The Bunker

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Alex Mae

I had been warned about the storms in plenty of time, I managed to get my parents and sister in laws’ shelters built in time and had just finished the main section of my own bunker. I was building mine for the worst of the storms, without the valley that the rest of our family had I knew we wouldn’t have the same protection since we essentially lived in a field. My bunker was state of the art, built in air and water filtration, geothermal heating and power and I had stocked with enough food to feed my wife and 18 year old daughter for 3 years.

“I don’t understand Dad, why are the storms going to be so bad?” Said my daughter, Kelly as I washed up for dinner.

“Is apparently some freak weather pattern, only occurs once every 150 years or so, they’re not that sure since we’ve not been tracking with this much detail in the past but they said it’s like 4 super storms all rolled into one. The cities have shelters but I doubt they’d be as equipped as ours.” I replied.

“Our house isn’t as equipped as ours my love.” Replied my wife, Sally.

“Well, if we get stuck down there for weeks you’ll be thanking me. I should have the last bedroom finished in a few days.” I said.

“You know I’m teasing my love, my sister and your parents love theirs.” Said Sally.

“Well I think a few days without internet and Kelly will just dig us out with her bare hands anyways so I’m not worried about rescue.” Sally and I laughed.

“Whatever, I’d use a shovel.” Laughed Kelly.

We ate dinner together and cleaned the dishes, Sally had arranged to visit her sister that evening to finish off some home touches to her shelter. I got a call from her an hour after she left.

“Honey, the wind is picking up here and it’s raining really bad, I have my car in the garage but the weather station said the storm has shifted and is heading your way.” She said.

“I’ve been watching it and was about to call you, get to the shelter with Louise, I’ll see how long we have, I love you.” I replied.

“Love you too, oh, the house is creaking now, we’re headed down okay.”

I pulled up the computer I’d just shut off and she was right, the storm had changed direction, had gotten worse. Kelly had already gone to bed but I went to wake her right as the nearby sirens started going off. Kelly came out of her room wearing just her long t-shirt, hair disheveled and a panicked look on her face.

“Relax sweetie, we still have time, grab your bag, put some clothes on and wait for me at the back door.” I said.

“Okay.” She said then dashed back into her room.

I grabbed my own ready bag, put it down at the bottom of the stairs and was waiting when Kelly came down the stairs, she’d just put on a robe and had her boots on.

“Not what I meant by clothes but we don’t have time now, you ready?” I said.

“Yes daddy.” She replied. She only ever called me that when she was scared.

“We’re going to be fine, lets go.”

I pulled on a poncho, handed one to Kelly and we made our way over the short walk to the bunker entrance, wind and rain already picking up and pelting us the whole way there. We closed and sealed the outer doors, powered on my equipment and made our way down to the main living section.

“Uh, Dad, my room has no furniture and just a single light.” Said Kelly as I looked over my monitors.

“I thought we had more time honey, I’m sorry. You can sleep on the bed and I’ll take the recliner.”

“Okay, if you’re sure.”

My monitors showed me what I’d feared, the storm had gotten worse as it changed to head my way, over the next few hours as Kelly slept, I watched as the worst of it headed over my fields then, like it was made of paper, smacked my house and threw its debris and my own truck all over the bunker entrance. It took out two of my cameras too, leaving one remaining looking at the hole where my house used to stand. I turned my screen off, checked the internal equipment and tested the radio connection to my sister in law’s bunker.

“Hey honey, how bad is it?” Said Sally.

“The house is gone sweetie, big gust took it apart and dumped most of it as well as my truck over the bunker entrance. How is it there?”

“Gone? How are you so calm about it?” She said, her voice getting higher.

“Sally, I am safe, as is our daughter, I can’t do anything about the house. We will rebuild it and we’ll move on.” I said, calmly.

“Sorry, I just have my sister on edge, she was watching the camera when her tree landed on her car.”

“Well tell her my truck is almost bent in half round one of our trees. I’m going to let you go my love, I want to conserve power.”

“Okay, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I shut down the radio and checked the weather again, after a few hours the worst of it was over and we just had heavy rain. I checked our entrance and confirmed it was safe then sat down in my chair again. A bleary eyed Kelly came out to see me, she was just wearing her sleeping t-shirt but sat herself down on my lap and rested her head on my shoulder.

“Trouble canlı bahis sleeping sweetie?” I asked.

“Yea, is Mom and Aunt Louise okay?”

