The Demolisher

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“Oh this will just drive him up a wall.” Jane said aloud looking into the mirror. She had her curly brown hair pulled up into a pair of pig tails tied off with big red ribbons. A white button up shirt was tied beneath her smallish breasts showing off her flat stomach and her belly ring. Beneath that she had a baby blue plaid skirt that was so short that even without her leaning over her husband would be able to see the bubble gum pink thong she was wearing. She finished the outfit off with a pair of thigh high stockings and light blue heels.

Mike had been away for an entire month on business leaving Jane alone and unsatisfied that entire time. “Hurry up.” Jane hissed. He still wasn’t back from his trip but she’d be waiting for him when he did arrive she planned on jumping him right then and right there. Jane put the finishing touches on her make up. Mike liked it when she looked like a cheap whore with make up that would start to run and smear as the night got more and more intense.

Three consecutive beeps announced Mike had finally entered the house. Jane was out of the master bedroom in heartbeat meeting her man in the hallway. “Hello Daddy. I’ve been very naughty.”

“Hey Jane.” Mike slurred slightly. Jane could smell görükle escort bayan the whiskey on his breath and worse she could see his eyes almost floating in the stuff. “You look sexy. What’s the occasion.”

Jane was beside herself. “You were supposed to stay sober! You fuck!” She raised her hand to slap her husband then thought better of it gripping him by the tie and hauling him into the bedroom. She tossed him onto the bed and yanked his pants off over his shoes. “I’m still getting what I need.” She wrapped her hand around his flaccid cock and started pumping. “No, no no!” She spat on his cock pumping faster, sucked him.

“What’s the matter? We’ll just have sex in the morning.” Mike droned only half paying attention to his wife. It was obvious that his mind was already starting to drift.

Jane looked at him for a moment beside herself with anger. She’d denied herself for over a month because he’d promised her amazing sex when he got back. Not the next evening, not the next morning but when he walked through the door. “You know what fine.” Jane sank down to her knees and slid a box out from beneath the bed.

Over the years of their marriage the Jane and Mike had gathered quite a collection altıparmak eskort of sex toys. Handcuffs, riding crops, anal beads, vibrating eggs and dildos of every shape and size. She pulled out her favorite dildo, one she nicknamed ‘The Demolisher’. It was nearly a foot long and nearly as thick as her wrist with a plunger to stick it to whatever she wanted.

“I hope you’re awake enough to hear this you shit.” Jane growled. She stuck The Demolisher to the headboard. She grabbed her bottle of lube and greased up the full length then got on her hands and knees and backed up towards The Demolisher till it was pressed up against her cunt. “Fuck it’s so much bigger than you, it stretches me so good.” Jane snarled pushing back until her pussy started to stretch around the invading phallus. Jane kept pushing until the massive dildo bottomed out in her cunt then she started pumping her hips back against it.

Mike managed to focus his eyes on her for a moment. “Getting started without me?”

“Oh baby I’m not just getting started without you I’m gonna finish with you!” Jane reached down between her legs rubbing her clit. “I waited for you, just for a good fuck and you fucking got drunk so you nilüfer escort don’t get to fuck.” She twisted so her face was over his, she wanted to look into his eyes while the dildo threatened to split her twat in two. “It’s fucking huge and it fucking feels so good inside me.”

“Don’t be like that.” Mike slurred.

“Oh I’ll be like that you fucking piece of shit, next time you do this to me I’m gonna go next door and let Jamal fuck me. You know he’s been checking me out when I go for my morning jog.” Jane lied, she’d been checking him out though. Jamal was everything she fantasized about, six and a half feet of well toned chocolate sculpted into one helluva man. To top it off he was smart, a computer programmer who moved into the neighborhood to be close to his family. Best of all single. She’d never kept it a secret from her husband that she found him attractive or that she’d happily let him do anything he wanted to her. Now the thought of him gripping her hips and plowing her from behind, maybe with her husband forced to watch. “Oh, oh!” She cried out, just the thought of Jamal fucking her was enough to push her over the edge into a howling orgasm.

“Was it good for you?” Mike asked.

Jane remained like that for a long moment before letting the dildo slip out of her cunt and slap against her skirt clad bottom. “You know what I really did.” She kissed him on the forehead. Then she rolled over onto her back pulled The Demolisher off the wall and imagined what it would feel like to wrap her legs around Jamal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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