The Audit

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Craig shook his head and slapped a few more slices of ham on the grill. Immediately it began to sizzle. He sliced lengthwise into a sub bun and put it open-side down on the grill next to the cooking ham. It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon and he had a line of customers in his sub shop, placing their orders and waiting for carry-outs. It was great to be so busy, but that wasn’t what had him so distracted.

Next to the ham he spread out some thinly sliced steak and some mushrooms. The ham was almost done and he put a few slices of white cheese on it to melt. He sliced open another sub bun and put it open-side down on the grill next to the steak and mushrooms.

He turned around to check the next order. The sub shop had a long counter, where the customers were lined up, and large windows at the front that looked out on the parking lot. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and a couple more people were headed their way. What could he possibly have to worry him?

It was Tina Coffey. She put some onion rings in the fryer and went back to the register to take the next order. As she passed him, she glanced at him and smiled. He smiled back, but on the inside he groaned. Did she have any idea what she was doing to him? Obviously not, because she kept doing it to him.

The next customer’s order was ready. Tina was putting his sub and fries into a bag. Craig grabbed his large Coke from the fountain machine and reached over the counter to hand it to him. As he did, Tina leaned forward just a bit, and her ass, her beautiful, tight round ass in her tight, low jeans, brushed the front of his jeans. He clenched his jaws and quickly spun around to the grill once more, hoping that none of the customers in line, and Tina in particular, noticed what was going on in his jeans.

Tina was nineteen and she came up to Craig’s shoulder, and her long, dark hair went all the way down to the middle of her back. She had a cute little nose, dark makeup around her eyes, rings in her ears and a stud in her nose. When she reached for something, the sleeves of her shirt pulled up, showing the hint of a tattoo on her left shoulder.

Tina had been working for him for a little over a year, and more and more he noticed the way she was teasing him like that, as if she didn’t realize what she was doing, and how she was trying to check out the front of his jeans. More and more she was succeeding in getting him aroused, and it was getting harder and harder to hide that arousal from her.

Today, though, for the first time when he looked at her, he realized how sexy she was. What was it about her that had changed from yesterday? It was a distraction when he was trying to take care of his customers and run his business. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of Tina and especially how hot her ass looked in those tight jeans.

He assembled the ham and cheese sub with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and dressing, and gave it to Tina to put in the bag with the onion rings. She turned around and leaned back so her ass pressed against the front of his jeans. She looked over her shoulder with that irresistibly cute smile.

“Sorry Mr. Baldwerk,” she said and gave the customer her bag and pop.

Craig just groaned and rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the steak and mushroom sub, and got ready to make the next sub, chicken with peppers.

It wasn’t Tina that had changed, of course. It was him. Before a few days ago he never would have noticed how a girl Tina’s age could be so sexy. Before Nate’s comments about that hot eighteen year old girl Megan, Craig never would have looked at a woman younger than his own age as being sexy. Now he couldn’t stop thinking about it, and it was impossible not to notice the young woman who was coming on to him in his own shop.

The lunch rush lasted until around two in the afternoon. That was the best part of the day, when they sold the most sandwiches. It was the lunch rush that brought in the money to keep the doors open and the lights on and pay Tina’s salary so she would keep working there. Without her help, he would be completely lost. Now, though, was she going to become a distraction?

Shortly after two in the afternoon, Craig’s accountant came in for their monthly meeting. Maris might have been a dull CPA, but she didn’t dress for the job, at least not when she came to see him. She was wearing a tight dark skirt that accentuated the curves of her hips and her ass and came down above her knees, which showed off her beautiful legs.

Maris waited at one of the tables while Craig and Tina cleaned up. She had her briefcase open on the table and was flipping through papers. Craig grinned. Tina probably didn’t know, but he knew that she was just trying to look busy.

It took him a few minutes to fix one of the loose fixtures on the grill before he went to see her. She looked up at him with a big smile and brushed back a lock of her long, dark hair that was hanging over her wide, rectangular glasses with the black frames.

“Hi you,” she said.

“Hey. How you doing?” Craig said, also with canlı bahis a big, stupid grin.

Already, he was growing stiff in his jeans. It didn’t hurt that the top few buttons of her light gray blouse were open, revealing the gorgeous flesh of her boobs. She knew just how to push his buttons.

