The Evil Plan

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Our meeting was purely coincidental. We were sitting in a car dealership of all places waiting on our cars to be serviced. We were watching the TV they put there but we saw each other staring at one another. She was probably 10 years my senior but it was hard to tell because she looked my age and had an incredible body. Her face was alright but it was one of those things where I was attracted to her from the minute I saw her even though her beauty may not have been conventional.

She caught me staring at her toward the end of our wait and we shared a smile with each other. As if my luck couldn’t get any better our cars were ready at the same time. My two-door sports car was parked in front of her $75,000 luxury sedan. You could tell she had money but you could also sense she had married into that money. She had a huge diamond on her finger but had a look to her that screamed “I’m high class, but not afraid to get dirty.”

Well I turned to her and gave her one last smile and then a wink as I walked toward my car. I thought I was so bold for giving her a wink. I was being a little smart ass but jumped into my car and started driving off. I made a right turn out of the dealership and started the 20 minute drive back to my apartment where I work out of a few days a week.

I stopped at a light about 100 yards after making the turn and saw in my rear view mirror she was coming up behind me. She started smiling as she probably saw me looking back at her through my mirror.

I continued driving…I had to drive down one long thoroughfare that leads to the street my apartment was on. I noticed about 10 minutes later when I was half-way home she was still right behind me. I could feel a little knot in my pants as I continued to look back at her. It was a miracle I didn’t crash into a car in front of me.

5 more minutes went by…still behind me.

I approached my street…still behind me. I was now getting more excited and was fantasizing about her following me back to my apartment and us having a lot of horny fun for the rest of the day. Well horny fun wouldn’t even begin to describe what happened, as you will soon find out.

I pulled into my driveway and she followed and pulled right back next to me. This was getting a little too intense for me. It was a good thing my girlfriend was at work for the rest of day. But she said she was coming over right after work and it was already 2 in the afternoon.

This beautiful woman got out of her car and said, “You forgot this.” She pulled out a pack of gum that had fallen out of my pocket while I was walking to my car.

I looked at her kind of dumb-founded and said “You followed me home just to give me back my pack of gum?”

She said “Not really but I figured that was a good excuse.” There was a definite knot in my pants the size of which I had never felt at this point. I didn’t know what to do next. I had been with an older woman once but that was only at a one-night stand when we were both drunk at a bar.

I walked over to her and said “Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that a wedding ring on your finger?”

“How observant of you…I won’t tell if you don’t” she responded.

“Care to join me inside?” I asked pretty bravely if I do say so myself.

“It would be my absolute pleasure, thank you.” I started walking to my door but I got a little nervous because I remember I had left some of my porn out from that morning since my girlfriend hadn’t been over in a couple of days. I watched a porn last night because my girlfriend was out with some friends. I was nervous she’d see it and get freaked out. But then again she followed me home and was married so I was under the impression she could be a little freaky.

I soon found out she didn’t waste anytime. We walked in my door, I shut it behind me and we soon started kissing. She tasted and smelled so good; I couldn’t get enough of her lips and tongue. But the next thing I knew she broke away pulled my t-shirt off really fast. Luckily it didn’t rip. She started licking my chest and worked all the way down to my groin. She then undid my pants really fast and pulled out my raging hard-on that I had since I realized she was following me. She started licking the tip of it and then put some in her mouth and starting making the hottest noise, “mmmmmm” she kept doing on my cock.

To say that it was the best head I’ve ever gotten was an understatement. I could describe what she did but the point is I don’t remember. I just remember it was the best head anyone ever gave me or has given me to this point. I really felt like I was going to bust in her mouth in a couple of minutes because she did everything just right with her tongue and mouth. I managed to hold out somehow. After about 10 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore and I lifted her head off my big, hard cock grabbed her arms and lifted her up to me. She had the “fuck me” eyes. The expression I knew all too well.

