The Evening Blue Pt. 03

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Lying in my brother’s arms, I simply wanted to fall into a deep, post-orgasmic sleep, but my bladder had other plans.

“I have to pee,” I whispered, slipping out of his embrace.

“You also need to eat something,” Aaron said. “We didn’t have dinner.” He gave me a quick kiss, then climbed out of my bed. After turning on the lamp on my nightstand, he picked up the oversized t-shirt I normally slept in. I took it from him and pulled it over my head, not even bothering with panties.

As Aaron started to slide on his boxers, I couldn’t help but stare at his cock, now flaccid, but the sight of it made me remember how it felt deep inside me. Unbelievably, I started getting wet again.

Aaron noticed my hungry gaze and grinned. “What are you thinking, Kelly?”

“I’m thinking that I want you to fuck me again,” I said. Sitting on the edge of my bed, I spread my legs so he could get a good look at my pussy. I felt his semen still seeping out of me.

Aaron released a low moan, his stare fixed on my most intimate place, the one he had claimed as his. His hand dropped to his cock and stroked it briefly, but then he shook his head. “We have all night, baby,” he said. Then he leaned to plant a kiss on the top of my head and took my hand, easing me off the bed.

In the bathroom, he washed his face while I peed. I saw him glance my way as I wiped between my legs. After I was finished, Aaron relieved himself, his back to me, and I used a warm wet washcloth to clean myself off.

The toilet flushed, and then I felt his arms slip around me. In the mirror, I watched as he brushed my hair away from my neck and kissed the tender skin. “Are you okay? You’re not sore, are you?” he murmured.

I was a little tender, but it was a pleasurable kind of ache, reminding me of the way my pussy had stretched to accommodate his hard cock. I shook my head and turned to offer him my mouth. Our lips met, and then our tongues. It was all I could do not to beg him to take me.

In the kitchen, Aaron heated up leftover lasagna, and I gazed at him with unabashed adoration. He smiled, and I could have sworn he was blushing, unaccustomed to the blatant desire on my face.

He placed a glass of iced tea on the table before me. “Drink that,” he commanded. “We worked up quite a sweat.”

We ate in comfortable silence, absolutely famished. When I looked up and caught him gazing at me with utter tenderness, I smiled. “No regrets,” I whispered.

“No regrets,” he whispered back.

When the dirty dishes were soaking in the sink, he wrapped his arms around me. “How about a nice hot bath?” he murmured in my ear, his hand slipping under my shirt to fondle my breast.

I released a sigh of pleasure. “That sounds fantastic.”

After Aaron ran the bath for us, he helped me into the tub, and I settled back against him with his legs on either side of me. The feel of him sliding the soap over my skin made my body completely relax, and I closed my eyes, resting my head on his shoulder.

He took extra time with my breasts, toying with the nipples and making me breathe faster. “I love your tits,” he said. “Just thinking about sucking on those nipples gets me hard.”

I grinned, reaching behind me so I could stroke his hair. “Well, I want to do everything possible to get you hard, as often as I can.”

“You know what else I love?” he said, his words almost a growl. The tenderness of his touch as he washed me was a stark contrast to the heat in his words. “I love how greedy that pussy of yours is.”

A fierce blush heated my face. “Um, is it too greedy?” I asked, wondering if there was something wrong with me.

“God no, baby. You’re a dream come true,” Aaron sighed.

I smiled, then remembered my good news. “I have tomorrow off,” I told him. “Myra’s working my shift.”

He nuzzled my neck with his lips. “That is fantastic. It’s been a long time since I’ve had you all to myself on a Saturday.”

My smile widened to a grin. “By the way, Myra wanted me to let you know she’s still single.”

Aaron laughed, but when he spoke, his voice was low and soft. “But it seems I’m not anymore.”

I nestled against him, feeling his strong arms slip around me. Knowing he was mine, all mine and only mine, made my pulse surge with joy.

We soaked in the tub for a good while, and the hot water soothed the faint ache between my thighs. Aaron turned my face to his and gave me a deep kiss, our tongues meeting between our lips. I could feel his erection growing.

“I want you inside me again,” I whispered.

“You sure?” he asked, then brushed his lips against mine.

“More than anything,” I replied.

Wordlessly we stood, and once the bathwater began draining from the tub, Aaron pressed me against the shower wall, his mouth exploring my skin. I began shivering, and Aaron turned on the shower to warm us.

Taking his cock in my hand, I stroked it with a quick rhythm, thrilled that my brother was ready for me once again.

