The Experience Room Story 04 Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Part 2 — Waking Up

There is an annoying buzzing sound coming from the other side of the bed. When I roll over to check what it is, my boyfriend isn’t laying there. I guess he left last night after I fell asleep. We didn’t have very much to drink, only a couple of wine coolers, but I guess I was more tired than I thought. I don’t remember getting into bed, but maybe he put me here.

I don’t sleep completely naked, preferring to wear a short silk nightgown and nothing else. I roll over and sit up, looking at the clock. There is a note beside it and when I reach over and pick it up, see that it is from my boyfriend. It says that I received several phone calls yesterday while I was out, and that a couple of appointments were rescheduled to today. I don’t remember most of them, but that isn’t unusual with our busy lives. There is an appointment at the salon mid-morning and a dentist’s appointment in the afternoon.

I yawn and stretch. Something feels different, but I can’t quite figure out what it is. My stomach rumbles, so I decide to eat breakfast before getting into the shower and getting ready for my day. When I stand up beside my bed and look for my slippers, they aren’t where they usually are. In their place is a pair of fluffy two-inch heel bedroom shoes that my boyfriend bought for me as a gift. I wore them a couple times for him, then put them in my closet and left them there. He must have found them and put them out for me. They feel quite comfortable on my feet, but I wobble a bit as I walk to the kitchen, my balance seeming to be slightly off.

The coffee pot is full and hot, ready for me to drink it. On the table is a flower in a vase with a note saying that my breakfast is in the fridge. When I open the fridge, there is a cold breakfast of thin-sliced mixed fruit, yogurt and cereal waiting for me. I smile as I think about just how thoughtful my boyfriend is, making sure that my breakfast is ready for me. As I am eating, something feels odd about how my back teeth feel, almost as if there is something stuck between them, but I always brush and floss before bed. My teeth feel sensitive as I am eating my cereal. It is a good thing that the cereal is soft and doesn’t require much chewing, otherwise, I would just leave it and find something softer to eat. When I am done eating, I put my dishes in the sink and head to the bathroom to get ready for my day.

As I walk to the bathroom, the wobble is still there. It feels as if I am tipping forward slightly, as if there is more weight in front of me. I have had this feeling before when carrying something while wearing a new pair of high-heels. I turn on the water in the shower and adjust it to a comfortable temperature. The air in the bathroom gets steamy and the mirror fogs over as I pull my silk nightgown over my head and slip out of the fluffy shoes. My balance seems better as I step underneath Ataşehir Escort the water cascading from the shower-head.

My hair is the first thing that I always wash. I always start at the top of my body and work down. I always feel cleaner and have always done it that way. It is one of the things that my boyfriend likes to tease me about. Today my hair feels as if it is longer than normal and that would explain why I have an appointment at the salon. When I lean forward to rinse the shampoo out of it, I feel it brushing against the top of my breasts and down over my nipples. I haven’t had my hair this long since I was a teen and it feels nice against my nipples. My boyfriend has asked me to let it grow this long before, but I keep telling him that it is too much work to have hair this long. I am used to it being just below my shoulders.

With my hair rinsed, I begin to wash my upper body using a bath-puff and foamy floral body-wash. The body-wash is something that my boyfriend buys me all the time, saying that he likes how I smell after using it. I enjoy both having him buy it for me and the scent of it. Sometimes he even gets to use it on me. The bath-puff has a handle that makes it easy to wash my back, and as I reach over my shoulder to scrub the top of back, I arch forward and sway a little as my upper chest projects out into the spray from the shower. My nipples perk up at the sensation and I get a tingle between my legs. I quickly finish my upper back, then do my lower back. Normally I would use the bath-puff on my chest and belly as well, but today I feel a need to use my hands instead. I turn so that the water is flowing down my back and squeeze some body-wash into my hands, then begin to wash my upper chest, working down over my breasts until I reach my nipples. My nipples aren’t usually this responsive and I can’t remember them being this big. At first I concentrate on trying to just wash them, but the sensation is so pleasant that I play with them for a little bit. The tingle between my legs gets stronger.

I move my hands in circles over them, caressing them and the tissue around them, gradually working downwards until I finally end up cradling my breasts in my hands. They seem to be heavier than I remember them being, seeming to fill my hands slightly more than usual. It is normal for them to change slightly over the course of the month, but this is more than usual. My boyfriend has commented about that and a couple of times teased me about wearing padded bras or falsies to make myself look bigger and said that he wonders what I would look like larger. I like my 34-B’s and don’t want to change them.

