The Awakening

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Lauren and Grant had been married for fifteen years now (together for twenty total), and the boring routine of life had long settled into a comfortable (if not exciting) routine. Even their sex life was predictable. The only complaint either of them had was the disparity in their sex drives. Lauren had never had a high libido, and the birth of two children had done nothing to increase it. Grant, on the other hand, was always in the mood. He prided himself with being the one to introduce new things into their tried and true rituals.

Lauren and Grant complimented each other physically. Neither were very tall and both carried a little extra weight. Lauren has dyed purple hair, brown eyes, a cute up-turned nose, and a nice pair of tits. Grant has brown hair, blue eyes, wide shoulders, and a quick smile. Lauren is a teacher, despite her punk hair and tattoos; while Grant works in finance and dresses much more conservatively. They have been a couple long enough to know how the other would react in most situations and were easy and affectionate around others.

The following is a mostly true story of how they reignited their sex life.

Part 1: The Awakening

Thursday Night

It had been about a year since Lauren and Grant’s most memorable date night. The sex was unforgettable. Grant had been asking Lauren for ideas for some time of things they could do to spice up their sex life. He’d stressed that he wasn’t unhappy with the sex, it was just that the routine was getting rather stale.

Lauren had pretended ignorance, “Routine? What’s our routine?” she’d asked.

“I beg for a few days, you relent, I go down on you until you come, then we have sex until I come. It’s been the same since before we were married, maybe it’s time to find something new” Grant had answered. “I’m not saying we need to do something new, our routine works. I’m just asking if there is anything we haven’t tried that you’d be interested in trying”.

Lauren had thought about it for a few days. Something she’d be interested in trying? Maybe skipping the few days of being hounded for sex? But something new in the bedroom? Lauren realized that she was out of her element – she’d always been happy with the “routine”. She didn’t even masturbate on a regular basis, Grant was seemingly always horny and ready to jump into bed whenever she asked. New? Maybe Grant was trying to hint that he wanted something else?

After a few days, Grant brought up the subject again at bed time. “Have you had any thoughts about what we talked about?”

“I’ve been thinking, but I just cannot come up with anything I’m interested in trying outside of our normal, you know, behavior”.

Grant smiled. He knew that Lauren couldn’t even think the word “sex” without blushing. She was just too embarrassed to discuss even the most basic carnal need with her partner of twenty years. Knowing what he was working with, he’d come prepared.

“I thought you might say that. I’ve been doing some internet searches to see if there was anything I thought might help us come up with something”.

“I bet you have”, Lauren said with a raised eyebrow.

“Now, now. I am capable of typing more than “lesbians” or “blowjob” into a search engine. I found a website geared toward couples like us – couples that have been together long enough that we still are interested in sex with one-another but looking for something new. They have a quiz that we each take separately. It breaks out various sex acts and allows us to rate them based on our past experience or interest in trying. I’ll email it to you now. Let’s take it tonight, and we can discuss the results before we go out for dinner this weekend.”

So both rolled away from the other in bed and took the test, saving a copy to their phones for discussion later. Halfway through, Grant had rolled over and said “Just so you know, there’s stuff on this list I have no interest in”. “Thank god for that”, Lauren had answered. In her head, she was pleased that Grant had said that – she’d been concerned that he was giving her a list of things he’d like to try – and some were definitely off the table.

Before she’d finished, Grant had turned off his light and fallen asleep. Lauren was amazed at how fast he was able to turn off his brain and get rest. Finding herself alone, would her answers change now that Grant was asleep? Having gone through the quiz, she was surprised to find herself…aroused. This was a rare occurrence – usually Grant was the one awake and aroused and she was the one snoring quietly off to the side. Unsure of what to do, Lauren decided to review the quiz and see if she wanted to change any answers.

The quiz was a laundry list of sex acts, starting at the most innocent (kissing and cuddling), escalating to hardcore (oral sex, vaginal intercourse, and role play), and ending at the more exotic kinks (most of which Lauren had to use Urban Dictionary to define).

