The Blue Life Ch. 20: Sunny Gets Blue

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The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission and bisexuality. There is some darker S&M (including piss play) than in previous chapters too. If any of that offends you, just move on to the next story. All character are 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. This story picks up where Chapter 19 left off. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are much appreciated. Thanks again to John for his help in editing and proofreading.


“No!” My mother shouted and turned her head, as cascades of piss hit her face and ran down her neck and off her tits.

My girlfriend, Sondra was standing over her in the tub and shower. Warm water from the shower was running down my mother’s back as she kneeled in the tub. Sondra had been standing in front of my mother, forcing Blue to eat her pussy. Sunny seemed to be enjoying that, and looked like she was even on the edge of orgasm. But then Sondra climbed up, and balanced herself above my mother with her feet on both edges of the tub. Sondra had a leash in one hand, attached to a collar around my mother’s neck, and in the other hand she held a chain that was attached to the nipple clips Mom was wearing. And then Sondra just pissed in my Mom’s face!

The shower curtain was pulled back, and my father and I were watching the action. We had laid out towels on the floor, to catch the spray of water. Dad had a hand on my hard cock, and I had a hand on his. But neither of us were really stroking the other. I think we were both afraid that any more stimulation might set us off, and we certainly weren’t in any danger of losing our erections.

“You peed on me? What the fuck! You can’t do that! Bobby, who the hell is this? Tell her, she can’t do that to your mother,” my mother demanded.

Sondra yanked on the chain attached to the nipples clips. My mother’s nipples painfully extended, and my mother arched her back, trying to relieve the pressure.

“Shut the fuck up, Bitch!” my girlfriend yelled at my mother, “You are the submissive cow, and I am your fucking Mistress!”

My mother was blindfolded, but moved her head to face Sondra. “But, I’ve never even met you! I’ve never even seen you. You can’t be my Mistress,” my mother complained.

“That’s the most exciting part, Blue! Your son is my lover, and he owns me now,” my girlfriend replied, and my chest swelled with pride. Sondra is gorgeous, five foot ten of olive skinned, raven haired temptress. Her breasts are smaller than my mother’s, a tiny A Cup, versus Mom’s fuller C Cup. But, Sondra’s tits fit perfectly on her tall, slender, lithe frame. And her areolas form beautiful cones on her tiny mounds, and her nipples extend, mouth-wateringly, almost a half-inch into perfect erotic points. “Your son owns me. I am his girlfriend, his slave, and his concubine. And soon, I hope to be much more. And I have taken your husband and am already his Mistress! In fact, I loved feeling his hot seed gushing into my mouth and down my throat, less than two hours ago.”

My mother was blindfolded, and shook her head in disbelief. She turned her head, as if looking for her husband. “Andrew, is this all true?” she asked.

SMACK! Sondra slapped my mother’s face. “You will only speak when you are spoken to, Fuck-Toy! And I’m not done with you yet. I have claimed all my Master’s submissives as my own. And he has put me in charge of their sexual submissive training.” Sondra jerked on the nipple clamp chain and my mother gasped. “So here’s Lesson Number One, and I’m only going to explain this once. I am your Mistress now, Blue. You will serve me with the same fervor, ardor and devotion that you serve your son, and your new Master, your husband. And if your Mistress or Masters wants to give you something, you take it like a blessing. You take it as a gift! I don’t care if it is a caress or a spanking, an orgasm or a punishment. If I offer you my cunt to eat, you will eat it. And if I cum and squirt, you will try to drink up every last fucking drop of that nectar. And if I choose to spit on you for being such an ignorant Fuck-Cow…”, and for good measure, Sondra worked up a glob of spit and spat it on mom’s forehead. She continued, “Or if I choose to piss all over your pretty, fucking slut face, you will take that as a blessing and a gift too. Those are the fluids of my body I’m sharing with you. You don’t have to drink my piss. But you will not reject my gift either. You will not turn your head, or make a face of disgust. You will open your mouth and taste me. And later, when you have learned how to be a good, little submissive fuck-slut, you will eventually beg your Mistress to piss on you. Am I clear, my little Fuck Cow? Do we continue, Kitten? Or do I leave you now? Because I can just get dressed and walk out of here. But I will warn you, I will take your son and your husband with me, because I’m not done fucking them yet. And you might not see either of them again for several days, maybe more. This is a test of your submission and canlı bahis your faith, Little Blue. You’ve not seen me. But do you accept me as your Mistress? I will protect you. I will train you. I will love you. And you will be rewarded. But, you must serve me first. Will you submit to your Mistress Sunny, and to all that means?”

