The Family Vacation

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It started out like any other family vacation. My parents had rented a beach house to share with my father’s brother’s family for a week. In total, there were seven of us in five bedrooms. Because we were sharing the cost of the house we managed to get one large enough to easily accommodate all of us. There was a large main floor and basement, three bedrooms on the second floor, and two more on the third floor. My aunt and uncle, Ralph and Donna, took the master on the second floor and my two cousins, Jason and Amber, each had their own rooms. The remaining two bedrooms on the third floor were occupied by my parents, Marc and Jessica, and I took the remaining one. The third floor was originally an attic and art studio that had been converted into two bedrooms with a shared bathroom at the end of the hallway.

My name is Eric. I’m an eighteen year old high school senior. I’m on the varsity football team, I get straight A’s and I’m obsessed with sex. Usually, I spend my days in class drooling over the hot girls. I’ve hooked up a few times at parties but due to my overwhelming shyness I never made it past heavy petting.

I spend most of what little free time I had trying to relive my fantasies with internet porn. Needless to say, I am your typical teenage hornball. Because of this fact, the one thing that I was looking forward to the most during this vacation was seeing pretty girls in skimpy bathing suits at the beach.

The house we rented was on prime beach front property. There was a large back porch that gave us some element of privacy from the public beach. The porch had all the usual beach vacation amenities; a high end barbeque, a large jacuzzi, an outdoor shower and a wide range of patio furniture.

We arrived at the house around 5pm and headed straight out to dinner. My father didn’t get to see his brother very often and the few time that they did they mostly drank and told old stories that everyone had heard a million times. What made this night different, though, was that my mom and aunt appeared to be sharing quite liberally in the drinking too. It was clear by the end of the night that everyone had been over-served, but thankfully the restaurant was walking distance to the house.

On the way back to the house, I walked with my cousins trailing our parents. We laughed at them the whole way home. Twice my mother fell and eventually took her heels off for the remainder of the walk home.

Back at the house, everyone gathered in the living room. The old stories continued to flow along with the drinks. I managed to hide one of the vodka bottles in the kitchen so that I could join the party without anyone knowing and of course I let Jason and Amber in on the secret.

Around midnight, everyone was exhausted and ready for bed. My father and my aunt Donna took the lead on cleaning up as their spouses were too drunk to help. I followed my mother up to the third floor, wary of her falling on me with every step. She had worn a modestly revealing dress that night and as I followed her up the stairs my eyes fell right on the back of her thighs. I had never really had any sexual thoughts about my mother before, but between my natural tendency to sexualize every woman I saw and the alcohol I found myself focusing on her bare flesh and thinking about what was under her dress for the first time.

I slowed my pace so that I could more easily watch her as she slowly made her way up the stairs. