The Baker Boys Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

There are people that believe our sexuality is purely a choice, and that genetics have nothing to do with the choices we make in our sexual journey. Those people have never met the Baker family. Gina and Bill Baker have five male children, and all five of them have a very special sexual desire in common. They all desperately want to have sex with Gina in any and every way possible. The Tale that follows describes how each and every one of them got exactly what they wanted.

Bill and Jill Baker have a wonderful love story of their own, beginning as high school sweethearts bound in different directions. Jill was headed to nursing school after graduation, and Bill had already enlisted in the Army to be an aircraft mechanic. They were deeply in love, but they both knew that the relationship couldn’t last through the time and distance. They set each other free, knowing that if it was meant to be, then their paths would cross again.

Fate was kind to them and four short years later they were back together and it was almost as if nothing had ever changed between them. They both had many new experiences to share and were far different from the people they had been those four years ago, but the love was still there and soon they were married.

Jill was working full-time as a nurse and Bill had found work at an oil company maintaining turbines. They worked long hours and money was pouring into their bank account but Jill wasn’t happy. She decided after only a year of nursing that it was just not the right thing for her. Bill urged her to quit nursing and be a full-time mom. They hadn’t even discussed children yet, so Jill was shocked at first, but soon fell in love with the idea. They didn’t know it yet, but fate had smiled on them again. Jill was already three weeks pregnant when she turned in her resignation at the hospital.

Andrew came first and was quickly followed by Stone, Shane, Justice, and Gavin. For six years it seemed as though Jill was perpetually pregnant. She and Bill had planned on having even more but a complication with the Gavin’s birth left her unable to carry any more children. They were as happy as a family could possibly be. Jill lived for her boys and Bill was an amazing provider, a loving father, and a great role model as well.

Bill moved up the ladder in his company over the years, and eventually had to work overseas. At first his schedule was really nice. He worked one month away and then one month home. As he gained more responsibilities though, his time at home was sprinkled with meetings and training. Bill maintained a good relationship with the boys and his love life with Jill never faded, but his time away left no doubts that Jill was the central figure in the Baker family.

Time flew by and all of the boys grew into fine young men. As Gavin was about to graduate high school, three of his brothers had already moved out of their childhood home. Andrew and Justice shared an apartment about twenty minutes away to be closer to the college they both attended and Shane lived in an apartment in town above his surprisingly successful computer repair shop. Stone and Gavin were the only two still living at home but you wouldn’t know it to see the family routines.

All of the boys still had their beds, and would use them at least once or twice a week. The family all had dinner together several times a week also. They were extremely close and got along very well. There were two things the Baker boys like to do more than anything else in the world; They liked to pull pranks on each other and they liked to drool over their sexy mother. They didn’t dare let her know how they felt, but they all talked to each other openly about how good she looked, and also discussed the many things they would do to her if she weren’t their mother.

The boys lusted after Jill, and they were right to. Jill was a beauty. She always kept her smooth, brown hair somewhat long. Her brown eyes were very lightly colored and darkened at the edges just a little. She had very small ears that were often hidden by her hair and a nose that fit her face perfectly above a pair of full, sexy lips. At 48 years old, Jill had a body that was all woman. Her double D breasts did sag a bit, but not enough to stop her from wearing a two-piece bathing suite. Her waist was trim, with very little evidence of her five pregnancies. Her ass was firm and led down to some very nice, long legs. Jill didn’t keep her wonderful body by working out all the time either. She was more of a busybody than a hard body. The only exercise she did was an occasional core workout and she played a lot in the family pool.

It was the morning after Gavin’s graduation party and Andrew was sitting at the table with Justice and Stone. They were talking quietly as they watched Jill tidy up around the pool in a sexy yellow bikini.

Justice was fantasizing about untying his mom’s bikini bottoms and pulling them away to reveal the beautiful portal that brought him into this wonderful world. He dreamed of looking lovingly up into her eyes and just as his canlı bahis tongue was about to reach its fantasy destination Justice was startled back to reality by a very strange question from Andrew.

“Do you think mom likes big cocks?” he asked, out of nowhere.

“I don’t know Andy,” Stone replied, “Why don’t you show her yours and we’ll find out.”