I held my breath and my father’s cock. I gave it a nervous squeeze. Dad looked at me, his eyes wide with anticipation and excitement. There was no question that Sondra was in control. Dad and I would follow her lead. Technically, I was Sondra’s Master, and she was my submissive, but she had taken control of the scene, and I trusted her implicitly, without question, and beyond reason. I hardly knew Sondra. I had just met her yesterday. And here, I just watched her piss in my mother’s face! My mother! My lover. My submissive slut. And I not only let my girlfriend piss on her, but it excited me. Maybe I’m sick, but it made me love my girlfriend even more. We all waited on my mother’s response.

Mom shook her head, not as a negative, but like she was trying to clear away cobwebs from her brain. I could see tears, streaming down her face, from under the leather blindfold again. My mother finally sneered, “Do you have any more, Mistress? Finish!” Her tone was snide. Blue opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

Sondra grabbed Mom’s tongue and pinched it. Mom flinched, but she didn’t bite and she didn’t pull away. Sondra said, “I think you are forgetting who is the Mistress and who is the fucking, little submissive slut in this story, Blue. Your tone needs to change!”

Blue cocked her head and defiantly said, “Yezz, Mizznezz,” while Sunny continued to literally hold her tongue.

I thought back to how we had gotten to this point. I had taken my mother’s sexual submission months ago. She is my sub, my Kitten, my Baby Girl. And I am her Dominant, her “Daddy.” After just a few months, I decided we could not hide our sexual relationship from my father any longer. But when we revealed our new, Dominant and submissive, incestuous family dynamic to Dad, something happened that I didn’t expect. Dad became our sexual submissive as well. He also revealed that he had been having an abusive, incestuous relationship with his older brother for longer than I’ve been alive, since before Mom and Dad met in college.

Then, this past weekend has just been nuts, mostly in a good way. It’s been a whirlwind of sexual discovery. On Friday Night, Dad demonstrated that he has multiple personalities, and that one of his personalities, Jillian, is a woman who has been protecting Dad from the bulk of the sexual abuse from his brother for decades. Jillian is a lovely woman. She is sexy, innocent and naive. She is also my Dad, so my Mom and I both love her. But I’m also deeply sexually attracted to Jillian in ways that I still can’t quite fathom. Mom and I decided that to protect Jillian from my Uncle Nick, Dad would have to completely sever ties with Nick. On Saturday, Dad did that. It took some coaxing, and frankly a little torture for Dad to work up the nerve to face Nick. But, Dad seems happier and freer than ever now. Then, later on Saturday, I discovered that Mom had seduced her best friend, Sally Whitehall, and taken her as a sexual submissive. And that set off a bizarre sequence of events. I took Sally as my sub and fucked her with the help of her own teenage daughter, Terri. I also promised Terri that I would take her to her school’s Semi-formal Dance, and then take her virginity! And in the middle of all that–as if that weren’t amazing enough–I met my girlfriend, Sondra Gutierrez, who I call, Sunny.

Now, Sunny is the most amazing. She’s smart, funny, beautiful, mysterious, and sexy. She has a wealth of sexual experience. She used to be Queen of some sort of Underground Sex Scene in our town. Some guys might be intimidated by a woman like Sunny. But I just feel lucky to have found a gorgeous woman who can teach me more about my Sexual Power, and isn’t freaked out by my family situation. Sunny has taken on my family and all my submissives as her own. Sunny even convinced me to reconsider and take on the Teen Virgin Temptress, Terri Whitehall as my sub too! I’ve gone from having two submissive sluts, to owning five, in just two days! That’s nuts.

So, after I introduced Sally, Terri, and Dad to Sondra (and that involved more than a bit of wild sex), Dad got the confidence to come home and demand that Mom recognize him as her Master too. It’s not that Dad is sexist. It’s not like he thinks, “Men must be in control.” I think he’s actually more content as a submissive, and as Mom’s submissive at that. But, even though I’m his sexual Dominant, and our new sexual freedom has probably saved his marriage, Dad still is bitter about the affair Mom and I had behind his back. And, even though I watched Dad fuck Sally Whitehall with gusto, he thinks that Mom should not have kept her affair with Sally a secret. And I agree with him. Mom needs discipline bahis siteleri and correction. But, Dad insisted that since he is Marjorie’s husband, he should be her Primary, and so she should be disciplined by him first.

Dad drove home and asked that Sondra and I stay in the car in the garage, until he got things sorted out with Mom. Sunny and I got to talking and necking and tearing off each other’s clothes in the car. So that by the time Dad texted us to come inside, both of us were practically naked and very excited.

