The Adventures Of April Ames Pt. 01

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My fantasy finally came true. It was a hot night, in the middle of summer when it finally happened. I had been dreaming of it night after night for years, and the reality was so much better than the picture I had in my mind.

“What are you doing?” I asked as Alissa crossed her legs in the floor in front of the crackling fire.

We were outside, under the stars. We had erected a tent behind us deep in the forest for the night. This was one of the many occasions where we camped out in the middle of nowhere, one with nature and all that crap. To be honest I only did it because she liked it, if I had a choice I’d be in my warm bed right about now.

“Getting warm,” she grinned then slipped her T-shirt off over her head. She had a white silk bra on underneath that hugged her chest pushing her toned breasts upwards.

“Really?” I replied, a little dazed by Alissa with no top on. I wasn’t going to lie, the sight of her toned stomach and cleavage awakened something between my legs I had only dreamed about. My slit was alive, and pulsing.

“Yep, look,” she gestured to her chest as she reached around her back with one arm and clicked the clasp to her bra open. It fell forwards revealing size D breasts that were perfectly round and smooth.

“And how exactly is you taking your clothes off getting warm?”

“I don’t know, I mean, we’re out here, in the dark, all alone. I thought we’d try something new for once”

“I don’t believe it,” I gasped as I admired her body.

“Come on, it’s your turn. Get your tits out for me!”

“No way,” I said clutching my chest. “They ain’t as big as yours.”

“A C cup isn’t that much smaller,” she snorted. “Let me see them!”

I rolled my eyes, then lifted my own t-shirt over my shoulders and tossed it across the camp towards the tent.

“And the bra,” Alissa grinned. “Just relax. Were both women, and plus, we’ve had sex with guys in the same room before.”

“I know,” I replied. I hesitated for a few seconds and glared into her eyes searching for any hint that she was only messing around, but she just sat there staring at me, waiting.

“Fine,” I sighed and unclipped my own red bra

It fell to the floor revealing my chest to the outside air. The warmth from the fire heated my skin and turned my pink nipples hard as rocks.

“Wow, someone’s horny!” Alissa giggled. “Or is that the cold.”

“A bit of both,” I replied feeling my face flush red.

“Hey, you remember in the dorms when we let this two strangers fuck us?”

“I remember, vividly,” I said.

“I remember your nips were hard as rocks that night too.”

“Yea. That bastard felt like nothing, complete waste of time,” I said.

“Yea, but my guy was big. The only guy ever to touch my back wall. Think I orgasmed around five times that night,” Alissa brushed a bit of dirt off her left breast.

“Really? Five times?”

“Yea, that was a great night.”

“My guy came in like five minutes,” I replied. “Then rolled over and fell asleep.”

Alissa burst out laughing. “Oh yeah, I remember. You were so pissed, did he go again?”

“Course he didn’t. I was so horny as well he’s lucky I didn’t ride him in his sleep!”

“What did you do then? I remember seeing you leave the dorm, but obviously, whoever he was was so fucking deep in me I couldn’t let him stop!”

“You remember Jeff?” I replied with a smile.

“What, jumbo Jeff?”

“Yea,” I said.

“No way!”

I nodded, then brushed my blonde hair out of my face. “He was so fucking big, I squealed so loud when he split my slit open!”

“Wow, I had no idea. How long?”

“At least an hour. Maybe two. Every position, every hole. I had buckets of the stuff gushing out me by the end of the night!”

“How did that even happen?”

“I rang him up, and he agreed.”

“You just asked jumbo Jim for a fuck?” Alissa snorted with laughter. “I don’t believe you.”

“My pussy believed it. I could barely walk the day after and my insides felt…” She paused trying to find the right word. “Stretched.”

“That is hilarious. Did he satisfy though? I mean, being big is okay and all, but I’ve had average size cocks and they have made me orgasm way more than the big ones.” She said. “Sometimes smaller is better.”

“Oh yes he did satisfy,” I groaned, feeling the slit between my legs pulse as I the thought of that night. “He made me cum so hard I think I blacked out for a few minutes. I remember exploding, then there’s only black for a few minutes, before I came too again to find myself in a different position and him Hd Porno still pounding into me. He split me wider than wide.”

