The Adventures of G Ch. 11

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At Sunday services, I gave thanks for receiving the gift of rapture the Lord had given me the day before.

It is true that we receive blessings when we follow the Word and give those in need comfort. The Lord had truly blessed me that day. I prayed for the grace to recognize when comfort was needed and the humility to extend it to those in need.

When services were over, I went home and as I was walking to the couch, I suddenly experienced a sharp pain in my right calf. It felt like someone was trying to tear the muscle out. I let out a cry of pain, grabbed my calf and collapsed on the couch.

Jimmy rushed into the room and seeing me writhing in pain asked, “What’s wrong? What can I do to help?”

“I think I’m having a charley horse,” I said, trying desperately to massage the pain away.

“Let me help.” he said, rushing to the couch.

He helped me lie down and stretch my legs out. He sat down and brought them across his lap. He gently lifted my right leg and began to massage the tightly knotted muscle, his hands gliding on my stockings, coaxing the muscle to relax.

Gradually the pain went away, slowly melting away as his hands massaged my leg.

“How does that feel?” he asked as he stopped to rest his hands.

“Wonderful,” I replied, “Don’t stop now. You could do this to me all day.”

He started to gently massage my leg. his hands travelled up my calf, past my knee, up my thigh, under my skirt until he reached the top of my stocking, then they travelled down to my ankle. It felt so good.

He slipped off my heel and started to massage my foot. Pure heaven.

“That feels so good.” I said.

He lifted my foot up as he massaged the sole.

“I can see the pretty colour you painted you toes through your stockings,” he said, “I’ve never seen your toes. You always wear stockings and heels.” He kissed my toes and sucked them as he continued to massage my foot. He put my foot down, slipped off my other heel and started to massage it, kissing and sucking my toes. Then he took both feet and kissed and caressed them together.

Strangely, I felt my panties start to get wet again. Was The Lord trying to bring me comfort? Was this the sign I should always be looking for?

Jimmy was still caressing and kissing my feet when he shifted, knelt on the floor in front of me. He started Kartal Escort kissing and caressing up my calf and past my knee. He slipped my heels back on. He looked at me plaintively as he touched my skirt. My heart went out to him. I smiled, shifted and let him lift it to my waist

He started kissing and caressing my knees, working his way to my stocking top and above, towards my panties. He looked up at them and saw how wet they were.

“Are you OK?” he asked, “your panties are wet.” I nodded yes.

“Let me give you comfort, as you gave me.” he said, “Can I remove your wet panties. They must be very uncomfortable.”

He grabbed my panties, I shifted a bit, he slid them down to my knees and started kissing all the way up my inner thigh!

As he got close to my vagina, I tried to push his head away, to keep him from kissing me there.

“No Jimmy, no.” I said trying to push him away, “I am unclean there. Please stop”

The more I pushed away, the more he pushed inwards. I could feel his breath on my wet vagina.

“No Jimmy, no” I protested when I felt his tongue slide up my vagina, a wave of pleasure hitting me, “no Jimmy no” as it slid down generating another pleasure wave, “YES JIMMY YES,” as it slid up and caressed my clitoris, “please please don’t stop.”

I grabbed his head and tried to ground him into me. I dug my heels hard into his side to make sure he couldn’t pull away. I was writhing with pleasure, the waves building.

“Stop going up and down,” I ordered, “swirl you tongue around the top, around my clitoris, that little bump, slowly, slowly, now a little faster, now faster” as I held his head in a death grip with my heels dug hard in his side until my brain exploded with the pleasure of the rapture of The Lord. I released his head as I lay panting, trying to regain my breath. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see Jimmy looking up at me.

“Oh God, what have we just done?” I said, “we have committed a sin. I should have never let you kiss me there. I feel so unclean.”

“I couldn’t control myself but we didn’t sin,” he said to me, “You were giving me comfort at your breasts. You were in need of comfort and I tried to give it to you, giving you comfort at your vessel where you experience the Lord’s rapture. God created us, our entire being. God does not Pendik Escort create anything that is unclean. God only creates that which is good and clean. No seed was spilled. Did you not experience His rapture? Would he have given you His gift it were wrong? Or unclean? Or a sin?”

