The Elf , the Kobold

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Big Dicks

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


“And I thought you were never going to take the lead, Rippo…”

Aurora giggled, the elf’s heart pounding, though she was not just an elf, oh no. She was a dragon-elf hybrid, her skin pale with a long, gold tail, scattered patches of similarly coloured golden scales marking her body over the hips, thighs, her shoulders and even her upper arms too. Many passed her by, her small and slight figure easy to ignore even in her line of work, though Aurora was not one to let anyone take advantage of her. They simply did not see her anger, how it simmered in her fiery, dragon blood.

She didn’t need them to see every part of her, after all. Not when the elf-dragon was already more than happy exactly the way she was.

But in the bedroom, oh… Oh, it was good to let that go, ducking her head softly, letting submission tingle through her. It was easy to let go but hard to trust: not two things that went all that easily together. Yet that had changed with Rippo, the shorter, green-skinned kobold grinning, a perfect match for her with his more lizard-like appearance than some others that she’d seen.

“Stay there, pretty girl,” he rumbled, though Aurora was already wet, spreading her legs for him, backside facing towards the three-foot tall kobold. “I’ll take care of you…”

He smirked, tail twitching back and forth, his cock already out and in his hand, though there was only a tiny bead of pre-cum on the tip of his cock so far, the skin pulled back so that the glands at the tip and head were defined, showing the shape of it. He had to kneel on the bed behind her, pressing down on her backside so that the elf-dragon splayed her knees apart even more for him, all for a better height. Yet not even Rippo could stop himself from licking his lips, sinking sweetly into his more dominant role of the moment. It was rare that he got a gorgeous lady like Aurora, after all, to play with.

Her pussy dripped lewdly as he slid his fingers through her wetness, sliding them back and forth, as if he was trying to spread around her essence as much as possible. The tang of her honey lingered heavily in the air, the bed in the inn creaking under their shared weight, though neither of them was particularly tall, Aurora only being five and a half feet tall, a good two feet and a half taller than him. Truth be told, it was difficult for the kobold to find someone shorter than him (sometimes dwarves and gnomes, most common in their land), so he was well-versed in a partner taller than him.

The elf-dragon moaned under him and Rippo pressed on, lifting her tail with the back of his arm, though Aurora had already held escort izmir it up high enough for him. Just a tiny play, a little motion, one more touch of dominance to help Aurora sink more and more deeply.

She groaned, head swimming, already wanting to forget herself, who she was, everything that she might have held dear. Submission was escapism, handing over the reins of control to someone else, yet the elf-dragon could not even stop herself from rocking her butt back against his hand, his fingers teasing inside her, sinking into her wetness and testing her readiness.

“Oh, please…” She breathed, though even those words were a struggle to get out as she pushed her arse up higher for him, his fingers digging into the softness of her backside, teasing, toying. “Please…take me… Oh… I need it…”

Those were all the words that she was able to get out as the kobold chuckled throatily, rising against her backside. For a moment, Aurora thought that the moment had come, that he was going to take his chance to drive his hardness inside her and give her everything that she needed.

Ah, but her dominant partner of the night was trickier than that, skilled as he rubbed his cock against her butt, feeling out the curves of her, how her pussy warmed to the lightness of his touch, wanting more. Rippo crooned and flicked his tail, head angled as the light from a lantern glanced off his horns, though the oil would surely burn until dawn, until he had had his way and his fun with the sexy little elf.

She whimpered and she begged for him, rocking her hips back and forth as if she could not bear holding back for a single moment — but that was for him to decide, the dominant in control. It may have been a light control, controlled with rumbling growls and flicks of his tail, but Rippo knew that he didn’t need to do more for her. Pinning her and fucking her roughly would have been too much when her body was already hot and aching with need for him.

That was just how he could draw it all out, taking his time, letting her pant and moan as he rubbed his hands over her backside, bringing more heat to that part of her body. His fingers dipped into her, even penetrating her with only the very tip of his cock before pulling back, even as Aurora groaned long and low and deep.


She shook her head, panting heavily. If she had been anyone else, she could have turned around and taken him and demanded that he give her what she needed, though that was not the case, not with Aurora, no longer for Aurora. The elf-dragon wound her tail loosely around his waist, simply to anchor herself right there, need rising, her pussy pulsing, squeezing around something that was not actually present inside her.

Yet at the very moment that she thought that she could not handle it, that she was going to scream and cry and whimper in the most submissive of tangled lust, Rippo gave her exactly what she wanted. With no warning at all, the kobold abruptly thrust deep into her pussy, using the full length of his cock to escort izmir fill her, hips rolling, rocking against her as his hands gripped her hips.