“He was rough then?”

I nodded. “Rougher than rough. I was like a rag doll he used to fuck all night!”

“Shit, maybe I should give him a call?”

“I’m sure he’d service you Alissa. With a body like that he’d snap at the opportunity.”

“Speaking of bodies,” Alissa gasped and leant back. She gripped her tiny hot pants and slid them down long, tanned slender legs leaving just a thin, use thong on. She was naked now except for this one bit of fabric.

“Really, now your practically naked,” I replied.

“Are you complaining?” Alissa cocked her head to one side as she spoke. “Cuz I’m not.”

I shook my head furiously and slid out of my own trousers. My panties weren’t as thin as Alissa’s but they were sexy and figure hugging.

“I was thinking anyway -,”

“I accept,” I interjected.

“You don’t even know what I was going to say,” Alissa grinned and shuffled closer to the fire.

“I think I have a good idea,” I replied.

“Go on then,” she grinned and stared at me intently. “Enlighten me.”

“Ugh,” I hesitated at first. Was she going to feel the same way or want to do the same things. “You ever been with a girl?”

“No,” she shook her head. “Have you?”

“No, not yet,” I said.

“Want to give it a go?” Alissa grinned. “I mean, there’s nobody out here. No guys to fuck. Maybe we could fuck each other!”

“If your up for it,” I said. “I’ve been wondering for a while what it would be like.”

“Me too,” Alissa replied. “Not just any girl though. I’ve been wondering what it would be like to fuck you,” she pointed straight at me which sent a tingle running up my thigh towards my pussy.

“Really? How long?”

“I don’t know it’s hard to say really, some weeks I think your hot and I want to just touch you all over. Other weeks I’m busy getting stuffed. We have to try it at least once. And what better place than by the open fire, on the rugs under the stars.”

“I’ve been thinking about you for years,” I said and looked her naked body up and down with a hunger that had suddenly developed into an uncontrollable need. I was wet, and wide, and my breathing was elevated.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” She slapped me in the arm with the back of her hand. “We could have tried it. I would have said yes!”

“I know that now,” I said.

“So how do we do this?” Alissa said and leant forwards. “Do we just start touching each other and stuff?”

“I’m not sure,” I shook my head. “Come here.”

Alissa clambered up and sat down next to me. The skin of our thighs touched as she sat down.

“What now?” She asked.

I reached out and cupped one breast in the palm of my hand. Alissa did the same to my own. Her hands felt warm against my skin as she squeezed gently.

“Wow you are firm up there aren’t you?” Alissa gasped. “Your tits are perfect,”

“Not as perfect as yours,” I giggled and leant forwards. Her light brown nipples went hard as I Drew close and wrapped my tongue around the left one.

“Don’t be silly. Your amazing,” she said and let out a little gasp as I gently nipped the end of her nipple with my teeth. My left hand caressed around in a circle over her other nipple.

“Your good at that aren’t you?” She gasped as her breathing quickened. “Your so good!”

“Yes, I am good at that. Shame out boyfriends don’t know our bodies at all, even now.”

“Yea,” Alissa said. “I’m not sure Anton has made me cum yet. He’s a nice guy an all but, I just want to be thrown around and violated. He doesn’t do that, that’s why I fucked Giles the other night.”

“Wah? You cheated on Anton?” I stopped licking and stared up at her in shock.

“Don’t give me that look. You’ve cheated before. And your boyfriend was downstairs at that party,” Alissa giggled.

“I know,” I rolled my eyes. “The funniest thing is it only lasted a minute or so and I let him fill me, literally. It was still gushing out of me when I came downstairs.”

“How is that funny?”

“Cuz Pete licked me out about an hour later. He was licking some other guys cum. I orgasmed that night for sure!”

“Pete actually made you orgasm?” She laughed. “I didn’t think he had it in him.”

“Yea it was probably the idea that he was licking that other guys cum that caused it. I fucking exploded.”

“Who was that guy?”

“No idea, never seen him before. But I caught him jerking off in one of the rooms when I was looking for the toilet.”

“Holy Türkçe Altyazılı Porno shit no way!”