Grant was not Lauren’s first lover, though she was his. There were no secrets between them, Ataşehir Escort she knew what he had done with his high school and college girlfriends and he knew all about her previous boyfriends. On their first date, nervous and feeling out of place; Lauren had given Grant a blow by blow detailed record of all of her interactions with boyfriends in the past. Far from scaring him off, it had only made Grant realize how inexperienced he was and endear Lauren to him as someone who was open and trusting. Besides, he’d once told her, then he knew that she put out.

Reviewing the list was…interesting. Armed with the knowledge from Urban Dictionary, she went down the list and tried to think of the items in a new way. She’d certainly never considered any of them as something worth trying before, but maybe Grant had? Lauren had gone through the anal section rather quickly. A few years before Grant had started running a fingernail around her anus while he ate her out. While it made her come, they’d discussed going further and decided against it. For right now, she was as experienced anally as she wanted to be.

The kinkier sections were what held her interest now. Foot jobs? Boob jobs? Bondage? Facials? Were these the things Grant was trying to steer her toward? She tried to picture using her feet to rub Grant’s cock. It was decidedly hard to picture. Once he had pulled out of her mouth during a rare blowjob and come on her chest. At the time, she had only been relieved that he hadn’t come in her mouth, now she wondered if he had planned that all along. Did Grant want to come on her face?

Despite questioning her partner’s sexual interests, Lauren was finding picturing Grant doing these things to her (or her doing these things to him) a turn on. Pornography had never been of any interest to her, she’d always found reading erotica much more arousing than seeing the act visually. Now an unmistakable warmth was spreading from her cunt (which Grant insisted she call it) up her stomach. Pretty soon her nipples would be hard. Her eyes immediately went to the “Nipple Play” question. She’d already marked it as “no interest”, but her nipples were extremely sensitive. Maybe it would be nice to have Grant spend more time with them.

Lauren couldn’t help herself. She picked out a few terms from the quiz and quietly searched for them on the internet. “Nipple Play” had been in the BDSM section, so she wasn’t entirely surprised to find pictures of abused tits in various dungeon scenes. Sprinkled into the hardcore torture pictures were tits being lovingly sucked and licked – much more Lauren’s style. Absent-mindedly she stroked her inner thigh. She changed the “no interest” to “willing to try” on the quiz.

“Blindfolded” brought up the same mix of hardcore and softcore pictures. The pictures Lauren found the most appealing were those with the women blindfolded using silk ties or scarves. Grant did not have to wear a tie to work anymore, but he had a few lying around that would serve the purpose. Lauren changed this answer from “willing to try” to “want to try”.

The last term she searched was the one Lauren found the most alluring – “light bondage”. She’d tried handcuffs with a previous boyfriend and found them uncomfortable and intimidating. Grant had friends who were police officers, and they’d told stories at a party about having to rescue fellow officers from “compromising situations”. She still remembered her old boyfriend roughly handcuffing her to the bed and joking about not letting her free. Asshole.

While there were definitely more than a few beautiful women handcuffed to beds, most were bound by thick rope. And not just their hands. Some women were completely wrapped in rope, others were tied in positions where their partners had unfettered access, and still others were hung from steel hooks by their legs or arms.

Lauren gasped out loud when she saw a picture of one woman whose hands were tied to a headboard, blindfolded, while her cunt was being eaten by her partner. The woman had a passing resemblance to Lauren and her partner had more than a passing resemblance to Grant – though Grant certainly did not have the tribal tramp-stamp tattoo as the porn star in the photo.

Lauren’s low level arousal now kicked into higher gear – her nipples, already sensitive, were now taught and straining against her t-shirt. Her cunt was soaking through her panties. Was it the pictures or was it the thought of Grant eating her out while she was blindfolded and bound to a bed? The question ran through Lauren’s head as she quietly pulled back her sheets and made her way to the bathroom.

Lauren did not masturbate. But when she needed to come and Grant was unavailable (rare as it was), Lauren would use the showerhead attachment to massage her clit. God, she was so hot. She couldn’t remember being so turned on without Grant being the direct cause for some time. Lauren closed the door, stripped, and started the water in the tub. Reaching down to run a finger over her clit, Kadıköy Escort Lauren couldn’t help but amaze at how wet she was. Her clit was fully distended, her lips moist and pouting, her natural lubricant running down her inner thighs as she looked at the photo on her phone again.

