The Butterfly Girls

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My name is Rebecca and this is my story of how I was forced into slavery  by the man I thought  loved me.

My childhood was perfect. I was the youngest of five children and the only girl. My mother doted on me. I was the girl that she always wanted.

She dressed me in pretty dresses and curled my long blonde hair, adorning it with pink ribbons.

My parents took me to ballet lessons and  I became quite accomplished. When I asked for a pony my parents bought me one.

I was the girl that was invited to everyone’s birthday party. Whatever I asked for I got it.

One of my special friends at primary school was Michael. We moved up from primary school into high school. We both attended the local collage and achieved good grades. On leaving collage Micheal secured a good position at a local tech company and I became a PA within the same company.

Michael and I were always together, we became boyfriend and girlfriend and it wasn’t long before we moved in together and set up home. In short life was perfect.

Michael was the perfect partner. He treated me like a lady. We eat out at exclusive restaurants and went on exotic holidays. He bought me beautiful clothes and some very sexy and occasionally risky lingerie.

Michael did have one misgiving. He was addicted to gambling. His addiction started with online poker but this soon progressed into face to face poker games.

He would spend most Saturday nights at a private poker club.  Although Michael had misgivings he continued to treat me with respect and would do anything to please me. I loved him so much and I was prepared to turn a blind eye to his weakness.

Life was about to change.

It was Saturday evening and Michael visited his poker club. I spent the evening at my home with my friend Sarah. We watched movies on TV and drank wine but as usual at the end of the evening I went to bed alone whilst Michael stayed at the poker club.

Sunday morning arrived with the sunshine filtering through the window blinds painting dappled patterns on the bedroom walls.

I was in bed alone. Where was Michael?

The mystery was soon solved when he entered the bedroom carrying a breakfast tray loaded with coffee and toast. Michael kissed me and told me he loved me but something was wrong. He had been at the poker club all night. He seemed upset and wouldn’t make eye contact with me. Was he having an affair?

Michael told me to shower and get dressed as he had someone that he wanted me to meet. I did as he asked and we were soon driving out of the village and into the countryside. Michael was very quiet during the journey. I tried to engage him in conversation but he refused to look at me and appeared to be close to tears. After a short drive Michael pulled into the driveway of a very grand looking country house.

Michael got out of our car and walked towards the front door of the house asking me to follow him. I did as he asked.

A very smart looking man answered the door. He had the build and appearance of a door man you would expect to see outside a nightclub.

Michael introduced us and we were allowed entry. We were escorted to a sitting room located just off the main hallway. Both Michael and I sat close together on a settee and Michael held my hand. With tears in his eyes he leaned into me, kissed me on the cheek and excused himself saying that he had to leave the room for a moment. Michael stood and walked out of the room. That was the last time I would see Michael.

I sat waiting for  Michael’s return. The door opened and I looked towards it expecting to see Michael. A tall elderly man entered the room. He was very smartly dressed in a suit, shirt and tie.  He approached and sat in one of the leather arm chairs across from the settee on which I was sitting.

“Good morning Miss Reynolds, my name is Lawrence Cartwright. Please allow me to explain the reason for your visit here today. Your fiancé Michael has got himself into a great deal of trouble. His gambling addiction has resulted him in owing us a considerable sum of money. Five hundred thousand pounds to be precise. He is unable to repay his debts and has offered you in payment. You now belong to us.”

My mind began to spin. I felt physically sick. What had Michael done to me? I thought he loved me.

The elderly man continued “You will be gainfully employed in our organisation until Michael’s dept is repaid. If you are unwilling or unable to repay the debt then Michael will repay another way. With his life.”

With that the elderly man stood and left the room. I was escorted outside to a waiting limousine.

The limousine drove a short distance down country lanes before pulling into a gated driveway that led to a very large Edwardian mansion.

The driver of the limousine escorted me to the front door and rang the bell.

As the door opened I was greeted by a very authoritarian looking woman dressed in a light grey skirt suit and pristine white blouse. Her hair was grey and was worn in bahis şirketleri a tight bun.

“Good morning Miss Reynolds. I am Matron we have been expecting you, welcome to The Academy, follow me.”