“They’re fine, Louise is already driving your Mom nuts but I think they got off lightly. Here, take a look.” I said, showing Kelly my last camera.

“Holy shit, the house is gone! Is that your truck?”

“Yea, is fine, I was due a new one anyways and nothing in the house can’t be replaced. We’re safe and that’s all that matters.”

“Where did the house land?”

“Mostly over our door but I checked it and it’s not damaged.”

“So we’re stuck here for a bit huh?”

“Yea, we’ll be okay.”

“I think we should take turns in the bed Dad, your back will break if you sleep in this thing.”

“Yea, I’ll wait until I’ve spoken to the Army, they were going to be doing the rescues.”

“Well I’m going to try sleep again, thank you for the snuggles, sorry about your truck.”

I nodded off for a while sitting in the chair, my radio chirping woke me up.

“This is Major Lewis, 5th Brigade, calling any civilian in range.” Said the man when I clicked ready.

“This is Marcus Black, Rosemount farm.”

“Ah Mr Black, we spoke to your wife and parents, your family is safe but we’re having a hard time getting to you, are you safe or do I need to call for a helicopter and get to you sooner?”

“I’m safe, I’m in a grade four bunker but the entrance has what’s left of my house dumped on it. I’m good here for an extended period, you can get to those in need first.”

“Appreciate that Sir, wait, I’m being handed drone camera footage right now, bare with me.”

After about 5 minutes he came back on.

“Mr Black, I wish I had better news, you weren’t kidding about the house. I’ll need heavy equipment to get you out but the roads leading to you will take time to clear and rebuild. As you can imagine that’s going to take some effort on already stretched resources. Grade four means you have food, power and water right?”

“I do Major, I prepped for 3 years for 3 people but since there’s only 2 of us I’m good for longer. I know you won’t take that long but seriously, please help those in more need first. If my girl doesn’t go insane without her internet we’ll be okay down here until you can dig us out.”

“We’ll get to you as quick as we can, if anything changes you ask for me directly okay, your family is well respected in this community and we won’t forget you.”

“Thank you Major, I appreciate your men and their efforts, I’m sure this is a tough time for everyone.”

I turned off the radio and got up out of my chair. I looked over the supplies for the hundredth time and took out some oatmeal to stop my stomach growling at me. I could hear Kelly moving around, I knocked on the main room door, she answered in just a towel.

“I’m making some oatmeal, are you hungry?”

“Oh yes please, I’m going to take a shower if that’s okay.”

“Of course it is, leave it running when you get out, call me and I’ll take one after you so it’s not heating twice.”

“I remember Dad.”

I served the oatmeal and ate mine while she showered, I’d finished by the time she yelled that she was out, as I got to the door I could hear her swearing.

“What’s wrong Kelly?” I said, she opened the door in tears, her hair wet and wearing just the towel again.

“I picked up the wrong fucking bag, Amber was giving me some lingerie she got too thin for, I threw it next to my grab bag and got that one instead. All I have is my sleeping t-shirt and a whole lot of skimpy bra’s and panties that I’m sure my own father wouldn’t care to see me in.”

“So you’re telling me I need to turn the heat up a little?” I said smiling, holding in a laugh.

“It’s not funny.”

“I can give you a couple of my shirts to lounge in sweetie, you’ll be okay.”

“Where is your bag, you were checking everything, I don’t remember you having it when we got in here.”

“Shit, I know I got it out of my room, put it down to hand you a poncho, didn’t pick it back up again.”

“Um, I could give you some panties to lounge around in.” Said Kelly, grinning.

“Well, I guess we’ll be doing laundry more often!” We both laughed

“My shirt smells, I was going to shower and change but with getting over here in a panic I didn’t. Is it okay if I just wear my robe until we can wash our stuff?”

“Well, I don’t have a robe so laundry will have to wait until one of us are sleeping.”

“Meaning when you are sleeping, last time you washed our clothes you shrunk everything and dyed it all green.”

“Well I need to change, these clothes smell bad, I’ll shower and just sit in my towel and let you wash them.

I enjoyed my shower, when I got out though, Kelly stood at the dryer with tears running down her face.

“What’s wrong?”

“I followed every step I swear but it tore my shirt, ripped your pants in half and I couldn’t stop it.”

I took a look inside and found the dryer was damaged, no doubt when it was bahis siteleri being installed.

