The Dance

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Author’s note: Greetings to you all and welcome to my first submission to lit. A quick introduction; I am known as The Reluctant Wordsmith, or TRW for short. This being my first story I’ve chosen to stick to what I know before venturing into dirtier territories. So for those of you who don’t like a bit of cheesy romance don’t worry, it’s only going to get hotter from here on out. This one is a slow burn, but I promise you it’ll be worth it.

I’d like to give a huge thank you to Todger65 for all his help editing, you’re a legend. Also to the many authors on lit whose work has kept me sane enough to finally start writing thank you for all your inspiration. So without further ado here it is, enjoy.


Adam opened his eyes and looked around the room; he was confused for a second then realised he wasn’t in his dorm room. He was back in his parents’ house, in his sister’s room. Adam stretched out and enjoyed the feeling of being in a double bed again as he thought about the previous few days. He had come back to his parents’ house after graduating college to stay while he found a job. His parents were away on holiday for a few months and had left him a generous amount of funds (or as he liked to refer to it “emergency money”). However he had one problem, well two now that he thought about it; his parents had renovated his room into, of all things, a gym. His mum and dad were fitness freaks and had always dreamed of having their own equipment, so as soon as he left for college they demolished his room and set it all up, forgetting that he might be back between college and work.

He sighed and got up bleary eyed to look for some clothes, Adam liked to sleep naked, he didn’t really understand why people needed to wear clothes while they slept and he found it uncomfortable. Adam had a quick glance around for his suitcase, it was probably under the bed again, so he turned to check himself out in the full length mirror that was situated in one corner of the room.

Adam Rochester was 6 foot 3, his dark blonde hair was kept short and his blue-green eyes stared back at him from the mirror. His toned form greeted him and he looked down to notice his morning wood, he smiled. Adam’s erect cock was always impressive, not just because it was 9 inches and more than capable of doing its job, but because when it was soft it didn’t really look that amazing. Adam enjoyed this as it always weeded out the more judgemental and shallow girls from the ones that were a lot more down to earth, however despite having numerous one night stands and a few girlfriends he had never found one that clicked.

Deciding what he really needed was a shower he abandoned his search for clothes, made the bed and then headed to the bathroom adjoining his sister’s room. He turned the shower on as his thoughts turned to his sister Charlotte.

Charlotte Rochester, like Adam, loved the outdoors and took every chance she had to go explore the wilderness; their parents, obviously being fitness gurus themselves, had from a young age encouraged both their children to stay active. Charlotte herself had multiple trophies for a myriad of school sports events. In stark contrast to this Adam, while still working to keep in shape, was very much a cerebral person and had just finished a degree in chemistry. He had hoped to go for a doctorate but he definitely needed some time to himself before he tried that.

As for his sister he hadn’t seen her in about a year, the last time it was at her 21st birthday party “shit what a blast that was” Adam laughed a little remembering Charlotte dancing on the table like a girl possessed by some kind of hip gyrating demon. His sister was actually staying for a few weeks at her current boyfriend’s place, or, if anything his dad had said was accurate, what passed as a boyfriend these days. His parents had told Adam to let her know he was staying at the family house but so far he hadn’t bothered “She’ll be there for ages” he thought.

Adam turned the shower off and wrapped a towel around his waist; he spent about half an hour grooming himself before opening the door to the shocked look of his sister in bra and panties.

“ADAM!!” she shouted angrily running to the dresser trying to cover herself “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE!!”

Adam couldn’t help but smile as his sister struggled and as he smiled his eyes wandered over her body. Charlotte had grown into a woman in the 4 years he’d been at college, she was about 5’8 with breasts that were definitely more than a handful while her body was curved like beautiful mountain range dipping and rising in stunning ways. As he looked up he realised he’d forgotten how beautiful her face was. Her eyes were greener than his and her hair was a rusty blonde colour framing her soft lips and slightly pointed nose. He snapped out of his trance as his sister yelled at him, grabbing the blanket from the bed to cover herself.

“Holy shit Adam when did you get back and why eryaman escort the fuck are you in my room!” She looked down and her eyes widened “In my fucking towel!”

