The Days of Unforgotten

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In the soft twilight of the late autumn evening, Jason stepped out of the cabin. He could see his mother sitting by the lake. They had come to this rustic setting, in the countryside to get away from the city and find calm and solace. The final settlement of his parents’ divorce was finally over. It had been a traumatic time for both of them. The cabin was one of the properties in favor of his mother’s settlement.

Jason, the only child of Frank and Jenny is 20. The young man was attending college. As it was a week’s term break from studies, he had accompanied his mother to this beautiful hideaway. Their nearest neighbor was a farmhouse beyond the rolling hills, which was quite a distance away.

At 43, Jenny is still a beautiful woman and their friends were deeply shocked by the news of their divorce. They could not fathom why Frank had the affair with his colleague. Jenny was the girl that many men had dreamed of marrying. But she had fallen in love with Frank, much to the disappointment of those chasing after her.

Jason was deeply hurt and furious with his father and had a terrible row with him when the news broke. Father and son did not really get along, for some reason. The divorce settlement was fair and his mother could live a very comfortable life. But that was beside the point, as far as Jason was concerned. He was very close to his mother, and he felt for her.

Jason walked out the cabin and headed for the lake. As he neared, Jenny turned and smiled lovingly at him.

She thought how much he looked like his father. He had grown much taller than Frank. She was proud of him, knowing that he excelled in his studies as well as in sports.

“Hi mom,” Jason said as he came towards her. “Don’t you feel cold, I do,” he chided her.

Jenny held out her hand and Jason took it into his.

“Come sit with me and tell me what you have been up to. With all that has happened, we did not have time to catch up with your latest gossips,” she smiled at him.

As Jason sat down beside her, Jenny put her head against her son’s broad shoulders. At 5ft 8, his mother was almost petite compared to her son, who had grown to almost 6ft 2. He smiled at her and placed his arms protectively around her. They talked about his life at college but he knew that it was just a way of keeping out the personal hurt that she was going through.

He felt her shivered ever so slightly.

“Let’s go in mom, it’s really getting chilly out here,” Jason said, pulling Jenny up.

Mother and son walked hand in hand towards the cabin.

They had arrived earlier in the day and they planned to stay for the next three days.

“Brrrr, yes, now I do feel the wind,” Jenny laughed.

When they were inside the cabin, Jenny said they she will prepare dinner and asked Jason to start the fire in the fireplace.

In the serene setting, mother and son sat down for dinner. While they were eating, Jason looked across the small table and looked at his mother. In the quietness of the late evening, he watched her lovingly and realized with mild surprise how beautiful she was. He had always looked upon her as a mother, just like any son. But at that moment, he saw a lovely woman. He could not understand how his father could fall for someone so insignificant as compared to the woman in front of him. Jenny looked up and saw her son looking intently at her.

She looked at him, “what is it,” Jenny asked softly.

“Do you know how beautiful you are, mom?” Jason said.

“Is this what you tell all the girls when they have dinner with you,” Jenny said teasingly.

“No, mom, none of them could hold candle against you, Dad must be nuts,” he said.

Jason could see his mother blushing. It made her look so desirable. Jason realized that he was really taking in the beauty of the woman sitting across him. He suddenly felt awkward, and looked intently at his food. He was taken aback by his thoughts, and what was he thinking?

Jenny could feel the change in the air, the sudden crackling of the burning coal in the fireplace was like a knife cutting into surrounding. She could not understand the significance of the moment. Jason had never said such compliments like that to her before. She looked at him and saw a very handsome young man. She had always taken him for granted as a kid, but he really had grown up.

They ate in silence, both with their own thoughts.

Jason helped his mother clear up after dinner. As she carried the plates, Jason could not help himself as he watched her walking towards the kitchen. She looked like the woman in his dreams. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Conflicting thoughts run through his mind as he saw the woman in his mother, the raven hair falling softly on her shoulders, her still slim waistline, the matured body accentuated by the soft satin blouse that she was wearing.

At that moment, Jenny turned around. Their eyes met and froze.

“What is it, Jason?” her voice almost a whisper. Her heart was canlı bahis beating unsteadily.