“Yeah right, I’ll just whip it out for her,” Andrew jabbed back.

“You never know bro’ she might just fall to her knees in a fit of lust and start slurping away.” Stone laughed, “That’s how it always happens in the porno’s isn’t it?”

“If you want her to see it and not be suspicious, I could make it happen,” Justice chimed in.

“And just how would you go about doing that?” Stone asked.

“Easy,” Justice replied, “You would just have to be free-balling when one of us pantsed you in front of her.”

“That would be pretty funny,” Stone added, “but we have to set it up right. We prank each other all the time, so all we have to do is start pantsing each other a lot, and when the time is right, boom, Mom gets an eyeful of Andrews horse cock.”

Andrew was the oldest of the boys and also had the biggest dick. None of them were especially small, but Andy was packing porn star size meat. He measured eleven and a half thick inches hard, and damn near ten inches soft.

“Are we pranking mom now too?” Gavin asked, finally getting out of bed for the day and joining his brothers at the table, “It’s about time she gets in on the fun.”

“No little brother, Andy wants to flash mom a peek at his man-meat and we’re gonna make it happen,” Stone said.

“Well I’ve already seen it,” Gavin replied frankly, “and I’d much rather see mom naked than Andrew.”

“One step at a time bro’, but that’s not a bad idea,” Andrew spoke up, “She’s so damn hot, and I think we can make that happen too.”

The boys were all smiles and, after filling Shane in on the plan, that breakfast conversation set in motion events that would change the Baker family forever.

The boys started a pantsing frenzy. They pantsed each other any time they could, and really had a great time doing it. They would pants Bill when he was in too, and even got Jill a couple of times on the rare occasion that she wore sweatpants around the house.

Bill had been out of town for about a week and Andrew decided that the time was right. He told his brothers that he would be going commando from now on and not to pants him until he was in a good position.

The set-up couldn’t have been better if they had planned it. Jill was sitting on the sofa with Shane, when Andrew walked right in front of them, heading to the recliner with a glass of ice water. As he passed, Shane quickly pulled his pants all the way down to his ankles, causing him to spill some ice cold water right down the front of Jills shirt. Her nipples were instantly hard from the cold, and she sat bolt upright in shock, putting her face to face with her sons semi-hard dick.

“COLD!!” Jill started, then, “Whoa! Watch where your swinging that thing. You almost hit me in the face,” she sat back chuckling.

“Sorry mom,” Andrew said, putting his water down and acting like he was trying to get his pants back up in a hurry, “Damn it Shane.”

Shane was rolling with laughter on the couch next to his mom, who was actually taking it pretty well. She playfully punched Shane in the leg and said, “Be more careful Shane, you could have put my eye out with that thing. When did we stop wearing underwear around here anyway?”

“Sorry mom, it’s just more comfortable that way.” Andrew answered, now sitting in the recliner trying not to stare at his mom’s still hard nipples. “Briefs are too restricting and I just hang out the bottom of my boxers anyway so I just figured, why not free-ball. I’ll go put some on.”

“No need for that,” Jill explained, “Just a little more than a mom expects to see at this time of the morning.” “I guess we all know what Andrew’s back-up career can be if his engineering degree doesn’t work out,” Jill said laughing. As she was speaking Jill stripped off her wet shirt, revealing her yellow bikini top again, and threw the shirt at Shane.

“Hey that’s cold!” Shane yelled in protest.

Laughing, Gavin added from the table, “I think that was already pretty obvious,” nodding toward his mom and added, “You probably could have had a career like that yourself if you needed to with those glass cutters of yours.”

They had all been looking already, but now they all were clearly looking at Jill’s hard nipples as they poked through her top. Jill even looked down at herself and flushed a little.

“Very funny Gavin,” she said. “I know it’s not very motherly to ask,” she continued, “but are all of you, you know, long like that?”

“No mom,” Stone answered for everyone, “we’re not small but you definitely saw the highlight reel with Andy, Want to see?” and without waiting for an answer, Stone whipped his dick out and started flapping from side to side for all to see.

“Put that bahis siteleri thing away damn it,” she said, throwing a pillow at him, “you boys are crazy.”

