The Crash that Changed Everything Ch. 03

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Ryan woke up to find himself in his bed and in his casts, he had forgotten about his injuries for a brief moment before being reminded. What was even more surprising to Ryan was when he looked down and noticed that his erection was gone, his cock was finally flaccid and not in throbbing pain anymore. Even though he was still incredibly horny, he figured the blood could only stay down there for so long.

Ryan laid in bed thinking about Nurse Julie visiting until he was interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Ry, are you up yet?” It was his mother, Shelly.

“Yeah mom, I’m up.”

Shelly opened the door and slipped into her son’s room.

She was wearing a light pink nightie that was vaguely see through, Ryan could just make out that she was wearing white panties underneath it.

“Have a good sleep sweetie?”

“Yeah, I slept like a baby, those painkillers really knocked me out.”

Shelly peeled the covers off her son to help him get out of bed. She noticed right away that there wasn’t a tent in his sweatpants anymore.

“Oh, it looks like a miracle, did your, erm, problem finally go away Ry?” Shelly looked at her son’s crotch.

“Yeah, I just woke up and it was gone, not sure how long that will last though.”

Shelly looked over her son’s body for awhile and came up with a suggestion.

“Well, now that it won’t be in the way anymore, how about I put some clean undies and pants on you?”

Ryan knew that being nude again and having his mom feel around down there might cause him to become erect again, so he didn’t like the idea of that.

“I’m okay mom, it’s not a big deal, I can put on some fresh clothes later.”

Shelly didn’t want her son being all dirty, but even more she found herself wanting to see her son’s manhood again. She knew it was wrong, but it was all that’s been on her mind.

“I won’t hear any of that, you already stink enough as it is.”

Ryan sighed, knowing that it was no use fighting his mom on this one.

“Okay, fine mom, you win.”

Shelly smiled and went over to Ryan’s dresser to get clean underwear.

“Which drawer do you keep your underwear in again sweetie?”

“Bottom left, mom.”

Shelly leaned down to reach down to the bottom drawer in her nightgown that was probably a size or two too small.

Ryan tried to stop himself from watching his mom as her nightie rode up her back but it was too hard not to. She was so far bent over now that the nightie was no longer covering her entire ass, the bottom of her cheeks were now exposed to Ryan.

Ryan could feel his cock already start to grow again and wished his mom would just grab the damn briefs already, what the hell was taking her so long?

As Shelly bent down to grab her son’s underwear, she felt her nightie ride up her back and knew that her son would now have a perfect view of her butt. She didn’t plan for this to happen, but couldn’t help but tease him for a little longer.

“Which ones do you like the most honey?”

“Umm, it doesn’t matter mom, just any pair will do, please.”

Shelly could hear the pleading in her son’s voice and decided that was enough teasing, she knew he was probably getting hard again and didn’t want her son to be in pain.

Shelly picked out a grey pair of briefs and walked over to Ryan.

“Are these alright sweetie?”

“Yea, those are fine ma.”

Shelly got on her knees and got ready to pull down her son’s sweats. She couldn’t believe how many times she’s now been on her knees stripping her son, it felt like deja vu.

Shelly grabbed the bottoms of Ryan’s sweats and tugged them down over his cast and off his feet.

Ryan’s flaccid cock dangled in front of her above her head. She looked up at in amazement, she was startled at how big it was even when it was soft.

“Yikes Ry, it’s still pretty big, think we can stuff it in?”

Shelly held up the tight briefs to her son, as if to tease him.

“I don’t know mom, it’s your call.”

Shelly was about to attempt to put the briefs on her son but then looked up and noticed his penis growing larger by the second.

“Umm, Ry, what’s going on there.” Shelly looked directly at her son’s growing cock.

Ryan looked down at his growing cock and mom looking right at it.

“I’m sorry mom, it’s just..all canlı bahis that movement down there and your nightgown being so small, just anything kind of sets it off right now.”

Shelly felt great knowing that even at her age she could turn on a young stud like her son, but also felt a little evil for teasing her son.

“Oh deer, I hadn’t even realized how small this nightgown was, I guess I didn’t even think about it since it’s only me and you in the house.”

“It’s okay mom, I just, I could kind of see a lot when you were bending down at my drawer.”

Shelly was surprised her son brought that up.

“I’m such a fool, I had no idea, so I’m the reason your like this right now?”

Shelly pointed at Ryan’s now fully erect cock bobbing in the air inches from her face.

“Don’t be mad at me mom, you in that nightie now and being in just your thong the other day, it um, is hard not to look.”

Ryan had no idea how much that meant to his mother, to hear those compliments from someone his age.

“It’s my fault Ry, I should have realized, I just didn’t think someone your age would want to look at my old body.”

“Are you kidding me mom? Your body is amazing, girls my age would kill to be in your shape.”

Shelly felt herself start to blush, it had been so long since any man complimented her.

“Thanks Ry, you’re such a sweet boy.”

Shelly wanted to reach out and relieve her baby boy right there, but she restrained herself, knowing that would be taking it too far.

“Ok, well, we know from experience that these briefs aren’t going to meet the needs of that thing between your legs, so I’ll just grab a fresh pair of sweats to put on you.”