“It’s nothing mom.” Jason replied. “I’m going to shower,” he said and almost bolted out of the kitchen.

Jenny just watched him as he left. Her knees were almost weak. Did she see something in his eyes, the longing and yearning of a man? She felt shaken. He is Jason, my son.

As Jason stripped himself to shower, he saw that his penis had gone so hard. He knew what was in his mind. Jason was no innocent child. He had his share of flings with girls at his college. He could not stop himself as he held the turgid gland and masturbated. He came almost immediately, calling out silently, “mom, oh mom” as the imagined vision of his naked mother played on his thoughts, making his sperm spurt out onto the floor of the bath tub. He was horrified by the incestuous vision that clouded his mind.

In her room, Jenny undressed to change into her night gown. As she looked into the mirror, she could see the nipples of her full breasts getting puffy and hard. Sub consciously she touched them with her thumbs and she gasped as they grew harder. “God, what’s happening to her,” she wondered in shock. She had never touched herself like that before. She could feel her vagina getting moist. “God, he’s my son,” she whimpered to herself. Jenny quickly put on her night gown and crept into her bed. She tried to banish those thoughts out of her mind but the tingling sensations just would not go away.

The stillness of the autumn night and the loneliness of the room made her get up and open her door. With her heart pounding rapidly, she walked softly into the living room.

In the faint light, they saw each other.

Jason was sitting on the sofa.

“Mom,” he called out, with a catch in his voice, and he stood up. He had sat there for almost an hour, trying to come to terms with the wild and sinful thoughts and actions that had transpired earlier. Now she was standing like a goddess in front of him.

He rose to his fee and walked towards her.

As they stood at arm’s length, both were in awe of one another and not knowing what to expect. Jason could see his mother’s lips quavering. He reached out and she came to him. He clasped her tenderly in his arms. No words were spoken. They just held on to each other, her head against his chest and his resting softly against her the top of her head, his lips against her hair.

As though in a dream, she felt him lifting her up like a child, cradling her in his arms. She did not stop him as he carried her to his room. At the door, he looked at her face and saw the tears. He kissed the tears off her cheeks. He walked to his bed and gently placed her on it.

In the subdued light of the table lamp, her eyes watched him. Jason opened his night robe and let it drop onto the floor. Her son stood naked before his mother. She saw his masculine body, not with ugly muscles, but trim and firm. Her eyes took in his hardened phallus, and his balls. She stifled a whimpered gasp as he knelt up beside her and unbuttoned her night dress. She could feel his trembling hands. Lifting her up by the shoulders, he took the dress off. Then he lifted her buttocks to pull down her pajamas bottom.

Mother and son were nude on his bed.

The cold autumn night made her nipples hard. She imagined that they were standing elongated like succulent offerings to her son. She saw him gazing at her flesh and his eyes looked downwards to her crotch, were her pubic hair curled inwards to cover her secret opening. Jenny lay traumatized, unable to move her limbs. She had never felt this way before, not even with Frank.

They could hear each other breathing deeply as he climbed across her stomach, his body resting on his knees on both side of her, still not touching her. Then his hands reached out, entwining her palms and lifting them and pressing them to the back of the head. His mouth descended onto hers, kissing her lips tenderly and sucking on her mouth. They tasted each other’s passion as his tongue seeks hers. They sucked and their saliva mixed as he grew more demanding as they deep kissed. Their mouth would not leave each other as his pre cum seeped out and dripped onto the flesh of her stomach.

Finally, unable to sustain their passionate kiss and gasping for breath, they separated. Their eyes locked as they looked longingly at each other. He moved his knees further up across her breasts. Releasing her hands, he pulled a pillow and rested her head on it. Holding his penis in his right hand, he moved it to her lips. Tenderly, he brushed the tip along her lips, wetting her with his pre cum. She felt the sticky liquid coating her lips like lipstick. She did not open her mouth and he did not insist. He bent down again to kiss her, tasting his own secretion.