I let him take total control. He turned me around, demetevler escort then spread my legs and took hold of my hips. “I love you so much, baby,” he said, his lips close to my ear.

“I love you, too,” I breathed, then drew in a sharp breath as he positioned his cock right at my entrance.

The first thrust made me cry out. My palms were splayed against the shower wall, and I felt Aaron’s teeth against my neck, the nip he gave my flesh.

“Christ, you feel so good!” he groaned, his thrusts harder and faster now.

I whimpered as he filled me, his fingertips digging into my hips. When he reached around with one hand to rub my clit, my legs began shaking, and my cries sounded amplified in the small bathroom.

“That sweet pussy’s so tight!” he said through his teeth.

I grinned, reveling in how filthy his words were. My brother was true to his word, I told myself. Now that he had surrendered to his lust, he refused to fight it. Instead, with his voice and his touch, his mouth and his cock, he spurred on his desire as well as mine.

“Gonna come inside you,” he said, his words guttural. “Fuck, Kelly, come for me! Let me feel it, baby!”

My clit was so swollen and sensitive beneath his fingers that I couldn’t have refused his command even if I’d wanted to. And I certainly wanted to obey.

I screamed with the powerful first spasm of my orgasm, and I knew Aaron felt it too, for he sucked in a sharp breath. Even as I writhed in his grasp, he kept working at my clit.

“Oh my God!” I wailed, my pussy milking his cock.

“Yes yes, oh fuck!” Aaron buried his cock all the way inside me, and I could feel the strength of his shuddering as he came. I thought of my brother’s seed spurting deep in my cunt, and just imagining it sent another orgasmic wave crashing through me.

My knees gave out, and Aaron wrapped an arm around my waist, keeping me in a standing position, his cock still claiming me. When I clenched my pussy muscles, I felt just how full of him I was.

“Christ, I will never stop wanting this,” he panted.

I let my head fall back against his shoulder, smiling as I came down from my climax.

Again, I surrendered control to Aaron as he eased out of me and gave me a deep kiss. I watched as he washed me gently between my thighs, unable to keep from gasping when his fingers brushed against my exquisitely tender clit.

While he helped me from the tub and used a soft towel to dry me off, my eyelids grew heavy. “You look exhausted, baby,” Aaron said.

I smiled, my eyes closing completely. “Just give me a couple hours, and I’ll be ready for you again,” I promised him.

Aaron laughed from low in his belly. “I’m going to need at least a couple hours to recover from this evening,” he said.

I leaned against the counter while he dried off, and I couldn’t stop myself from staring at his naked body. He caught my appreciative gaze and grinned.

Once we were out in the hallway, both of us naked, Aaron led me toward his room. “Let’s sleep in my bed tonight,” he said. “I’ll wash your sheets tomorrow morning.”

I gave him a sly smile. “But we’re just going to get your sheets dirty, too.”

He pulled me to him and cupped my ass in his hands. “Then I’ll wash my sheets with yours,” he replied. “I have a feeling we’re going to be doing a lot more laundry in the future.”

I gave him a kiss, nipping at his lower lip. “You have me so wet all the time, I know I’m going to have to change my panties constantly. I should buy some extra pairs.”

He laughed, obviously pleased with my words. “What am I going to do with you, Kelly?”

I reveled in the feel of his fingers brushing my damp hair back from my face. “Just keep loving me,” I said. “And keep fucking me.”

Aaron held me to him, his lips against the top of my head. “Now that I can do.”


In the middle of the night, I woke and reached for him. Our lovemaking was slow and gentle as he spooned behind me, languid in his rhythm. And yet he made me come quickly before he reached his own climax.

The following morning, Aaron made us a big breakfast of eggs and pancakes while I stripped the sheets from both beds and put them into the washing machine. The weather was nice outside, with occasional clouds keeping the temperature from rising too quickly.

Once we were seated at the kitchen table, I said, “I know you wanted to work in the garden today, and get the lawn mowed. And even though I’m off, I have to get some studying done, unfortunately. So why don’t we get all that taken care of early? Then we’ll have the rest of the day – and night – to enjoy ourselves.”

My brother and I exchanged grins. “Now that sounds like a plan,” he agreed.

I managed not to throw myself at him before he went outside, and I also managed to get a little studying done, but as I was putting clean sheets back on the beds, I couldn’t stop thinking of our lovemaking the night before. A fierce need gripped me, in my chest and my belly and between dikmen escort my thighs.

