The Clan Ch. 16

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Chapter 16 – Lucas

Like Josh, Lucas had heard something earlier that was now the basis for his plan to seduce his mother; or at least he hoped so. He and his mother, Jan sat and chatted easily as they always did, eating up the time and distance between the camp and home. As they chatted, Lucas formed his idea, honed and refined it until it was a simple plan. Weeks earlier Jan’s mother was over, as she seemed to be most of the time for a visit, and she and Lucas’ mother sat in the kitchen and gossiped mostly about the family. Lucas was sitting or rather sprawled out on the couch watching the NRL (National Rugby League) game on TV; his Sharks were playing and winning.

In the kitchen, mother and daughter would smile to each other whenever Lucas reacted to the game, which was most of the time. The couch was positioned close to the kitchen door, and every now and then Lucas could hear snippets of conversation. Most of the time these went ‘through one ear and out the other’; until he heard something that would change his life.

It was half time in the live game and Lucas could hear the two main women in his life reminiscing the times and men Jan had dated as a young woman. As each man and event was retold, there would be peals of laughter, especially from Molly, Jan’s mother.

“Remember the night Greg pretended his car had broken down in the middle of nowhere?” Molly asked through her giggles.

“Ok, ok, so Greg wasn’t a real winner,” Jan shot back at her mother and Lucas smiled to himself.

“Most of the men you went out with weren’t real winners.” This brought loud laughter from Molly, but none from Jan.

“In fact your taste in men had been pretty bad,” Molly pushed.

“Well I didn’t have much of a role model then did I?” Jan shot back because her parents had been divorced for twenty years.

There was no laughter now from either women. Then in a hushed tone Lucas heard his grandmother say,

“Well at least we’ve redeemed ourselves in that one.” Lucas knew she was talking about him.

“Oh you have no idea mum, he’s such a dear. I don’t know what I’d do without him,” Jan replied just as quietly. Lucas felt himself blush.

“Well you just may have too. It won’t be too long before he finds the right girl and leaves,” Molly whispered. There was silence.

“Oh now don’t go on so Jan. He had to leave sometime,” Molly said in a comforting tone. Lucas knew his mother was crying.

“Come on, remember Graham Ashton,” Molly tried to change the subject, but there was no reply.

“Oh come on dear, you remember him. He put his hand up your dress after that dance you two went to, and you had to fight really hard to get him off, remember?” Silence, but Lucas felt himself getting angry and wondering where this dickhead lived.

“How do you about that?” a shocked Jan finally asked.

“You told me,” Molly said in her defence.

“No I did not mother.” Molly was in trouble now; ‘mother’ had been used. Molly giggled and said,

“Ok, I’ll have to come clean now. I use to talk to you after you got home from your dates and were asleep. You talk very freely and clearly in your sleep you know?”

“You asked me and I told you?” asked an incredulous Jan. Lucas was listening intently now.

“Oh yeah, you’d answer anything I asked… truthfully.”

“MUM! You had no right to do that,” Jan fumed.

“I’m sorry dear, but you did have some interesting things to tell me, and I just wanted to make sure you were ok.”

“Bullshit mum, you’re just a bloody busybody.”

“You know, no matter what I asked you, or how loudly I spoke, you never woke-up?”

“You know I’ve always been a heavy sleeper?” Jan told her mother. Molly giggled again and brought her hand to her mouth to cover it.

“What’s so funny?” Jan asked a little concerned.

“Well when I first started to talk to you when you were asleep, I tried to wake you… you know shake you and push you, quite hard sometimes, but you never woke up. So I suppose I took advantage of you. I am sorry sweetheart.”

The rest of the conversation was lost to Lucas as the teams ran back on the field for the second half.

As Lucas and his mother drove home, this little piece of information from some weeks earlier formed the basis to his plan, and tonight was the night to talk to mum — while she slept. He was very excited. On one hand he had the opportunity to ask those questions Jan would never answer, and on the other hand he hoped to find out from her if she really wanted him — as Jeremy had said.

