The Awakening of Rosie

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1500 on Friday. The weekend was fast approaching, and the usual flurry of emails were flying back and forth around the office, trying to put together a plan for the route to midnight. Only, this week the office was quieter than usual; it seemed as though half of the office had taken their holiday at the same time. Due to the paucity of numbers, the enthusiasm for a big night out was quite low. Indeed, Adam was undecided as to whether he would go along.

Eventually, a group converged on the idea of going for a couple of drinks at one of the usual haunts. A fairly bland place with no sort of identity or character. The sort of bar that Adam thought was the scourge of city centres these days. But it was convenient, being on the way to the train station, and it was cheap. Not too much to complain about really.

The group was finalised. Sam, one of Adam’s closest friends, and partner in crime around the office. Laura, who fancied the pants off Sam but would never quite admit it. He knew, he liked her, but he never did anything about it either. The classic game of cat and mouse, only neither was sure who was the cat and who was the mouse. Jane, one of the quieter girls from the other side of the office. Gavin, who tried too hard and wasn’t too popular around the office, but was mostly harmless. And Rosie.

Rosie, the object of Adam’s affections. There was one very small catch. She was out of his league. Way out of it. Adam consoled himself with the fact that at least he realised it. Not that Adam was hideously ugly or out of shape. He was very much average looking. Rosie however, was a fine specimen. Straight blonde hair that fell just past her shoulders, mesmerising green eyes, and cheeks that were somewhere between cute and sexy when she smiled. Slim, with just enough meat on her bones to accentuate her femininity. And the bum. Ahhhh, the bum. Adam and Sam had spent many hours discussing that bum. Hours that should have been much more productive, but Adam had a complete picture of what that bum would look like underneath the layers of clothes. Rosie had to walk past Adam’s and Sam’s desks to reach the office kitchen, and it was an obvious and pleasurable distraction each time she did. She knew it of course, and she liked it and loathed it depending on the situation, or so it seemed to Adam.

That was the main downside with Rosie. In many ways, she was the stereotypical ‘It’ girl. Always turned out immaculately, clothes, make-up, shoes – the works. Her posture was perfect, the way she walked, everything about her. To Adam though, much of it seemed contrived, so concerned was she with keeping up appearances. The thing that galled Adam about this was that underneath it all, there was a really sweet, genuine girl.

Rosie had joined the company about a year ago, much to the excitement of pretty much every male in the office. Adam and Sam had made an early move to converse with her, and while she knew exactly what they were up to, she was at least polite enough to make conversation. Over the following months, Adam had come to know Rosie better. He had been doing his best to avoid the dreaded ‘friendzone’ but it seemed that there was little he could do to halt the inexorable slide towards its gaping jaws. Give Rosie her due though, she at least kept it interesting, indulging him from time to time and being just flirty enough to keep him coming back like a lovesick puppy. She was a player, and she was good at it. On the other side of that particular coin though, he’d had a number of pretty deep conversations with her about everything from family to love life to career aspirations. He liked her, and she liked him, or so he thought. She was difficult to read though. He wished he had a better idea of just where he stood, though he suspected he wouldn’t like the answer. Tonight promised more of the same; trying to steer the conversation to a flirty manner to test the water, followed by her hinting at reciprocating, only to find himself talking about something completely different a few minutes later.

The group eventually departed the office and made their way to the bar. Drinks were ordered, and they were soon sat around a big table, gossiping about events in the office. There was some teasing of Laura and Sam about their perpetual avoidance of the obvious. Which of course they decided to ignore.

Rosie’s phone began to buzz, and upon finishing the call she informed the group that her friend Annie would be joining them for a little while. Adam had met Annie a couple of time before, and she was friendly enough. Cute too, though ultimately spoken for.

Sam was busy teasing Jane, giving her examples of chat up lines that were clearly inappropriate. Jane wasn’t rising to the bait though. Indeed, she looked like she’d be anywhere else than on the end of a foul mouthed tirade from Sam, who had no idea about the effect he was having.

A couple of drinks went down, and the group were soon trying to decide if they should go on for more drinks. It wasn’t late, but it was the sort of time where it canlı bahis şirketleri was either going to be a big night, or die right there. Most of the group had decided that they would be calling it a night, preferring to wait until the rest of the guys were back in the office next week for a big night out.