I was wearing a pale yellow strapless dress, one I’d bought at the thrift shop for next to nothing. The material was gauzy, almost see-through in the sun. Beneath the dress, I was naked.

Teasing my nipples through the fabric, I began breathing faster. I wanted, needed, my brother at that moment, and nothing could stop me from going to him.

Aaron was finishing up outside, surveying the garden, when I approached him. He looked at me and smiled before his gaze swept over my dress. “Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes,” he said. Then he wiped his face with the edge of his shirt. “Getting hot out here.”

I didn’t respond. Instead, I closed the distance between us and pressed my mouth to his. Aaron moaned in pleasure as we kissed, but when I tried to slip my hand into his jeans, he pulled back, appearing suddenly shy.

“I’ve been working all morning, Kelly,” he said, his voice apologetic. “Let me grab a shower.”

“Nope,” I said. “That can wait.” I lifted his t-shirt and ran my tongue over his salty skin, then dropped to my knees in the grass. I unfastened his jeans, giving him a wicked grin before yanking them down to his knees, along with his underwear.

Already his cock was hardening, and when I took it in my hand, Aaron let out a groan. His groan was even louder when I circled his shaft with my lips.

Grasping the base of his cock, I gave it a gentle squeeze. Then I went to work sucking his dick and pleasuring him as best as I could, taking his erection deeper in my mouth until my lips met my hand.

He rested a hand on my head, tenderly guiding me into the rhythm he preferred. “Yes, yes, ahh yes!” he murmured, gazing down at me. “That mouth of yours is incredible, Kelly!”

Removing my hand from his erection altogether, I slid my lips down the length of him, determined to take every inch. My nose nestled into his pubic hair, and I inhaled the musky scent of my brother.

Finally I had to pull back, saliva dripping from my mouth. Breathing hard, I gazed at his throbbing cock and smiled, delighted that I’d made him so excited.

As I cupped his balls in my hand, massaging the sack, I took a deep breath and deep-throated him again. His groans of pleasure filled my ears, causing my pussy to ache with wanting.

“Kelly, I’m about to come,” he warned, but I didn’t stop. Instead, my head bobbed even faster, and I felt his fingers take hold of my hair in a firm grip. “Kelly, ah fuck!”

He thrust his hips, driving his cock all the way into my mouth, and I felt the first spurt of semen strike my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could, gulping down his seed.

When Aaron released his hold on me, he was panting. I sat back and wiped my lips with the back of my hand. He helped me to my feet, then gave me a fierce kiss. “My God, you drive me out of my mind,” he murmured against my lips, then yanked down the bodice of my sundress, exposing my breasts.

I squealed in surprise, grinning as I attempted to cover myself, but he pushed my hands away.

“You stay just like that,” Aaron ordered, his stare hot on my naked tits. The nipples were already hard, and my breasts rose and fell with my heavy breaths.

When my brother took my chin in his hand, the ferocity of the desire in his eyes made me gasp. “Go inside to your room,” he commanded in a low voice. “Take off your dress and sit on the edge of the bed with your legs spread. When I come in there, I’m going to fuck you senseless, Kelly.”

Clouds had covered the sun, but the sudden drop in temperature wasn’t the reason I shivered. Blushing at Aaron’s words, I started to turn away and do what he’d demanded of me, but he took my arm and pulled me to him. As he lowered his head and circled my left nipple with his lips, I cried out, feeling teeth and tongue on my skin. My pussy throbbed, desperate to be filled.

When Aaron finally released me, I practically ran to the house, and once inside, I followed his instructions to the letter. Naked on the edge of my bed with my legs wide open, I wanted to touch myself but resisted the urge. Outside my window, the wind strengthened and the sky grew darker as a storm rolled in.

I heard my brother come inside the house, and I began trembling with anticipation. Making sure my legs were spread as far as possible, I took a deep breath, my eyes wide when he appeared in the doorway.

Aaron folded his arms over his chest, leaning against the doorframe and hungrily staring at me. “You are so fucking gorgeous,” he said in a husky voice. “And you know just what I’m about to do to you, don’t you, Kelly?’ I quickly nodded, swallowing hard. “Tell me then.”

I blushed, forced to avert my eyes. “You’re going to pound my pussy.”

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do.” He stripped naked before me, and I caught the scent of his sweat.

Thunder rumbled outside as Aaron moved toward me. I held my breath, ready for him to follow through on his promise, ankara escort but first he leaned forward and gave me a long, deep kiss. Then he slid his hand between my thighs, making me moan.