The next thing I did was put my hands on her waste, turn İstanbul Escort her around very quickly shove her up against the wall just inside my doorway and gave her a little spank. She moaned in pleasure, “mmmmmmmm, I love it…I need that hard cock in me.” I didn’t know her name, she didn’t know mine and by the looks of it neither one of us cared about a minor detail like that at his moment.

So I pressed her harder against the wall, took the thong she was wearing and pushed it very hard down her legs. It didn’t move all the way down so they were just around here knees…Good enough for me as I moved the bottom of her suit up and positioned my cock underneath her. She slammed her palms on the wall as if to brace herself for my entrance into her. And then I thrust my body up into her already sopping wet pussy. It felt like magic…the warmth turning into hotness surrounding my hard cock was more amazing than anybody could put into words. I could hear her moan and it started to get me hard. Then she started to talk dirty which is something I absolutely love.

“Come on, fuck me hard. Right into my pussy…yeah, just like that. I love how you fuck me with your dick. Oh god I need to be fucked just like this. Don’t fucking stop.” Hearing her talk like this nearly put me over the edge. I was fucking a hot married woman and her big diamond was scraping across my wall while I was fucking her with all my might. I was really giving her a good fuck…and apparently that was just what she needed.

Then she turned around and my cock came out of her. I was naked with just my socks on now as she pushed me back toward my couch. On the short walk over to my couch she took off her top leaving just her bottom on with her open-toed high-heeled shoes. She pushed me down on the couch and climbed up on top of me. We embraced in another kiss and then she started jerking on my cock and getting it rock hard again. Then she leaned down and licked her pussy juice off me and moaned again while doing it.

I was so hard and then she climbed back up to me and positioned her perfect body above my throbbing pole and sank down into it. She did it so gently and then started rising her body back up again and sinking until she picked up the pace a little bit. She got faster and faster every time she rose up and down on my cock and eventually it got to the point when she was all out riding me. Her hair flopped around wildly and she was riding me with complete disregard for anything at that moment. She felt amazing riding my engorged cock. It was almost like she hadn’t been fucked in years and she was letting out all her frustration on me.

After a few minutes of her pounding up and down on my cock I grabbed her hips and stopped her as she collapsed down on me. I held my thick rod as far as it would go in her. I could feel the back of her pussy. I was pushing all the way up into her cervix and the feeling of her just sitting on me still was more than enough to push me over the edge. Then I grabbed her hips and I thrust up really hard into her. I told her not to move as I did so and I pounded away at the back of her pussy while she was on top of me. She was really screaming now. I was thankful this happened during the middle of the day when my neighbors were all at work or else they all would know what was going on.

This horny married woman was still on top of me and I was still fucking her and she started in on her dirty talk again.

“Yes, I love when you fuck me like that. Oh my fucking god!! Fuck me with that huge cock. It stretches me out so good and fills me up. Yes!!!”

I couldn’t take it anymore. Everything that happened: Knowing she followed me home, she pursued me, I was fucking her in my apartment and were both cheating on our husband/girlfriend. It all sent me over the top. I loved knowing I was with someone unavailable. It had always been a fantasy of mine but I never thought I’d actually have the opportunity to follow through with it. All of these facts set into my head at once and I couldn’t take it anymore. It was then I blurted out “I have to cum!”

She started moaning and said “wait, let me cum with you. I’m almost there!” She was still moaning and screaming at this point.

I really wanted her to cum with me so I started back at her talking dirty as I felt my dick fill with cum while thrusting inside her. “I want you to cum on my hard cock. Cum all over me. I know you want it and I know you like when I fuck myself into you like this.” This apparently was enough to send her over the top. Not my best use of dirty talk but then again, I wasn’t exactly in a state of mind to be thinking entirely straight.

She started moaning really loud and I thrust up into her as hard as I could. “I’m gonna cum…Yes!!!” she said as she convulsed all around my cock into a full-fledged orgasm. My girlfriend never felt this good when I made her cum. She tended to be real quiet throughout the whole experience. This woman however started Escort Bayan screaming and I could feel all her wetness drip down my cock onto my tightening balls. That was it. I couldn’t take it anymore. Then as I was about to cum in her she said “CUM ON MY FACE NOW!!”