He put his hands up and tried to calm her down “Look Charlotte I’m sorry but I just got back from college and mum and dad said I could use your room while you’re away, which you are apparently not anymore.”

Charlotte glared at him “No I am fucking not!” she snapped as she searched for the dress, “nice of mum and dad to tell me,” she seethed as her eyes searched for her dress and spied it next to door Adam stood in. She screwed her face up as she looked at him “do you MIND?!” she pointed and stared at his towel which seemed to be beginning to grow a tent.

Adam looked down “whoops” he smirked and bent down to pick up her dress which lay to the side of the bathroom door “Nice to have you back too sis,” he retorted throwing her the dress.

She caught it and continued to stare at his crotch “do you mind?, my eyes are up here you know,” Adam said smiling.

Charlotte looked up and made a disgusted face then quickly slipped her dress on; “I’ll be waiting in the lounge,” she said as she walked out. As she did Adam had an idea, at the moment she turned around to shut the door Adam dropped his towel; the effect was more than Adam could hope for. Charlotte caught him dropping his towel and went bright red then quickly shut the door and went downstairs. Adam smirked then went to get dressed, choosing a pair of dark jeans with a black belt, some black socks, and a loose fitting t-shirt with his College crest emblazoned on it. He sighed “I should probably apologise,” so he headed downstairs to find his sister. He found her not in the lounge but in the kitchen making them both breakfast. “Hey what are you doing? You do know I can do my own breakfast right, also aren’t you mad at me?”.

Charlotte gave him a smile “oh shush you don’t worry about it, it’s been so long I just got a shock is all, come on, let’s celebrate you coming back for good this time.” She finished with the poached eggs and placed them on the table with some bacon she pulled from the oven. They sat down and began to eat, as they did Adam looked up at her “I know I haven’t seen you in a long time but I can sense when there’s something going on, what is it Charlotte?”.

Charlotte faltered as she ate her breakfast then stopped and looked up, her eyes looked glassy “Adam…My boyf — I mean Anthony,” she looked down and sniffed “he cheated on me, I was all ready to spend some time with him and…and when I got there I noticed a different car in driveway. I thought it might be his friend but when I got upstairs I could hear them.” She shivered “It was awful Adam, he tried to say sorry then got angry and blamed me for not doing what he wanted in bed and that’s why he had a slut who could do what he wants when he wants.” She suddenly burst into tears.

Adam could barely contain his rage at Charlotte’s ex-boyfriend and suppressing his anger, he stood up and took her hand leading her to the couch. They sat down and he held her as she cried, He kissed her forehead “Anthony is a douche bag; you and only you should decide when you are ready to give yourself up and how you want to have sex. If he can’t accept that he’s not worth your time, it’s your body and you should decide what happens with it.”

He held her close before she stopped crying and sat up wiping her eyes “Thanks Adam, It’s so great to have you back,” she said wiping her eyes.

Adam frowned, “so where have you been all this time?” he asked.

Charlotte sniffed then lay back in his arms “At Katie’s, you know, Daniel’s cousin? She let me stay a couple of nights.”

Adam nodded, suddenly he had idea. “I know a great way to cheer you up,” he said, his eyes brightening “Daniel still works at that restaurant right? We should go out to dinner there to celebrate me finishing college, and so you can cheer up and forget about that stupid douche canoe, what do you think?”

Charlotte looked him blankly for a moment. “you mean…like a date or something?”

Adam nodded, “I guess?” he said “Bit weird going on a date with my sister but I guess she needs some rest and relaxation.”

Charlotte squealed with delight and before they had a chance to think about what was happening she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him; her lips pushing against his as she kissed him deeply and lovingly. Adam was too stunned to react and Charlotte suddenly realised what she had done, pulling back flustered.

“Ahem, sorry Adam,” she turned bright red and Adam was left stunned, trying to figure out what it meant. Finally he composed himself and resolved to just pass it off as an emotional in the moment thing.

“She’s probably just expressing her massive relief at being rid of that dick Anthony” he thought to himself. Charlotte was still a bit embarrassed so Adam went on as if nothing escort eryaman had happened, smiling he said “I’ll give Dan a call.”

Charlotte nodded “That sounds good; it will be nice to see Dan. I can’t wait Adam! What shall we do today while we wait?”


