The Bella’s Bitch Ch. 02

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WWE Raw January 2015.

“This is my house!” Paige shouts, addressing the Divas locker room. Standing proudly with her pale, naked body exposed. Beside her was a barely consciously, entirely incoherent Natalya. While the two Total Divas castmates had formed a tentative alliance, it was short-lived, Paige wasn’t known for her ability to make friends after all. The Canadian and English grapplers faced each other earlier in the evening in a number one contenders match for the Diva’s Championship currently held by Nikki Bella and it was the self-named Glam-pire who had emerged victorious. A hard-fought victory that was celebrated with an even harder anal pounding.

“AJ couldn’t even beat Nikki Bella and Nikki has barely been seen in mouths. You know what I think? I think she’s scared. She’s scared because she knows that if she shows her face, I’ll shove it straight up my arse.” Paige continues her speech while roughly grabbing Natalya’s blonde hair and guiding her ass-flavored cock into the only female graduate of the Hart Dungeon’s mouth. Natayla’s body reacted almost entirely through muscle memory as she began bobbing her head along the thick, lengthy strap-on worn by the woman who defeated her. “I bet both those Bella sluts are too busy tossing off management to be alpha, even if she wasn’t afraid.”

“Really? Is this like supposed to be a joke? You really think any of us buy you as alpha? We all remember you getting fucked by that tiny freak. I know I’m new here but I’m pretty sure the alpha isn’t supposed to be a cuck either.” Eva Marie says while stepping forward, out of the crowd of women. Referencing Paige’s many failures to take the crown of Alpha Female from AJ Lee and the multiple instances of her being forced to watch as AJ anal pounded her girlfriend Emma as punishment. Although watching wasn’t nearly as humiliating as orally cleaning the former tiny top’s strap-on after it had been thoroughly soaked in Emma’s cum and even that was nothing on the indescribably mortification of being anally fucked herself.

“Oi, you better watch that mouth, Pumpkin, or else you’ll regret it. We all know the only reason you’re here is because you sucked off the right blokes so you can’t say shit to me.” Paige spit back aggressively, dismissively releasing her hold of Natayla’s hair and walking across to meet the women who challenged her claim. Coming face to face with the red-haired rookie diva. “I’m not here to faff about, so if you’re actually as daft as I think you are and you think you can beat me? I’d love to stretch your arse out, anytime, anyplace.”

“Wow, I’m like so scared of a wannabe top. It wouldn’t be good for my image to be seen with a weirdo, pale goth chick: Plus we all already know you’re a bottom so I’ll leave you for Nikki.” Eva Marie replies dismissively but doesn’t back down from her face-off with Paige, standing her ground against the much more experienced diva. Although Eva was in phenomenal physical condition due to practically living in the gym, she never dedicated herself to improving her in-ring abilities. Paige was almost right about her sleeping her way into the WWE but she got one important detail wrong. She wasn’t sucking anyone off, quite the opposite. Eva Marie had seduced Stephanie McMahon, becoming one of the few women in the history of the company to sexually dominate the Billion Dollar Princess. With such a powerful ally in her back pocket, it was no mystery why she coasted by on her incredible looks. “So why don’t you stop running your mouth and stop pretending to be a real, confident, intelligent woman like me and Nikki”

“I don’t want to be you because I prefer to be the freak, the geek, the weirdo, the misfit, the oddball but most of all I prefer to be the someone who isn’t afraid to be myself. Unlike you fake, plastic bimbos. If Nikki really is the alpha now, where the fuck is she? Huh?” Paige responded heatedly, she wanted to knock out the egotistical, former model on the spot for her brazen disrespect but thought better of it. Paige didn’t have any allies in the locker room, except for her girlfriend Emma so she was outnumbered by the original Total Divas castmates. Even though she could take any of them easily one on one, it was too risky to take them all on in her worn out condition. Her claim as alpha wouldn’t be taken seriously if she was laid out by a group of wannabe reality stars.

“Nikki will deal with you when she’s ready, she’s been busy doing what you never could, teaching AJ her place: You can call us all the names you want Paige but the fact is that you jumped at the chance to join Total Divas as soon as you could. I’ve known girls like you all my life, jealous haters who never got over the fact they were losers in high school.” Eva fires back, refusing to give up the last word in this tense verbal exchange. The two passionate women practically nose to nose now, each not wanting to give an inch of retreat or show the slightest ounce of weakness.