I didn’t need to be asked twice as I pulled out quickly, she slipped down between my legs on the floor and I busted a huge load on her face. It was a never-ending stream of cum. Rope after rope just kept pouring out. It kept shooting out of my cock flooding her face and running down her chin onto her neck and chest. I finally stopped after what seemed like minutes and collapsed back onto the couch.

I was in a daze not comprehending what just happened…All I could think about was how well we just fucked and how good she felt. So much better than my girlfriend ever made me feel. I guess it was true what they say about older women…My girlfriend was still in college.

From that point I just expected her to go into the bathroom, clean up her cum-drenched face and leave without ever speaking to me again. Part A I got right…she went to the bathroom and wiped up her face and came back out and sat down next to me.

“I bet you’ve never had that happen to you before” she said as she sat down right up against me.

“You got that right” I responded as I put my hand on her nice lean leg and started rubbing it.

“Don’t do that or we’ll have to fuck again this afternoon” she told me.

“I don’t mind if you don’t” I said being somewhat of a smart-ass. She just kind of smirked at me and started talking. She asked what I did for a living, how long I’ve lived here for and if I was single. I thought about lying to her but I figured she was married and cheating so why lie about the fact I had a girlfriend.

I asked her why she was cheating on her husband and she told me all about how she was frustrated. Her marriage had apparently not been working out. She told me rather openly how her husband was always too tired to have sex, how she wanted children but they had failed after years of trying. And then she said bluntly “he’s just not kinky enough for me.” I thought I could change his ways but he’s just a prude. “He likes to pump me for a minute or two and then just collapse” she said sadly. “I have never done anything like this before but I just couldn’t take my eyes off you back there” she told me. I admitted to staring at her constantly and told her how beautiful she was.

I expected all this conversation to just be a formality but we got along surprising well. We talked a lot about sex and how she wasn’t having exciting sex. I told her everything I was into including role-play. I told her how I thought pregnant women were to die for. She told me that she’s been dying to get pregnant for about a year but she was just unsuccessful. I told her how hot she’d look being pregnant and how it would get me off to fuck her while she was and of course wait on her. We talked about our other favorite role-playing fantasies. I told her how I liked ones involving unavailable women, but I also said “I guess that isn’t a fantasy anymore.”

She was into some kinky things like “cheating, group sex, fantasies about being with another woman, porn and being evil.”

I stopped her after she said being evil as we were petting each other pretty heavily. “What do you mean being evil?”

“Oh I don’t know” she said, “Some things just turn me on…doing stuff I’m not supposed to be doing like right now. I’ve always had this fantasy about teaching my husband a lesson about having sex. He doesn’t do it well and I want to show him what a good fucking really looks like.”

“Wow” I responded as my cock started to get hard. She was into some pretty wild stuff.

She went on: “Just imagine my husband tied to a chair watching a big hard cock like yours pound into me and make me come like it did just now. Then having you put all your cum deep inside me. Having my husband see his supposedly innocent wife getting fucked better than he ever could and having another guy cum in me and maybe even get me pregnant…Ohhh that would be so much fun and that jackass deserves to see it.”

I started getting really hard as she stroked my cock throughout all this. “Why don’t we just do it then?” I said calmly with my hard cock in her hand.

“Well first of all I don’t even know you…Even though you’re a great fuck and pretty damn hot I don’t know if I could actually follow through with this” she told me.

“Well I’m Mike, I said.”….”Beth, nice to meet you” she said as we both started hysterically laughing that we didn’t know each others names through all this.

We continued talking and it was almost as if I knew Beth and I had known her for a while. Talking with her was so natural and we seemed to really enjoy one another’s company. We had a lot of the same interests and even liked the same food. I was in the TV business and she had always wanted to be on TV but gave Eskort it up because she married into a lot of money…Just like I had suspected. Her husband was some sort of computer genius and worked at a company as Vice-President doing stuff she didn’t even understand. I could tell she married him mostly for the money but was now unhappy.

