The Ascent of a Woman Pt. 01: The Awakening

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It was a Monday night. I didn’t have anything to do so I thought I would watch “The Sound of Music” that my friend Bridgette had given me. I put the DVD in the player, got comfy and started to watch. I was really enjoying the movie. Julie Andrews was in a meadow full of flowers singing, “The hills are alive with the sound of…harder, deeper, harder, more. Move your your big juicy cock.”

The video had changed to a woman, wearing only a garter belt, stockings and stilettos, flat on her back, her heels locked around the ass of a man, totally naked, who was pumping furiously between her legs. The camera shifted to show his penis going in and out of her vagina as she continued to scream,”harder, faster, give more of your big juicy cock!”

The camera shifted. She was thrashing as he pumped faster until she screamed out,”I’m coming, I’m cumming, ahhhhhhhhhh.” Almost on cue, he started to shout,”I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum.”

“Don’t cum inside me. Cum on my tits.” she panted. He pulled his penis out, straddled her while she grabbed his penis, stroking it furiously until he shouted “I’m cuming!!!” Streams of sperm shot out of his penis, spraying her breasts. She rubbed it into her breasts with his penis for a few seconds, while he moaned in pleasure then said,”put this back inside me.” He slowly sinks his still hard penis into her vagina as she moans,”I love your big juicy cock inside me.”

I had never seen anything like this! I was breathing heavily, my vagina was wet, soaking my panties. The scene faded out and Bridgette Escort Avrupa yakası was on the screen.

“Surprise! Did you enjoy that honey? I bet your panties are soaking wet. Now, go and get those toys you bought at the party. Take them out of the box, Check the batteries, then come back and restart the video, so push pause now.”

In a daze, I pushed pause. I remembered the party Bridgette took me to. It was a “Glamorous Lingerie” party where you could buy all kinds of kinky underwear and sex toys. I didn’t even want to go, never mind buy something but I bought the two for one special because I felt obligated to buy something. I vowed never to even open it. I finally found the box. Inside were two vibrators. One was small and smooth. The other was in the shape of a 6 inch penis. Still in a daze, I put in fresh batteries and went back into the living room. I pushed play. Bridgette was back.

“OK, honey, I know this is a first for you. I want you to relax and have some fun. Just watch the next video, follow the instructions and enjoy.”

Bridgette faded from the screen to be replaced by a woman wearing a garter belt, stockings and high heels. Was this some type of porn uniform? Her legs were spread open exposing everything. She was holding the same two vibrators. She turned the small one on.

“There’s nothing I love more than to have my clit teased with this little magic wand.” she said as the camera shifted to her vagina, “Now, turn it on and just go gently around and around.”

I Ataköy escort spread my legs and gently put it on my clit. A wave of pleasure built as I went round and round. It felt so good!

“OK,” the voice on the screen went on, “now, take that big cock, slowly put it in deep in your wet pussy. Then pull it out, then slowly push it..”

Her voice seemed to fade out as I held the penis shaped vibrator in my hand. I was never so excited in my life. My vagina was soaking wet. I rubbed it against my vagina lips, then slowly slipped the full six inches into my wet vagina. I had never felt anything so good, the pleasure building the deeper it sank into me. I pulled it out, then pushed it back in, experiencing a building wave, then I went faster and faster and faster until my brain exploded in an orgasm that I had never experienced before.

I pulled the vibrator out and lay there, clothes disheveled, panting, trying to regain my breath. I looked at the TV. The woman had also had an orgasm, was just about to speak when Bridgette reappeared on the screen.

“Did you have a good time honey? Did that big vibrator feel good in your pussy? I hope you came hard. You deserve it. I have a few more movies for you to watch. Keep those toys handy, you may need them. Call me tomorrow.” She faded from the screen.

The next movie started with the view of a black high heel, covered in sequins. The camera travelled up a stocking clad leg, paned back to show a glamorous woman, hair and make up perfect, again Şirinevler escort bayan wearing only stockings, heels, garter belt and matching bra, standing over a naked man. She performed oral sex on him. He removed her bra, caressed, sucked and fondled her breasts. She then rolled on her back, spread her legs and guided his penis into her vagina and they had sex. She put her ankles on his shoulder and he pumped and pumped until they both had an orgasm.

The next movie featured a woman, dressed in a bustier, stockings and heels was on a couch performing oral on a man. The scene shifted to him on top of her, sucking her breasts, then inserting his penis in her, she wrapped her legs around him and they pumped and groaned until they both had an orgasm.

I watched seven movies, all featuring glamorous women, all wearing heels and stockings, all having sex, oral and vaginal, in different position until they had orgasms. I had never had a man’s penis in my mouth or his tongue on my clitoris. I was so turned on seeing it done, especially the man ejaculating in her mouth, I used the big vibrator twice until I was completely played out. I stood up, staggered into my bedroom and looked in the mirror.

I saw a dowdy looking woman with mousy hair, no make up wearing sensible shoes. I took off my old style dress and saw a woman in granny panties, a full coverage plain bra with opaque tights pushed half way down to my knees.

I realized was not exactly a man magnet. I had just spent the evening with a plastic penis and small vibrator, getting myself off while watching porn. What I need, what I want is a man. A man to fulfill my desires. A man to caress my breasts. A man to run his hands up and down my legs. A man with a hard penis to fill my vagina. A man to make me scream out when I orgasmed.

At that moment, I decided to change my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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