“Well, shit, not your fault sweetie, those assholes I trusted to deliver it must have dropped it, our stuff got caught on one of these pins. I can’t fix this without my tools.”

“So we’ll just have to dry our clothes by hanging them?”

“My humidifiers will go nuts if we’re hanging wet clothes.”

“Well that leaves you with boxers and a shirt, me with a torn one or lingerie.”

“How badly is it ripped?”

Kelly held it up, it was almost comedic, ripped right down the middle.

“Um, we could pin it together I guess.” We both laughed.

I put on my boxers and wrapped my towel round my waist, kept it on me until it was dry then put my t-shirt on. I felt a little exposed but poor Kelly was just wearing her robe, she looked uncomfortable.

“You okay?” I asked.

“This robe is great for the house, Mom keeps it so cold but this is so warm, I’m too hot but all I have to wear is stuff like this.” Said Kelly.

She briefly held open the robe to reveal a white lace set that was pretty see through and I couldn’t help notice her dark nipples.


“I can’t ask you to turn the heat off since you don’t have pants. Do you think you could handle me just wearing this?” She said.

“You’re my daughter, I’ve seen you naked before.”

“Dad, the last time was when I was 12, I’ve grown tits since then you know.” She said with a smile.

“I have noticed, you take after your Mom’s side of the family. What do you want to do, we’ve only been down here a day and we have at least a few weeks here.”

“I think I will get dehydrated if I keep sweating like this, do you think your heart can handle a woman walking around in just underwear?”

“Well for one it’s hardly just underwear but I’m 38 sweetie, not 68. If you can live with it, I can too. Will I look? Sure, but you’re my daughter.”

“Okay.” She said then hugged me.

I won’t lie, the next few hours were torture. I was trapped underground, albeit comfortably in a bunker, with basically a younger version of my wife who was just wearing the kind of underwear that said “I’m horny” and I didn’t have my pants to hide what it was doing to me. I managed to stay sitting down for the most part, only getting up when I had a counter to hide behind when I cooked or table to sit at as we ate. I tried not to stare but when she fell asleep reading a book in the chair, her 36dd’s moving up and down as she breathed, I couldn’t help but get hard. Right as I was adjusting my cock she opened her eyes and caught me.

“I uh, I think I’ll take a shower.” I said then scurried out of the room.

I ran the cold water a while, hoping that would get rid of my erection, when that didn’t work I turned the water off and furiously stroked my cock but as I got close, Kelly called me.

“The radio is chirping, I didn’t know what to say.” She said.

“This is Marcus.” I said, still dripping wet and wrapped in just my towel.

“Marcus, Hi, is Major Lewis here, you both doing okay?” He said.

“Yes Sir, both okay.”

“Well I kind of have some bad news, another storm front is coming in and I’ve been ordered to withdraw for now, we’ve cleared to about 2 miles from Jennings Cross but progress is slow. I know you said you’re good on supplies but didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten you.”

“We’re both fine Major, not going stir crazy yet.”

“I should hope not after a day.” He said then laughed.

“I appreciate the heads up, stay safe out there.” I said then he was gone.

In my rush to get to the radio I’d forgotten about my erection, it slowly pushed the towel apart so when I turned to go back to the washroom connected to the bedroom it fell to the ground right in front of Kelly.

“Fuck, I’m sorry.” I said, picking up the towel.

“Is that because of me?” She said, staring at my crotch.

“I, what? I guess, I’m sorry.” I replied, still trying to wrap myself without showing her more.

“I’ll uh, I’ll look away.” She said then took another lingering look then turned her back.

The next few days were pretty quiet, we slept a lot, sleeping in opposite shifts so we’d have a alone time to wash clothes and shower without any more awkward encounters. The storms got pretty bad again though, we even got an earthquake at the same time which scared the hell out of Kelly, I knew we’d be fine but she woke up and came to me while I was checking our equipment.

“Are we going to be okay Daddy, that felt pretty bad.” She said.

“We’ll be fine, the system is designed for worse.”

I hadn’t noticed at first since I had my face in a machine but she’d came out of the room topless. I was looking at stuff without my shirt on so I didn’t get any dirtier so when she held me tight as I stood up, her naked breasts were pressed against me. I tried to put it out of my mind but it was no good, wearing just boxers I had nowhere to hide my arousal and I felt my cock pressing into her belly. Kelly loosened bahis şirketleri her arms and looked up at me.