“Oh please, they practically begged me to come on that show. People were sick bursa escort of listening to you speak. The only thing faker than your personality is your tits. I had to go on so people wouldn’t think the women’s division was a complete joke.” Paige quickly, defensively shoots back. Perhaps too quickly, revealing her own embarrassment with taking part in a show that she along with AJ had relentlessly mocked other members of the Divas division for taking part in. “I don’t believe for a second that Nikki actually broke AJ and I know that she’ll never beat me. At the Royal Rumble, I’m taking her championship and her arse, and then, I’ll make you sorry for chatting shit to me.”


Royal Rumble 2015

Paige was stretching in a hallway near the gorilla position, the English grappler completely focused on her upcoming championship match against Nikki Bella. Since she left NXT and joined the main roster, the English woman’s life had been defined by peaks and valleys, a veritable rollercoaster of professional and sexual dominance. On her first night, she ended the historic title reign of AJ Lee. Although she didn’t take the Geek Goddess’s ass, she took the Divas Championship and became a duel champ. It was the highlight of her life and to make it even better, she got to share it with her favorite person, Emma.

However, since that fateful Raw, things hadn’t gone as Paige had hoped. She couldn’t repeat her success against AJ when it counted, in a Winner Takes All match. She went from the top of the women’s wrestling world to the bottom, as her bottom was filled with the fat, rubber cock of WWE’s then Alpha Female. The fair-skinned beauty proved to be merely a big fish in a small pond in NXT, unable to swim with the ass hungry sharks that filled the ranks of the main roster, or so AJ had tried to convince her at least. If she closed her eyes, Paige could still hear the degrading words of the women who gleefully took her anal virginity, the women who made her feel incomprehensibly good. It was the lowlight of her life and to make it even worse, she got to share it with her favorite person, Emma.

Paige suddenly shook her head quickly from side to side, as if she was attempting to physically shake herself free of the shackles of her thoughts. Why was she thinking about this now? She was about to become champion once again but more importantly, she was about to officially claim the title of Alpha Female for the first time. She just had to stay focused. Returning her attention to stretching and thoughts of the sexual conquests to come, images of putting the Bella’s in their place. Of teaching Eva Marie a lesson in respect and even of revenging her humiliation upon AJ Lee. What more motivation could anyone possibly need? Just when she seemed to find her concentration, a hauntingly familiar voice froze Paige on the spot.

“Heeeyyyy Paige! It’s soooo great to see you again. That cute little butt looks just as good as ever!” AJ Lee energetically addresses Paige from behind, sneaking up on the distracted former champion.

“AJ? Wh-what are you-” Paige began to ask after slowly turning to face her former sexual dominator, hoping her mind was merely invaded by memories of AJ’s words and that she wouldn’t be standing there.

“Can’t I come and see my good friend? Or was it fre-nemy? Oh wait! Maybe it was butt slut? I can never remember; maybe I really am crazy.” AJ interrupts Paige mid sentence, laughing at her own joke just slightly too long. Her eyes alight with the same chaotic energy that Paige had come to know and fear. The same look that made her ass long to be filled with big, hard girlcock, even now.

“Where have you been, no one’s seen you since TLC. Bloody hell AJ, I’ve barely seen you since Survivor Series.” Paige explains after a moment, still caught off guard by her former sexual partner’s presence. She was so caught off guard, that she only now noticed AJ’s attire. She wore her chuck taylor converse and daisy dukes as usual but what really got Paige’s attention was her t-shirt. She was wearing a cut-up Nikki Bella shirt, in the same fashion, she wore the t-shirts of her on-screen associations such as Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan. “N-no. No fucking way. Are you taking the piss? AJ why are you wearing that t-shirt, you didn’t actually lose your ass too-“

“To me? Wow, nothing gets past you Paige.” Nikki Bella says, once again catching her challenger off guard once again. The Divas Championship hung over her right shoulder while her sister, Brie, dutifully trailed on her left side. This was the first time she Nikki had revealed AJ Lee to anyone outside the original cast members of Total Divas that bore witness to AJ Lee’s initial anal desecration. The busty Bella herself had barely been seen since Survivor Series, seemingly appearing out of mid air in the gorilla position before her segments on television and then vanishing just as suddenly afterward. Nikki had spent as much time as humanly possible filling every one of AJ Lee’s holes with her giant strap-on bursa escort bayan cock, she was addicted to the tiny grappler’s body. Still, she was smart, much smarter than she was often perceived to be so she waited for the perfect time to reveal her conquest to the rest of the division. What better time than say, right before an important match against a dangerous challenger? “Still don’t believe me? AJ, be a good girl and show Paige your new tattoos. Now.”