“You’re right,” I said, “I would have never imagined that I could get comfort from what you did, but The Lord has shown us in His way what is right and proper. Can you help me up and to my bed? I’d like to rest a bit and stretch out my legs.

He helped me stand up. I pulled my skirt down and smoothed it out. He took my arm and guided me down the hall to my bedroom and helped me sit down on the bed. He was standing in front of me and I noticed a huge bulge straining the front of his pants. He must have become aroused doing what he did to me and was ready to reproduce! He must have been in discomfort.

“You must be in discomfort,” I said to him, “Let me give you comfort as you gave it to me. Hopefully, you will experience the Lord’s rapture.”

“Thank you.” he said.

I unzipped my skirt. I reached out to him, undid his pants and let them fall to the ground. He was wearing very skimpy briefs, a gift from me. I was pleased to see him wearing them. His penis was straining the fabric to the limit. I tugged them down and it jumped out, straight and hard. I took it in one hand while gently caressing his scrotum with the other. He groaned with pleasure, the beginnings of the Lords rapture! He took off his shirt. I motioned him to kneel in front of me.

“Take off my skirt and blouse.”

He reached out, pulling off my skirt as I squirmed on the bed. He unbuttoned my blouse, exposing my lace covered breasts, slipping it off my shoulders. He stared at the swell of my breasts.

“My bra opens from the front. Would you like to take it off?”

He nodded yes and reached for the clasp. he undid it and slowly spread the cups, exposing my breasts and revealing my hardening nipples.

As soon as he saw my nipples, he started to caress my breasts, kissing and sucking my nipples while rubbing his penis against a stocking covered leg. I held his head gently, basking in the glow of giving him the comfort he needed. I felt my nipples grow hard, feeling the stirring of that strange sensation in my loins that I now knew Göztepe Escort would grow into the Lord’s rapture, His gift to me for helping Jimmy, as He gifted Jimmy for comforting me.

He was caressing my breasts with both hands when he started kissing kissing underneath them and started working his way down my stomach to my groin. I gently tried to push his head away. I remembered the comfort he gave me and the Lords rapture when I felt his tongue on my vagina and I let the Lords rapture overtake me as his tongue explored me.

Jimmy stopped rubbing his penis on my leg. I pulled Jimmy’s head away from my loins and asked why.

“If I continue,” he said, “I will spill my seed and sin. I am so close to sinning, I had to stop.”

I swung my legs on the bed and motioned him to lie on the bed facing me. He got up on the bed and before he could lie down, I lifted my leg and put my heel on his shoulder. He was kneeling, straddling my other leg. He hugged my leg to his chest, caressing it with one hand and kissing my ankle and caressing my foot and heel with the other.

I could feel his penis brush my vagina lips. He needed my comfort. He needed to reproduce. I steeled myself for the pain that was to come, knowing how I was doing His will.

Caressing my leg, he thrust his penis deep into me and a wave of pleasure coursed through my loins. Another miracle, experiencing the Rapture of The Lord while giving comfort! The look on Jimmy’s face told me he was receiving the Lord’s rapture as well.

He thrust again and again, the pleasure building when he thrust hard and I felt his seed deposited in me when the rapture exploded in my loins and in my brain. In the haze I sensed Jimmy experiencing the rapture, continuing to thrust, depositing his seed in me a second time while he hugged my leg to his chest and kissed my ankle and high heel.

He collapsed on the bed, our bodies entwined, basking in the glow of the Lords glory. I could feel Jimmy’s hands still on my stocking covered leg, his lips on my ankle as our breathing slowly returned to normal.

As I lay there the small doubt that that came to me from time to time surfaced again: Why, when I was with my husband, there was no comfort only searing pain and a sense of shame when we reproduced, yet with Jimmy, giving him comfort, I always received the gift of rapture? Why was I not fulfilling my duty as a wife and giving comfort to my husband? Was God punishing me?

This had been bothering me since I discovered the rapture of The Lord and I decided I needed to take some time, pray, meditate and seek the answers.

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