The Chair Ch. 18

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The day had started like any other Friday at work. But then around 11:00 he received a phone call from the redhead. She asked him if he would be interested in going to a party that evening. When he said that he was, she told him not to be late. She refused to give him any details about who was throwing the party or where it was being held. She told him that she would take care of everything.

Through the rest of the day, all he could think about was what she might be planning.

When he arrived home, she greeted him at the door. As she led him quickly to the bathroom to shower and change, she informed him that it was a costume party and that she had already selected their costumes. They both disrobed and then stepped into the shower. As they washed each other’s bodies, he questioned her more about the party. But she remained tight-lipped, at least as far as details about the party were concerned. When his hard wet dick slipped between her legs and rubbed against her pussy, she pushed him away, telling him that they didn’t have time for that before the party. Reluctantly he agreed, although there was still quite a bit of mutual fondling that went on before they emerged from the shower. After he dried her with a towel, she proceeded to dry him. She took particular attention in drying his erect penis.

She then led him to the bedroom where she had their costumes laid out. It was at this point that he learned that she would be going as Cleopatra and he would be going as her servant/slave. Her costume consisted of a dark black wig that completely covered her red hair, two gold armbands, that resembled snakes, wrapped around her upper arms, and a sleeveless dress with long slits up both sides topped by a sheer purple cape. An ornamental headdress on top of the black wig completed her costume.

His costume was much simpler. There was a short sleeveless black leather vest that had only a small gold chain in front fastening it closed, although it was purposely designed to expose most of his chest and stomach. There was also a supple black leather thong/g-string that covered his erect cock and balls while at the same time accentuating their shape and size. In order to provide him as little modesty as possible, there was also a matching leather apron, that was not much more than a pleated leather mini skirt with a 2-inch wide belt, but at least it covered his exposed ass. They both wore sandals, except that his were plain while hers were much more ornate and fitting of a queen.

Once in the car, she gave him directions to where the party was being held. Thirty minutes later they arrived at a nondescript sort of building that was somewhat secluded while being amongst a number of commercial buildings. There was no name on the exterior of the building, only an address. After they got out of the car, she fastened a collar around his neck. The collar was attached to a chain, which the redhead held the other end of. As they approached the door, someone opened it for them from the inside. The man that opened the door was dressed appropriately as a doorman. He wasn’t sure whether that was the man’s usual attire or a costume for the party.

Upon entering the dark building, it took several moments for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. As he looked around, he saw approximately 20 couples in total. Many of the other costumes also seemed to be couples costumes with a theme linking the man and the woman. After looking around for a few minutes, he began to notice a common theme among all the costumes. They each appeared to have a bondage or submissive theme. There was one couple where the woman was dressed like a cop while her partner wore an orange jumpsuit and followed her around wearing shackles around his wrists and ankles. Seated on a couch near the wall was a couple featuring the man dressed as an Arab sheik while the woman, dressed as a very sexy slave girl, knelt on the floor at her master’s side. The redhead guided him over toward the couple on the couch by tugging on his chain. When they had made their way to the couch, the redhead informed him that the “Sheik” and his slave were their hosts for the party. The sheik asked the redhead to join him on the couch and let her slave sit on the floor, but the redhead declined for the time being. She told him that they wanted to look around for now.

The redhead then led her slave over to a crowd in the corner. Curiously there was only one member of any couple present in this group in the corner. Then he realized that the person present was the “dominant” character of the couple. He then learned the reason for this segregation as his “queen” instructed him to fetch her a drink from the bar and when he completed that task, he could return to the bar and get a drink for himself. Her drink was served to him on a gold plated tray, which he was to use to serve her. He quickly returned with her drink, taking great care not to spill a drop as he made his way through the crowded room. After presenting her with her drink, she dismissed him so he could quench his own thirst, but he was to return promptly in 10 minutes. When he returned to the bar and ordered his own drink, what he received was a much smaller serving than hers had been. He soon learned that this was to keep the submissives in their place and to guarantee that they would return before their masters had finished their own drink. He returned to his queen’s side just as she was finishing her drink. çapa escort

She then took the end of his chain and led him toward other rooms of the building in order to give him a tour. They walked down a narrow hallway, which had a dark glass wall along the right side. Looking through the dark glass he could see the room on the other side. The room was equipped with what appeared to be a number of medieval torture devices. There was a rack along one wall, a suspension cage in the middle of the room, and arm and leg shackles attached by chains to the third wall. The redhead informed him that the glass was in fact a one-way mirror and it appeared as a mirror from the inside.

