The Dare Ch. 02

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His hardness sprang from his body, sticky with precumm as she smiled. He groaned and she whispered shhhhhhhh it’s alright and she touched him gently, her fingers still cold from the ice cube. Then she tenderly wiped her finger across the head and took the cream from him and spread it around her lips without him even knowing she tasted him and licked her fingers dry.

Needing him she took more and this time slid her hands into her panties and touched herself with her sticky fingers and he heard her moan. He begged for her to tell him what she was doing but she didn’t. She reached over and took her vibrator and spread more cum on the tip and lay back on the bed as he stood there tied and unable to see as she started to please herself. He heard it and begged almost in tears to be set free but she ignored him. He tilted his head to one side touching his arm and fought to loosen or at least move the silk tie around his head and with determination he did and the silk fell around his neck. There she lay in all her lustful beauty, eyes closed and legs spread. Ataşehir Escort Stockings and heels still on, panties pulled to one side and breasts jiggling as she manipulated that rubber dick in and out of her wet opening.

God he thought he would burst. It was like watching someone else make love to her and he wanted to so badly. She looked over as she heard him moan and smiled as she realized she was being watched. She asked in a little girl whine…Want to touch me?…and he nodded like a panting dog…Want to taste me?…and he made a loud *gulp* as it took his breath away…with that she took the vibrator out of her dripping entrance and brought it to her lips and licked it driving him nuts. She slinked off the bed and stood up with her back to him and slowly bent over with her butt against his manhood and slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them.

He felt her warmth , her wetness against his throbbing hard on and gritted his teeth. She took him in her hand and slowly teased herself while standing with her head Kadıköy Escort hanging down and her legs spread. She reached between her legs and slid his cock between her lips and he finally felt that wetness.

Using her fingertips she slid the head into her opening and he moaned , ready to explode, but she isn’t ready and he concentrates to hold off for her. She arched her back like a cat stretching and leaned her head back against his shoulder. He looks across the room and watches her facial expressions in the full length mirror. Her actions, those of a well trained stripper, her beauty, that of HIS lady. She caught him watching and bit her lip seductively. she reached between her legs and bent her knees as she fondles him expertly. Feeling his balls tighten and pull up into his body. She reached back further and tickled that spot she knew so well, right in front of his puckered opening and with just the right amount of pressure she fingered him gently and he began to shake and begged her not to but she wanted to please him and she Bostancı Escort squeezed him with her inner muscles and growled in a low sexy voice…CUMM FOR ME BABY…and he did.

He exploded, holding onto the top rail of the bed he shook and groaned and screamed for her in ecstasy. God spurt after hard aching spurt he filled her as she slid back and forth tight around his throbbing manhood. She kept pumping gently until he was spent and then with him still inside her she reached over and raising one leg to the bed she turns her vibrator on and plays with her wet clit, wet with his cumm and her juices. He stays hard with excitement feeling the vibrations of the plastic dick against his cock as she drew it across his balls. He begged her to let him lose so he could please her as she deserved but she told him *not a chance*…this I can do myself*, and with that she leaned back against him and rode the dildo as he watched her climax for him in the mirror

He felt her body shake and convulse as she reached her orgasm. Her head laying on his shoulder he whispered in her ear…*you , are incredible*…in a deep throaty purr she turned her face to his and kissed him hard, smiled and said…” amazing what I can do on a dare huh?” He laughed and bit her shoulder playfully and demanded…*untie me bitch…I DARE YOU*

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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