Even though I could spend more time playing with my breasts, I also know that I need to finish washing my body and get ready to leave. My hands move lower, washing my belly, waist, hips and then my butt cheeks. I have always been Anadolu Yakası Escort proud of my ass and have worked hard to keep it firm. After washing my ass cheeks thoroughly, I work my way to my outer thighs and then to my inner thighs, checking for any stubble as I go. My legs still feel smooth, but when my hands approach the top of my inner thighs, there is a little bit of stubble that increases the closer I get to my pussy lips. I used to keep it trimmed short around them, but found that it was more pleasant for both of us if I shaved it all off.

I would normally take care of it in the evening, especially if we had something special planned, but now seems like a good time to shave it completely bare again. I put a new blade on the razor that is stored in the bag at the other end of the tub, then sit down on the edge of the tub and begin to lather up the soap, covering the stubble and my inner thighs in bubbles. I take my time, making sure to cover everything, before I start to stroke the razor between my legs and remove the stubble. Every couple of strokes, I rinse the head of the razor underneath the stream of water from the shower, then return to shaving myself. There isn’t very much to remove and I rub the soap around as I check for any stray hairs, gently rubbing around and over the lips of my pussy. I step under the shower and direct the spray against my upper thighs, removing any remaining soap.

When I am convinced that all the soap is gone, I then spend a little time running my fingers up and down along my outer lips until they part slightly and my fingers slip inside. I am having too much fun in the shower and reluctantly stop before I get too carried away. I quickly wash my lower legs and feet before turning off the water and getting out of the shower.

I keep a supply of fluffy towels beside the tub for when I finish and I use one to wrap my hair in and a couple more to dry my body before slipping into my comfy bathrobe. It is made from the same material and catches any spots that I miss. I glance at the mirror, but it is covered in condensation. I slip on the heels, then give my teeth a quick brush before heading into the bedroom to put on my clothes.

As I look through my drawers trying to decide what underwear to put on, I can’t seem to find the regular things I normally wear. I look over at my laundry basket and see most of them in there, which explains why most of the bras and panties left are my fancier stuff, which I don’t usually wear. I select a pair of panties that are high-cut on the sides, leaving just enough material in the front to cover my freshly shaven lips and not enough in the back to cover my firm cheeks. They give me a sexy feeling as I snug them into place. I pull out the matching 34-B front-closing bra and try to fit my breasts into the cups, but there seems to be too much breast for the amount of cup Kartal Escort available. I try a few more bras before I give up, since none of them seem to fit anymore.

I know that I have a few tops that I can wear bra-less, a couple having support built-in. They are more evening-wear, but can easily be worn to go to the salon. I will just have to stop at the lingerie store on my way and pick up a new bra. A smile crosses my face at the thought of getting some new lingerie, which I haven’t done in a while. I might just have to buy a new blouse or two to go along with a new bra. My tongue creeps out between my teeth and runs over them at the thought. The blouse that I pick out has stitching that runs underneath my breasts and has a thin wire sewn in to give support, with just a bit of lining to hide my nipples. I don’t remember it being quite this snug the last time I wore it, but I do like how I look in it.

My teeth have always been slightly uneven, but I have never felt the need to do anything about them, even when my boyfriend has mentioned it. I just tease him back about how his are just as bad as mine, if not worse.

I debate about what to wear on my legs and feet. When I glance at the note beside the clock, I see that it says mani/pedi beside ‘salon’. That makes it easy. Nothing on the legs, just a pair of open-toed shoes with a 2 1/2 inch heel to show off the new polish when I get it. A calf-length jean skirt brings the degree of sexy down to a daytime level and finishes off my morning look. I run a brush through my hair to remove any tangles and then I put a hair-clip in the back to keep it in place. One last look in the mirror to check that I am satisfied with the way I am dressed and I am ready to go.

My phone gives off a chime, alerting me to a new text message. I pick up my phone and see that the text is from my boyfriend, letting me know that he has ordered me an Uber to take me to my salon appointment. Just then I get a notification that my Uber is waiting at the front of my building. It feels as if the alcohol is still affecting me when I walk to the elevator. I still feel as if there is more weight in front of me than I am used to and the heels aren’t helping any. My breasts seem to have a bit more bounce and wiggle to them, which doesn’t help with the problem I am having with my balance.

The driver has the door to the back of the car open for me when I step out and I get in without looking around. The car has dark tinted windows and I don’t bother to look out, trusting that the driver knows where to take me. I just lean back, close my eyes and enjoy the ride. When the driver says, “Miss, we have arrived at your destination,” I open my eyes. We are stopped at an underground entrance to the mall. I don’t recognize it, but there are several malls near my apartment and I haven’t seen all the entrances to all of them.

My boyfriend and I are both tech-nerds and use our scheduling apps for everything. Mine shows that I have enough time to do a little shopping before my salon appointment, even giving me the address and appointment number. I thank the driver and we verify that the transaction has been completed.

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