I followed the woman who called herself matron into a large and tastefully decorated entrance hall. From there I was led into a large and spacious room filled with comfy chairs and settees. A television set was playing to itself in the far corner of the room. I noticed a large bookcase filled with books and magazines. The lounge area opened up into a restaurant with a self-service counter and the noise of meals being prepared in the back kitchen echoed around the room.

A short walk down a corridor from the restaurant led to a gymnasium equipped with all manner of apparatus. From the gymnasium I could see a large swimming pool surrounded by sun loungers. To the side of the pool was a sauna and a number of Jacuzzis.

On looking out of the panoramic windows in the pool area I saw an expanse of well manicure lawn and an ornamental pond.

We then took the elevator to the first floor. Matron informed me that this floor was accommodation and preparation rooms.

I followed Matron down a long corridor. On either side of the corridor I saw doors adorned with brass plaques bearing a girl’s name and a number.

Matron stopped outside one such door bearing the name ‘Rebecca 87.’

Matron opened the door and invited me to step in. “This is your room Miss Reynolds. From now on you will not be addressed as Miss Reynolds. You will be referred to as Rebecca – Bitch Tag No 87. Do you understand?”

“Yes I think so” I replied.

Matron scolded me saying “In future when you wish to speak to me, you will curtsey before you speak and you always refer to me as matron. Do you understand?”

I curtsied and replied “Yes Matron”

“Now undress out of your clothes including your underwear and put on that towelling dressing gown that has been laid out for you.” She instructed.

I did as instructed.

I followed matron out of my room and back down the corridor to a set of large double doors. The sign above the doors read Hair and Beauty Salon.

The salon was the most well equipped beauty salon I had ever seen.

On one side of the room lay a bank of 10 hair cutting stations complete with its own wash basin.  On the opposite side of the room were 10 waxing tables and product stands. In the centre of the room stood 10 makeup chairs and work stations.

“Now take off your robe and lie on that waxing table.” Matron instructed.

I curtsied “Yes Matron.”  and did as instructed.

My body was already smooth as I shaved regularly apart from the public hair around my pussy. Michael like me to keep my bush. He said it turned him on.

A young woman entered the salon. I would guess she was my age, early twenties. She had long blonde hair similar in length to mine and tied back in a neat pony tail. She wore a white knee length salon dress, white seamed stockings and a pair of white patent leather kitten heels. As she walked towards me I could clearly see the suspender bumps imprinting through her very tight salon dress.

Matron spoke to the young woman “This is Rebecca – Bitch Tag No 87, please prepare her for her duties as a Butterfly Girl”

The young woman approached me as I lay naked on the waxing table.

“My name is Amy and I will be processing you today” she said to me.

‘What do you mean processing me?” I asked

“When you speak to me or any of the salon staff you must refer to us as Miss, so I am Miss Amy. What I mean by processing you is I will be waxing you and doing your hair and makeup.” replied Miss Amy.

Miss Amy began the waxing treatment and before long the whole of my body including my pussy mound was devoid of hair. A sweet smelling lotion was applied to my skin and massaged in by Miss Amy. Her touch was sensuous as her fingers massaged my body. She gently smothered the cream into my thigh area moving towards my pussy. Her hands caressed my mound and I felt her fingers open my pussy lips, her fingers exploring inside me. Miss Amy lifted the two offending fingers to her mouth and licked my wetness from them. Once she had finished my skin felt silky smooth. I had never felt my skin so smooth.

Miss Amy handed me a pair of paper panties. Told me to put them on and take a seat at her hair styling station.  I had never had my hair trimmed whilst naked before. I presumed I was getting a trim because my hair was one of my outstanding features. My hair was naturally golden blonde and when I didn’t wear it in a pony tail it fell to just above my bum cheeks.

Miss Amy threw a salon cape over my naked body and fastened it securely around my neck. She took the hair bobble from my pony tail and set my hair free to tumble over my shoulders and over the back of the salon chair.

This shouldn’t take long I thought to myself, a quick trim is all I need. I took good care of my hair and it shouldn’t take much to sort bahis firmaları out a few split ends.

I watched Miss Amy brush out my hair, take the top section and twist it into one long rope of hair and create a bun which she clipped to the top of my head leaving the under section of my hair hanging down over the back of the salon chair.