“Yep. He was jerking off and shit himself when I stumbled in. I hadn’t cum in weeks with Pete. I needed something, so I told him I’d help him out.”

“What and you just let him do you?”

I nodded. “Yea, I told him to go to town on me, I leant right over and everything. It only lasted a minute or so but it had been so long since I’d cum I was practically crying with joy the minute he started fucking me!”

“Did it work?” Alissa asked. “You came right, surely you must have done?”

“Oh yes. He had a really thick bell end that rubbed just the right spot in me. It was the best release I’d had in a while.”

Alissa burst out laughing and rolled backwards onto her back. “I never knew you were such a slut Roxanna!”

“I’m a good girl,” I replied and winked at her. “What now?”

“Hmm,” she thought for a second then smiled and spread her legs. “Ever licked pussy before?”

I shook my head. “No, want to give it a go?”

“Yea, let’s see if it’s true what they say!”

“What do they say?” I smiled as i ran a hand up Alissa’s tanned thigh.

“That girls know how to make each other CUM!” Her last word came out in a gasp as I run my finger up her slit through her thong. “I’m fucking wet already!”

“I know, your thong is soaked,” I giggled.

“April, your such a slut!”

“Would you have me any other way?”

Alissa shook her head and gasped again as I positioned myself between her legs with my face inches from her slit. I blew a gust of air at her pulsing pussy causing her to whimper a little and shake with anticipation.

“Do it,” she gasped.

“You ready?” I said licking my lips.

“I’m ready. More than ready!”

I gripped the thin fabric of her thong and slid it down her thighs, over her knees and off the end of her toes. I tossed it over my shoulder and stared at Alissa’s neatly shaped slit. She had shaved leaving a thin landing strip just above her clit.

“Come on, what are you waiting for?” Alissa groaned.

“Nothing, just admiring your pussy.”

“All the guys say it’s the best!”

“I bet they do with a pussy like this. It’s so neat and tidy, very good.”

“Don’t make me wait any longer,” she groaned again and gripped the back of my head with a slender hand. “I need it now, come on!”

I made her wait a few more seconds, and just let myself breath on her. She quivered as I got closer then let out a long sigh as I gently ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit right up to the top.

“Oh fuck,” she hissed and gripped the back of my head harder. “Stop teasing.”

“I’m not,” I laughed then leant forwards clamping my mouth over her dripping slit as if I were kissing her mouth. I let my tongue roll around in circles at first, then flicked her clit up and down causing her to cry out.

“Wow,” she shuddered. “I’ve never been licked like this!”

“Mmmm,” I groaned as I pushed my tongue onto her, harder now and gripped my arms around her thighs holding her in place.

“That’s it April!” She groaned and arched her back slightly. “I’m almost there!”

I gripped her thighs harder as I began licking her clit up and down with my tongue. She wriggled her hips in time with my thrusts and began panting. I felt her grip tighten on my hair as she pulled my face onto her slit.

“I don’t believe it,” she gasped. “I’m gonna cum, this quickly!”

I let out a laugh into her pussy which made her suddenly yelp and buck her hips. She began jerking and twitching as I licked her little slit harder and faster. Each stroke of my tongue caused her to cry out now through clenched teeth.

“I’m cummmming!” She suddenly screamed. “Oh god I’m cumming so hard!”

I kept licking as warm liquid from her insides filled my mouth. I felt her tighten for what seemed like an age as she clenched her teeth, arched her back, and twitched through a hard climax with a flurry of screams and moans. When she was done she relaxed back onto the floor and released my hair from her grip.

“That was quick,” I grinned up at her and quickly wiped her juices from my chin.

“Fuck,” she gasped. She was still breathing hard and I noticed she was twisting her left nipple between a finger and thumb.

“Did you like that?”

Alissa nodded. “I’ve never cum that hard in my life!”

“Is it my turn next?”

“I don’t know,” she grinned. “Maybe!”

“Don’t tease me now,” I replied realising my own cunt felt just Brazzers as dripping wet as hers looked.

Alissa sat up and crawled over to the tent. “Look,” she fumbled around in her bag for a second then yanked out something long and black.