“I have some tax forms for you t look over. I think we can change some of your expenses and get you a better rate for this year,” she said.

“That sounds great. I’d like to hear more about that,” Craig said.

Maris pushed her briefcase to the side and patted the table top.

“Would you like to talk about it right here, or would you like to talk about it in your office?” she said.

He looked around the store. A couple of people were still eating.

“Myself, I’d like to discuss it with you right here. The other customers, though, I don’t think they’d like it too much.”

Maris looked at the people at the other tables, then at him.

“Craig, that’s why I think you’ve been so successful. You’re always thinking about your customers.”

She followed him around the counter and waited by the entrance to the short hallway that led to the office in the back. Tina was finishing an Italian sub for a new customer. Craig stopped to help her, and filled a large cup with ice and Coke. She rang it up on the register and collected the customer’s money.

“Hey, Tina. Are you ok to watch the shop while I’m in the office with Maris?” Craig said.

Tina glanced past his shoulder at Maris and smiled.

“Are you going to go in the back and fuck your accountant again?” she said with narrow suspicious eyes.

Craig froze like a statue. His throat tightened and for a moment he couldn’t breathe. How did Tina know about that? Had he really been so careless with his affairs?

“Ub … Ub …” Craig blubbed, trying to get his mouth to form words.

But then Tina smiled real big.

“Don’t worry about it, Mr. Baldwerk. I got it,” she said.

He nodded and turned to walk away. Tina was looking at him with that big smile. She knew exactly what was going on, but was there something else that he detected behind her sparkling blue eyes and big smile? Was it a hint of jealousy, or was he imagining that?

He walked to Maris, who was still looking in Tina’s direction.

“What’s wrong?” Craig said.

“Hm? Oh, nothing. I was just curious about Tina.”

Craig turned to look back at Tina. She had pulled a couple of tomatoes from the cooler and was slicing them up.

“Tina? What about her?” he said.

“I can’t help notice every time she’s checking you out,” Maris said.

“Tina? Checking me out?”

Maris nodded. “I think she’s trying to flirt with you.

Craig chuckled. “Flirting? With me? I think you’re mistaken. She’s only nineteen.”

“I don’t know. I think I’m right. You can’t tell me you haven’t noticed. I mean, she is a hot little piece of ass. That is why you hired her, isn’t it?” Maris said.

“Well, I mean, she is cute, but …” Craig started to say.

Maris slipped her hand down along the front of his jeans and squeezed the hard bulge of his cock. The corner of her mouth turned up in a sly smile.

“I thought so. Why don’t we go to your office and we can talk about how right I am,” she said.

She turned and walked the short distance down the hallway to his office and went in. Craig watched her gorgeous tight ass shaking side to side under her skirt and his mouth watered. He turned again and looked at Tina, who was bent over the sink, rinsing a couple of knives. She, too, had a gorgeous, round ass in her tight jeans that made his mouth water. If he felt he had a chance to fool around with her, would he go for it? How would an affair with Tina affect their professional relationship, even though she was only nineteen and smoking hot?

He sighed. He hated to admit it, but when Maris was right, she was right. He followed her down the hallway to the office, walking funny with his erection sticking down the leg of his jeans.

He opened the door. Maris was standing by the desk with her back to the door. She had already removed her blouse, which was draped neatly on the back of the chair. She had her hands behind her back and was unhooking her bra. A big grin spread slowly across Craig’s face, and in his jeans, his hard penis twitched.

Maris turned around. She laid the bra on top of the blouse on the chair. Craig’s grin got a little bigger. He loved her big, perky boobs and her hard, pink nipples.

“Maris, you have fantastic tits,” he said, and closed the door behind him.

She ran her hands through her long, dark hair.

“Yeah. They’re just like my mother’s boobs. That’s how she’s kept my father around for so many years,” she said. She flicked her fingernails over the tips of her nipples and sucked in a breath through her teeth. “Now, let’s go over your taxes and see if we can’t come up with some new ways to increase your bottom line.”

She draped her arms over his shoulders and kissed him. Again, Craig’s hard penis twitched in his jeans. bahis siteleri He put his hands on her waist, where her hips flared. If it was possible for his dick to get any harder, then it might have been close to ripping through his jeans.