Further down the hallway was another glass wall on the right. The room on the other side of this glass wall featured a large four-poster bed. Attached to each of the four posts were a number of ropes. The canopy over the bed was a shear white material with long sides that were presently bunched together and draped over the top of the frame.

At the end of the hall, the corridor made a turn to the left and then after another 12 feet, made another turn to the left. Here the glass wall was along the left side of the hallway. Inside this room was a spanking horse, stocks that could lock the head, hands and feet, and a Saint Andrews Cross.

The final room along the hallway was brightly lit with white walls. Inside was an examination table as used in medical offices. The walls featured a number of metal cabinets filled with appropriate props.

The redhead then proceeded to explain to him that this was a Fetish Club. On special occasions, such as tonight, they held various theme parties. She explained that for tonight’s party, every couple was supposed to wear costumes with the appropriate bondage, discipline, dominance, or submission theme. The party would begin with a “meet and greet” where everyone would mingle. Later, each couple would be called upon to put on a little skit for the rest of the couples. The winning couple would receive a pass for one month’s free admission to the club. Following the award of the prize, the back rooms would be opened for everyone to use for the rest of the evening.

She then led him back out to the main room by pulling on his chain. He followed her dutifully as any servant would his beautiful queen. She made a point of leading him around to each couple in turn. They would spend a few minutes getting aquatinted before moving on to the next couple. As they approached the last couple, he recognized them. They were Dawn and her boyfriend that they had met on the plane back from Los Angeles. The same Dawn who had tested The Chair and shared their bed only 3 weeks ago. Dawn’s boyfriend Alan was dressed as a doctor while Dawn looked quite fetching dressed as a nurse wearing a tight white uniform with a very short hemline that showed off her fabulous looking legs to full advantage.

After chatting for a few minutes and getting aquatinted with Alan, the redhead announced that she had to use the restroom. She then handed his chain to Dawn and asked if she would watch her servant while she was gone. Dawn smiled wickedly and said it would be her pleasure. Once the redhead had made her way to the restroom, Dawn instructed him to fetch her and Alan a couple of drinks from the bar. When he returned, after handing their drinks to them, he handed his chain back to Dawn. Dawn then told him that she was getting tired of standing, but there were no empty seats. She then ordered him to kneel on his hands and knees so that she could sit down on his back. He willingly complied. As Dawn sat on his back and chatted with him and Alan, the cold condensation from her drink began to run down the sides of the glass and drip onto the exposed skin of his lower back. When the first cold drop hit him, he flinched slightly. This brought a stern warning from Dawn that he was not to move again or there would be serious consequences. He managed to hold his position as more water dripped from the glass. He even managed to stay still when Dawn fished an ice cube from her drink and “accidentally” dropped it on his back.

It was about this time that the redhead returned. She smiled when she saw the situation her servant was in. Dawn offered to relinquish her seat to Queen Cleopatra, but the queen told her that there appeared to be enough room for both of them to sit. With that, Dawn slid further toward his shoulders to make room for the redhead. As Cleopatra sat down she squealed slightly as she sat on the ice cube that was still melting on his back. She then loudly proclaimed that this was no way to treat a queen. He thought that he was going to be in for it, but when Dawn began apologizing profusely, he realized that it was her that was in trouble. Cleopatra stated that she would accept the apology for now, but this matter would be addressed further later. He secretly thought to himself that this had very interesting possibilities. From the smile on Alan’s face, it looked like he was thinking the same thing. After exchanging pleasantries for a few more minutes, they decided they should go and speak to their hosts before the evening’s festivities began. Dawn and the redhead then stood followed shortly by Cleopatra’s servant.

