The Affair

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Read it once, close your eyes, and then see it…

…being near you, alone with you…is eternal foreplay. A constant state of arousal untamed by my own devices. Would I? Without even a single breath of hesitation, I would…over and over and over again. Lying beside you like once before… face-to-face and silent and still. We’d lie this way until my body overtook my mind. Fully satiated by the smell of your cologne I then crave to taste you. We’re lying slightly apart, my head lower than yours. It’s dark outside and the only sound we hear is the rain hitting the window. Leaning into you I inhale deeply…your cologne warms me.

I rest my cheek on yours and exhale. Our silence is broken only by the shudder of my single breath against your neck. You too exhale as you reach around me and pull me tightly into your body. Everything’s so warm. Your hand rests firmly against the small of my back. I take another deep breath. Leaving your cheek I lay my head on your chest…you rest yours on mine. Your hand pushes against me even harder, holding me there as you thrust, once, into me. The force of your movement makes me wet. I exhale and gently moan. You move your hand from my back up to my hair. You pull me away from your chest…forcing me to look at you. I try to remain tightly snuggled but you tell me no.

While I try to determine your intentions you thrust into me a second time. I then know that what you wanted was to see the expression my on face. I hold my breath and bite my lip. You smile. You ask me if I like that…I nod childishly. You ask me if I want more…I say yes. With your smile still firmly in place you say no. You want me to beg, I faintly mutter please…your smile fades, you pull my hair tightly back and tell me to say it louder. I do…and you reward me with a third thrust and let go of my hair. Landing on my back I fall beside you. For another Maltepe Escort moment we’re still. My mind is racing. With your eyes intensely on me I sit up and take off my shirt. You’re silent.

You put your hand on my shoulder, and loosen the strap of my bra. I turn to face you and lower my head. Touching my chin you tell me to look at you. I oblige. You know my thoughts. Surrendering them I let the straps fall and sit, exposed. I look at you and smile. Good girl, you say. I lean down and kiss you…You roller over onto your back, I straddle your waist. You tell me to keep going. So I do. Standing over you I unbutton my jeans and reach in. You moan in approval, I taste myself. As I take them off I slightly turn around and bend over. You can see that I’m wet. You reach up and pull my panties down…running your hands down my ass. I stand fully naked in front of you.

I turn around being sure not to look at your face. You demand that I do. My pussy throbs. I straddle you again, I can feel you through your jeans. Your cock’s hard. I slowly rub my pussy against it. We both moan. I undo your zipper as I move down your legs, reach in and wrap my hand tightly around it. Your breathing quickens. I slide down even further as I remove your pants. You’re straddled once again. Now it’s my warmth and wetness on yours. We both throb…I want to taste you….

….I want to taste myself on you. You know my thoughts and smile in approval. While still straddled across you I move down being sure to slide myself against you. I moan, wet my lips and take you deeply into my mouth. I’m so wet. You reach for a pillow and tuck it under your head…the pleasure of my mouth around your cock is intensified by watching…you tell me to look at you. I do. The pleasure of having your cock in my mouth intensifies by looking at you. The inside of my thigh is Cevizli Escort wet. So is the tip of you cock. I taste you. You quiver.

I continue sucking…slowing working my way from the top of your cock to its base, ensuring to feel every part with my tongue…massaging your balls with my tongue… As I slowly reach the top of your cock I look at you…open my mouth and gently lick you…ever so slightly move back…pre-cum from your cock to my tongue. You close your eyes, drop your head back and moan. I ask you if you like fucking my mouth…you shudder uh huh…I smile…you ask if I like getting fucked but don’t wait for my answer. You position me on the bed…I’m on my knees facing the window…you take my hands and place them against the wall…you’re behind me. You tease me with your cock, rubbing it against my ass…rubbing it on my pussy…I can hardly stand it. You reach around and touch my tits…you ask me if I’m cold. We laugh. I ask you to play with my nipples…you do. Rolling them between your fingers, gently pinching and pulling…

I take my hands off the wall and press my back against your chest…raise my arms and place them around your neck. I watch you touch me. I beg to feel your cock inside me…you say no. I drop one arm and try to touch my pussy…you tell me to stop. Your words “I like to torture you” echo through my head. I’m tortured. My breathing is shallow and loud…in your lap I rub my ass against your cock. I beg. You permit me to touch myself but only a little. I put two fingers deep into my pussy and moan loudly. You tell me to stop. Uh uh…I say. Uh huh…you say. You take my hand away from me and turn me to face you…bringing my hand up to my mouth I move my tongue over my fingers…you watch me…you take my fingers into your mouth…we kiss madly.

I’m so in heaven…stunned by how beautiful you are. I tell you that I want you Atalar Escort to fuck me…hard. You push me down on the bed, I’m now lying in the position you were previously in…without the pillow. You’re supporting yourself over me…our eyes are locked. You ask me how badly I want it. I tell you that I would do anything…I mean it. You say…anything? I tell you yes. We smile. You lower yourself…I close my eyes…I feel your mouth on my chest…you lick my tits…flicking my nipples with your tongue…you bite them…I arch my back, slightly sit up and watch you. I tell you that I’m so close to cumming. You say that I better not be. We smile. Again you raise yourself above me… I can feel your hard cock against my thighs.

You reach beneath you and spread my legs…you feel how wet I am. You want to taste me. You move further down and kiss my tummy…lick your way to my pussy. My clit is hard and throbbing…you gently lick it…suck on it…I quake. You tell me to watch. You reach up and kiss me…I slowly lick your lips…suck your tongue. You move away and thrust your cock into my soaking pussy…I inhale and hold my breath…I tingle all over and push myself deeply into you. Fuck me hard. I lose whatever inhibitions I have left. I tell you to fuck your little girl. I tell you everything as you fuck me slowly…my pussy grabs your cock with each thrust…it’s not going to last long…you tell me your going to cum…you tell me that your going to cum hard…this brings me even closer…I can’t hold back any longer…I ask you if you want to feel me cum…yeah, yeah you pant…are you ready, I ask…uh huh…I feel how close I am…I see how aroused you are…I cum violently…my pussy grabs on to your cock with every pulse…you fuck me harder…I tell you the dirtiest things…I make everything wet…your cock drips with my cum…feeling me makes you cum…you push yourself deep inside me…filling me…you collapse on top of me…

…we’re breathing heavily, soaked…we look at each other and laugh…I cover my face…you tell me I’m crazy….I tell you to look out for my puddle…you smile. I thank you for wanting to make me happy…you thank me for wanting you to make me happy. We laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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