Maris’ lips were wet and soft, and he practically melted when she pushed her tongue between his lips into his mouth. Her lips gloss tasted of strawberries and she smelled faintly of lilac and … was that vanilla? Her big, soft breasts were pressed flat against his chest, and her flesh was soft and warm in his hands, begging to be squeezed and caressed.

His hands came up and cupped her breasts, holding them gently like he was weighing a pair of melons at the grocery store. Maris moaned into his mouth. Her legs parted and she rubbed her warm crotch on the hard bulge in the front of his jeans.

Outside the office, in the shop, the bell dinged to announce that a customer had entered. Maris turned to the door.

“Should I see if Tina needs any help?” she said.

Craig caught her by her elbow.

“You can’t go out there like that. I don’t have a license for a topless bar,” he said.

Maris paused, looked down at her bare chest, and a sheepish smile crossed her face. Her cheeks tinged red.

“I would get dressed, of course,” she said, but she put her arms around him again.

“Don’t worry about it. Tina can handle it. I pay her pretty well.”

Maris ran her tongue over his lips.

“I know exactly how much you pay that girl, and it’s way too much for a nineteen year old.”

“She does a very good job,” Craig said. He had one hand on her ass and one hand on her boob.

“But how is she ever going to leave to get a good job if you pay her ten dollars an hour to do this one?” Maris said.

Craig shrugged. “What if this is what she wants to do?”

Maris snorted and laughed.

“Craig, don’t be ridiculous. That girl is way too smart to work in a sub shop her whole life.”

Craig’s shoulders slumped. “It’s worked pretty well for my family.”

Maris’ hand slipped down the front of his jeans and pulled down the zipper. Her hand slipped into the open fly and touched his hard cock. He spread his legs.

“I’ll tell you what that girl wants to do,” Maris said, stroking his cock with her fingernails.

Craig’s eyebrows arched up. “Really? What’s that?”

“She wants to fuck this cock, that’s what she wants to do,” Maris said. She dragged her body down his body to her knees and unbuckled his belt. “Right now it’s mine. She’s going to have to wait her turn.”

His jeans dropped to the floor. His cock sprung straight out, brushing Maris’ cheeks. She giggled and put her hand around the middle of the shaft.

“God, Craig. I never get used to how big your cock is,” she said, and pumped her hand slowly on it.

“That’s a coincidence. I never get used to how good it looks in your mouth,” Craig said.

Maris looked up at him and smiled, and her cheeks tinged red again.

“Once a month is not often enough to get my lips around this cock. I swear, Craig, you’re beginning to make me feel that my boyfriend is inadequate,” she said.

She opened her mouth wide and stuffed his cock in. Craig gasped. She moaned and slurped and bobbed her head back and forth like she had to get it all done in a hurry before it was taken away from her.

Craig cringed. She had both hands around the shaft like she was trying to pull it out by the root. Her teeth scraped the sensitive skin on the head of his cock once in a while, but only because she was so eager and trying to do so much at once.

Even so, he enjoyed her blowjobs. She didn’t give the best head that he knew, but she certainly did try the hardest to get it all in her mouth.

Out in the shop, the bell on the door rang once, then a second time, then a third time. Maris took Greg’s cock out of her mouth and he let out a long, disappointed breath. He was so close to flooding her mouth with cum.

“Sounds like it got real busy out there,” Maris said.

She opened the door and stuck her head out. Craig reached for her, but he was leaning against the desk and she was too far away. It was a little hard to move with his jeans around his ankles and his hard cock sticking out.

Maris grabbed one of the blue sweatshirts off the shelf, the new sweatshirts with the sub shop logo printed on the front in white. She pulled it on over her head and pulled it down over her big boobs.

“You just stay here,” she said, and leaned forward on one foot to kiss him. She pulled her long hair out of the back of the sweatshirt. “Tina’s swamped. I’m going to go out and help her.” She reached down and stroked his wet cock. “Just make sure you keep that thing hard. I’m going to need it when I get back.”

She flashed a quick smile and slipped out through the door, her big boobs jiggling under the sweatshirt.

Craig sighed. What was he supposed to do now? He looked around the office. There was paperwork to do. There was a quote for sub buns from a new bakery that he needed to review. He had planned bahis şirketleri to go over all that stuff tonight after he closed the shop, but now that he wasn’t getting his dick sucked, he had some time to kill.