Annie mentioned to Rosie that her boyfriend was DJing at a bar nearby. Rosie seemed to like the idea, and turned to Adam. ‘Wanna come along?’ she asked. Adam blew out his cheeks. ‘Well, I could, but I can’t stay late. I have to get the train home.’

To that Rosie smiled at him. One of those smiles that he loved and hated in equal amounts. ‘That’s ok. You can stay at my flat and go home in the morning.’

Adam stared for a couple of seconds, before remembering that he was being addressed directly. Rosie’s flat? Fuck! Yes! He tried to play it cool though. ‘Ok, as long as I get breakfast!’

The rest of the group started to disperse and it was just the three of them. Adam had fulfilled his role as the doormat by ordering another drink for the three of them, as they were sat around the table. Annie suddenly said ‘Ok guys, a small confession to make, but it’s not a big deal. This club… Well, it’s not exactly conventional. Don’t freak, but… it’s a swingers club.’

Rosie and Adam looked at her, then at each other, and then back to Annie. ‘What!’ Rosie exclaimed. ‘I’m not going to a place like that! Annie!’

Annie laughed as Adam watched on, wondering where this was going. ‘No, no. It’s just a swingers club. There will be no swingers there. They have… normal… nights on Fridays. Apparently. Anyway, Tom is playing there tonight. It’s just a normal night, I promise!’

Rosie looked suspicious. ‘Hmmmm, I don’t know. This sounds a bit weird. I’ll check it out, but if it’s weird, I’m leaving!’

Adam laughed. ‘That seems fair enough. We can check it out for a little while. It can’t be that bad anyway, right?’

Annie giggled ‘Exactly! Tom wouldn’t have invited everyone if it wasn’t ok. Quite a few of his friends are going.’

Rosie took a deep breath, giving her friend and Adam a warning look ‘Ok, but only for a short while to begin with. And DON’T leave me by myself, the pair of you!’

Adam gave a little chuckle, knowing that Annie would be off with Tom. This was perfect. An invitation, no, a demand to spend some quality time with Rosie! ‘Whatever you say!’

Finishing up their drinks, they gathered their coats and made their way over to this club, Annie leading the way. Somewhat predictably, it was off the beaten track, away from the rest of the bars, down a narrow, dimly lit street. Annie suddenly pulled up at a nondescript looking door with a red neon sign above it saying ‘The Cage’. Adam, smirking, attempted to lighten the mood by pointing out ‘Well doesn’t this fulfil a pretty long list of stereotypes?’

Annie, grimacing at her two accomplices, pushed the door open, and shrugged ‘Well, this is the place, I think. Guess we should check it out,’ she said, the door opening fully to reveal a narrow staircase leading down and bending around to one side. Annie went first, and to Adam’s surprise, he felt Rosie grip his arm above the elbow as he followed Annie. ‘Hey, it’ll be fine, we’re just checking it out,’ he said, doing his best to look and sound reassuring. Rosie, wide eyed and as beautiful as ever just whispered back ‘Don’t leave me.’

The stairs curved around, and opened out into a corridor. Adam saw a guy standing at the end of it, and was somewhat relieved when Annie walked up to him and gave him a hug, identifying him as one of Tom’s friends. Rosie’s hand dropped from his arm, and within seconds Adam found himself longing for it to return there, as they walked through and into the club itself.

There was no mistaking the first thing that caught the eye. A large cage in the centre of the bar with a swing inside it, what light there was directed the eye towards it. To the left of the entrance to the club was a small bar, and at the back of the main space was a huge king sized bed draped in dark red covers. There wasn’t much light other than that, with seats and tables up against the walls, other areas hinted at beyond the pillars.

Annie, smiling, ran over to the DJ booth and kissed Tom, giving no sign that she’d be returning any time soon. Rosie, looking less that pleased about it, said ‘Well that’s the last we’ll see of her tonight.’

Adam gave her a nudge ‘I’m not such bad company am I? Besides, it’s one less drink for me to buy. What are you having?’

Rosie, eyeing the surroundings suspiciously, muttered ‘Just a glass of wine. White. Thanks.’

Adam ordered the drinks, and handed Rosie hers, joining her in the survey of the club. ‘So? What do you think?’

Rosie pulled a bit of a face after sipping her wine ‘A bit creepy?!’

Adam laughed. ‘Well I can’t really disagree there. At least the clientele look relatively normal though right?’ He hesitated a while, before asking ‘Shall we explore a bit? See just how canlı kaçak iddaa weird this place really is?’

