The Acapulco Beach Bar

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Cat enjoyed visiting the Acapulco Beach Bar. In spite of being in the middle of a land-locked state, its very name conjured up fond memories of where he’d like to be: At a tropical beach paradise. Even if the roaches, which upon occasion would slowly crawl upon the bar soaking up beer driblets, could make Cat forget those fond tropical memories, there was an asset that couldn’t be overcome by the annoying creatures.

The barmaid was a Korean woman of indeterminate age. She did have a flat, almost bulldog-like face, but she had an extraordinarily gorgeous pair of legs and a decent, although by no means voluptuous body. Further yet, it appeared to Cat that June (nice change from “Kim”, he thought) either found undergarments not worth the trouble, a waste of money or an impediment to good bar sales.

“Yes”, mumbled Cat into his beer when June was in the walk-in cooler, “If you looked at that chick’s legs, you’d swear to God she was only 23 or 24.” He took a swallow and continued: “Her hands give her age to be 30… something, maybe 38, but um, um. Her face. Can’t call it, dog” and then chuckled at his own joke.

June came out of the cooler carrying a case of Coronas. After making sure her eyes and thoughts were on something other than her only customer, he let his eyes drop to enjoy the sight of her very pointy, long-nippled tits gently showcased by June’s satin blouse. Idly, he wondered if her nipples got any longer when ol’ June was getting the hell licked out of her, wondered if they would hurt his tongue if they were jabbed against it, and was immensely grateful that the Acapulco Beach Bar had a walk-in cooler.


Cat remembered the first evening he walked into the Bar. He had taken surreptitious glances at her chest to determine whether she was wearing a thin bra, a slip or nothing. It did take a while to determine because June, not knowing his monetary status, paid close and very nice attention to him. He did not want to get caught trying to burn a hole through her shirt. Eventually, he determined her sub-nudity and laughed to himself, wondering if her freedom of expression extended to her lower region covered, incidentally, by only a mini-skirt with a nice slit up the front of her left thigh. He admitted the unlikelihood to himself. “That would take big balls”, he thought.

A beer later, when June had finished replenishing the beer stock in the display cooler, she hopped up on a bar stool across pendik escort from him and proceeded to readjust her mini-skirt. Relishing the sight of more of those smooth, flawless legs, Cat received quite a shock when she flapped her skirt, unequivocally proving that not only was she not wearing panties, but she was clean shaven as well. Because her legs were crossed at the ankle, he didn’t get a glance at her slit, but he was happy anyway. “This is food for fantasy”, Cat had thought, and proceeded to leave his fantasies and observe, nothing more.

After the fourth beer, Cat could no longer contain himself.

“You have beautiful legs.” he nearly blurted out.

“Oh”. A pause ensued during which June leapt off her chair and made some pretense of cleaning the sink, refilling her Coke and applying lotion to her face, hands and arms.

“Umm. I hope I didn’t offend you,” Cat said finally.

“No, everyone tells me I have beautiful legs.” June replied, almost as if she were wishing for some other compliment.

“Well it’s true.” Cat affirmed and then wished he could add something else. Face? He wasn’t given to lying. Breasts? Asking for problems. Shave job? Ha.

He had let it go at that, finished his beer, thanked June and bid her good night.


“I got roses!” June exclaimed as soon as Cat entered the Bar for the third time.

“I see. They’re beautiful. So how are you this afternoon?”

Ignoring the question, June’s eyes grew a bit dimmer and the slight smile faded.

“He sends me a dozen every week. I tell him it’s not necessary.” She sounded wistful and Cat began to wonder what she wasn’t telling him. “He’s older. Young guys don’t do that.”

Cat thought he had an idea of what June’s problem was. The boyfriend might be too sweet. Killing her with kindness, maybe. Women, he knew, wanted the best of three worlds: A sweet, bad boy with money. Cat also knew that all three were almost impossible to find in one man. The ideal man for any woman was one who knew when to listen, make love and treat her like a lady as well as he knew when it was time to walk up to her, spin her around to face the wall, rip off her pants and fuck her blind. The money was a bonus. Money wasn’t really necessary if one took care of her sexually and emotionally, but the money became essential when the guy was either good or bad.

“Yin Yang”, whispered Cat and, nodding toward the display cooler, maltepe escort he said “Let me try one of those Samuel Adams Oktoberfest beers, please.”