When he and the redhead approached the Sheik, Cleopatra asked if the offer to share his couch was still valid. When he said that it was, she made herself comfortable. As she fatih escort sat down and crossed her legs, her diaphanous dress separated at the slits, exposing her bare legs all the way up to her hips. Surprisingly, she was wearing panties tonight, though they were quite miniscule and in the proper lighting were almost transparent. She then directed her servant to kneel at her side. As he knelt there, he was to remain on display with his spine erect and his chest thrown out. After speaking with their hosts for several minutes, Cleopatra announced that her legs were tired and directed her servant to massage them as she sat there. As he repositioned himself so he was now kneeling directly in front of her, she uncrossed her legs and stretched one out for him to start on. He started massaging each of her toes before working his way up her leg. As he progressed beyond her ankle, she placed her foot flat against his bare chest. She knew exactly what she was doing and what effect it would have on him. Between massaging her leg, her lovely foot against his chest, and looking at her pussy through the nearly transparent panties, his penis began to stiffen again. Soon she noticed his dick getting erect inside his leather thong. The sexy slave girl kneeling next to the Sheik noticed it also as she smiled coyly and then licked her lips seductively. Not wanting to disappoint his queen, he continued to massage her leg higher and higher. When his hands were at the leg band of her panties, she lowered that leg and raised the other leg for him to start on. Again he repeated his duties the same as he had on the other. When his hands finally reached her other leg band she delayed slightly before telling him to stop. You see as his hands were wrapped around the top of her thigh, his fingers were also stimulating the lips of her pussy lips through the shear transparent fabric. When she did direct him to stop, her panties were now even more transparent from the moisture she was exuding from her womanhood.

Having done such a wonderful job at massaging her legs, his queen decided to reward him by allowing him to get himself a well earned drink. She directed him that when he was finished with his drink, he was to bring another drink for her and that she would be with Dawn and Alan. Just after he returned with his queen’s drink, there was an announcement that the skit competition was about to begin. At that point, a couple of the men went to the front of the room where the Sheik and his slave had been seated and moved the couch off to the side to make room for the performances. Everyone else began to take positions so they could watch the performances.

He asked the redhead what they were going to do for their skit and she answered his question with one of her own. She asked him, “Do you trust me?”

He replied that he did. And it was true, he did trust her completely. He knew that she may do something that could embarrass or hurt him, but he also knew that she knew him well enough to know just how far to go. When he replied that he did, she then told him, “Then just do what I say.”

Luckily, he thought, they were not chosen to go first. This would give him a chance to see what sort of things the skits entailed.

The first couple to perform was the female cop and her prisoner. The woman was dressed in a sexy cop uniform that consisted of a light blue shirt buttoned tightly across her bust, a short navy blue skirt held up by a belt that also held a night stick and a pair of hand cuffs, a pair of shiny black boots that came almost to her knees, and a police cap that made of the same shiny material as the boots. Her prisoner was wearing a bright orange jumpsuit, shackles around both ankles, shackles around his wrists, and a chain connecting his wrists to his ankles. As they were called to perform, they walked to the front of the room. Or more accurately, she walked to the front while pushing him roughly in front of her. She unfastened his shackles and let them fall loudly to the floor. She then told her prisoner that he was suspected of having contraband and he would have to be frisked. With that she pushed him up against the wall as he assumed the position. As she leaned her weight against him between his shoulders, she used her foot to pull his feet further out from the wall and apart from each other. As he remained leaning forward against the wall, she began to frisk him. She started with his arms and worked her way down over his chest. She then moved down to his legs and worked her way up each leg. She then reached around his waist and moved her hands down to his crotch where she wrapped her one hand tightly around his dick through his jumpsuit. She then proclaimed that he had some suspicious bulges and would need to be strip-searched.

She then backed away from him and told him to remove his shoes. After he had complied, she looked through his shoes as if actually looking for the contraband. She then ordered him to remove his jumpsuit, which he did without protest. As he stood at the front of the room wearing only pair of jockey shorts, she then ordered him to remove them as well. After he had slid the shorts off his legs he stood up straight and crossed his hands in front of his penis. The cop scolded him, saying that he was trying to conceal something. She then removed a rubber glove from the waistband of her skirt and ordered him to bend over as she stretched the glove on over her right hand. sarıyer escort bayan With the glove firmly in place, she stepped forward and mercilessly shoved one, and then two, fingers into his asshole. As she worked the two fingers around his rectum, his penis began to grow as the crowd appreciatively watched his ordeal. The cop then removed her fingers and disposed of the glove. She then told her prisoner that he had passed the inspection this time, but that she would be keeping her eye on him. With that she told him to get dressed again. Once he had redressed, she put his shackles back on and ordered him to the back of the room. As he stumbled off, the crowd burst into a round of applause for their performance.