When Aaron broke the kiss, he brought his wet fingers to my mouth, and I quickly accepted them. “Already so wet for me,” he murmured as I sucked his fingers. “What does that make you, Kelly?”

I gave his fingers a nip, then took them from my mouth and placed his hand between my thighs again. “It makes me your filthy slut, Aaron.”

Those words set my brother loose upon me. His cock fully erect, he stepped between my spread thighs. With a powerful thrust, he was buried inside me balls deep, and I bit down on my lip to keep from screaming.

Once again, his face was unrecognizable with lust as he pushed me back against the bed, bracing a hand on either side of me. I lifted my head so I could watch as he fucked me hard and fast.

We both stared down at where our bodies connected, watching as his cock claimed my pussy. I could see how tightly I was gripping him, and the room echoed with the sound of his skin slapping against mine.

Aaron slowed briefly only to kiss me, and I felt the orgasm building in my core. When he began his frantic lovemaking once again, I wrapped my legs around him.

“Fuck! Oh God!” I wailed, my arms trembling as I struggled to prop myself upright. “Take it, take it, take it…” My words were a chant, urging him on.

All it took was me sliding my hand between my thighs and rubbing my clit, and then I was coming hard around his cock. I didn’t try to keep quiet, instead screaming through the spasms, feeling every muscle in my body grow taut.

Even after my orgasm subsided and I was gasping for breath, Aaron pumped between my legs, his jaw tight and his eyes filled with heat.

“Come inside me, please please!” I begged.

He roared with the force of his own orgasm, his body tense and shuddering. I finally collapsed back on the bed, still spread wide.

Aaron lay against me, and I ran my fingers through his damp hair. His lips brushed against my nipple, making me sigh. Then he laughed, low and soft. “Kelly, baby, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to keep up with you,” he said before raising his head so he could grin up at me. “But I’m happy to die trying.”


Aaron and I made a home together, as romantic and happy as newlyweds. Even when I was working or in class, I found myself thinking of him. Often I got wet just imagining what I planned to do when we were both together at home.

Just before final exams, I stayed after Professor Andrews’s class to discuss a last assignment with him. As the other students filed out of the room, I approached his desk, and he gave me a warm smile.

Once he had answered my question about the assignment, Professor Andrews began gathering up papers and books. “So, Kelly, have you given any thought as to your major?” he asked. “You are planning to apply to a four-year university, aren’t you?”

I squirmed, suddenly feeling on the spot. “I’m not sure yet. I mean, I’d love to, but…”

“You’re one of my best students.” He tilted his head, regarding me. “It would be a shame if you didn’t continue your education.”

I smiled at his compliment. Though he must have been in his early fifties, his hair was still dark with not a bit of gray, and his eyes were kind.

“Money’s an issue, and…” And how could I explain that if I continued my education, I would have to leave my brother?

I couldn’t explain that.

Professor Andrews seemed to sense my discomfort. “Well, I hope you’ll give it a lot of thought. I was very impressed with your work in my class.”

I thanked him, knowing I was blushing. Then I headed home, turning his words over in my mind.

Aaron was waiting up for me, idly flipping through channels on the television. His face brightened when I stepped into the living room. “Hey, baby,” he said, standing and coming toward me so he could give me a kiss. “How was class?”

I dropped my bag into a chair and sighed. “It was good,” I replied, walking with him into the kitchen. Aaron had made grilled chicken for dinner, and as I sat at the table, he went about heating up a plate for me. “Professor Andrews wanted to know about my plans for the future. He said I should continue my education and get a four-year degree. I mean, I’d love to major in English like he did, but I know that’s not practical, and also, I’d have to live away from here if I did that, so it’s out of the question anyway…”

Aaron was quiet as I thought aloud, his back to me. When I glanced up at him, I frowned, noticing the tension in his muscles. “Aaron, what’s wrong?” I asked.

His expression was dark as he finally turned to face me, leaning against the counter. “It’s always Professor Andrews this, Professor Andrews that,” he muttered.

I couldn’t help but feel wounded at his words. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I didn’t mean to ramble on, but you asked how class went…”

“That’s not it.” Aaron pulled out a chair and sat down across from me at the table. Still, he wouldn’t meet my eyes. “It’s hard not to feel inadequate with the way you go on about that guy,” he said. “I don’t have all his knowledge, Kelly, and I’ll never be able to compete with someone like him.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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