Stone put his cock away and took a seat between Shane and his mom on the couch. He kissed her on the cheek and said, “Sorry mom but you asked for it.”

Jill just repeated, “You boys are crazy.”

The brothers decided that things couldn’t have worked out better, and that now was the time to up the ante. All of their pranks were now focused on their mom. Jill was now pantsed far more often. She was the recipient of a few more wet t-shirts too.

One time they got her with a full bucket of water as she left her bedroom first thing in the morning. She didn’t have her bra on yet and the boys were able to see their mom’s tits in almost all of their glory. She was not amused and made them steam clean the carpets, but it was worth every second for that brief look at her magnificent double D’s.

Poolside pranks were fun too. They put tanning oil in the seat off Jill’s chair and reflected sunlight into her eyes while she tanned. They sprayed her with the hose and one time Gavin even untied the top string of her bikini top as she walked by him.

Her hands were quick, and as she tied her top back she said, “Nice try, but the girls don’t come out unless I let them out.”

The set-up was going well and now they knew that their mom wasn’t too uptight about her own nudity or theirs. Jill had just bought a new bikini and was wearing it often. It was orange and had ties for both the top and the bottoms. The plan was for Gavin to untie the top of Jill’s bikini again, and when she grabbed for the strings Stone and Shane would move in and each get a string from either side of her bottoms. If the plan worked their mom would be bottomless in front of them. They hoped that the surprise of losing her bottoms would make their mom drop her hands from her top to try and cover up. They were all dying to find out how Gina groomed herself under those sexy bikini bottoms. They new she kept herself neat but they figured she had a bit of a patch and they were all determined to find out for sure.

Andrew and Justice were in the pool already and every one else was in position. They had made marks on Jill’s bottoms to ensure that they both grabbed the right strings and as she waked past, it was apparent that the markings were still there. She was bringing out some drinks and just as she sat them on the table Gavin made his move. He undid the top string of her bikini top and quickly dove in the water. Jill quickly grabbed her top before her tits could spill out and turned to see her prankster son disappearing into the water.

As soon as she turned Stone and Shane moved in smoothly, grabbing each string as planned. When she felt the fabric start to move between her legs Jill instinctively opened them ever so slightly before quickly snapping them shut again, allowing just enough time for the fabric to fall away much easier than the boys had expected.

The plan worked to perfection. They all got a brief glimpse of the mother’s neatly trimmed pubic mound, and then a good long look at her sexy, motherly tits as her hands fell to cover her pussy.

After a slight pause, Jill reacted by jumping into the pool. When she surfaced Jill had finished removing her top instead of retying it, and threw it to the side of the pool. “Well played boys,” she said, genuinely impressed with their creativity, “I guess we’re skinny dipping at the Baker house today.” With that said, she splashed at Gavin and swam toward the deeper end of the pool.

All of the boys quickly shed their trunks and tossed them aside. Justice climbed out and headed for the diving board. Jill watched her son running naked to the diving board fully erect and diving a cannonball to splash right at her. She backstroked away from the waves, putting her entire sexy body on display for them as she did. They were all rock hard now and circling like horny predators to their sexy prey.

Jill almost backed right into Stone, who quickly dunked his sexy mom and tossed her by the hips to the middle of the pool. The circle of horny young men got closer as Jill splashed and laughed with her sons. She was really enjoying this game and her body was starting to respond more as a woman than a mother. The next to grab her was Gavin. He lifted her almost completely out of the water by her stomach and ass, and threw her forward into the waiting arms of Andrew.

She felt the hardness of his cock brush against her leg before he quickly tossed her aside again to another waiting brother. They did this for a good ten minutes. Tossing her back and forth between them, each getting more familiar with her body and her with theirs. Jill’s nipples were as hard as her sons cocks were and her pussy was on fire.

“Boys I haven’t been passed around like this since college,” Jill admitted unexpectedly.

“Well aren’t you quite the dirty girl mom,” Andrew replied, signalling to his brother to send her his way. Shane tossed his mom to bahis şirketleri Andrew, then swam to the edge of the pool and got out leaving just his legs dangling over the edge as he watched.

