnerable to him and his wishes. You wanted to speak out and ask him how aroused he was, but all your excited body could muster was a stuttering sigh.

“Take off your bra,” he spoke softly, yet firmly. “Now.”

Without hesitation, you undid the clasp and let that last bit of clothing fall to free your breasts. Your nipples were erect; they stood out as if to greet him, longing to be touched and sucked. Indeed, an increasing need for that and more grew with each passing moment.

Leaning forward, he said, “Show me your ass.” You complied, turning about and wiggling it toward him. “Bend over and spread your legs a little.”

The fire burning like an inferno inside, you placed your hands on your knees and thrust your back end toward him, as well as widening your stance. With a smacking crackle so soft that only the room’s quiet kept from being lost, your outer lips spread apart, declaring your condition eloquently. A soft intake of his breath made little noise, but you felt it all the same. Posting your hand on the nearby dresser, you glanced back at him to shared the arousal with him.

Suddenly his eyes snapped up to impale yours with his gaze. “Dip a finger in your pussy and let me taste it.” Obeying automatically, you turned away and tilted your head back. Still bent over mostly, you ventured your free hand down your body and into your flowering mound. Your hands were cold from your body’s blood being urgently needed elsewhere, you . It was extremely wet, and the slightest touch of your hand sent waves of pent up relief flooding through you as your wrist brushed your erect clit.

Inserting your middle finger, you slid it in slowly, savoring the sensation, and you felt a keen desire to leave it there, sliding it in and out. But you remembered that it would be better if you waited, so you pulled it out. A wet slosh accompanied your finger’s exit as you straightened up and turned to offer him your finger.

“No,” he said suddenly, causing your heart to leap into your throat. “I said bend over. I didn’t tell you to straighten up.” He leaped off the bed and came to stand behind you as you quickly looked back forward and thrust your ass and pussy toward his crotch. A quick hand grasped at your left hip bone and you felt the sting of a solid slap from the other hand upon your posterior.

At first the shock overwhelmed you, but a mere instant later, you realized the damage wasn’t bad, and the reverberations of the ass-swat traveled over your entire body, then echoed back to its source. Squirming at the little vibrations, a half-surprised, half-pleasured huff escaped your mouth.

As the resulting tendrils of pleasure faded away, he released your hip and stepped back. Calmly and gently he said, “Reach your hand back and let me taste your finger.”

Still slick, you reached it back and felt his hand take hold of your palm. A warm, firm sensation caressed your cold finger, and a tremor of pleasure passed over you. “Mmmmm,” he said as he sucked on your finger. “Gwoood. Sho vurry vurry gwood.”

When he pulled away, disappointment spiked within you. Hearing a rustling from behind, you longed to look back to satisfy your curiosity. But remembering the sharp sting of only seconds ago, you dared not. Patiently you waited for your next command. There was a rattling of Kurtköy Escort metal behind you. Keys? Was he taking his clothes off and his keys hit the floor?


Then he was upon you. Warm and solid, something cylindrical and slightly damp at the tip glanced across your ass, followed by his entire body folding itself over the top of you. That could only have been his cock, you realized with a powerful jolt. Closing your eyes to savor this first contact of his manliness, you nearly missed what he did next.

So quickly that you could scarcely open your eyes, he slapped a handcuff over your right wrist and linked it with the dresser’s top drawer handle, then retreated back to the bedside. A gasp tore itself from your lips as you reeled from the excitement.

“Rotate your hips back so I can better see your pussy.”

Dripping like a rose soaked with morning dew, it flowered out toward him as you obeyed. Your eyes glazed over as you concentrated upon the slight sensations of the wet folds parting and shifting, you almost didn’t hear him come to kneel beneath you. Almost.

But you felt his breath on your bubbling-wet pussy more vividly than you could possibly have been prepared for. That was the only warning you got before his tongue arrived, lashing out and licking your soft folds. Perhaps from the effort of his low stance, a grunt escaped his lips directly into your waiting labia. Like an earthquake the sound waves impacted you with physical force.

Your mouth opened as if to scream, yet only a soft and rushed sound choked out. As he continued to drive his tongue into your pussy in maddening little circles, he spiraled you higher and higher, and it took more and more breath to sustain your steady moan. And then, as you approached that wonderful climax…

He stopped. You whimpered and wanted to look back.

After a mercifully short pause, strong hands gripped your hips tightly. His cock head mashed briefly against the absolutely drenched lips of your pussy. Hesitating for a curious heartbeat at your slick entrance, you felt him twist slightly, then he slowly slid home all the way.

For what seemed like forever, he slowly plunged into you, with every inch and texture of his manhood sending a thousand pleasures to every cell in your body. When he stopped, it felt like his cock had made it all the way to your stomach, it was so deep. Then he pulled back and rammed back into you like a steel piston, quite by surprise.

Once again caught off guard, it was becoming more than you could handle. Surrendering yourself to him, you stood there on trembling legs with all of your strength, and with all of your heart and mind concentrated upon the various places he touched you. His hands on your hips, his thighs upon the back of your own, his cock…

His cock was rock-hard and pulsed with masculinity. These sensations summoned your waiting orgasm, as well as your soft moan. Again he pulled back and slammed into you. And again. Your breathing grew faster and faster, accompanied by a stuttering moan which grew louder with every shattering ram.

Again, and again. And again, now, at a literally breathtaking pace.

When it seemed as though you couldn’t take it anymore, you let out a long wail and arched your back. Lacking strength in any other place but your pussy, your legs gave out before you were finished. His strong grip on your hips held you locked into place as he took powerful and wonderful advantage of you. Panting like a bull, his breathing crescendoed alongside your wail.

And then it happened. More intense than you’d ever felt before, the hot fire of orgasm exploded from deep within your core at the exact moment that you felt his cock jerk and empty load after load after load of his cum against your soft walls. A spasm of breath hung on in your lungs as you came, impaled as you were on his cock. His body locked up as well, and his cries of pleasure echoed off the walls.

Holding you firmly against his hip-bone in the aftershocks of orgasmic bliss, you felt the pressure where you knew there would be some slight bruises later. But it didn’t matter enough. As he undid the cuffs, and pulled you softly toward the bed, you realized that this was the best sex you’d ever had – than you’d ever imagined. You spun within his embrace and pulled his face down to yours and kissed him, long and deep. With his and your breathing coming in ragged gulps, it was tough, but your very soul needed to thank him, and this was the way to do so.

Settling down and curling up into his strong, masculine body, he kissed the back of your head. Inside, that simple gesture made you feel so warm. You smiled to yourself.

And it had only just begun. You’d have him all day…

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