“Yes, Mistress Nikki!” AJ answered at once, words clearly practiced many times over and yet the strain on her face was obvious as they passed from her lips. The unhinged former champion face was flushing with colour as she turned around and lifted her hair to expose the back of her neck, revealing two tattoos. One Paige had seen before, the date AJ had won her first Divas Championship but directly below it was another date, tattooed in the same style. A date Paige recognized as the night of Survivor Series 2014. “This: This is the date Mistress Nikki made me her bitch: and this one marks me as The Bella’s Bitch.”

Paige’s face, in contrast to that of AJ’s, drained of all colour, making the usually light skinned woman look even paler. She was so shocked by the first tattoo it took her a moment to even register the small BB tramp stamp that was just visible over her daisy dukes. What. The. Fuck. Was. Happening. It was like everything Paige ever believed had come crumbling down before her eyes. AJ Lee was the only woman she respected as a wrestler, as a top but here she was, willing whoring herself out to the Bella Twins. “You think this means anything!? So what, you beat AJ. I did that on my first night! I did that! You wankers are just a couple of overgrown tarts! You’ll never do that to me! I’m going to be champion and I’m going to be the alpha! This is my house now!”

“See I told you, Brie, these girls pretend that they’re’ ‘anti-divas” but they really all just want to be what I am.” Nikki says, barely containing her laughter after being entirely unphased by Paige’s emotional shouting fit. Her plan had worked perfectly, she got inside her challenger’s head and she barely even had to try.

“You’re so right Nikki, haters gonna hate but Bella’s gonna ball.” Brie replies, showing just as much disregard for Paige’s outburst as her sister had.

“Oh, I’m gonna ball alright, gonna go balls deep in this little English slut tonight after I beat her. See you out there Paige.” Nikki says, giggling with her sister before turning to walk away and make her towards the gorilla position, Brie in tow. Leaving her challenger to stew her volatile emotional state. AJ turns, glancing one final time at her fre-nemy before quickly following the Bella Twins, her facial expression taunting yet somehow pitying at the same time. As if AJ knew what Paige had to look forward to.


As Paige stood across the ring from Nikki Bella, she knew something was off. An unusual anxiety filled her body, it slowed her movements and her thoughts. The squared circle had always been the one place Paige felt she could truly be herself. She grew up wrestling, ever since she was a teenager it had been her escape from her troubles, her emotion. It was her one outlet but not tonight. Tonight her worries had followed her into the ring and they weighed her down like an anvil.

Nikki Bella on the other hand had never felt better. She struggled to find her place in wrestling for years, she didn’t have the life long experience that her opponent possessed. Since her return to the WWE she had added considerable muscle to her frame and established a style that worked for her but even then, things still didn’t quite click. Tonight they finally did. Through her conquest of AJ Lee, Nikki Bella discovered the confidence that had always eluded her.

The busty Bella took control of the match early, using her strength advantage to grind Paige down and wear her out, focusing much of her attention on the English women’s lower back. Paige tried to make several comebacks but was cut off quickly each time, she just could not keep her concentration on the match. Anytime it appeared she was about to gain the upper hand, her mind was flashed with thoughts of AJ Lee. Images of what the tiny terror had done to her and images of what Nikki Bella in turn had transformed AJ into.

The crowd tried to cheer the Glam-pire on, chanting her name and stomping their feet to show support but they were suddenly silenced when Paige was struck by a hellacious forearm strike, causing her to collapse limply to the ground. The pale grappler was only vaguely aware she was being lifted on Nikki’s shoulders, offering no resistance. The end followed shortly after, a Rack Attack spelling the end of the match and the end of Paige’s alpha aspirations.