Lauren closed her eyes. Grant was tying her hands to the headboard of their bed. She was already blindfolded – no matter how much she tried, she was unable to make out any light under the tight silk tie. Moving her hand up her body to fondle her ample tit, Lauren imagined Grant moving his way down her body with his mouth. Sucking this, then that nipple. Kissing her belly button lightly. Nuzzling her pubic hair and finally licking her clit. Lauren now massaged her clit directly, the closest she had come to masturbating with her hand since college.

Remembering where she was, Lauren opened her eyes, turned off the water and stepped into the tub. Reaching up to turn on the shower attachment and remove the handle from it’s cradle, Lauren turned on the shower, now warmed up with hot water.

Sitting in the pool of warm water, she used her foot to turn the water back on. An immediate warm pulse of water hit her clit. She almost came right away. Moving the showerhead back and forth over her moist cunt, Lauren could feel the orgasm building. Eyes tight shut, she thought back to the photo on her phone. The woman’s mouth, open in ecstasy, her legs open, her partners head blocking what was clearly cunnilingus. His muscular back leading down to his tight buttocks. Lauren couldn’t be sure, but in the photo she imagined in her head the man’s balls were clearly resting on the bed below his butt.

Using one hand to move the shower attachment around her cunt, Lauren used the other to start twisting her nipples. They were so sensitive, and it only drove the orgasm further. Lauren wasn’t even breathing now. Unconsciously she held her breath waiting for release. One final jet on her swollen clit was enough, and Lauren was pushed over the brink into total orgasmic spasm. Her legs shook, but lifted her ass out of the water. Her stomach muscles clenched and she bit her top lip to keep from crying out and waking anyone.

Spent, Lauren lay in the tube for a few minutes letting the water run over her stomach and chest. Reaching over and grabbing some body wash, Lauren wanted to make sure that she didn’t return from a bath smelling like sweat and sex. The bathroom certainly did.

A few minutes later, Lauren returned to the bedroom completely exhausted. Remembering to clear the searches from her phone before turning in, Lauren changed the “no interest” under “Light Bondage” to “want to try” before emailing the quiz back to Grant. More tired than she could remember in a long time, Lauren was asleep in almost no time.



The next day, Grant was pleasantly surprised to see that Lauren had sent him her quiz late the night before. Sitting at his cube in the office, Grant immediately emailed his quiz answers to Lauren so she could see his right away. His original intention had been to go over the quizzes together to start a dialog, but having some fore-knowledge would be just as good if he could get a glimpse into Lauren’s sexual appetite.

Most of it was pretty expected. He’d have to remember to make sure to question her on what “figging” was – hopefully she’d taken the quiz seriously and not just clicked “no interest” all the way down the kink column.

Grant’s intention had been exactly what he told Lauren – to uncover something new they could try in the bedroom. He didn’t have any illusions about what he would uncover – Lauren was who she was and a quiz wasn’t going to turn her into a bi-curious nympho. At the very most, Grant hoped that the intervals between blowjobs would decrease. Lauren complained about his size, but he suspected that was a cover for just not liking to suck cock. He’d suggested having one day a week be devoted just to oral – Lauren loved it when he went down on her, but she did everything she could to avoid returning the favor.

Years before Grant had told Lauren in no uncertain terms that if she wasn’t going to be having sex with him twice a week, he was going to masturbate as much as he wanted to make up for the difference in their sex drives. Porn had probably kept them together through the years before they had children – Lauren’s libido was low and didn’t get any better by having two children. Grant would occasionally let Lauren know what he was watching – mostly lesbians and (now armed with VR goggles) POV blowjob videos. She always laughed it off, but every now and then she would ask a question indicating that she’d been thinking about his viewing habits from time to time.

“Why are guys turned on by lesbians? It’s not like they have a shot”, she’d asked once. “Most guys fantasize about threesomes”, Grant had answered, “Lesbian videos are just an extension of that fantasy. The person watching is able to imagine being in a room with two beautiful Bostancı Escort women being intimate. Fantasizing about something does not mean that they’re going to put in the effort and work required to make it come true.” Unspoken was his fantasy of seeing Lauren with another woman. It’s not like it would ever happen.