Rosie looked around, probably hoping for some support from Annie as Adam saw it, but none was forthcoming, so she sighed. ‘Well I don’t know anyone else here apart from Annie, so we might as well.’

The club was reasonably busy, as they began an initially nervy circuit of the place. They approached the cage, standing before it, thoughts running through their minds of what may or may not have occurred in there. Adam finally broke the silence. ‘Hmmm, a little bit on the sinister side, eh?’

Rosie really didn’t look impressed. ‘It’s gross! What sort of person would go in there?’

Adam rolled his eyes, deciding he better move on quickly. They moved on to get a closer look at the bed. There were people sat all around the edges, chatting and drinking. Rosie’s nose started to wrinkle as they got closer. Adam gave her a nudge. ‘Relax! I’m sure they wash the sheets!’ That at least got a laugh, which was something. It was strange to think that probably only last night, people would have been having sex on this very bed. Rosie though was looking disinterested and obviously trying to locate Annie.

Thankfully for Adam, Annie was wrapped around her DJ boyfriend in his booth. How to salvage the situation, that was the question. This was going badly, and given that he was staying over at Rosie’s place later that night, things had the potential to get very awkward. He noticed her glass was getting low, so he took the opening. ‘Come on, I’ll get another round in,’ he told her, and thankfully, she followed.

Walking away from the bar, Adam noticed another corridor and gravitated towards it, glancing over his shoulder to ensure Rosie was in tow. He smiled at her and shrugged. ‘Might as well check it out,’ he said, almost as a question and she returned his shrug with an indifferent one of her own.

He’d not gone more than five metres when he stopped, arriving at a window on his right hand side. Rosie appeared at his side as they peered in, seeing a room with a somewhat dishevelled looking bed. He edged a glance sideways at her, eyebrows raised, saying in a low voice ‘Well I certainly wasn’t expecting that.’ He felt a little abashed, and could feel the colour rising in his cheeks. Fortunately, Rosie appeared to be feeling the same, as she shifted nervously where she stood and let out a little cough.

‘I guess people stand here in the corridor and… you know… watch,’ he said, breaking the tense silence.

Rosie nodded ‘Yeah. That’s so weird.’

‘Yeah, but some people are into that sort of thing, clearly. Each to their own.’

There was another extended silence. She wasn’t moving on. Something about this room had piqued her interest. ‘Would you?’ she eventually ventured.

‘Would I what?’

‘Do this. Go in that room.’

He really didn’t know what to say. He always played things safe though, and he forced himself to err away from that approach, which came easier with a few drinks inside him, as he put on what he thought passed for a nonchalant shrug ‘Well, never say never, right?’

She burst out laughing ‘Oh come on! You wouldn’t do that, surely!?’

He thought it best to laugh along with her ‘Well I’m not saying I want to, but you never know.’ A long moment passed before he summoned the courage to ask ‘What about you?’

She considered for a long time, pursing her lips ‘I can’t say it’s something I’ve ever thought about,’ she answered diplomatically. He couldn’t believe he was having this conversation with her.

‘So think about it now.’

She blew out her cheeks ‘Well, a lot of it would depend on who I was with. It would have to be someone I trusted.’

Adam nodded. ‘Of course. So, assuming it was someone you trusted. What then?’

She hesitated, clearly not entirely comfortable, so he prompted her ‘Come on, we know each other pretty well, and we’re just talking. You can tell me.’

She looked at the floor, mumbling a little ‘Well, I can see the attraction, now that I think about it.’

Wow. He was rocked. Not only by her admission, but also by the way she was shuffling her feet. He’d never seen her like this. She was always so confident. He felt like he’d reached some inner sanctum here with her, where she was ready to open up to him. He felt like he was walking a knife edge, one wrong move and she would revert to type. He considered teasing her about it, but then decided against it. ‘So… you know you’d have people watching you, standing right where we are now.’

She nodded again, almost meekly. Adam idly wondered if she was getting turned on right on the spot. ‘So what do you find so alluring about it?’

Again, she hesitated, looking into the room, taking her time. ‘It’s just… different, you know? Sharing something so private. Almost performing to a crowd, everyone feeding off each other. Being at the centre of it all, the star of the show. And it’s naughty. Really naughty. Not something I could ever tell anyone canlı kaçak bahis about. Having a naughty secret. I like that.’