So when Jan came to pick Lucas up from camp, he had his plan worked out, but it meant he would have to wait until that night. Therefore, their drive home wasn’t as eventful as some of canlı bahis the other guys. They chatted warmly as Lucas told his mother as much as he could about camp without giving the game away, and Jan filled him in on what he had missed at home. A thought occurred to Lucas as they neared their home.

“Hey mum, what sort of relationship did you have with grandma when you were my age?”

“Pretty good, but not as good as you and me; at least I think ours is a lot better,” Jan answered easily.

“Why do you think ours is better?”

“Because were more open with each other. Grandma held back a lot of stuff with me that I talk to you about.”

“Was she always honest with you?”

‘This was a strange question’, Jan thought.

“Not always, why do you ask?”

“Because I hate people who aren’t honest. You know, like they aren’t truthful because they’re worried what others would think, or so not to hurt other people’s feelings. That sort of thing. I think everyone should be truthful no matter what.”

“What about other people’s feelings, or where telling the truth could get someone in trouble?” Jan asked her son.

“Then you claim the ‘fifth’,” Lucas said without hesitation.

“Anyway, what was grandma not telling you?” he asked his mother and Jan was silent for a few seconds and then said,

“Well rather then be untruthful with me, she sneaked around to find things out instead of asking for the truth. Do you see what I mean?”

Because of what he had heard a few weeks earlier, he knew exactly what his mother was talking about.

“How did she sneak about?” Lucas asked as his mother was about to turn into their street.

“I claim the ‘fifth’,” Jan answered her son and they both laughed.

“It was that good was it? I must ask her what it was,” Lucas threatened lightly and his mother just laughed.

Lucas and Jan walked into the house together, and once he had emptied his dirty washing in the laundry basket they sat down to have a coffee together before bed. Lucas was all a tingle, and was wide awake unlike his mother. Once her coffee was finished Jan announced she was off to bed, and Lucas said he would watch an NRL game he had recorded while on camp — a Test Match from England, and he didn’t know the score.

Lucas found it very difficult to concentrate on the game as thoughts of what he was going to do played out in his mind. He managed to watch for an hour, convinced his mother would be sound asleep. He quietly walked down the hall to his mother’s bedroom, turned the door handle without making a noise and entered. Jan was snoring softly, sleeping on her back.

Lucas had given this a great deal of thought, and now brought to mind what his grandmother said she had done to solicit information from her daughter. He quietly pulled up her make-up chair so it was pressing against his mother’s bed, and he sat down. Lucas took a few seconds to savour the moment and have one last chance to collect his thoughts. He took a few deep breaths as he considered the gravity of what he was about to do, then he began.

“Jan?” He had decided to address her by name rather than as ‘mum’, just in case calling her ‘mum’ prevented her from speaking freely or, heaven forbid it woke her up.

“Yes,” came her clear answer without hesitation. Lucas was thrilled.

“Are you having sex with anyone?” Lucas had decided to come straight to the point, in case his mother woke while he was asking less important questions.

“Sex with who?” Jan asked and this surprised her son.


“No.” Jan was continuing to speak evenly and clearly.

“Do you wish you were?”

“Oh yes, I really miss sex and my vibator is no substitute.” Jan said this so matter of fact that Lucas was momentarily lost for words.

“Do you use your hand as well as your vibrator?”

“Oh yes, I use them in tandem.”

“How often do you use your hand and vibrator?” Lucas’ interest had been piqued, and he wanted to know just how active his mother was.

“Well that depends. Sometimes a few times a week and sometimes a few times a day.”

“What causes you to play with yourself a few times a day?” Lucas was really interested now.

“When Lucas and I’ve been doing a lot together.” Still the even tone to her answers, and Lucas was stunned.

“Why do you play with yourself more often when your son is around you more?” Lucas was leaning forward now hanging on her answer.

“I can’t tell you because it’s not right, I shouldn’t be thinking and feeling that way,” Jan said sadly. Lucas could see the conflicting emotions on his mother’s face.

“What’s not right?”

“The way I think about my son, my Lucas.”

“How do you think about Lucas, your bahis siteleri son?”

