The Dream

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This is my first story, I have read so many different genres here on Literotica. I thought it was time to give it a go and try writing myself. It a short story but you have to start somewhere. So here readers is my start…

Thanks to Mrstanley for editing.


I had a dream this afternoon. We were in the shower and I felt your big hands soaping up my huge breasts. I love it when you pull my nipples and squeeze my sensitive tits. It makes me so wet when you manhandle them like that. I get onto my tip toes to kiss you. My shower gloved hands move over your soapy body. Our shower is more caress than cleaning as I wash and fondle you. I move to my knees and scrub between your thighs, ass, and your low hanging balls. My attention is focused on your ass. I love it how your cheeks clench when I rub and probe your anus.

Your thickly veined penis is now erect before me. The water cascades over us as I rinse your tall hairless muscled body. Even your genitals are smoothly shaven for my oral pleasure. I sit on side of the tub, taking your balls into my mouth. Swallowing one testicle, I scratch the other orb that rests on my chin. After sucking each ball I lick your sack with my talented tongue. I move to your thick shaft and lick up the side of your veined length. Swallowing the massive head of your cock several times, I tease the tip with my tongue and rim your urethra. You moan as I engulf about half of your huge cock. I bob my head, canlı bahis swallowing all but the last inch. With over six inches of you in my throat, you thrust your hips into my wet mouth.

As you disappear into my mouth and throat I slide my middle finger into your sphincter penetrating your ass. After a few minutes I push another finger into your rectum. You grunt as I deep throat your cock and fuck your ass with my fingers. Your cock throbs in my throat as I move another finger into your ass. My blonde head is trapped by your strong hands. You grip me by my ears and fuck my face. Our eyes are locked as I swallow your penis balls deep on each thrust. Sliding my fingers into your anus, I find your prostrate and massage it.

Gobs of thick semen dribble into my mouth and throat as I milk your prostate. I feel your rock hard cock pulse with pleasure. You are close to orgasm as your legs tremble. Your legs and hips pump faster and faster, fucking my face. You grunt as you spew thick bolts of cum down my throat. I swallow the first five or six shots of cum. I savor the last spasm before standing to share a kiss. We kiss deeply, swapping the sticky thick semen with each other. We swallow you together.

We get out of the shower and dry each other off. I slide my feet into my fuzzy pink thong slippers as we walk toward the bedroom. We arrive at the bed and you push me onto my back, diving between legs. Your hands grip my ankles and lift my legs bahis siteleri into the air with my feet spread far apart. Your talented tongue licks my shaved pussy over and over as my hips buck up into your face. You take my clit into your teeth and rake it.

“OHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes!” I exclaim, as you slide three fingers into my very wet pussy.

Your fingers slide in and twist fucking my cunt. I squeeze my vaginal muscles around your hand crying out as I beg for you to fuck my cunt harder. You do not stop till I squirt. You need no further urging, pounding my pussy with your fingers pointing up to hit my g-spot. That makes me crazy and I thrust with you, screaming as torrents of juice hit your face almost drowning you. You lick up as much as possible and nibble my stiff clit.

You know I am such a cum slut. I beg for you to fuck me with your long thick cock. With that thought in mind you position me on my knees in classic doggy style. I kneel there with my wet cunt waiting, my wide ass high in the air as you slide your hard thick penis into my ripe dripping cunt. You grasp my hips and pound me like the slut I am. Every trust feels harder and better than the last. I want you to fill my pussy with hot semen just like you my mouth. Being a man, you love to fuck and suck a hot woman like me. You pound into my shaved slit balls deep on each stroke. You surprise me by pushing your lubed finger into my asshole. Slowly you slide my nine bahis şirketleri inch dildo into my tight ass. I’m being fucked in both my holes. The hot slut that I am, I welcome the dildo. I scream and moan in passion as a small but intense orgasm hits my pussy. I beg for you to fuck my ass harder, feeling a stronger orgasm approaching. My breathing increases and I quiver wanting nothing more than to cum. You fuck me like an animal, pulling my hair with your free hand. My eyes roll back in my head, crying out at the arrival of a huge orgasm. My pussy clamps onto your cock as you shove the dildo to the hilt in my anus.

I feel the head of your cock throbbing inside my cunt. You slide your whole length into my pussy again and again. I pant and point my toes in the air. You grunt and quiver as you fuck my cunt deeply with each powerful stroke. I beg you to fuck my pussy harder. You slip the dildo from my ass so you can concentrate on your orgasm. You slam into my cunt and I can feel your cock twitching. You scream that you’re about to cum.

I say “Let it rip!”

You pull out of my pussy and move to my face. I open my mouth and swallow your length as you empty a huge load in my throat. This time I am greedy and swallow all of you.

We kiss and cuddle as we rest in the afterglow of our passion. I want this to happen again in the morning. As we embrace, I fantasize about kinky sex, deep throating you, 69, pussy eating, ass fucking, cum swallowing and Earth shaking orgasms. I wonder how many times you will take me and where? I invite you to spend the night with me as we return to the shower. We clean ourselves and end up falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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