We ended up talking for the next three hours all the while playing with each other. She jerked me off and I brought her to orgasm eating her pussy that tasted to good. I put two fingers in her and she licked her wet pussy off my fingers. It was so erotic.

About two hours into the conversation we realized that we really liked one another as people and not just fuck buddies. We both had the same interests and had really dirty minds. All of sudden we began talking about having Beth’s husband watch her get fucked. She said she’d love it if I was the guy and it both got us really hot. We ended up fucking and then talking for another hour afterwards about how we could go at it. We exchanged phone numbers and told each other when safe times to call would be.

The end of our conversation convinced me that she wanted to go through with this plan to have her husband watch as I fucked her.

She left and we kissed for a long time before she walked out the door and got into her car.

She called me the next day and said she stayed awake all last night thinking about “our plan.” She said she had the perfect plan and started to explain it to me

It was the most intense phone conversation I’ve ever had. A life altering phone conversation…one I would look back on years later and think about for a long time, feel uneasy but then smile while sitting back in my leather recliner. I can recall the conversation like it was yesterday and I’ll recite to you as best I can:

Beth: Hello dear, how are you today?

Mike: Doing just fine, especially after yesterday…I really feel like we made a connection.

B: I know, I stayed up all night thinking about you and I got jealous because I knew your girlfriend was over there.

M: Nothing happened…you sort of drained me…although I’m sure if you were here I would have been able to muster up some more energy. My girlfriend was sort of upset and suspected something but I just told her it was a long day…Hey, I didn’t lie!

B: (Laughing) No you definitely didn’t. I wasn’t really in the mood last night with my husband although I can’t remember the last time I have been. I was really just thinking about that beautiful cock of yours all night.

M: Well it’s here waiting for you if you want to come over this afternoon. I think you know where I live.

B: Sounds great but we should talk first.

M: Okay…what about.

B: Well this is going to sound crazy Mike but I think I’m in love with you. Yesterday was one of the most exhilarating days of my life and we go so well together…in and out of bed.

M: Wow, I don’t know what to say Beth. I couldn’t stop thinking about you and the conversation we had. I know I could fall in love with you but I also know that you’re married and I’m only 23 years old and just out of college. That’s what I was laying awake thinking about last night.

B: Mike, you make it seem like I’m so much older than you. I’m only 28. I’ve been married for six years but five and a half of those have been unhappy.

M: I know I could make you happy but I don’t know if I could support you in the lifestyle you’re accustomed to…

B: Don’t worry about the money…I care about you and I want to be with you no matter what. I think I might be crazy but something feels so right about you…it’s something I’ve never felt before. Besides I’m sure we both think alike and I have a plan…we’ll have money and we’ll be together very shortly.

M: I know we think alike…and I like how your mind works…so tell me about the plan.

B: Well as you know my husband Len has a lot of money. His family is rich and he makes a lot of money at his computer company as Vice President. We’re going to set him up and there’s nothing he’ll be able to do about it…and the best part of all this I will get redemption.

M: You thought of a plan to do all this…Tell me about it.

B: Well it just so happens that this small pricked husband of mine needs a new secretary. He’ll be interviewing candidates for the position all next week. What you’ll do is get a small hidden camera from your company, take my key to his office and go there Sunday night and put it in. I will then hire a woman to go there and interview but also fuck his brains out in the office. We’ll get the whole thing on camera without him knowing of course…Then I will sneak you into my mansion one night the following week before he gets home…you’ll wait in my closet next to our bed. I will then take my husband back to our bedroom and act really horny like I want to fuck him all night. However I’ll suggest something kinky. I will take his pants off rub his cock a little and then tell him to sit in a chair facing our bed. Then I’ll bring a rope out and tie him to the chair and handcuff his hands behind to the chair. After that I will bring you out of the closet and I will suck your big cock right in front of him and you will fuck me on our bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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