The crowd, which were red hot with excitement at the beginning of the match, was stunned into silence. Many of them thought Paige’s victory was a sure thing, they believed she would make bursa merkez escort easy work of the undeserving model named Nikki Bella. Instead, they witnessed a glorified squash match with Nikki effortlessly dispatching her most dangerous contender. The two competitors’ reactions were exactly as one would imagine. The victorious champion celebrated obnoxiously with her sister while the defeated challenger merely sat in the corner, a blank, thousand yard stare upon her face. An unexpected tranquility had overcome Paige, she no longer felt worried or anxious. She didn’t really feel anything as she looked up at her soon to be dominator.


Paige stood facing the closed door to the women’s locker room, her heart was racing and yet her face remained blank. Nothing had set in yet, the haze she had been in since seeing the condition of AJ Lee had only deepened since her defeat. Inside she expected further humiliation. Nikki and the entire Total Divas cast waiting for her. Emma preparing to watch as whatever shreds of pride survived AJ Lee’s domination were eviscerated from her English lover.

She reached forward to open the door, which seemed to weigh more than usual. Once she finally passed through the entrance, she was surprised to see what greeted her or more accurately, what didn’t. Paige expected to be met with a chorus of jeers and insults, with Nikki Bella waiting to bend her over and make her humble. Instead, it was as if nothing happened. Many of the divas were casually hanging around, watching the PPV on a monitor set up in the locker room. Others were hovering around The Bella Twins, congratulating Nikki on her successful title defence but none so much as acknowledged her presence.

Meekly Paige crossed the locker room, confused by what was happening. When someone lost a Winner Takes All match, they always faced the ridicule of their fellow female grapplers and yet no one said a word. She stood in front of Nikki Bella for a moment, unsure of what to say but her presence remained ignored. Nikki was reapplying her makeup, correcting the smudges and, wiping the sweat from her match away. “Uhhhh: Nikki. I-“

“Oh, it’s you.” Nikki says, still not looking at her former championship contender. The Alpha then reaches into her bag and pulls out an electronic hotel keycard, she then dismissively tossed it in Paige’s direction. “I have some interviews to do, be at my room after the show.”

Before Paige can even reply, Nikki walked past her. Leaving the room with her sister, Brie. Paige felt so utterly defeated. Not only had she lost to a fucking model but that same model didn’t even seem to care about her. Topping Paige should have been more than Nikki Bella could have ever dreamed of accomplishing but she didn’t even seem excited about it. She turned her head to the right and saw Emma. The whole person in this company that really knew her, understood her, and cared about her. Her innocent face attempted a reassuring smile but it was too much for Paige to bare, so she quickly looked away.

Unfortunately, what was on her left wasn’t any better. Eva Marie was staring at her intensely from across the locker room. The only other woman so much as acknowledging her, although her look told a much different story than Emma’s. Eva’s eyes burned with a deep hungry, intense desire which only became more evident when she lewdly and sensually licked her plump lips. Paige couldn’t take this either, it was all overwhelming. Turning her head towards the ground, she practically sprinted out of the locker room. Unfortunately for her, the night had only begun.


Paige seriously contemplated not returning to the hotel, intrusive thoughts filled her mind. They told her to just give up wrestling, get a taxi to the airport and fly back home. There she could be a big fish on the other side of the pond. Would that have been the wiser choice? Who was to say, it’s not easy giving up on your childhood dream after all. Being in the WWE wasn’t just her dream, it was her family’s dream. Paige’s brothers had unsuccessfully attempted to join the company but lacked the innate spark, the intangible quality required to be a superstar. So, it was up to her. She had to carry the dream, even if it meant degrading herself to Nikki Bella.

Which is why she stood in front of the doorway leading to the Champion’s hotel room and was not boarding a flight to be with her loved ones. Using the hotel room keycard to enter, Paige was met with an unexpected and unsettling sight. Nikki Bella stood there, impatiently awaiting her arrival but that was something Paige anticipated. What she did not anticipate was Eva Marie waiting alongside her. Both women wore nothing but giant strap-on cock, Eva’s remaining true to her moniker by having a bright red model.

“Oi! What is she doing here? This is supposed to just be you and me, Nikki!” Paige shouts indignantly, finding boldness in her sudden rage as she marches forward to meet both of her Total Divas castmates.

“You think you can speak to me like that? I own you, Paige, and just because you’ve never had any friends doesn’t mean I don’t. You should feel lucky I’m even here, I don’t usually like my girls to be so pale. Like, oh my god are you actually allergic to the sun or something? ” Nikki coolly responds, raising an eyebrow.

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