Shelly found a pair of clean sweatpants in Ryan’s drawer and slipped them over Ryan’s bobbing erection.

Suddenly, the phone began to ring.

“I’ll go get that, be right back honey.”

Shelly ran into her room to grab the phone.

Ryan listened as his mom talked on the phone.

“Oh, hi Nurse Julie. Still coming over later?”

“Oh, you got out early and are coming over right now?”

“Yes, that is fine.”

“Sure, I’ll go get him.”

Ryan watched as his mom walked back into his room with the phone in her hand.

“Ry, it’s nurse Julie, she wants to talk to you.”

Ryan grabbed the phone.


“Hi Ryan, miss me big boy?”

Ryan had to be careful what he said, since his mom was standing right next to him listening.

“I heard you are coming over.”

“Oh yes, I’ll be over there in about 30 minutes. I hope that big cock of yours is still nice and hard, me and your mom are going to jerk you off finally, no more teasing, I promise.”

Ryan’s eyes lit up, the thought of finally relieving himself was almost too much for him to imagine.

“And how exactly are you going to do that?”

“Well, it will be pretty easy, we are going to bathe you and then I’m going to show your mom how to jerk you off, and then have her join in. If your mom is human, then she probably has already fantasized about jerking that big dick of yours.”

“Bye now, I’ll be over in 15 minutes, you better get that bath water running and be nice and hard for me.”

Nurse Julie hung up the phone.

“What did she have to say honey?”

“Um, she will be over here in 15 minutes, asked if you could get the bath ready.”

“Oh sure, I’ll go fill up the bath and get everything ready.”

Shelly raced off to prepare.

Ryan just stood there not knowing what to think, on one hand he was excited about the idea of being jerked off by Julie and his mother, but on the other hand he wasn’t sure if Julie was just teasing him again.

Shelly got everything prepared and then heard the doorbell ring.

“Oh, that must be Julie.” Shelly shouted to Ryan.

Ryan couldn’t believe how fast she got there, it seemed like just a minute ago that he was talking to her. He listened as his mom answered the door for her.

“Hi Julie come right in.”

“Thanks Shelly, is the bath all prepared?”

“Yep, I just finished getting everything ready, Ryan is upstairs in his room if you want to go say hi, I have a few things to do down here and then I’ll be right up.”

Ryan heard nurse Julie make her way up the stairs and into his room.

Nurse Julie walked bahis siteleri into Ryan’s room and looked down at his tented sweats right away.

“Well, look at that, you did stay nice and hard for me.”

Nurse Julie approached Ryan and grabbed his hard cock through his sweatpants.

“Oh God.” Ryan moaned.

“Jesus, has that hot mother of yours been prancing around all morning in that nightie?”

“Yes, she has.” Ryan grunted.

Julie was still squeezing Ryan’s cock.

“Wow, she’s more of a tease than I am. Tell me Ryan, how bad do you want me and your mom to jerk that big cock of yours?”

“Please, please help me, tell me you are not going to tease me again.”

“Well, I can’t promise anything, but let’s just say there is a really good chance me and that MILF of yours are going to jerk and suck you off pretty shortly.”

Julie let go of Ryan’s cock and flicked the tip of it before giving him an evil grin.

Ryan felt his whole body shiver in response.

Shelly’s mom entered Ryan’s room.

“Okay, I’m all set, let’s bring Ryan to the bathroom.”

The two women held up Ryan as he hobbled to the bathroom.

Nurse Julie looked over at Ryan and his mom.

“Okay Shelly, why don’t you show me how you have been getting started.”

“Sure, no problem, first I take off his shirt and pants.”

Shelly carefully removed Ryan’s shirt over his broken arm and tossed it on the floor.

Julie looked at Shelly and could see the lust in her eyes as she looked over Ryan’s hard chest and abs.

“He’s in really good shape, isn’t he?”

Shelly snapped out of her daze.

“Oh yes, he is, he works out almost every day.”

Shelly once again got to her knees and slid Ryan’s sweatpants off his legs. His throbbing cock bounced up and down.

“If you don’t mind me saying Shelly, your son’s penis is even bigger than I remembered it being at the hospital.”

“Oh I don’t mind, I don’t know where he got it from, certainly not his father.”

Both the women laughed.

They both helped Ryan get into the water.

“Well, last time I ended up having to get in my underwear so my clothes didn’t get all wet, would that be okay with you Julie?”

Julie looked right into Ryan’s eyes as she answered Shelly.

“That would be fine with me Shelly, tell you what, I’ll get in mine as well, don’t want to get my clothes all wet either.”

Ryan looked in awe as his mother pulled off her nightgown and Julie stripped from her blouse and jeans.

Shelly stood there in white Brazilian style panties while Julie was in a black thong and bra, similar to what his mom wore last time.

“I’m sure Ryan doesn’t mind, do you Ryan?” Nurse Julie giggled.

“Fine with me.”

Ryan just still couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Okay, show me what you do next Shelly.”

“Well, I first start with his chest.”

Shelly grabbed the sponge and began to rub all over Ryan’s chest.

