The Concert Ch. 01

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The radio announcer emphatically announced the fifth caller would receive a pair of tickets to the sold out concert on Friday. Knowing that my options were to pay the astronomical scalper prices, stay at home, or take my chances by dialing the phone. I dialed the phone.

After a few minutes of redialing, trying to overcome the grating sound of the dial tone, the phone began to ring. It rang for what seemed like five minutes. With a building anticipation, the phone switched to an electronic answering system that told me to “hold please.”

After waiting another eternity, the obnoxious voice of the radio announcer came on the phone and told me that I was the “lucky fifth caller,” and I had”won the tickets.” I could not believe it. I had never called in to a radio station, and I had never won a contest of this magnitude. I felt like going out and playing the lottery.

I drove to the radio station, in lieu of having the tickets shipped to me. I did not want to take a chance and not receive the tickets. When I arrived, I filled out a questionnaire on how great I thought the radio station is, and signed an agreement that I would not to enter into any other contest sponsored by them for six months. A small price to pay for such valuable tickets I thought.

Later that evening, my mom was sitting on the sofa reading a book when I came home. For being in her mid-thirties, she has taken very good care of herself, and I often wondered why she rarely dated, and had never remarried after my dad took off.

Sitting next to her, I gave the details about how I won the radio station’s contest. While I continued telling her all about my unusual day, her nipples became erect and began poking through the pink silky pajamas and matching nightgown she was wearing. I tried not to make my stare noticeable, but her rigid nipples and how the nightgown caressed her large breasts was unavoidable. I became erect within an instant. It was obvious by the look on her face, and the slight smile she gave, she caught me looking. canlı bahis She looked at my crotch saw my raging hard on hidden beneath my pants and blushed while I was talking to her. Neither of us acknowledged the awkward moment, and I got up and headed for my bedroom in an abrupt manner.

“I hope you have fun, sweetie,” she said, as I departed down the hall to my room.

“Thanks mom,” I replied. Not sure if I meant it for the well wishes or for the solid erection she inspired.

The next morning, at breakfast, I sat at the bar in the kitchen eating my breakfast when mom walked in. Still wearing the robe from the night before, it was evident that her pajamas had disappeared sometime during the night. The sun shone through the window, revealing the details of her curves. Still unaware of the mixed signal I received the night before, I looked away.

Mom walked to the refrigerator, and took a bottle of orange juice from the lower shelf. As she bent over, her robe raised revealing her nice thick ass and a wonder dark bush that matched her beautiful dark brown hair.

As she stood up and turned facing me she seemed to be unaware that her robe did not come together causing her large breasts to jut out from the poorly drawn robe. With a glance, I could make out the imprint of her large areolas through the white silky material. Looking straight down, I could see the front of her wonderful bush partially exposed where the robe was not covering. Her bush appeared well trimmed and full. Again, I was hard as a rock and could barely concentrate.

I was unaware of the expression I must have been displaying as mom turned towards the sink and adjusted her robe. When she turned back around, her drawn robe now concealed her nudity but accentuated her curves even more so.

“So, who are you taking to the big concert,” mom asked?

“I’m not sure.” I replied, still distracted by the display. “Sara will be out of town, and I don’t want to go with just anyone.”

“Why don’t you take your mom? I love that bahis siteleri band. It could be fun. That is, if you want to be seen in public with your mom.”

Not knowing if it was my solid erection talking, or the absolute state of horniness I was in, I quickly agreed to take my mother. I emphasized that it would be an honor to have her as my date.

“After I take a shower, meet me in the garage.” My mom said, as she walked out of the kitchen. I stared at her thick curvy ass as she walked down the hall to the other room. I wanted to whip out my cock and relieve myself immediately, but I did not.

I always knew my mom had a simple beauty, but this morning I was strangely attracted to her. I saw more of my mom that day, literally, than I had in eighteen years of life. I sat on the tall kitchen chair and stared at a picture on the wall until my erection subsided, then headed for the garage.

While I waited for her, sitting on a bunch of boxes piled in the garage, my mom entered the garage from a door connected to the house wearing an old concert t-shirt and a pair of jean shorts. She walked over to the 1969 Dodge Charger we kept covered in the garage.

The Charger belonged to my dad, which my mom received as a part of the divorce settlement. The classic muscle car only saw the light of day only two to three times a year, mainly to “spit the bugs out” as my dad used to say.

“This needs to be washed,” mom said as she pulled the cover off the vehicle.

The removing of the tarp revealed the pristine, shiny, black Charger with chrome trim. After she removed the tarp, my mom reached into her pocket, pulled out the keys, and threw them at me.

“Pull this out into the drive and let’s wash this thing,” mom said. “We’ll take it to the show.”

The day was getting better as it went along. Still having visions of earlier in my head, I could not help but look at my mom in another light. I was now sexually attracted to my mom.

“Before we go to this concert, we need to set some ground bahis şirketleri rules,” my mom said as we washed the car.

“Okay,” I agreed.

“First of all, I will be your date, not your mother. Secondly, you drive.”

“I can handle that,” I answered.

“Can you,” mom questioned with a smile.

After washing the car my mom threw her wet sponge at me, and slapped me on the ass as she walked past me back into the house. The situation was becoming odd, but I was enjoying every minute of it. My mom had made me horny as hell, and now seemed to be flirting with me.

Friday night arrived. I sat on the sofa, and waited for mom to finish getting ready. After just a few minutes of waiting, my mom walked down the stairs in a red tank top, a pair of stylish jean shorts, sexy wedge sandals, and her hair done up in a pony tail. The tank top embraced her ample breasts, and gave me yet another erection beyond measure.

“Mom, you are hot!” I excitedly uttered.

“I’m not mom. I’m your date. Remember?” She said, and then planted a full kiss directly on my mouth, with a quick lick of my lips to finish it off.

Mom, my date, noticed my erect cock bulged, and traveled towards my left thigh, held painfully secure by my tight jeans. Giving a quick smile, she ran her fingers over it, and told me that she appreciates the compliment. How I did not explode down my leg is a question for the ages.

I had the Charger parked in the driveway, ready for action. My date walked to the passenger door and stood there. She gave a fake cough to get my attention. Lacking blood from my brain due to my enlarged cock, I was not thinking quickly, but then ran to let my date in the passenger side of the car like a gentleman.

My date sat in the car, dropping her purse on the driveway as she sat down. We both bent to pick it up when I got a look down the top of her shirt at her two large hanging breasts. I was captivated. My date looked up and caught me looking down her shirt. She smiled.

While driving from our house to the concert venue, my mom put her hand on my thigh and rubbed my leg while I drove. She then leaned over and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. I knew it was going to be a good night.

To be continued…

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