Andrew caught his mom very carefully, ensuring that his hard dick would be positioned right between her legs. He didn’t enter her but she could feel him against her pussy and it caused a soft moan to escape her lips. It felt so good against her and it was so long that it looked like she had a dick herself looking down at it through the water.

He had his hands on her breasts as they moved but he was actually carrying her with his thick cock. The water made it so that she was able to ride him smoothly toward the edge of the pool as his manhood pressed firmly against the folds of her sex.

As they moved he whispered into her ear, “I want you mom. We all want you and we always have.” “If you want us too then take us,” He continued as Jill saw Shane’s cock in front of her face. “Take him in your mouth mom, and then you will have us all,” he said, and before he was even finished with his sentence, Jill was feverishly sucking the cock in front of her.

She gasped out around Shane’s cock as Andrew filled her pussy from behind. She felt hands everywhere. Ten hands and two cocks was more than Jill could handle. She came convulsively as Andrew filled her pussy with his cum. She quickly went back to sucking Shane, who was very close to cumming himself when she had stopped. Another of her boys was now inside her from behind. It felt so good that Jill didn’t care which one it was. She tasted the salty sweetness of Shane’s cum as she swallowed his seed.

After briefly rubbing Shane’s spent shaft against her face Jill soon had another of her son’s to try and satisfy. She slowly stroked Stone with her hand as she felt Gavin now cumming into her from behind. It was so sexy and dirty and Jill couldn’t get enough.

Justice then took Gavin’s position and entered his mother from behind, she took Stone deep down her throat and licked his balls as her throat magically worked his shaft. She didn’t taste him at all when he came because she had him so deep that he shot his load directly into her throat. She only got to taste as he was pulling out of her and she sucked and swallowed the residual sperm from his tip.

Justice pulled his cock from his mom’s well used pussy and started to rub it and push against her ass. “Waite baby, lets go inside for that,” she said, pulling away slightly. Jill raised her hands and her sons quickly pulled her from the water. Moving on shaky legs toward her home, Jill could not believe what was happening. After drying off, she told Gavin to go get the lube out of her nightstand, then laid face down over the double ottoman in front of the couch.

When Gavin returned with the lube Justice quickly lubed up his aching hard dick while Shane used his fingers to lube his mom’s ass, fingering her deeply to moans of muffled pleasure. Gavin was on his knees already pushing his dick into his waiting moms mouth as Justice slid his cock too quickly into his mom’s tight ass.

“Ooowww!” Jill yelled, and Justice quickly pulled back out. “Slower Justice, that hurt like hell,” she said, “and lets move this around real quick.” As she moved the ottoman she told Gavin to sit on the couch with his legs spread around the ottoman. “I can suck you better this way,” she said as she lay back down, once again offering her tight ass to Justice and sucking in Gavin. She winced a couple more times around Gavin’s cock as Justice penetrated her more slowly this time, but once he was in it was all pleasure for both of them.

Jill was a woman possessed. Justice was slowly stroking deep in her ass as she sucked off Gavin and had Stone and Shane each in a different hand on the couch.

Justice had cum and pulled out of her ass and Andrew was about to enter her pussy again when she swallowed Gavin’s second load of the day. Jill decided it was time for a new position. It was Andrews turn to get sucked. Jill wanted to see if she could get that monster all the way down. Andrew sat straddling the ottoman and Jill had Shane lay on his back with his head resting in his brothers lap. Shane hesitated a little bit, but in the end he was fucking the hottest woman ever and did what he was told.

Jill sank down onto Shane’s waiting cock, riding him upright for a few minutes while two other mouths sucked her nipples as she again came violently. She almost fell forward as her orgasm passed, positioning herself to start sucking the biggest dick she had ever seen. As she continued to fuck Shane, Jill struggled to get even half of Andrew’s meat down her wanton throat.

As she continued fucking and sucking, Stone began to rub his freshly lubed tool against her recently stretched ass. “Put it in my pussy baby,” Jill moaned, “I want to feel you both stretching my pussy.” It was super tight as Stone forced his cock inside his mother’s already filled pussy. It felt strange but wonderful to be that tightly inside her with another cock moving at different but similar rhythms. Jill loved to have her pussy stretched and felt like her it was being torn in half. Her pussy was so full and so over-stimulated that she had the strongest orgasm of her life.

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