“That’s good, but you want to be a little rougher while washing, the skin on people’s upper body is usually a lot tougher.”

Julie grabbed the sponge from Shelly to demonstrate.

“Then what part do you wash?” Julie asked.

“Well, last time I went to his legs, then backside, and then finished with his privates.”

“Oh, saving the best for last.”

Nurse Julie joked, sliding the sponge down to Ryan’s legs but first wrapping the sponge around his cock and squeezing while saying “best for last.”

Shelly noticed Julie squeeze her son’s cock which caught her off guard. She started to wonder what exactly Julie had planned.

“So, how did you wash his back? The tub is pretty cramped.”

“Good question, last time I had him stand up and I got in the tub with him.”

Julie looked into Shelly’s eyes.

“Mind demonstrating for me?”

“Sure, no problem.”

Shelly helped Ryan get to his feet and keep his balance while she got into the tub behind her son.

Shelly began rubbing the sponge all over her son’s back and ass.

“Make sure you really get inside there.” Julie instructed.

Shelly finished with Ryan’s backside.

“Well, that’s about it, then I finish up with his private area.”

Julie looked at the two of them, Shelly on her knees in the tub facing Ryan’s back.

“Shelly, bahis şirketleri do you mind if I show you how to properly wash your son’s penis? It is the most important part and why I came over.”

“Go ahead, I guess I’ll be washing it a lot so I might as well become an expert at it.”

Shelly backed up in the tub to make room for Julie to get in.

Julie crawled into the tub and got on her knees.

“Okay, turn around Ryan.”

Ryan knew he was either minutes from finally cumming, or minutes away from once again being teased.

Julie took the the sponge and wrapped it around Ryan’s throbbing cock and began pumping it up and down.

“Look how I go completely up and down his shaft and head, not missing a spot.”

Shelly looked on as woman, basically a stranger, essentially was jerking her son off.

“You want to continue this motion until his entire cock is nice and soapy.”

“Did she just say cock?” Shelly thought to herself.

Julie continued to stroke Ryan’s cock up and down with the sponge.

“Now, that looks good, notice how the entire length of his cock is covered in suds?”

Shelly bent down to inspect her son’s cock.

“Yes, I see.”

“Good, now, it’s important not to neglect his balls either. For these, we are going to use just our hands.

Julie grabbed the liquid soap and spread it across her hands. She began gently rolling his balls around in her fingers.

“See how I am gently massaging his testicles? You want to be very gentle around this area.”

“I see.”

Nurse Julie looked back at Shelly.

“Now, why don’t you try.”

Shelly scooted up to the side of Julie and took Ryan’s testicles in her hands and began to massage with her fingers.

Julie held Ryan’s hard cock out of the way so Shelly could get in there.

“Very good Shelly. Now see how Ryan’s big cock is still hard?”

Shelly nodded.

“Medically, it is not safe that Ryan go this long with an erection. We are going to have to help him out since he can’t do it on his own.”

Again, all Shelly could do was nod.

Ryan looked at both the women and smiled at Julie, she was finally coming through.

Julie wrapped her hand around Ryan’s cock and began stroking it up and down, from his balls to his head.

Ryan closed his eyes and threw his head back in bliss, he could tell he was only now minutes from cumming.

“Now Shelly, Ryan’s cock is big enough that we can both jerk him off, why don’t you join in since you will have to help him out while he is injured.”

Shelly had to pause for a moment to think.

“I-I, don’t know if that’s a good idea, I am his mother.”

“Now Shelly, it is perfectly natural for a mother to take care of her son when he is need. Ryan, don’t you want your mommy to jerk your big cock off for you?”

Ryan looked down at his mom and just nodded his head.

That was all Shelly needed. She wrapped her hand around the top half of Ryan’s cock and began to pump up and down, while Julie stroked the bottom half.

Julie suddenly removed Shelly’s hand and told her to put her mouth around it.

“Oh, Julie, I know I’ve already taken this pretty far, but blowing my own son?”

Julie once again looked up at Ryan

“Ryan, tell your mom you want her to suck your cock.”

Ryan, close to cumming, looked into his moms eyes and said “Please suck my cock mom.”

Not feeling a cock around her lips in years, Shelly said fuck it and took her son inside her mouth.

A jolt shot through Ryan’s body as he felt his mother’s warm mouth wrapped around his cock.

Shelly bobbed up and down the top half of Ryan’s cock as Julie continued to stroke the bottom half.

Ryan pushed his mother’s head up and down his cock as he looked down at the two beautiful women kneeling down in their underwear before him.

His mom continued to suck and Julie continued to stroke for another minute or so until Ryan felt himself begin to cum.


Shelly took Ryan out of her mouth and joined in stroking his cock with Julie until he blew the biggest load the three of them have ever seen all over Julie and Shelly.

Ryan felt so relieved and relaxed now that he almost fell down, he was barely able to keep standing.

“Holy shit.”

Julie stood up and grabbed a towel from the closet.

“Alright, let’s get ourselves all dried up now.”

Shelly and Ryan were both unable to move or speak, both in shock of what they had just done.

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