The Day Off

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Big Balls

Elizabeth had the day off. It was early summertime and she wanted to drink some wine and work on her tan. Since it was in the middle of the week, she knew she’d be alone, so she did not bother with her bikini. She grabbed her bottle and glass and went out to the pool in the backyard. She removed her robe and spread it on the chaise lounge. The feel of the warm breeze against her naked skin gave her goose bumps. It was such a liberating feeling to have the sun and the wind touching her naked body.

She lay on her stomach to give her white ass cheeks some color. Elizabeth wanted to get rid of those ugly tan lines and surprise her new lover Bill with an all-over tan. She drank the first glass of wine rather quickly and soon felt the warm buzz that a good Chardonnay offers. After a bit, she wanted to cool off, so she slipped in to the pool. The cold water made her nipples rock hard. Too bad she didn’t have anyone to give them some attention right now. She sighed. Her delicate fingers caressed her breast and she tweaked her left nipple absentmindedly. Her pussy tingled as she played with her nipples, as if they were connected. She really wanted her lover right now.

Elizabeth lay on her back on the lounge chair and let the sun dry her canlı bahis skin. The warm rays made her thirsty and she quickly downed the second glass. She drifted off to sleep and did not notice the two young men who walked in to her back yard. They were the neighbor’s boys who were home from college. They must have seen her sunning herself and wanted a better view. They could not tell she was asleep since she had sunglasses on, they just thought she was rather bold to not cover up when they walked thru the gate. They silently gawked at her lovely naked body.

After a few moments, Elizabeth was startled by her chair being bumped. She felt her thighs being pushed apart and a hot mouth was then buried into her moist cunt. She thought she was dreaming at first as the unknown tongue penetrated her pussy lips. The glare of the sun was such that she couldn’t really see anything but a shadow of a body step across her chair right in front of her face. She was about to say something when suddenly a man’s erect penis was pushed in to her open mouth. The shock of the situation suddenly turned to passion as her body instinctively reacted to the sex acts being performed on her.

Her hands grabbed the ass cheeks of the guy in her mouth and she guided bahis siteleri him in and out of her wet mouth. He tasted sweaty and manly. The guy eating her pussy now had a couple of fingers stuffed in to her cunt as he lapped at her clit. She raised her hips up and ground her crotch in to his face. Elizabeth could feel her first orgasm building and did not want to miss it. She suddenly felt spasms of pleasure wash over her body as her wet pussy exploded with a gushing orgasm.

She always had a great orgasm when she had a dick in her mouth, and she went back to sucking her unknown lover’s dick with renewed energy. She pulled him out and licked the shaft from underneath, knowing that was a sensitive area for a man. She rubbed it on her face and teased it lightly with her teeth. As she was playing with this nice hard cock, she felt another one being buried in to her snatch. Her oral lover had lifted her thighs up and shoved his dick into her dripping cunt. She was in heaven. Being assaulted with two hard dicks was even better than she had ever imagined in her best sexual fantasies.

Both men rapidly pounded her mouth and pussy. She could feel their sweat dripping on to her skin and sense their body heat. She wrapped her legs around bahis şirketleri the one fucking her pussy and helped pull him in deep. They were grunting and moaning as they used her body as a fuck toy. She could taste pre-cum from the guy in her mouth and knew he was nearly ready to explode. He pulled out and shot a stream of cum in to her waiting mouth. It tasted soooo good. Another pulsing stream of cum splashed her face and dripped down her cheeks. And a final spurt hit her in the sunglasses giving her a fog of jism to look thru. She grabbed his dick and licked off the dripping remnants of man juice, not wanting to waste a drop. And as she did, she could feel the urgency building up in the guy who was fucking her pussy. She had another crushing orgasm as he pulled out and shot cum all over her belly. He grunted like an animal as he blew his cum on to her skin.

There was a sudden pause as both guys caught their breath. Then, realizing that they had just raped the neighbor lady, they scrambled for their clothes and ran out of the gate. Elizabeth was suddenly alone and could barely see anything thru the fog of cum on her sunglasses. She laid there for a moment not sure what to do or what just happened. If it had been just a dream, it was the most real one she ever had. She rubbed the cum in to her skin like sun tan lotion and licked off her fingers. Tasty. She calmly rinsed off in the pool and went back in to the house for a nap. She loved her days off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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