Then he turned around, facing her crotch. Pulling her knees up towards his chest, his mouth seeks her opening. The odor of her vaginal secretions intoxicated him. As his mouth descended and clamped onto her vagina bahis siteleri lips, she cried out and clamped her thighs, trapping his head between them. Jason lips formed a suction action as he sucked his mother’s vaginal opening. Drunk with desire, he wanted to suck his mother’s cum into his mouth, to taste and swallow from her fountain of love. His tongue snaked out and penetrated her vagina. As he tongue fucked her, Jenny’s love juices began flowing and he took the flow into his mouth. His tongue was deep inside her when he felt his mother taking hold of his penis and inserting it into her mouth. They sucked each other with a fervor which shook their bodies. He felt her stiffened as she went into a shivering orgasm. Simultaneously, he could control himself to hold back as his sperm started ejaculating into her mouth. Holding onto each other tightly, they came long and in continuous spurts. Even in his moment of ejaculation, he did not press his penis into her throat, so as not to hurt her in any way. He could feel himself emptying into her just as she was wetting his face. As their orgasms petered out, her thighs unclamped the grip she had on him. He continued to lick her clean, almost unwilling to leave her swollen and reddened vagina lips and as his tongue brushed against her clitoris, Jenny’s hips jerked erratically. After he felt her limp form slumped deep into the mattress, Jason lifted himself off her body to sit beside her. He looked at her face and saw that her mouth was opened, breathing in heaves. He knew that he had spent gobs of cum into her mouth and yet the only evidence of his cum was the thin coating on her lips and the whitish foam-like gummy substance at the corners of her mouth. Jenny had swallowed almost all her son’s sperm into her belly.

Sated, Jenny closed her eyes in utter exhaustion. Jason got off the bed and headed for the toilet. He came back with a wet hand towel. Gently, he wiped his cum off his mother’s face. He also cleaned off her vaginal offerings between her thighs. By the time he finished, Jenny had drifted off into a deep slumber.

Jason took the thick blanket and covered his mother’s nude form. He kissed her cheeks, closed the lights and went under the blanket. They both slept his arms around her protectively. The time was almost 10pm. They had been making love for over two hours.

Around midnight, Jenny stirred and her eyes flew open. What a dream she had, she thought. In the darkness, she felt something on her body. It was an arm holding her. The memory of what happened began to flow in her mind. She wanted to scream but held back. As the fog cleared, she realized that it was not a dream. They had indeed taken full liberties of each other’s body. She could hear him gently breathing, as he slept. The bed felt different. Now, fully awake, she realized that she was in his room. Quietly, Jenny got up from the bed and walked out, still naked, to her own room.

Once inside the sanctuary of her room, she locked the door and slumped to the floor, tears falling down her cheeks. She cried in despair at the ultimate sin that they had committed. She felt cold and saw that she was naked. Forcing herself off the floor, she staggered into the bathroom. Switching on the light, she saw her reflection in the full length mirror. The image that looked back at her was of someone who had been truly and completely fucked in the mouth and had her vagina sucked. The utter shame made her burst out in tears again. God, she had committed incest with her own son. She could still taste his sperm in her mouth. Only once in her married life did she allow her husband to cum in her mouth, and she had gagged and vomited. Frank had begged her to do it on their wedding night. She was na? then and she hated it. But tonight, she had taken Jason’s so willingly, without him asking her to. And she had swallowed whatever he spurted into her mouth. Unconsciously, her right palm touched her tummy, knowing that her son’s thick baby making sperm was inside her stomach. She tried to comprehend how it came to this, but her mind was in complete turmoil. She looked down and saw that her pubic hair was clean but still caked with remnants of her discharge. The faint memory of Jason cleaning her there came rushing back. She felt exhausted and forced herself to take a quick shower. Then she remembered her night gown, still in Jason’s room. She could not make herself go back to retrieve it. Putting on a fresh one, she climbed onto her bed and crawled in. The images of Jason flashed in the mind as she drifted off into a deep slumber.