Running down the list, Grant noticed that there were several areas in the BDSM section which were not marked “no interest”. It seems like Lauren was interested in some light bondage, blindfolding, and nipple play. She’d also indicated willingness to try a foot job, Grant would have to check that that was a false positive. Did she mean giving or receiving?

The bondage, though, was a puzzler for Grant. He’d had a fantasy involving tying her to a chair, but he’d never brought it up. Knowing Lauren like he did, he knew that the “punishment” and “masochism” of some of the BDSM scenes were not what she had in mind when answering the questions on the quiz. Lauren would definitely not want hot wax drizzled on her tits. Grant found himself getting aroused going through the list. Better to put it away until after work.

Arriving home that night, Grant found that he’d beat Lauren and the kids home. Usually this meant just enough time to get a shower and start dinner. Lauren had already texted letting him know that they were grabbing dinner on the way home. Grant had every intention of taking a nap instead of a shower (since he didn’t have to start cooking), but changed his mind when he saw the bathroom. Lauren was a great mom and a good wife, but she was a shitty housekeeper. The shower attachment lay on the edge of the tub and her clothing was on the floor right where she’d stepped out of it the night before. Grant was used to the clothing, but the shower attachment was intriguing. He knew that was Lauren’s outlet when she wanted to come but didn’t want to bother him (despite his repeated admonishments that it was never a bother to fuck her).

Grant leaned over an picked up the panties from the bathroom floor. There was an unmistakable stain on the crotch. “Christ”, he said aloud, “and on her sleeping pants”. Curiouser and curiouser. She’d been so turned on she’d masturbated.

Was it the quiz?

It must have been.

Grant threw her clothes in the hamper. If he was going to bring his wife out of her sexual shell, it wasn’t going to do any good embarrassing her about something she should not be embarrassed about doing in the first place. Grant wasn’t upset that she masturbated, or that she had masturbated instead of rolling him over and having sex with him. Grant wasn’t really upset at all – he was elated. The quiz had done something nothing else had done in years – made his wife want to pleasure herself.

The boredom in their sex life was something both of them were going to have to work at eliminating – it wasn’t one or the other of them causing the issue. The issue was that Grant had been the only one bringing anything new to the bedroom for years. Lauren was certainly happy to try anything he suggested, she never said no to something new. The current issue was that Grant was out of ideas. They’d worked their way through everything he wanted to try. Now it was Lauren’s turn. But Lauren was…herself.

Lauren’s low libido coupled with her absolute puritanical abstinence from pornography meant that she would say yes to anything Grant suggested but did not have the sexual vocabulary or knowledge to suggest anything herself. Grant’s experience with different genres of porn meant that he was able to suggest things he already knew he found arousing – inversely Lauren’s inexperience with porn meant that she was trying to pull what might/might not arouse her from thin air. Thus the genius of the quiz – forcing Lauren (who would not have sat through a genre compilation of porn had her life depended on it) was confronted with new information and forced to do the work of identifying it herself. By showing her the laundry list of sexual acts, Grant had confronted her with how inexperienced she really was in a way that didn’t turn her off to them or make her judge them based upon a video she wouldn’t have been turned on by anyway.

Grant took a quick shower, changed, and settled down on the couch to review her quiz answers before she got home. Maybe there was something else worth discussing.

That night after the girls went to bed, Grant and Lauren lay on their bed watching TV and trying not to be the first to bring up the quiz. Finally Grant had to say something.

“I looked over your quiz when I got home tonight. Do you want to discuss it now?”

“Sure” Lauren said closing the book she was reading and picking up her phone. “Just give me a minute, I haven’t looked at your answers yet”.

Grant sat patiently watching a mindless sitcom while trying not to stare at Lauren while she reviewed his answers.

“I guess I could try a facial, if you really want”, Lauren finally offered.

“Great, but I’m more interested in discussing what you want to try”, Grant countered. “I’ve been trying new things all the time, maybe it’s time you get to try something new. I saw you were interested in light bondage, blindfolding, and nipple play. I thought we could talk about exploring those on our next date night”.

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