Adam and Charlotte arrived home and collapsed on the couch “Man you sure know how to spend my money!” Adam said looking at the clothes Charlotte had bought.

Charlotte laughed and slapped his arm.

“Your money? Most of that is mum and dad’s you know,” she smirked taking the clothes and shoes out and ripping off the tags.

“Yeah but it’s mine now,” Adam retorted “If it’s alright with you I’m going to get ready, we need to get to the restaurant early.”

Charlotte nodded, clearly in post shopping bliss as he went upstairs to get ready.

Opening his suitcase he took out a suit jacket in its bag, he hung it up and opened it. It contained a cream-white shirt and a black, diagonally striped tie. He looked at his choice then nodded. He chose to go out to his parents bedroom and their bathroom, shouting down to Charlotte “you can have your bathroom back now!!” As he walked into his parent’s en-suite he remembered he had contemplated sleeping in his parents room but it was just way too weird sleeping in the bed where his parents had sex.

He quickly washed himself and as he did heard the other shower going. He remembered her kiss and thought “ok so she kissed me that’s fine, and she’s going to this dinner thing because she’s definitely in there, naked, the water dripping down her naked body as she rubs herself all ove-NO!” He shook his head trying to get the image out “she’s your sister man get it together!.” He took a couple of deep breaths and turned the water on to cold, cooling off in more ways than one.

Getting dressed, he took care with each part of the suit then checked he had the essentials; keys, wallet, phone, seeing they were all in order he went downstairs to wait for Charlotte. Adam sat on the chair feeling more nervous by the minute. Try as he might he couldn’t get that kiss from the morning out of his mind, it picked and tugged at his brain pulling him towards parts of his psyche he really didn’t need opened up right now. He busied himself making sure the taxi and room were booked then took a deep breath. “It’ll be fine, no sweat, just take her out for dinner, she’ll cheer up then everything will be fine,” he checked his watch for the umpteenth time “where the hell is she?”. Adam didn’t have to wait long to get his answer; he heard Charlotte come down the stairs and the breath was knocked out of his lungs.

Charlotte appeared on stairs; adorning her feet was a pair of high heels that were held up by an almost silken material winding around her feet and up half her ankle before it disappeared under her dress. The dress itself was a deep forest green that wrapped itself over one shoulder, her breasts and around her midriff before becoming sheer at the waist, and flowing down to her ankles. Her hair hung loose down her shoulders and slightly over her back. and finishing it off was her necklace; a stunning green emerald set in circular white gold. It sat just about where her neckline plunged downward and it was held by a silver chain. Adam stood breathless as she descended the stairs, he suddenly felt wildly underdressed as he held up his arm for her.

“Charlotte I…wow!” She took his arm “Why thank you sir,” she exclaimed, an enormous smile lit up her face as they walked arm in arm out to the waiting taxi. He opened the door and she stepped in, he followed after her. They pulled out and made their way to the restaurant arriving just in time.

They entered the large double doors and Charlotte sat on a long divan while Adam went to where the maitre de stood waiting, he walked up confidently “Table for 2 please, it should be under Rochester?.” The maitre de, a cheerful woman with red cheeks that seemed to never stop smiling, clapped her hands together “Ah yes the newly married couple! Come, come I have a seat especially for you.”

Adam swore under his breath.

“Uhh yeah that’s the one.” He tried to sound convincing and made a point of quickly pocketing his left hand.

Charlotte noticed the commotion and walked up to them “Everything alright?

“Yeah yeah it’s fine honey, long story, let’s go grab our table.”

Charlotte looked a bit confused but didn’t ask any questions as Adam smiled and followed the maitre de.

They reached the table and sat down; he had to admit it was a very nice table. The restaurant itself was lit by hanging electric lamps, and candles burned on each table. The ceiling was low and the walls covered in a dark leather material arranged in a square formation; what looked like a dancing area was arranged at the end of the restaurant. Adam and Charlotte were seated at a table a short distance away from a balcony type area; a eryaman escort bayan cool breeze blew past them and a mix of moonlight and streetlight mingled with the lamps and candles of the establishment. With the entire atmosphere Adam couldn’t help himself; he looked up at his sister.