Miss Amy leant over to her styling table and unclipped a pair of barber’s hair clippers from their hook. My god, surely she’s not going to use those on me. I thought to myself.

She stood behind me as I watched her through the salon mirror.  She lifted the clippers so that I had a good view of them through the mirror.

Miss Amy fired the hair clippers into action.


She saw the look of desperation on my face and smiled. The bitch was enjoying this. She was going to shave my hair off and she was enjoying it.

She placed her fingers on the back of my head and pushed it forward so that my chin touched my chest. I could no longer see what she was doing to me and I was at her mercy.

I felt the cold steel of the clippers touch the bottom of my nape and push upwards towards the crown of my head. The sound of the clippers changed to a deep buzz as they ploughed through my beautiful blonde hair. The clippers were returned to the bottom of my nape and another furrow of hair was sheared from my head.

Miss Amy continued to shear me until all of the long hair from my nape and around my ears was removed.  With the clippers job completed she hung them back on the hook beneath her styling station.

She took a can of shaving gel from her station, squirted some into her left palm, stood directly in front of me and massaged the gel with fingers from her right hand. The very same fingers she had stuck inside my pussy not 10 minutes earlier. The bitch I thought to myself.

She massaged the gel into a cream.

“I’m really going to enjoy shaving that pretty little nape of yours.”  She said with a smile.

She smothered the cream over my clippered nape and around my ears.  I watched as she took a straight razor from her styling station and expertly shave the shaving foam and bristles from my neck and the skin around your ears. When she had finished all I could see was pure white virgin skin on the side of my head around my ears. My hair line now started 2cm above the top of my ears.

Miss Amy released the clip from the bun at the top of my head allowing my remaining hair to fall over my shoulders and down the back of salon chair. I looked in the mirror and the image I saw looking back at me was Rebecca with the long hair flowing over her shoulders and down her back. Miss Amy had given me an undercut.  Not so bad I thought. I can still hide the fact that I am partially bald.

Miss Amy picked up a pair of scissors, placed the blades midway up my right ear and commenced cutting my hair into a short bob. I watched as 50 cm lengths of my beautiful blonde hair fell to the salon floor. She continued to cut my hair around my nape but instead of cutting in a straight horizontal line she graduated the cut upwards to the occipital bone at the back of my head. On reaching the highpoint of my nape the hairline was cut downwards towards the midway point of my left ear.

Miss Amy stood in front of me and brushed the long hair out that was to form my fringe.

“I’m going to give you a really short fringe” she said with a giggle.

She placed the scissors to a point midway up my forehead and snipped. The last of my long hair fell to the salon floor.

She held a mirror to the back of my head so I could see the results of her work. She had given me a very short Louise Brooks style inverted bob with a shaved nape.

The skin on my shaved nape stood out virgin white until it reached my new hairline just above the occipital bone.

If I thought my ordeal in the salon chair was over but I was mistaken.

Miss Amy lead me to to wash station and I was laid back whilst she washed my hair. Her fingers felt so good on my scalp. I could feel the area between my legs getting wet. She was turning me on.

Her right hand stopped massaging my head and slipped under the salon apron in search of my wet pussy. I felt her fingers part my lips and slip inside me. Her fingers explored deeper and deeper, faster and faster as she finger fucked me. My body tensed as I released my juices into my paper panties and over the salon chair.

Miss Amy removed her fingers slowly from the depths of my wet pussy, raised them to her lips and licked my juice. Her wet fingers touched my lips inviting me to taste my own pussy juice. I opened my mouth inviting her inside, her fingers explored my mouth pushing back into my throat causing me to gag. The bitch.

“Now I think we had better finish you off” she said.

A jet black hair dye solution was applied to my hair and allowed to take. After another quick rinse at the wash basin my hair was blow dried.

I sat staring into the salon mirror. That kaçak bahis siteleri wasn’t Rebecca Reynolds with the long blonde hair, that was Rebecca – Bitch Tag No 87 with the very short jet black Louise Brooks style inverted bob with the shaved nape and undercut staring back at me.

I was quickly moved across to the makeup area of the salon.