He watched her as she spoke, becoming slowly more confident, eventually turning to him as she said ‘I like that,’ a twinkle in her eyes. Oh she was turned on alright. He couldn’t falter now. ‘So, you’d do everything? Foreplay… everything?’

She took a sip of her drink, a little smile appearing on her face that she couldn’t prevent. ‘Sure, why not?’

He took a sip of his beer, meeting her eyes. ‘I never had you down as the kinky type.’

She laughed a little ‘Why not?’

He shrugged, frowning with a smile ‘Well, now that we’re having this discussion, it’s a bit of a bullshit answer, but… well, because you’re really hot, I guess.’

He got a look back from her that said ‘Yeah, I know’. That was more like the Rosie he knew. He was fearful that perhaps he’d handed her control of the conversation. Guys eating out of her palm, worshipping the ground she walked on. That was familiar territory for her. She was clearly into the conversation though, as she prompted him. ‘So because I’m hot, you think that I don’t have the capacity to have the same sorts of kinks or desires as other girls?’

Adam shifted a little. He was the uncomfortable one now. He felt he had dug himself into a bit of a hole, so after considering his answer, he replied ‘I know it’s a bit stupid of a stupid stereotype now that I think about it. I’m not complaining though! I love that you’re a bit kinky! ‘

She had the good grace to smirk, but was there a hint of disappointment there? Well, he was acting a bit like an obsessed fool. Maybe it was time to revert back to the original line of conversation. ‘What do you think of the idea of being in there with more than one guy?’

The smile returned and she glanced back into the room, perhaps visualising it. ‘Sounds like it could be a lot of fun.’

‘Have you ever done that before? You know, a threesome?’

She shook her head. ‘No. I guess I’ve never really done anything really kinky. It’s more, well… I like the idea of it. I’ve never had the confidence to really discuss it with anyone before. People might think I’m a bit weird.’

There was certainly a hint of a question at the end there as she turned to him. Adam smiled, trying to reassure her. He lowered his voice and looked earnestly into her eyes. ‘I don’t think you’re weird. I’m really enjoying this conversation.’

He nearly melted at the look she gave back to him. All the airs and graces had disappeared. It was sweetness personified with a little twist of naughtiness, as she said ‘Good, me too.’ He decided to up the stakes.

‘So, a threesome, and bear in mind you’re being watched. Would that be one in your mouth and one inside you? Or do you like the idea of DP?’

‘What’s DP?’

Adam smiled as he realised that there was still a little innocence and naivety about her. ‘It’s double penetration. One in each hole.’ He hesitated, and then added, looking right at her ‘One in your pussy, one in your ass.’

The corner of her mouth turned up ‘Oh, that. I reckon that would hurt quite a lot. If I was in that room, and turned on enough though, then yeah, I think I could be convinced to try it.’

Adam was glad of the darkness in the corridor, as he could feel himself stiffening in his jeans. The thought of his creature going will with two cock in her was almost too much for him to take. He was sure she was just as turned on as him as well, which was driving him mad on the inside. It was all he could do to keep calm. ‘You really like the idea of being in this room don’t you?’

She just looked right into his eyes, took a deep breath, and nodded slowly. He had her. He actually had her. She was going to let him fuck her. No, he couldn’t think like that. He was going to fuck her. He reached out and took her hand in his, before he moved her right up to the viewing window and sidled in behind her. It was win or bust. He pressed his engorged crotch against her bum. To his immense relief, she wasn’t shy in responding as she gently backed against him. A quick glance to his right confirmed that they weren’t likely to be disturbed any time soon, so he leaned into her neck, and started to whisper. ‘Can you imagine it? The two of us in there? Completely naked? A dozen faces standing here and watching us both?’

His formula was a winning one he quickly realised as she ground her bum against him and a little whisper of ‘Oh God’ escaped her lips.

He moved his hands onto her hips. ‘Everyone would be able to see all of you as I spread your legs nice and wide.’

She giggled, and stood with her legs wider. ‘You could do all sorts with me in that position’.

The sweetest of butterflies were fluttering around in his stomach as he traced his left hand downwards, over her hip, down her thigh, before it reached the hem of her dress. He smiled to himself as he felt her start to tremble under his touch, as his hand traced its way up the inside of her silky thigh. He had to prevent himself from devouring her right here, as he maintained the tease with the lightest of touches on the crotch of her knickers. The heat coming off them was incredible! ‘I’d give your pussy a nice, long lick. I love eating pussy.’

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