“What the hell, you were gonna use that while I slept?”

Alissa grinned wickedly. “Of course not!”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Okay fine, I was gonna have a go on it once you’d dropped off. Id have kept quiet!”

“Really, that monster would have kept you quiet?”

“Maybe,” she looked at the thick dildo in her hand, then back at me. “Maybe not!”

“And you say I’m the slut!”

“You are, but so am I!” She wiggled the black dildo at me.

I laid down on the rug. The fire next to us had dulled to a deep orange now but still radiated enough heat to make me sweat.

“That thing is bigger than Jumbo Jeff I think,” I said eye the dildo hungrily. “It’s a splitter.”

Alissa laughed. “I’ve had some fun with this thing. More fun than I do with Anton anyway.”

“He really that bad?”

“He’s like Pete,” she said.

“He can’t be that bad. Nobody is worse than my boyfriend period.”

“Anton’s pretty bad. That’s why I have this!” She wiggled the dildo at me again then slid across the floor towards me.

I laid back on the rug and spread my legs. I felt Alissa grip my underwear and slide them down my smooth legs. She chucked them in the tent then turned back to me. She smiled down at me showing off rows of tidy teeth.

“We might have to work this one in!” She said and pressed the end of the dildo against my dripping slit.

“I don’t know, I’m so fucking horny I bet I could fuck a horse,” I said. “Just go for it.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” she whispered and pushed gently.

I felt my slit open wide, enveloping the end of the dildo causing me to let out a grunt of air. “Oh!”

“You okay?” Alissa asked.

I nodded. “Come on, push it in!”

“What all the way?”

“Yesssss!” I hissed hardly able to contain myself. The anticipation of the dildo just on the edge of my cunt was killing me.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” She whispered this time then pushed hard.

“Oh!” I cried. “Fuck!”

The dildo was deep. Alissa had done exactly what I asked for and slid the entire thing right up me in one quick motion. I felt it spreading me, stretching me right out and the tip of the hard shaft scratched an itch on my back wall I had been trying to get the right man to scratch for years.

“I told you it was big!” Alissa laughed.

“God it’s amazing!” I groaned.

Alissa gripped the end of the dildo and pulled it almost all the way out before sliding it right back in again. I let out another cry of half pleasure and half shock as it filled my hole completely.

“Keep going!” I squealed.

Alissa slid the dildo in and out again, pumping it into me now like a piston. Each time she thrust it into me I let out a long moan of approval and a sharp intake of air.

“Is that nice?” Alissa asked as she thrust the dildo into my cunt again causing me to shudder.

“Yes, now lick me,” I gasped. “Lick me as well!”

Alissa didn’t need asking twice. Her free hand kept the dildo pumping into me as she lowered her head and placed her tongue right on the spot she needed to make me squeal in pleasure.

“I can’t take it much more!” I shouted into the night air as her licks and thrusts became relentless barrages of pleasure that shot up and down my legs and over my cunt like electric hands pushing me closer and closer to climax.

“Cum for me!” Alissa groaned. “Cum on my face!”

“Oh yessss,” I hissed and arched my back as another wave of pleasure swept through me. I felt my slit tighten around the pumping dildo and warmth gush out between my legs. “I’m cummmming!!”

My orgasm exploded inside me causing me to tremble and shake as it took hold. I cried out and gripped the rug tight in clenched fists. My legs jerked and twitched as Alissa didn’t show me any mercy, she just kept pumping into me over and over causing me to scream and thrash around on the floor in front of her.

As my trembling died down and my body slowly went into a state of blissful relaxation Alissa slid the dildo out of me with a slurp then clambered up to lay next to me.

“Wow,” I gasped through heavy breathing.

“I know, mine was the same.”

“Next time I’ll use that thing on you,” I said.

“Next time?”

“Well, yea. Is there gonna be a next time?”

Alissa winked at me. “Maybe. Or we could get a little more kinky, get a guy involved maybe, or another friend?”

“Oooo yeah that sounds great. When did you become such a slut?” I laughed.

“I have always been one, we both have!” Alissa grinned and kissed me on the cheek. We fell asleep not long after as fire dimmed further and eventually went out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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