Several other couples performed mediocre skits before Alan and Dawn were called upon. Their skit commenced on the premise of the doctor informing the nurse that one of their patients was suffering from a contagious condition and that he must perform an examination of the nurse to see if she had contracted it. He told her to disrobe, but since they were both medical professionals, she could forego the paper gown as it would only slow up the examination. After removing her uniform, bra, and panties, she was left standing wearing only her white stockings and shoes. Alan then approached her as he put the tips of his stethoscope into his ears. He placed the cold instrument against her back and told her to take a very deep breath and hold it. As she did as she was told, her breasts were thrust out toward the audience. After she had released that breath, he moved the instrument to the other side of her back and had her take another breath. He then moved around to her side and then cupping the stethoscope end in his hand, he placed it over her left breast. Again he had her take a deep breath. As she did, he rotated his hand and massaged her breast. He then repeated the same thing with the right breast. He then moved his hand down to between her legs and cupped her pussy with his hand while running one finger back and forth over her clit.

The attention to her breasts and pussy had gotten Dawn visibly excited as evidenced by her shallow breathing and the moisture forming on her labia. The doctor then confirmed that she did indeed have what the patient had. Dawn asked what she had and he told her she had “a very high sex drive.” When she asked if there was anything he could do for her, he replied, “you’re going to require his personal treatment on a regular basis.” With that, they made their way off the stage.

The next couple to perform approached the stage area. The woman was dressed in riding gear, tight riding pants, calf high boots, and an English riding jacket and cap. She also carried a riding crop. The man was properly outfitted as her ponyboy with a bridle around his head with a bit between his teeth. A tail made of real horsehair hung behind him from where it was lodged down the back of his leather shorts. He had no shirt, and his shoes had been modified to resemble hooves. The woman said that she must train her mount the proper way to trot so he could be used to pull her carriage. With that said, she gave him a crack on his ass with the riding crop. The jolt sent him running in a circle around his owner as she held his lead. She continually gave him instructions on how to run; knees higher, longer strides, etc. while giving him encouragement with the riding crop on his ass and back. After about 5 minutes she had gotten him into the steady rhythm that she wanted. She then ordered him to stop as they concluded their skit.

After a few more skits, it was finally time for Cleopatra and her servant. They made their way to the front with her leading him by his chain. When they reached the front of the room, she ordered him to kneel before his queen. He did as he was directed. She then told him that he should worship the ground she walks on just for having the honor of serving her. With that he bent forward and kissed the floor in front of her feet. She then raised one foot, placed it against him, and shoved him over on his side. She said that she was displeased with his earlier performance. He had taken too long when getting her second drink. Groveling at her feet, he begged her forgiveness. She told him that such poor performance needed to be punished. He had no choice but to agree with his queen. She then clapped her hands and two of the men from the audience came forward and lifted her servant to his feet. (Evidently she had previously briefed the two on the parts they were to play.) The two men maneuvered him into position about 4 feet from the front wall, facing the crowd. Then they pulled a set of manacles down from the ceiling rafters and fastened his hands securely above his head. Then Cleopatra stepped toward him with a metal bar about 3 feet long with a manacle on each end. As she handed the bar to the two men, they spread the servant’s legs and attached the manacles to his ankles. With his legs spread this far apart, his arms were now stretched tightly above him. His queen then asked if he was ready for his punishment to begin. Not knowing what to expect, he meekly said that he was. She stepped up behind him and released the belt that held his apron on. As the garment fell to the floor between his legs, the outline of his erect penis was now plainly visible through his thong. He heard her take a few steps back just before he felt the leather covered paddle contact the bare flesh of his ass. As the paddle made contact, his midsection involuntarily lunged forward. Cleopatra then instructed him that he must sincerely request each additional blow of his punishment. He bowed his head and asked, “Your Highness, I deserve to be punished more.”

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