“Well that’s what’s wrong. I love him so deeply.”

“There’s nothing wrong loving your son deeply.”

“Yes there is, the way I do.”

“Explain to me what’s so wrong about the way you love your son,” Lucas had to know the answer to this, and he knew this was the acid test, would his mother confirm what Jeremy had said.

“I love my Lucas more then a mother should love a son. I don’t want Lucas to ever leave. I don’t want him to find a woman.”

“Why not?”

“Because I want to be his woman, but it can’t be,” Jan said very sadly and Lucas could see the tears well form the corners of her eyes.

“Do you mean you want to be his woman in all that that means, like a husband and wife?”


“You want to have sex with your son?”


“But you can’t do anything about it because it’s not right?”


“Are you saying it’s not right because society says so?”

“No, I don’t care what society says, because society is wrong so many times on other issues.”

“Then why is it wrong?”

“Because I couldn’t stand it if I hurt Lucas.”

“Ah, you’re afraid if you let your son know how you feel he will be offended or even horrified, and it would ruin the relationship you have with him now… is that about it?”

“Yes, that’s it. I love Lucas so much, he’s my whole world and I’d rather share him with another woman then never have any part of him, then have him think I was a deviate.” Again Jan looked very sad, but also resigned to this scenario with her son.

“What if Lucas wanted you the same way? What if Lucas doesn’t want another woman but you? What if Lucas was afraid of letting you know how he feels, fearing you would think he was a deviant?” This had been Lucas’ great fear. He sweated on his mother’s answer.

In Jan’s face, Lucas could see a glimmer of hope.

“Oh, do you think he feels that way… you know, like I do?”

“What if Lucas was to show you how he feels about you tomorrow morning, would you accept whatever he does without rejecting him?”

Lucas had something specific in mind to do with his mother, and it had occurred to him once Jeremy had spoken.

“If my lovely Lucas was to show me he felt the same way as I do, then I would do anything he wanted and wouldn’t reject him at all,” Jan said with enthusiasm and Lucas could hear the new hope in his mother’s voice.

Now his heart began to thump hard and loud in his chest, as an image flashed in his mind. An image he wanted to come true so badly, he was willing to risk everything up to this point.

“Would you like your son’s dick in your mouth?” Lucas asked with nervousness in his voice.

Jan smiled seductively and licked her lips.

“I’d love to taste my son,” was her quick reply.

Lucas was so excited by his mother’s reply, he was afraid he would cum before he could fulfil the image in his mind — the image of him fucking his mother’s mouth. It was such a turn-on for him. However, he managed to pull his boxers down, releasing his very erect dick.

“Open your mouth,” he instructed his mother, and Jan complied immediately, and opened her mouth wide.

Lucas had to straddle his mother’s bed with one leg, and as his weight pushed the bed down he was concerned it might wake her. He need not have been concerned as Jan continued to sleep. Lucas with one foot on the floor and the other on the far side of his mother brought his dick to her open mouth.

He placed his knob on his mother’s lips, and the magnificent feeling of her mouth on his dick, again nearly made him cum, but with a great effort he restrained himself.

Jan hungrily sucked her son’s knob and half his shaft into her mouth, and again a wave of unbelievable pleasure swept through Lucas. His mother moaned in sexual appreciation at the sensation of her son’s dick in her mouth, and she sucked lovingly on him.

Lucas wanted to fuck his mother’s mouth, rather then have her suck him off, so he began a slow thrusting motion with his hips, to let her know what he wanted, and Jan released her tight grip on his dick. Now he was able to slide his dick back and forth in his mother’s mouth.

Jan began to moan again, and more loudly as the sensation of her son fucking her mouth greatly stimulated her. She brought her hands to her son’s hips, in a subconscious guiding action.

Lucas increased his thrusting as he felt his climax race toward its inevitable conclusion. It was then that he saw movement out of the corner of his eye, and looked over to his mother’s dressing table. He saw himself fucking his mother’s mouth in her dressing table mirror, and the sight was so bahis şirketleri much more then he had imagined.