Miss Amy applied my makeup. My eyebrows were shaved and replaced with a very fine arched brow drawn on and a set of very long curvy eye lashes applied.

The makeup Miss Amy applied was very pale with rosy red cheeks and deep red lip gloss. I looked like a china doll.

Miss Amy instructed me to follow her into an adjoining room.  This room was a very small room and had just a few pieces of furniture in it.

A dentist type chair, a bed and a cabinet with what looked like tattoo artists tools set out on a cabinet.

Miss Amy instructed me to sit in the chair.

Miss Amy was a woman of many talents. She gave me a beautiful tattoo of a colourful butterfly on my left breast.

I was then instructed to lie face down on the bed. I did as instructed and soon found myself getting another tattoo at the base of my nape. Just when I thought my ordeal was over the ink gun started up again this time along my back at waistline just above my buttocks.

Miss Amy finally told me that my inking was complete and instructed me to return to the chair. She showed me another of her talents and proceeded to pierce my nipples and adorn them with a nipple bar through each. She then turned her attention to my pussy placing two fingers inside me and piercing my outer labia before placing a gold ring into the piercing.

“There that is you processed. A perfect Butterfly girl” she said.

Miss Amy led me back into the salon and allowed me to inspect the tattoos she had given me on my back.

If they were anything like the beautiful butterfly on my breast I would be very happy.

I stared at the reflection of my tattoos. I mustered all the strength I had to stop me from bursting into tears.

Tattooed on my nape was; REBECCA BITCH TAG No 87

Tattooed at the base of my back just above my buttocks was;  PROPERTY OF THE BUTTERFLY GENTLEMANS CLUB.

I had been well and truly tramp stamped.

The next step in my process was a visit to the nurse. She was a woman of middle age and wore her dark brown hair in a no nonsense short tight curly perm with shaved nape and the skin above her ears clearly visible. Perhaps she had also been a victim of Miss Amy’s razor.

She was dressed in an old fashioned nurse’s uniform, black seamed fully fashioned stockings and a pair of black patent leather kitten heels.

I was given a medical check and passed with flying colours. The nurse gave me a contraceptive injection to stop me falling pregnant. I was injected with a microchip that held my personal details and a tracking device that should I wish to leave The Academy without permission I could be tracked down and returned.

My next visit was to the dressing rooms.  My personal measurements were taken and recorded. I was issued with my Butterfly Girl uniform to try on for size.

I dressed in a beautiful white lace corset with six suspender straps, a pair of white satin ruffle panties with a sheer mesh front that afforded a view of my freshly shaved pussy and its new piercing, a pair of black fully fashioned seamed stocking with a Cuban heel. The stockings were made from the finest nylon and slid up my soft silky legs sending shivers down my back. I pulled on a frilly lace petticoat that would give my dress a full skirt appearance. Next came a very short black maid’s dress that clearly would not cover my stocking tops. The bust line of the dress was cut very low and showed off my ample breasts and gave a glimpse of my beautiful butterfly tattoo. I clipped a white silk ribbon in my hair. I slipped on a pair of black patent leather shoes with a 6 inch stiletto heel. My uniform was finished off with a black leather dog collar around my neck. Attached to my dog collar was a dog tag. ‘Rebecca — Bitch Tag No 87.’

I was issued with a small black velvet purse. Inside the purse was my black leather dog lead to be used by the master who chose and paid for my company whilst I was on duty at the Butterfly Gentlemans Club.

I looked in the mirror and could not believe how sexy I looked. I had always considered myself as pretty but never a sexy temptress.

Matron appeared next to me.

“Right young lady that is the uniform you will wear whilst on duty at the Butterfly Gentlemans Club” she said.

“It is now 2pm and that gives you two hours free time before the 4pm preparation bell rings. When the bell rings return to your room, shower and put on the towelling robe provided and proceed directly to the hair and beauty salon. Now take off that uniform and place it in the dirty linen basket. You will be provided with a clean uniform for each of your duty dates at the club, keep hold of your dog tag, your collar and lead they are your personal issue. Also wipe your face clean. Your make up will be reapplied by our beauty team before you leave for duty”

I returned to my room in just my towelling robe and my face clear of makeup.

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