Jason woke up to see the autumn sun drifting lazily into his room. As he sat at the edge of his bed, he saw his mother’s night gown on the floor. His heart missed a beat as his thoughts went back to last night. It had really happened. The wondrous images came to mind and he hardened almost immediately. It was true, it really happened. He grabbed a bunch of tissue from the box on the side table and pumped himself. The tissue was soon wet with his sticky discharge. bahis şirketleri Breathing deeply, he wondered when his mother left his bed. And he realized the enormity of their act. How could he face her? As far as he was concerned, he knew that he loved her, even more now. But then, what about her? Maybe she had left the house, leaving him alone. Could she ever forgive him? How could they face each other now? He knew that they had committed something so terrible. But he wanted her, and yearned for her again and again. Jason took his shower and dressed. With deep apprehension, he left his room and headed out. He felt so worried and lost. The house was quiet. He walked out of the cabin. He saw her sitting by the lake, looking out towards the rolling hills. There was no place to hide, no turning back. Bracing for whatever her reactions; he walked down the path towards her. Yesterday, before it happened, seems light years away.

She heard his footsteps. She was confused, her mind a blank. She dreads facing him, unable to come to terms with her pretense that nothing had occurred.

He sat down, a few feet away from her. She kept looking ahead, not able to face him.

“Morning, mom,” he said quietly. Gone was the carefree closeness and rapport they had before.

“Morning,” she replied, almost in a whisper.

They sat in silence, both with their own thoughts. The silence was almost deafening. It just could not last. Both knew they had to breach the impasse.

Jason began, “Mom, forgive me, please,” he turned to her, “I beg you. Don’t turn away from me, I love you, I could give up my life if you hated me,” his voice began to break.

Jenny’s heart was thumping wildly. She slowly turned to face him. Her tears fell and she sobbed quietly.

“We have committed incest, Jason; it’s not your fault alone. I too let it happen, and as a mother, how could I….?” she turned to look the other way.

“Look at me, mom, give me this one chance to tell you what is in my heart,” Jason said in anguished tone.

Jenny slowly turned and her eyes lifted to meet her son’s.

Her tears tore at his heart.

“After you hear what I say and if you decide to leave for home, we’ll go and if you do not want to see me anymore, I’ll get out of your life, but I will always love you,” he said. “You are my life, mom, I love you so much, I cherish you. I don’t care if what happened was illicit, incestuous, or whatever. You are the only woman in my life. I have other girls and women before, but you are the only one I want and desire. If the law provides it, I want to marry you; I want you as my wife, the mother of my children. I did not know before yesterday, but subconsciously, I crave and desire you. That is why I can never fall in love with anyone else. I hate dad for possessing you all this while, imagining him taking his liberties on your body,” his confession was out in the open.

Jenny gasped and bit her lips upon hearing her son’s anguished outburst. She was lost for words. She did not know that Jason wanted her like that. There had been no inkling of his thoughts. He had always been the one for her to lean on in troubled times, confining in him and he had never let her down. He was her confidant and friend. And now he is telling her that he wants to be her lover.

“I love you too, Jason,” she said, looking at him, “always remember that.”

She did not know what to say anymore. She got up and walked slowly back to the cabin.

Jason sat alone; he knew that he had crossed the line of no return. Only fate could now decide his path.

He too, walked back to the cabin. Upon reaching, he called out to Jenny. “Do you want to go home today?” he asked her in the hall.

Jenny looked down and shook her head.

Suddenly, things did not look so bleak. He heaved a sigh of relief. Then he told her that he was going for a walk along the countryside and asked if she wanted to accompany him. She replied that she would rather read her book and told him to go as he intended.

His lunch was ready on the table when he got back. Jenny stayed in her room.

They did not meet each other the rest of the day, keeping out of each other’s way.

Dinner was a quiet affair. Jason made small talk, telling her about his walk in the countryside earlier.

After dinner, they retired to their own rooms.

The weather turned wet and the rains came, not heavy but insistent.

Jason lay in his bed, but his thoughts kept going back to last night. The wondrous sight of Jenny naked beneath him and the love making they shared made him grow so hard. The sound of the cascading rains added to his terrible yearning for his mother’s body. He knew that at some point, he will not be able to stop himself from going to her.

Jenny was in bed, trying to read but the whole day, after Jason’s confession, her thoughts kept going back to what he said to her. She tried to forget about yesterday but the beauty of Jason’s loving made her tremble. His words kept playing on her mind. “I crave and desire you, I want to marry you, I want you to be the mother of my babies.” She could feel hot flushes on her face, and she knew that she was wet between her thighs, just thinking of what her son hand said.

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