Seeing himself was too much for Lucas and he was about to blow his load into his mother’s mouth, as a reflex action Jan held him in her mouth as he came. She swallowed down all his cum as he shot time after time into her mouth as part of her reflex action, and as she did, Jan experienced a mild orgasm of her own. When Lucas had finished cumming in his mother’s mouth, Jan continued to hold him there and sucked on his knob which fully clean her son’s shaft of cum.

Lucas had tried terribly hard not to thrash around too much when he was cumming, so as not to wake his mother. However, he wondered to himself if she was really asleep. ‘How could anyone have slept through that’, he had asked himself as he stood up straight. Jan’s mouth was clean and showed no signs of what they had just done.

“Now sleep soundly Jan, because tomorrow is a new day for you and your son,” Lucas told his mother and watched as she returned to deeper sleep and once again was snoring softly.

Lucas was tempted to climb in bed with his mother now, but wanted tomorrow to be special, so he replaced her make-up chair and returned to his room. He found it difficult to fall asleep as the image of him fucking his mother’s mouth played in his mind, tantalizing him. Some time in the early hours of the morning Lucas fell asleep. However, he had remembered to put his alarm on for 7.00 in the morning.

When the alarm went off Saturday morning and Lucas slowly rose from deep sleep to consciousness, his mind slowly remembered the night before and he smiled to himself. ‘What would his mother do today?’ he wondered. Lucas sprung out of bed and quickly dressed in his long, light basketball shorts — not that he played the game he just like the feel of the light thin material; he was a very tactile person. A yellow singlet finished of his ensemble. He walked into the kitchen as normally as he could; at least he thought he was acting normal.

“Morning mum,” he greeted his mother.

He watched her closely to see if her mood, expressions or body language would tell him she knew what he did the night before, but Jan seemed her usual self. She turned to her son with a wide smile. Jan was wearing a thin summer dress in a flower print that had straps over the shoulder with a low neck line, showing a fair amount of cleavage and it was very short.

“Morning love, how did you sleep?”

‘No, there was something in her expression’, thought Lucas and his balls turned to ice.

“Like a log mum, what about yourself?” This could be a dangerous question.

“I slept really well too,” Jan told her son and walked over to him and lifted her hand to play with Lucas’ hair, and there was that look on her face again. It was enigmatic, so hard to read.

Jan looked deep into her son’s eyes and smiled broadly again. This time Lucas decided to be bold and take the lead, and he put his arms around his mother’s waist and she stepped into his embrace. There was now only inches between mother and son, as he returned her searching look. Lucas waited for his mother to take the next step.

“I dreamed about you last night,” his mother told him in just above a whisper that was both seductive and inviting. Lucas held his nerve,

“Did you? And was I good?” He too lowered his voice.

“Ooh yes, you were wonderful,” Jan replied seductively and bent forward to kiss her son on the lips.

As their lips met, Lucas opened his mouth a little and his mother immediately did the same, and their tongues explored each other. Jan had served, Lucas had returned and then so had his mother. Now the ball was in his court, and he was going to go for broke. Lucas moved his hands down the small of his mother’s back and onto her butt, but Jan didn’t flinch as they continued to kiss passionately. He kneaded his mother’s butt cheeks and Jan dropped her hands also to fondle her son’s butt. They pulled each other into a stronger and closer embrace, and Jan shifted her wait by spreading her feet wide. Lucas took this as an obvious invitation and took it, by sliding his right hand around her left butt cheek and past the hem of her short dress.

Lucas’ hand moved under his mother’s dress to cup her panty clad butt cheek, and then moved between her thighs to her panty clad pussy mound. Jan moaned as her son touched her pussy through her panties, but she was not going to be a passive participant and drove both her hands into the back of Lucas’ shorts. Now mother and son were caressing each others butts as they kissed. It was Jan who broke their lip lock, to look at her son.

“Come on baby let’s do this properly,” and she nodded toward the lounge room.

That was the beginning of their new relationship with each other, as man and woman, but also mother and son. ‘Jeremy had been right’, Lucas told himself as his mother led him to their big couch in the lounge room.

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