But more than anything, he was curious. He bent down, pulled up his jeans, leaving his hard dick hanging out, and stepped to the door, where he peeked out to the shop. This wasn’t the first time Maris had stepped in to help out when they were busy, but he was curious to see how she worked with Tina.

At the counter was a line of customers. Tina was working furiously at the grill, cooking up subs as fast as she could. Maris was taking orders and getting change, all with a bright smile, as if she had the greatest job in the world. She already had a great job and an excellent career as a tax attorney, but if the job she wanted to do gave her a chance to spend more time with his dick inside her, well, he didn’t mind.

What intrigued him, though, was what she said about Tina. Was it possible that she could want to have sex with him? If she did, what could he do about that? He frowned. There was nothing he could do about it, of course. She was only nineteen and he shouldn’t even be thinking about having sex with her.

But she had such a great-looking ass in those tight jeans, and she was always so friendly and nice to him, even though he was her boss. For just one chance to feel his cock sliding into Tina’s fantastically hot little body, was he willing to give up everything?

He closed the door and leaned against the edge of the desk. His dick was still mostly hard and still wet with Maris’ saliva. It twitched and throbbed, but not because he was thinking about her with her mouth around the end of it, or even Maris with her panties around her ankles and bent over the desk, offering her ass to him. It twitched and throbbed because he was thinking about Tina on her knees with the end of it in her pretty mouth, and Tina bent over his desk with her panties around her ankles and her ass spread open for him.

And he blamed Nate. Before that day last weekend when he mentioned how hot Megan was, he never would have thought that a girl her age could be hot. And certainly he never would have imagined having sex with a girl like Tina.

Now he couldn’t get it out of his head. He was dying to know what it would be like to have sex with Tina. He was turning into the worst kind of pervert, and it was all Nate’s fault.

His cell phone chirped and he nearly jumped out of his shoes. The phone was in the pocket of his jeans, which were around his ankles. He bent down and fished it out. On the front display was the name Jackie. His initial thought of her made his cock surge to full hardness again, but he rolled his eyes. Lately it seemed that she only called him if she needed something. He flipped the phone open.

“Hey Jackie,” he said.

“Craig, did I catch you at a bad time?” Jackie said.

He swallowed hard and had a warm, fuzzy feeling all through his body. Even her voice over the phone was delicious. She might have been a little bit crazy, but she was also irresistible.

“No. Not at the moment, it’s not a bad time,” he said and grinned.

A couple of minutes earlier, when Maris had his cock in her mouth, that would have been a bad time.

“I’ll make it quick. I know you’re busy. I just wanted to see if you’d like to meet for dinner tonight.”

Craig stuck his lower lip out while he thought. What did he have going on tonight?

“Sure. That’d be great,” he said.

“Great How about the Bone Yard? You know, nothing fancy. I’m in the mood for ribs,” she said.

“Yeah. You know I love barbecue,” Craig said.

She gave him a time to meet her at the Bone Yard and he closed the phone just as the door opened and Maris came back into the office. He looked at the phone, then at Maris and shrugged.

“That was my sister. She called to remind me about dinner at her house this weekend,” he said.

Maris looked at him with a half-cocked grin. She pulled the sweatshirt off over her head.

“Craig, come on. You don’t have to tell me stories. We’re not married. I know you have girlfriends,” she said.

He tried to smile at her, but it was a weak, sheepish smile, the way he smiled at Mom the first time she caught him jerking off.

Standing in front of him, Maris slipped her skirt off and folded it neatly over the back of the chair with her blouse. The only thing she was wearing was a pair of lacy black panties. She put her hands on her hips and looked down at his cock.

“Now, where was I?” she said. She held out her hand and let his cock glide into her palm. “That’s right. Now I remember.”

Holding his cock with one hand like it was a grab bar to keep herself steady, she carefully dropped to her knees once more. After a long lick with the width of her tongue all the way up the underside of his cock, she stuffed the end of it into her mouth and wasted no time trying to get all of it past her lips.

Craig closed his eyes and groaned. Her mouth felt fantastic and he would love to fill her with cum. If Tina walked in on them right now, would he be embarrassed? Hell, if the Pope walked in on them, not only would he not be embarrassed, but he would still cum in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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