The Belmonts Ch. 01

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I am going to fuck him, I thought, standing in the doorway of my big brother’s dark bedroom. I watched him lie there, sleeping, basking in the cool, pale moonlight that spilled through the large square window above his queen-sized bed. I bit into my bottom lip. My tongue ached to explore every inch of his chocolate skin, taut over chiseled muscle. His years of football playing had blessed him with a magnificent body.

I watched his bare sculpted chest steadily rise and fall. His comforter only blanketed half of him, barely covering his naked midriff. He was in the buff, I realized. But that was the way he’d always slept at night, even when we were children. Still, it made me feel better knowing that he was already stripped. It would make “molesting” him much easier. I was nude myself, except for the dark cotton bathrobe that hung open over my slender, mahogany shoulders. Warm air pooled out of the vent above me, splashing softly against my skin, gently flapping my robe about me.

Thankfully Mom and Dad were all the way upstairs, fast asleep in their bed. And it had appeared that Dad had left the television on again, blaring, muting the sounds of me and Davon’s future lovemaking. Hee, hee.

Without stalling any further, I strutted into Davon’s bedroom like a supermodel, shrugging off my robe, although his slumbering eyes couldn’t see me. His best friend, Zander, had told me once that I had a dangerous switch in my walk, and I had rewarded his compliment by letting him bury his face into my pussy. If Zander thought I was sexy, surely his best friend, my hot older brother, would think the same. Right?

I paused at the foot of his bed, and felt my mouth curve downward.

What if he doesn’t? I thought. What if He refuses me? The reality of the situation crashed heavily on my shoulders, and anxiety festered like a virus in the pit of my stomach. My brother was college bound, into his Junior year. He would want a mature college woman, not some little High School senior who was barely eighteen years old. Let alone his little sister.

No, I told myself. I see the way he looks at me sometimes. The way he steals glimpses at my ass when I wear certain jeans, the way he licks his lips when he thinks I’m not paying attention. He wants me. I know it.

Confidence regained, I stepped closer, carefully climbing into the left side of his bed. I paused, seeing him stir in his sleep, moving again once he settled again. My manicured fingers peeled away his comforter, revealing his lengthsome cock sprawled limply canlı bahis over his right thigh. It lay dark against his skin, almost black, like a bar of dark chocolate.

I looked up at his gorgeous face—squared jaw, full, kissable lips, slightly angled eyes—and finally leaned into his middle, carefully taking his mushroom head into my hot, moist mouth. He stirred again, but I didn’t bother stopping this time. There was no use in being cautious anymore. I took him deeper into my mouth, felt him harden, heard him moan, his engorged member throb against my tongue. Something shot through me. Pleasure . . . and a beautiful sense of nastiness. Davon’s cock had been in my mouth. My brother’s cock.

I moaned, head bobbing, my brother’s fat black cock slipping back and forth past my glossed lips. I had read sex stories about women doing this to their lovers, the men not stirring out of their sleep until they climaxed. But this has been the total opposite. His eyes flickered open after just a few moments of my mouth slurping his big beautiful dick.

“What the . . . hell?” Davon said confusedly inbetween gasps. “Fuck . . .”

I didn’t stop. I couldn’t. I had gotten this far, there was no way in hell I was going to back down. Besides, his fingers were nestling themselves in my short, thick black hair, massaging my scalp.

I sucked him faster, deeper, his cock pressing against the back of my throat. I reached a hand down to my quivering pussy lips, fervently moving my fingers against my hot, throbbing clit. I moaned while I sucked him, gazing up at his heaving chest, his tongue sliding over his lips. He was enjoying himself. I felt myself smile around his saliva-slick shaft.

I parted my mouth away from his cock, stroking him. He was good and hard. And long. Longer than I had imagined. I couldn’t wait to fill my hungry black cunt with that thing. “Gabrielle, why—ah, fuck!” He hissed quietly as I climbed over him, and moved my pussy up along the underside of his throbbing, veiny shaft. My entire body shuddered. His dick was hot against my snatch. I thought I would cum right then and there.

“Gabrielle,” He said again. I leaned into him, chocolate B-cups pressing against his chiseled chest, and covered his mouth with my right hand before he could say anything else.

“You’re gonna fuck your little sister right now,” I told him matter-of-factly. “You’re going to fill her with your big, hard, black dick.” He moaned against my palm, his hips moving, making that perfect cock of his slide wetly against my already bahis siteleri sopping cunt. I hitched a breath, brows upturned. I couldn’t wait anymore. I lifted myself over him slightly, and let him guide the tip of his throbbing shaft inside of me.

