The Beginning: Rianna , Enid

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As Riana takes her seat in the front of the bus, she wonders what she’s doing. She has never done something so spontaneous before. Going to meet a woman. A woman she don’t even know.

As Riana’s eyes scan the forest as the bus passes, she realized that perhaps this isn’t such a bad idea. She has always felt more attracted to women rather then to men, so it’s not her fault she has finally fell in love with a woman. And from the net no less, but she don’t mind. She likes the thrill of it.

Riana didn’t realize that logging onto the ‘net that first time would be the beginning of something so beautiful. Once she had logged on, a little box popped up on her screen. “Hello, I’m Enid” is what it said. Riana was amazed. She had never seen anything like it! (You see, Riana has AOL. So, therefore it automatically comes with AOL IM. That was what the little box was.) After clicking on the box, she typed in “Hello, I’m Riana.”. Smiling to herself, Riana went on to learn about this woman, Enid. It turns out, Enid is a teacher, as is Riana. Enid teaches fifth grade, but Riana teaches third. Riana has long, jet black hair, when Enid has short blonde hair. Riana is 6’0, Enid is 5’2. Besides looks, they have everything in common. They both love the same music, the same movies, escort bayan the same books, and of course, they both are teachers. Riana could not be happier, she has found her soul mate.

Her body aching, Riana stands to stretch, and as she does she notices they are coming into her stop. Her body suddenly on fire, her hands shaking slightly, sweating she looks around to see if she can spot Enid. And she does. Enid is standing back my the bus station, looking just as excited as Riana is. Riana quickly pulls her long hair up into a bun before grabbing her two bags from the storage area above her head. Slinging one bag over her shoulder and holding the other to her chest, she steps off of the bus. Squinting, as she realizes it’s still day and the sun is beating down onto her. Digging into her bag for her sunglasses, Riana doesn’t realize that Enid is making her way over to her.

Looking up after she has put on her sunglasses, Riana almost screams in surprise. “OMG! It’s you! It’s you!” Riana cries, as she wraps Enid in her arms. “I can’t believe it’s you.” Riana continues. Enid is just what Riana expected, if not more! She’s beautiful! Riana and Enid continue to embarrass each other, Enid’s breasts pressing into Riana’s stomach, Riana’s arms wrapped tightly bursa vip escort around Enid, lifting her gently, wanting to feel her lips presses against Enid’s. Riana catches her breath, as she feels Enid’s softly, moist lips kissing her, her tongue slowly slipping between Riana’s lips, tasting her. Quickly, Riana let’s go of Enid, realizing they are holding up the line, they quickly move to get Riana’s bags from beneath the bus. Once they have gotten her bags, they make their way to Enid’s car, hand in hand.

As Riana slips in besides Enid in the car, Enid leans over and gently cups Riana’s ample breast in her gentle hand, making Riana gasp with pleasure. She has never felt such a fire within her. She enjoys it. Soon Enid and Riana are in the back seat, stripping the clothes off of each other, moaning, groaning, as their hands explore each of their bodies. Riana dipping her fingers into the sweetness of Enid’s swollen pussy lips, before bringing her fingers to her lips…tasting Enid. Licking her lips wildly, Riana pushes Enid down onto her back on the seat, pushing her thighs apart, Riana dips down, sticking her face into Enid’s pussy. Inhaling her, tasting her, she moans. Almost cumming from just the site of such a wonderful bursa elit escort piece of womanhood. Cautiously, carefully Riana flicks her tongue out, slowly licking Enid’s sweet, sweet lips. The taste of Enid on her tongue, she dives into her pussy, devouring her. Enid moaning and wiggling under her, Riana holds her hips tight. Her tongue working it’s way into Enid’s pussy, trying to get as much as Enid’s sweet juices as she can. Feeling Enid shivering beneath her, Riana holds tighter, flicking her tongue out and over her swollen clit, making Enid jump, also pushing her over the edge. Enid reaches down and takes hold of Riana’s hair, pushing her face deeper into her pussy, wrapping her legs around Riana’s head, pushing her further. Riana starts moaning into Enid’s quivering member, as she also cums just from the excitement of being with a woman for the first time, and enjoying it greatly.

After Enid and Riana have dressed, they climb back up into the front seat, noticing all the men and woman looking at them, they blush and quickly start the car. Before driving off one of the women in the crowd tosses Riana a envelope before sauntering off. Riana looks over at Enid curiously before opening the letter.

“I enjoyed the show. Call me. I would love to see you two ladies again. 555 – 1212 My name is Emma.”

That’s when Riana realized that this was going to be more then a casual visit.

(If you have enjoyed what you have read, please email me with input. I’d like to know whether to continue this story or not. Thanks.)

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