The Cat

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Big Tits


“Whore”…she thought again.

They had just come onto the monitor. Through the front lobby. She had seen them on the screen, now she slide her chair forward so she could see and be seen.

They were cuddling and kissing and staggering towards the lift. The girl was dressed in a tight red leather skirt so short it barely covered her bottom. The top was see-though, back lace and almost covering her breasts. Her long legs were encased in fine hose that shined and twinkles in the subdued lighting of the foyer.

“Whore” she thought again, but at least she is getting laid, more than I will tonight, she added to her thoughts.

The couple moved into the lift, pressed the button to the top floor and continued kissing and cuddling.

She slid her chair back, pressed a button on the security monitor and watched the couple in the lift. The man moved his hand down the girl’s bottom until he felt the tights and quickly pushed upwards. The girl shuddered, and kissed him hard as she let her hand slit to his bulge and he moaned with pleasure.

She slipped her hand down her body and pulled at a nipple. “God” she moaned, ‘lucky bitch’ she thought as her hand rubbed her thigh.

The lift stopped and the couple moved out towards his room.

She adjusted the monitor and caught them as the key open the room and the disappeared inside. ‘Ah well’ she moaned ‘A pity we don’t monitor the rooms’ she thought as she removed her hand from her thigh and returned to the accounting procedures the computer was performing.

Once inside the couple’s mood changed.

The girl broke away and quickly removed her high-healed shoes, and the expensive Italian tights. The top was soon discarded and she was standing only in her thong. The man though did not notice, he was removing dark coloured clothing from one of his suitcases. As the girl removed the thong, standing naked before him, he tossed the bundle of clothes to her.

Quickly, without a word said she untangled the black leggings and pulled them on. The man tossed a small box of band-aids to the girl. She removed two, tearing the backing off and placed them over first her left and then her right nipple. Following this unusual act was the black licria body suit. From practice she knew that with out the bandaids Şerifali Escort her nipples would get hard with the rubbing of the licria against her breasts, she could not have any distractions tonight. Pulling the long sleeves down her arms and clipping the fasteners under her crutch. As she turned he passed a hood into which she poured her honey blond hair and then pulled it over her face. This covered her face completely leaving only two slits for the eyes.

She sat quickly on the bed and as she pulled on a pair of ballet shoes onto her slim feet the man removed a length of climbing rope and a harness from his other suitcase. Fastening it to the balcony and checking it by pulling it firmly he attached the harness, weaving the rope neatly round the pulley.

The girl slipped into a light body harness and pulled a head strap across her forehead, attached to this was a small miner’s style light. A battery was tucked into the back of the harness.

She quickly moved outside and attached herself to the rope, which was now curling downwards towards the back lane of the hotel. stepped over the balcony and slid sightly out of sight.

The man held a light, thin cotton yarn that pulled effortlessly though his gloved hands. It stopped. He waited. Seconds later it moved again. Stopping seconds later. He held it lightly, waiting for the slightest movement.

The wait was endless, feeling like hours, when mere seconds passed. He felt a sharp pull jerk the yarn, he smoothly pulled the yarn, waiting until the resistance was strong. Gripping the yarn he now pulled evenly, like a fisherman playing the salmon, smoothly pulling his bounty upward from the deep.

The black briefcase appeared through the balcony rails. Leaning over, he swiftly pulled the case to his hand and removed the yarn, curling it around his fist as he pulled it in.

Seconds later the slim, black shadow of the girl landed soundlessly beside him, as moved quickly inside, taking the prize with her.

The briefcase was opened, unceremoniously, by smashing the locks with a hammer, brought for that purpose. Two CD-Rom and DVD disks were all that it held. The DVD disc was put carefully into a false CD case, the CD’s placed in the lining of the suitcase.

Whilst he was doing that İstanbul Escort the girl peeled off her headgear, then the bodysuit, followed by the tights and was standing naked in the darkened room for the second time that night. She reached up and grabbed the man’s neck and kissed him deeply…. Allowing her tongue to enter his mouth and duel with his tongue.

He grabbed her neck and threw her onto the bed. He followed her down, his hand reaching her left nipple and ripping the band-aid off in one movement, making her moan in pleasure-pain.

She rolled over and grabbed at his trousers, pulling the zip and the trouser down in one liquid movement. His cock was hard. Poking out of his underwear. His pants were removed with the dual action of her hands and his.

Without permission, but with no complaint, she impaled herself on his steel hard penis. A sigh of sheer pleasure exploded from his lips. She arched her back and tossed her head in the air as she ripped the second bandaid from be nipple. As the pleasure of this leapt through her body the orgasm she so desired started to well up from her depths. She lent forward and kissed him hard. Biting his lips and drawing blood as the orgasm hit. He thrust upwards, pushing himself deeper into her body, as he felt her relax with pleasure he rolled her over and thrust into her, to complete his own pleasure. He came hard. Pulsing deep in her cunt.

As they both recovered from the pleasure they shared, he kissed her with a tender passion. It was now his turn to please her. She had taken what was about to be offered for the second time, this time on his terms.

He kissed her lightly, on the lips and moved his hand down her shoulder and across her breasts. The start to stir the sexual energy within her. She moved, to take control, but he was in charge. He pushed her onto the bed and taking her nipple between his teeth sucked hard and pulled it gently. His action made her arch her back but his firm hand pushed her on the bed and moved over her flat stomach and found the soft patch of downy hair the barely covered her pussy.

His fingers slipped into the well-oiled slit. Her lips were slowen with her pleasure and his finger pushed in without any resistance. He started a slow rhythm, rocking backwards and forward. Ümraniye Escort She moaned. AS third and then a forth finger plunged into her. His thumb then went to work on her clit.

She could not lay there. This was becoming too intense. She tried to sit, to take control. He roughly pushed her back, with his free hand and increased the pressure on her clit with the thumb. He pushed the thumb into her as well. She moaned loudly…. Her back arched and she pushed her hips towards his fingers. She starts to move faster, fucking his hand. She knew what she wanted. She wanted that release she could only get from his hand, and hand. She moved faster. The pain was unique, exquisite.

She needed the fisting he was going to give her. It was still too tight. Reaching quickly for the lube he squeezed some on his hand. At that moment his hand slipped deeper. Her hips bucked and forced his hand deep in her, past the knuckle and up to his wrist.

She went ridged, her legs shot out and were stiff. Her whole body started to shake. He was aware of this and fought to keep the pressure on her pussy, and at the same time holding be so she did not shake herself off the bed. She did not scream, she couldn’t, her orgasm was too intense.

As she relaxed, a satisfied moan, no more of a sigh, slipped from her mouth. She started that long road down as her body relaxed and she allowed the passion to spread through her body.

She slept for mere moments but that refreshed her mind and body. She did not shower. She needed the smell of sex on her body. That completed the image of a whore as she left the hotel, and she enjoyed the feeling of sex on her body.

Once dressed in her disguise, she left the room. Had he had an orgasm? She cared nothing, he could wank if he wanted.

The night auditor noted the opening of the lift on her screen. She slid her chair forward again. She watched her leave, swinging her hips, and with a self-satisfied look on her face. The auditor let her hand stray down to her thighs and felt a warmth start to build up. “Lucky bitch” she whispered to no-one. Perhaps the breakfast chef, who had been flirting with her for weeks now, might get lucky at last.

Headlines in National papers the next morning:

The Cat, a self named and well know green rights activist, has now highjack and removed certain documents from well know MP outlining a government plan for the increase of processing of nuclear waste. The plan was leaked to the media today, but no indication of where these documents were obtained.

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