“I’ve made you excited again, I should take care of it, I know you and Mom have sex a lot and you’re stuck down here with me away from her.”

“Kelly I don’t…”

I tried to protest, I really did but she got to her knees, pulling my boxers down as she went and took my cock into her mouth and began to suck me. I tried to speak again, tell her it was wrong and she shouldn’t but her tongue felt exquisite, circling the head of my cock as she sucked and stroked me with her hands. She was right though, Sally and I would make love at least 4 times a week, getting the bunker finished meant long hours and I hadn’t been with her for 2 weeks and my body knew it.

I barely got the chance to warn her then I was cumming, my cock swelling as I shuddered and sprayed my seed down her throat. She swallowed every spurt and kept sucking until I was spent and sensitive then stood up, pulling my boxers up too with a grin on her face.

“You needed that, I could almost feel the sexual tension around us.” She said.

“The way you’re dressed hasn’t been helping, we shouldn’t have done that baby, I’m your own father.”

“Who better to love me and not hurt me afterwards. Will you come and lay down with me, you look exhausted.”


I felt numb, her mouth felt amazing and I know I spurted a monster load down her throat but as I spooned her on the bed, my arm round her waist, it felt right. She pulled my hand up to cup her breasts and she moaned softly when I teased her nipples. I felt my cock getting hard again and it was soon pressing against her ass, she felt it and started grinding her hips.

“Thought I was coming here to get some rest missy.” I said, still fondling her breast.

“Rest after, make love to me, make me yours.”

Kelly reached between us and fished my cock from my shorts and kicked her panties down to her knees. She put my cock at the entrance of her pussy then looked back at me as I slowly pushed into her. She felt amazing, so warm and tight. She moaned in pleasure as I began to thrust, holding her close to me as I got deeper into her.

“You’re so big.” She gasped when I was finally deep inside.

“Want me to stop?” I said, kissing her neck.

“No, make me cum, make me cum all over your big cock Daddy.”

I increased my pace and soon our tiny bedroom was filled with the sounds of our bodies slapping together and her moans as she approached climax. Having already cum down her throat, I lasted a while, Kelly started cumming and I could feel her pussy tighten round my cock as she gasped in pleasure. When she’d cum a third time I pushed deep into her and came deep inside her, spraying my seed deep into her pussy. I stayed inside her until I was spent but kept holding her and actually fell asleep with her still in my arms.

I’m not sure how long I was out for but I woke up in the bed alone, I got up and wrapped the towel round my waist and walked to the main room to find Kelly cooking breakfast. She was completely naked and smiled at me as I walked into the room.

“Good morning Daddy, you were out cold so I didn’t want to wake you, I made us breakfast. The major asked if you could contact him when you woke too.”

“Okay, I’ll give him a call.”

The Army Major had nothing new, storms set them back, still weeks away from getting to us.

“Do you want to talk about last night?” I said as we sat down to eat.

“What’s to talk about, we made love, it was amazing and I can’t wait to do it again after breakfast.” She said, grinning.

“Are you sure you want this?”

“Dad, we’re stuck in a bunker for at least 2 weeks, I have no internet so I have no porn to masturbate to and you have no Mom to make love to. We’d both go crazy if we just sit reading books. I love you and you love me, I’ll be 19 in a month, I’m on the birth control shot so we have no problems there. I don’t care about the whole ‘its wrong’ crap, it’s just sex between 2 adults.”

“Well, I see you’ve already thought about it. Are you sure you can handle me twice a day? Your Mom can’t, I have to jerk off a lot.”

“I look forward to it.”

No sooner had I finished my last bite of breakfast, Kelly pulled me to my feet and led us to the bedroom. I put her on her back and got between her legs and began to lick her, teasing and tasting her already wet pussy, pushing my tongue between her lips and turning her on more than she already was. I took my time with her, slowly building up my pace until I finally rapidly rasped her clit until she came, her back arching and pussy clenching round the fingers I’d put inside her to rub her g-spot. She was still gasping for air when I climbed on top of her, pushed my cock into her with one thrust and began to fuck her.

A week or so later, with every morning and every night filled with sex in every position we could think of, Sally messaged me using our texting machine I’d rigged up between all the bunkers.

‘Hi honey, how you holding up.’ She sent.

‘Doing okay, you strangled Louise yet?’

‘No, I went the other direction and we had sex again, she’s much calmer.’

‘Oh okay, sad I didn’t get to watch this time.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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