We came into the house through the door that leads to the garage, into a small hallway that has stairs leading down to the basement, and then an opening to the kitchen. Our view was obscured by the refrigerator. But as we turned the corner, we saw Blue. She was naked, and kneeling on a set of Aerobics Steps. There was a towel under her knees to cushion them from the hard plastic. Above her, in the door-frame was a chin-up bar. Dad has a pair of inversion boots that he sometimes uses to do upside-down crunches. Dad has ripped abs, much better than mine. Mom’s arms were handcuffed over the bar. Mom was also wearing nipple clamps on a chain. There was a third clamp and chain connected to the set. That one is intended for a submissive’s clit, but this chain was strung up over the bar and clipped to itself. This set-up had the clamps passively pulling at my Mom’s beautiful nipples. It forced her to arch her back and maintain a very upright posture. The only other things Mom was wearing was a ball gag and red leather blindfold. There were tears streaming down from under the blindfold, running tracks down her face.

I feel guilty now, because my first reaction wasn’t concern for my mother. My first reaction was how incredibly sexy I found my Mom’s nakedness, complete vulnerability, and even her distress and tears. I didn’t want to dry her tears. I just wanted to kneel behind her and ram my cock into her cunt. Mom’s long, auburn hair was plastered to her head with her blindfold and sweat. Dad had really given her a workout.

My Dad was still dressed. He had taken off his suit coat and tie. And he had unbuttoned his vest, and the top few buttons of his dress shirt. He was holding a flogger, and appeared visibly upset. He said, “Blue won’t say it. She won’t admit I’m her Master.”

I shook my head. “How can Blue say anything, Red? She’s got a ball gag in her mouth.”

Dad said, “Blue can put up one finger for Yellow Card. One finger on each hand to indicate a Red Card. And five fingers on one hand, when she’s ready to call me Master. But, she’s so stubborn. I’ve disciplined her. I wedged a butt-plug into her ass. She sometimes moans, but she won’t hardly acknowledge me. She hasn’t given me her submission.”

“Dad, you’ve chained her and beaten her. That seems pretty submissive to me.”

Sunny and I walked around to the other side of Blue. My mother’s back was lined with angry red welts and bruises. Dad had beaten her far harder than I ever had in our months of S&M play. Dad wasn’t playing.

“Holy shit, Dad,” I exclaimed, “What did you do?”

Sunny looked at my Dad. “Have you ever used a crop before, Red?”

“No. I–I–I–,” Dad stammered.

“And you thought your first time should be with a gagged subbie? Red, I’m pretty upset with you, right now. Run out to the car and get my bag. Bring it in here, quickly,”

Dad said, “Yes, Mistress,” and ran.

Sunny removed the ball gag from Blue’s mouth, and asked, “Would you like to see a Doctor, Blue?”

My mother gasped, “Who are you?”

Sunny knelt in front of Blue. Sunny’s hands caressed down along Blue’s ribs, and then stroked and pressed around her abdomen. “I’m your Mistress, Blue. I can’t feel any cracked ribs or damaged organs. But you have some nasty welts and bruises on your ass and back. Take a deep breath. Does that make anything hurt inside?”

“No. But…who are you?” Mom asked.

Sunny tenderly kissed Blue’s lips. Mom was still blindfolded and confused. But she obviously appreciated the moment of tenderness. And she tentatively returned Sunny’s kisses.

Dad returned with Sunny’s overnight bag. He dropped it next to her. “Here you are, Mistress.”

“You’re damned lucky, Red.” Sunny scowled at Red. “Blue’s back looks worse than she actually is. I don’t think we need to call for an ambulance this time. Undo her handcuffs and have Blue kneel on hands and knees, with her belly resting on this step.”

Sunny dug in her bag and pulled out a tube of “DermaCream,” and a small jar with a black lid. Dad took off the handcuffs, and Blue groaned as she shifted position and got down on all fours.

Sunny touched Blue’s hair. “Blue-Kitten, are you allergic to any herbs or medicines?”

Mom was still blindfolded, but she tried to turn her head to answer the question. “No. No allergies.”

“Have you had any pain medications today? Any ibuprofen?”

Mom, sounding confused, said, “Uh. No.”

Sunny handed bahis şirketleri the jar to my Dad. “Mix two heaping tablespoons of this in with Orange Juice, or some other kind of juice, if you have it; cold water if you don’t.”

“We have cranberry juice.”

