The Cabin

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She rolls over in her sleep, the rumbling of the storm subconsciously bringing a subtle smile to her lips. Some storms come in waves, but this one appeared over the little cabin and seemed to hover there. The sturdy log walls don’t give an inch, but the tin roof magnifies the force of the heavy rain.

She went to sleep alone, giving up on her lover. There had only been a chance he could get away, and the storm made travel difficult. Beside the bed an unopened bottle of Merlot sits in the dim light. She decided to sleep after giving up on him, thinking rested she would resume looking in the morning.

It was rare for her to have a night away from home. She smiled ear to ear when he sent the map with a heart hand drawn deep in the trees off the main road. She arrived just before the rain, slipped into her gown, and waited not so patiently for his arrival.

The gown was a special touch, something from a dream. The white material was lightweight and sheer. She enjoyed the view in the mirror, spaghetti straps over the shoulders, a slight vee at the neck, and flowing down over her body to mid-calf. Staring at it on her body, she smiled thinking how he would react. Through the material, her fading tan still shows the contrast of her breasts, the darker nipples tickled by the friction of the soft cloth. There’s a hint of her hair below, a fuzzy line up each hip earned out in the sun all summer. She felt a tingle deep inside because she knows he won’t be able to control himself. It feels good to have that power over someone…just the way she is, she is all his dreams.

She feels a chill in the room and reaches for the soft comforter that caressed her eyes closed an hour earlier, but her hands come back empty. She squints her eyes open, half sitting to retrieve the wrap when she sees him standing at the foot of the bed. He’s clad only in briefs, his hair is dripping wet, the soft light of the fireplace reflecting on a hundred droplets over his arms and chest. She’s up out of the bed in a flash, his arms slip around her, surrounding her as their lips meet in a deep slow kiss. They move together to the side of the bed, he takes her hands in his and steps back to look at her beautiful gown. She watches canlı bahis his eyes move over her body, how his smile widens over her breasts, how his eyebrows rise finding her bare skin peeking from below. He kisses her, and gently pushes her to a sitting position on the edge of the bed.

As if on cue, the room lights up and thunder rolls…his thumbs hook into his briefs and slip them down over his hips. She watches his cock spring forth, no longer hanging, hard and swollen it points directly to her as if begging for attention. With his hips at her eye level, he steps closer…his hands falling to her shoulders, then urging her arms to stay at her sides. She feels the heat of his hardness brushing up against her cheek, then feels his hands on her head. His fingers spreading out into her hair, holding her, caressing her, he’s looking down into her eyes as her mouth falls open inviting him. With his hips stationary, he pulls her open mouth over his swollen head….she hears him moan as her wet mouth closes around the shaft….she looks up and watches his eyes close just as she feels his hips begin to move. His grip on her tightens, holding her steady as he slides the head back and forth in her wet mouth. She feels it growing harder, feels her lips tighter around him. She again finds him looking down at her beautiful face pleasing him. She feels his hands tighten in her hair, feels him pulling her closer to take more of him, even as the speed of his hips increases. The faster his body moves, the deeper he slides in her wet mouth, until her lips are just frozen around his shaft, offered as his pleasure. All at once his hands become fists, he stops and takes a deep breath, holding it….she feels him slip from her lips. His whole body tense, on the verge of loosing on control…his grip slowly loosens, and he looks down at her smiling. She leans forward and licks a drop oozing from his red and throbbing hardness. He steps back, then kneels down in front of her. With his tongue extended, he kisses her deeply.

His arms slip around her, pulling her to the edge of the bed, feeling her legs part to either side of his torso. He feels the warmth of her body, the silky material of her gown. As he kisses her, his hands move over bahis siteleri her back, then they slip around and cup the fullness of her breasts. He lifts and supports them, relishing the feel…rubbing his thumbs over the hard nipples…..he shifts his hands so fingers can roll the tips of her nipples, tugging softly through the material. He leans back a slightly and grabs the hem of the gown, she raises her arms and he slips it from her body. Immediately his lips attach themselves to her breasts….first one, then the other. His tongue wets them, circles the hard tip….then he sucks softly…pulling and playing with her. She smiles and savors in the pleasure of his touch, feels the needs building in her to matching his.

His tongue meanders down her body, she feels herself fall back onto the bed as his kisses move to the top of her thigh. His hunger for her is great…..he can almost taste her sweetness. His hands urge her thighs open farther, and his lips press to her lips. He feels her whole body react, first tense with pleasure, then calm, her hips tilting up to him. Slowly his pointed tongue slips inside of her, he’s not surprised to find her soaking wet…..he flicks her juices over her lips, nibbling and sucking….savoring her taste. He pushes his tongue in again, this time deeper, feeling the wetness on his lips and chin, as he stretches his tongue deep inside of her. His hands take hold of her, pulling her tight up against his mouth….she can feel his rough chin moving as his swallows her juices, milks her. Her hands fall to his head, urging him higher….He feels her body more focused, wanting the pressure, needing the wet friction. His tongue lies over her hard nub, she holds him there with her hands tight on his head. He pushes hard, rolling his tongue against her, alternating flicking over her, closing his lips around her and sucking….then finally back to pushing with his tongue in fast neverending circles. Her hips seem to move in perfect unison with is tongue, rocking steadily, then beginning to buck….she lets out a cry of his name as her thighs sandwich his head and she rolls side to side….she feels the electricity shoot through her body, feels the waves of fire, the flush of wetness….over and over until she’s bahis şirketleri without breath and quivering. As the pressure of her legs ease up, his lips find her soft inner thighs, kissing her, leaving a wet trail.

He’s at once aware of the need of his own, the throbbing hardness that needs to empty in her….he has a painful smile as his cock flexes in anticipation of slipping inside of her. He kisses up her stomach as he stands at the edge of the bed….even as her breath is still short and ragged, he guides his cock to her engorged lips….he rubs the head back and forth over her slit, he feels the warmth of her orgasm.

He leans into her, feeling her lips spreading over his head, as her knees rise to her chest. He reaches for ankles, pushing her legs higher, then pushes inside of her…..he moans involuntarily, so silky and wet, tight around his shaft. He works himself slowly inside of her, back and forth to coat his shaft with her endless fountain of sweetness. Finally he feels her accept all of him, buried in her he leans over onto her folded legs held between them….he reaches up and she feels his grasp her wrists, pinning them over her head. His hips begin to move as he grunts to her in a breathy voice…. “You are mine, I have you….I’m going to fuck you, take what is mine and fill you with my cum to mark you as mine” He accents his point with his hips, thrusting deep and hard inside of her.

With his hips unencumbered, he moves faster…pounding home his point over and over. He rides her, his cock stretching and growing again……his head raking the walls of her sweet tunnel, then plunging deep and hard back inside of her. He feels himself loosing control, like an animal hammering fast and hard approaching a cliff at break-neck speed. All at once he’s flying, he thrust up deep inside of her, spewing his thick cum, stroking through it, then again and again emptying himself with forceful spasms….he grunts her name aloud, then wallows in her, feeling her juices mixing with his, stirred by his ever slowing motion….He releases her wrists, lets her legs fall back to the sides….he leans down and kisses her….overwhelmed by how beautiful she looks. He smiles and whispers… “you are incredible…one more favor, I need to eat you, eat you NOW…while you are freshly filled and completely mine” He slips from her, and slides down to his knees, her heels rest on his shoulders, her knees falling to the sides.

Maybe more coming…

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