“Oooooh!” I moaned. His hand covered my mouth this time.

He didn’t wait for me to settle against him.

Thrust! His cock invaded me without warning, my walls stretching around his girthsome cock. It felt so good. Too good. I sucked on my lips, letting out squeaky moans. I did my best not to get loud.

Deeper. He pushed deeper, and deeper still, our friction igniting an inner flame. Fuck! I thought. He feels so fucking good!

His large powerful hands cupped my plump ass cheeks as he pushed up into me. I was still leaning against him, arms wrapped around his neck. My tits smothered him, brown skin melded with my own. My brother. My God, my big brother was fucking me—making love to me! “Yes, yes, yes!” I chanted, abandoning discretion. Davon didn’t seem to mind too much. He’d gotten just as loud.

“Like that?” He asked into my chest, his cock slamming even harder inside of my needy cunt.

“Yes, baby, yes . . . fuck me . . . fuck me . . .”

“How about . . . that?” He said, giving me a deep, hard thrust, emphasizing his last utterance. I used every ounce of my self control to keep from screaming. I was suddenly relieved that I wasn’t a virgin. Otherwise, he would have killed me!

His hands slid up to my sides, and pushed my torso upward, peeling my sweat-slick body away from his. “Mmm.” He licked his lips, and his palms found my breasts, dark chocolate nipples peeking out from inbetween his strong fingers. He bounced me atop of him now, and I pushed against his chest, bracing myself with wobbly arms. My breaths become rapid, sobbing gasps, my first orgasm shuddering through me. That inner-flame exploded between my thighs, and my walls clinched around his cock. It didn’t seem to stop him. Davon grunted. He kept pushing, kept thrusting, drilling his cock through my orgasm. His relentlessness made my body shake spasmodically. I had lost all control of myself.

“Aw, fuck!” I said quietly as I could, becoming useless on his chest again. He finally eased up, making his strokes slow and steady. I whimpered sweetly each time his cock slid back into me.

I didn’t feel him place me onto my side, or support my ebon leg against his round, muscled shoulder. I did, however, feel him move his cock back inside of me, his rock hard length moving against bahis şirketleri my g-spot. The feeling sent a jolt of fiery pleasure through me, and I let out a guttural moan. I looked up to see his dark, smiling face, bottom lip sucked in. It was as though he’d been waiting to have this chance. He’d been too willing.

Not that I cared.

I wanted him just as bad.

While one hand wrapped about my thigh, pulling me against his thrusts, the other moved its fingers against my clit. I let out a long, whiny moan, cupping my breasts and tugging and twisting my nipples. If he kept it up I was going to cum again. Harder than the last.

“Ooooh, yes! Fuck your little sister! C’mon—yes! Yes!”

“Your big brother’s dick feel good, huh?” He said, ramming into my pussy, his fingers moving faster. “Gonna cum all over this dick again? Huh?”

I writhed against him. My head shook as I screamed a breathless scream, nothing escaping me except for a few squeaks and raspy breaths. Before long I was shaking with another orgasm, my fingers clawing at his carved, ebony chest. “Fuck! Fuck, Davon!”

He leaned in, his hips moving impossibly quick. I could tell he was nearing orgasm. He was getting in his few final thrusts. After several long moments, I heard him growl, and felt his hot sperm coat my walls, his cock twitching maddeningly inside of me. It didn’t help against my own spastic climax.

Our bodies finally calmed down. No words were exchanged between us, as our lungs were too focused on breathing. He’d fallen over onto his side, behind me, his muscled arm draping over my side. It was warm, slick with sweat, comforting against my skin. My leg fell against his mattress—my brother’s mattress.

Then came the frightening silence. Mom and Dad’s television was no longer blaring. One of them, Dad more than likely, was awake, and would be traveling downstairs to check on his sweet, innocent daughter, as he’d always done since I was small. I leaped from Davon’s side, and shot a glance towards the alarm clock on his bedside table. It was two A.M. Davon, aware of the situation, scrambled to wrap himself up in his comforter and feign sleep while I bolted out of his room on wobbly, traitorous legs, snatching up my robe on the way out.

I slipped into my bedroom and climbed into my pink bed unnoticed as my father moved groggily down the steps. I quickly wrapped myself within my blankets and sheets, trying to breath normally. I could feel Dad approach my room, linger briefly around my doorway to see if I was still sleeping, and move onto my brother’s bedroom down the hall. Oblivious.

I smiled.

I closed my eyes, heading off into the land of dreams with a pussy full of hot Brother cum. I couldn’t wait to do it again.

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