“Perfect. I want a tall glass. No ice. And stir it up just before Blue drinks it. It won’t all dissolve, so you have to make sure it’s all suspended in the drink.”

Blue asked, “Can I take off my blindfold?”

Sunny shook her head. And I said, “No, Baby Girl. Your Daddy says, just relax and let us take care of you.”

Sunny handed me the DermaCream. She asked, “Have you ever used this before?” I shook my head, no. “Work it in from outside of the welt toward the center. Be gentle. You don’t need to massage it into the skin, just dab and lightly rub it on. Start on her thighs, and work your way up to her upper back. Cover every welt and bruise. This will take away some of the sting and reduce a bit of the swelling. There’s a pigment in the ointment that can help conceal the bruises and welts too.”

Dad stirred a large glass of cranberry juice. It had some sort of brown stuff mixed in. He got down on his knees and offered it to Blue’s lips.

Mom complained, “Can I take off this blindfold now, please?”

Dad touched her cheek. “No, my little vixen. The blindfold stays on. Now, drink.”

Blue took a sip and made a face. “It’s bitter.”

“Mix it up again,” Sunny said, “And Blue-Kitten, you just need to drink it quickly.”

I asked, “What is that stuff?”

“It’s my own Aftercare Concoction. It’s an analgesic. There’s also a muscle relaxant in there. Something for the swelling. And then there’s some antioxidants, vitamins and herbs to speed healing too. It tastes better in a smoothie with wheatgrass and yogurt. Kitten, I know it tastes nasty. But it will help you start feeling better in just ten or fifteen minutes.” Sunny looked at Red and her eyes narrowed. She pointed. “You! Pick up the flogger, paddle, and crop and lead me to your bedroom. We need to have a quick lesson in the administration of punishment.” Sunny kissed me, and her tongue found its way into my mouth. She casually caressed my hard cock and whispered, “I love you, Daddy. And I love our Kittens. You take care of Blue. And I’ll take care of Red.”

I knelt down behind Blue and started working in the DermaCream. At first, she was flinching and groaning with pain as I touched her. But as I worked higher, her groans took on the lower growling tones of desire. She started grinding her ass back onto my cock. The butt-plug in her ass would sometimes painfully rub up against my cock. I thought about pulling her butt-plug out and just replacing it with my cock. After about ten minutes, the DermaCream and whatever Sunny made Blue drink seemed to quiet the pain of Blue’s welts. The redness and swelling visibly reduced. And I felt like I was less nursing her wounds and more pleasurably caressing the skin of Blue’s back, and thighs, and ass.

Mom said, “Master, I need your cock.”

I said, “Call me, Daddy, Baby Girl. Red is your Master now.”

Mom made a noise of disapproval in her chest, but just said, “Daddy, I need your cock.”

I took my cock in my hand and began to tease my mother’s pussy lips with it. She was very wet. I was quite tempted to just thrust my cock deep inside her and slap my pelvis up against her tortured ass.

“Your cock, Daddy. Your cock! I don’t care if it hurts. I need your cock inside me,” Mom insisted.

Just then, Sondra came back into the room, leading my Dad by his stiff cock. Dad was stark naked now, except for a black silicone cock-ring, around his cock and balls, and a larger black butt-plug in his ass!

Sunny was naked too. She carried with her a white collar and leash. Sunny said, “It looks like our Blue Kitten is feeling much better. Having her beg for Daddy’s cock is a very good sign.” Sunny buckled the collar around Blue’s neck. “I think a nice, warm shower would feel good right now, Blue-Kitten. It will help us relax. Why don’t you lead your Mistress to the shower.”

“Can I take off my blindfold?”

Sunny simple said, “No, Kitten.”

“Well, then, can I stand?”

“No. Fuck-cows who have been beaten by their Master and are begging for their Daddy’s cock need to crawl on all fours.”

“How am I supposed to do that? I’m blindfolded!” Mom’s tone was snarky.

Sunny reached down and picked up the dangling chain attached to Blue’s nipple clamps. She jerked the chain, and Mom squealed. Mistress Sunny said, “I suggest you do that quickly and carefully. And you will just have to trust that your Mistress will guide you and keep you from running into anything and injuring yourself.” Mom is only an inch shorter than Sunny, about 5’9″ tall. And she probably outweighs Sunny by at least 20, maybe 30 pounds. Mom’s not fat. She just has a very curvy, swimsuit model type figure. Where Sunny has a long, lean, fashion model figure. But with Mom collared and leashed, blindfolded, and on her hands and knees; Sunny seemed to tower over her, completely dominating her.

They turned and made their way out of the kitchen and towards the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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