“You look drop dead gorgeous sis,” Adam breathed.

Charlotte smiled from behind a menu, her cheeks flushed a bit “oh it’s nothing just something I threw together.”

“Regardless you look amazing” Adam exclaimed. He couldn’t help his eyes from lingering over her.

Charlotte smiled again then busied herself with the menu. Adam called the waiter over and chose a mushroom and scallop carbonara while Charlotte ordered a steak. Adam chuckled a bit at the order as when it came to food Charlotte refused to act like a lady, much to the chagrin of their parents. They talked as they waited; catching up on the few years they hadn’t seen each other. Charlotte was still deciding what to study and had recently grabbed a job as a personal trainer.

The food came out and as they both ate they started to talk again. At one point Adam was about to ask about Anthony but thought better of it; this night was about putting that out of her mind temporarily, not dredging it back up again. They ate and then ordered dessert, Adam opting for a Tiramisu while Charlotte chose a decadent gateau. As they ate their dessert a short, red cheeked, moustachioed man appear at the dance area set up at the end of the restaurant.

“Ladies and gentlemen! My name is Rudolph, owner of this lovely establishment; it has come to my attention that we have a newly married couple here, please join myself and our house band in congratulating the newly wed couple.”

A smattering of applause rippled through the restaurant and everyone looked around to see where they were.

Adam’s felt his stomach drop “oh no, oh please no, no no please don’t let it be us.”

Charlotte looked up from her dessert with a bright smile “Awh isn’t that lovely I wonder who the couple is!”

Adam groaned “Dan I’m going to kill you!” He made a mental note to give him a call when he got a chance and blast his ear hole to smithereens.

The owner gestured towards the set up behind him which consisted of a keyboard, bass and a small drum kit “Ladies and gentlemen the house band for this evening, our very own, Honey Molasses!”

From a door perfectly built into the surrounding wall emerged a four piece band that took their places. The singer, a heavy set dark skinned woman stepped up to the microphone and in deep dulcet tones said “We would like to invite the newly married couple Adam and Charlotte Rochester to the dance floor”

Charlotte half spat her gateau onto her plate as she heard their names being called out and her eyes snapped to fixate on Adam “What the hell?!” she exclaimed.

Adam sighed, there was no going back now, he took a deep breath then stood up and took her hand “come on, let’s go make the most of it”

Charlotte took his hand, still in a fair amount of shock from the announcement that they were apparently husband and wife and followed him to the dancefloor. The patrons all broke into applause, smiling and cheering once they had revealed themselves, Adam and Charlotte took their places as the applause died down. Drawing her close and slipping his hands around her waist, Adam looked at Charlotte and to his surprise she looked up at him smiling, her cheeks slightly flushed, her eyes bright with…love? was that love?

Adam was suddenly all too aware of her proximity to him and he struggled to keep his thoughts in check. Charlotte pressed herself against him and Adam felt his pants get tight at the feeling of her body against his, their skin divided only by layers of fabric. He saw Charlotte nervously bite her lip then reach her hands behind his neck and pulled him down so her mouth was next to his ear “Adam, we may never get a chance like this again so I need to tell you something; I love you.”

As soon these words left her mouth the band began to play; the smooth, languid, deep tone of the singer washed over them as they began to play what Adam recognised as the ballroom song by Des’ree from Romeo and Juliet. Adam’s head was dizzy and his heart threatened to explode from his chest and somewhere in his mind he realised this wasn’t just the love she felt as his sister but something deeper than that. He looked at Charlotte, her face nervous and expectant, took a deep breath, and then held her close and started to dance. As they began to slowly sway to the rhythm he felt Charlotte melt into him, her head resting against his shoulder.

They became lost in the moment; time slowed as they heard nothing but the ebb and flow of the music around them and felt nothing but each other’s bodies moving in unison. It was in this small pocket of a moment that Adam realised something; his mind flashed to the moments in the past growing up that he and Charlotte had shared as brother and sister and suddenly it all made sense, she really did love him, and he loved her.

This revelation shivered through him and he drew her closer, a sigh escaped her lips as she did and as the song finished they looked at each other and smiled.

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