Briefly, June’s eyes focused as she moved and then they got that far way look again as she confirmed his thoughts.

“He’s too nice”, she said softly.

Cat said nothing except for offering his thanks as he paid for the beer, put a dollar in the tip jar and took a sip to determine Samuel Adam’s brewing ability.

“Damn”, he thought, “Now that’s good beer. Almost German good.” He took a larger swig and returned his attention to June.

“But nice is good. What’s wrong with nice?”

June walked around to the other side of the bar; looking around the corner to see if any other customers may have come in.

“He live in Washington,” she said, her accent getting more Korean and her words speeding up.

“He come here once a month to visit me. When he come, he want to make love. All time. Sometime I want to fuck. I don’t want make love all time.” Her eyes and her voice portrayed hurt.

“He don’t understand.” June folded her arms over her breasts, standing straight in front of Cat on the opposite side of the bar. Raising the beer back to his lips, Cat looked into her eyes while he took another, longer swallow and then carefully placed the beer back on its napkin and slid it down the bar to his left.

“Come here, June,” he said.

“My name Kim,” she stated, yet took a step closer to the bar so her folded arms were pressed against it.

“Whatever,” Cat said. “Not anymore. Come here.”

Leaning over the bar, he took hold of her arms above the elbows and pulled up and towards him, resting his elbows on the edge. Catching the idea, she climbed onto the bar and he guided her over, sat back down and pulled her onto his lap, turning her around so her back was against his chest.

“Tell me more,” he said, and when she opened her mouth, he added, “Only don’t talk.”

Her mouth clamped shut as his hands went around her, underneath her miniskirt and rediscovered the lack of bothersome panties.

“Ohh,” June mewed, as his hands pushed her legs apart at the thigh and rejoined at her slit, his index fingers spreading her hairless lips as his middle fingers massaged around either side of her opening, feeling her humidity turn quickly to moisture and then to wetness.

“I’m going to fuck you, June,” Cat growled in her ear kartal escort as he tipped her to the side, reached under, pulled her skirt up and unzipped his pants. With some difficulty, he pulled out as much of his rapidly hardening cock as his jeans would allow. He leaned back a bit more to allow more freedom and then tipped the barmaid back squarely on his lap. Reaching around her once more, he pulled her up with his left arm around her ribcage, took his manhood in his right hand and eased her down again until his thick head felt heat and moisture. June leaned back again, pushing her crotch forward as Cat fed his meat past her small lips into her opening. Quickly, then, he pushed on her ass, impaling her more firmly and leaned them both forward, so June’s elbows were on the bar and Cat’s cock was firmly buried in his first piece of Asian pussy.

“Oh God,” she moaned.

Cat began to thrust rapidly forward while he kept his hands on the front of her smooth thighs, pressing her against him. June kept up an “Ahh, ahh, ahh” on every stroke, sounding like a kid playing horsy on someone’s knee.

After about ten strokes, he stopped, reached under her blouse and pulled hard on her right nipple.

“Uungh ahh!” June squealed and jammed herself hard on Cat’s meat.

“Oh God!” Cat exclaimed and simultaneously stood up, pinning June against the bar, her legs hanging down and her hair hanging over the other side while he searched out the other distended nipple and yanked on it.

Again June squealed and Cat started pumping into her again from behind, spreading her ass cheeks while watching his cock piston in and out of the hole beneath her ass. June started sounding like she was sobbing on every stroke now and Cat knew it was the right kind of sob, as his cock slid out wetter each time.

Finally feeling his eyes start to roll back in his head, he grabbed June’s waist with both hands and, arching his back, jammed one final time into her as hard as he could, holding her firm as his contractions pumped spurt after spurt of cum into June’s brown-lipped, pink pussy. He held June there, with one hand on the small of her back, as she shuddered.

Suddenly, he looked wildly around at what he could of the Bar. Seeing nobody, he relaxed, yet with his cock softening rapidly with the thought of what could’ve been a bad ending to a good fuck. He pulled out of June. Carefully he guided her down to stand on her own unsteady feet. With red-rimmed eyes, June slowly turned around to face Cat. With a shaky low voice and half a smile, she asked, pointing to the cum making its way down the inside of her thighs past her miniskirt,

“Now who gonna clean this shit up?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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