“Stay still for me, pretty elf,” he grunted, eyes bright with need, tail winding as much as it could around hers, holding her against him in light restraint. “I need to use every part of you…”

That set her off, her mind running wild — oh, what could he have planned for her? She did not know, did not need to know, not when he was in control, not when she had given herself over to the kobold, allowing him to do everything and anything that he could have wanted to her.

And his cock fit inside her just right, as if it was made for her, though that could have been her more submissive state of mind pulling at her, making her feel, increasingly so, as if there was nothing better. He pumped his cock deeply into her, pushing in hard, but what Aurora had not yet seen was the, as yet, soft knot at the base of his cock. It wasn’t as if she had been taken by a kobold before, but that was just one more little treat that would come to be seen, all in good time.

She felt it grow, however, wondering faintly at what it was, though there was not all that much that Aurora’s mind could focus on in a moment like that, not as her pussy clenched around him, trying to milk as much pleasure out of the moment as she could. It was frenzied as his hips slapped against her backside, claiming strokes reverberating through her body, yet she ached for it, needing every rougher stroke of his cock that she could possibly get from him.

Rippo hissed, tongue flicking out against his lips, longer and slenderer than that of a human or an elf, though perhaps it was closer to being a dragon’s tongue than anything else. That tongue would do wonderful things to her pussy and arse later that night, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm until the elf was a melted pile of orgasmic bliss sprawled across the bed. He smirked breathlessly, tightening his tail around hers, the flame of the lantern flickering faintly as the motion of his body, shifting the air in the inn room around them, stirred it up.

Such small actions in dominance could have big effects, but the kobold was there for something grander, the pulse of release, a long night of sexual pleasure that would be more than one to remember. He leaned over her, his knot swollen, grinding up against the lips of her pussy, though he did not yet know if Aurora had taken a fat knot like his yet. Perhaps it would be something new for her or perhaps not. But it would be the thing to make her groan in climax, rocking and humping back on his cock, having lost every semblance of control that the elf-dragon hybrid had ever thought she’d had…

Aurora squeaked under him, his knot pushing and grinding up against her pussy, teasing her, though he was not taunting. Her body was already warmed up and ready, aching for him, her arousal slick around his dark-skinned cock, though he needed more, had to have more, allowing an even more dominant, almost feral edge entering his thrusts as a ripping growl trembled from his throat.

“Mmm… Take it all, sweetheart,” he growled darkly, looming over her suddenly, despite his diminutive stature. “Mmph… Nice and…fucking…deep!”

He snarled, lips pulling back from his teeth, though he was a kobold in his element, Aurora shrieking under him as the knot sank home, her pussy stretching around him. Once he was inside her and tied to her, there was no going back, finishing the job and waiting until his cock softened, though he trembled with delight at the thought of the elf-dragon feeling the fruits of his efforts in the morning. She would be sore, yes, but all in a good way, as her chest dipped down to the bed, hugging a pillow to her chest just for something to grip onto, to hold her where she needed to be for him.

Aurora couldn’t think, could barely breathe, orgasm tearing through her, the pounding force of his cock driving her there. It was as if there was no choice in the matter for her, the kobold controlling and playing her body to a tune that she could never quite reach along, breath heaving, wave after wave of ecstasy crashing through her. She moaned and twisted, relishing in it, though the kobold was close too and released himself, at long last, inside her, thick spurts of cream adding to the mess of her arousal already slickening her passage. Of course, he could not pull out quite yet, lusting for it, staying over her, his fingers digging painfully into her hips. Somehow, that edge of mild pain made her pleasure all the better, his knot rubbing against the entrance to her pussy, all where the most sensitive nerve endings were.

Still, she stayed there, soft and submissive — though it was not as if she could lower her hips at all until he was done with her, keeping her up there, tied to him with his thick not. It had to be a good width-and-a-half of his actual shaft, Aurora shivering deliciously as his hands roamed her body, her butt mainly, playing with her, enjoying the woman he was temporarily locked into.

When he finally pulled out in a spurting deluge of thick, creamy cum, having unloaded inside her far more than even Aurora could have expected, she could not help but whimper. Rippo smirked.

“Too much for you, sweetheart? There’s plenty more where that came from… You took my knot well.”

Rippo laughed lightly, light-headed in the aftermath of climax, his fingers sliding through the slick mess of her cream-pie, pussy stretched slightly in the wake of his cock. Spreading her folds, he rubbed her pussy with the flat of his hand, delighting in how it spilt from her, evidence of their tryst, even if he had no intention at all of letting that be the end of the night.

He might have been a little smaller than her, but size difference had never been something to stop him from taking his pleasure. Much less with a sexy little elf-dragon moaning his name as he played with the mess of her pussy, the slick cream-pie dripping over his fingers as he plunged them straight back inside her.

Yes, she was sexy…and, for the night, all his to do with exactly as he pleased.

Aurora cried out his name with the coming of her next orgasm.

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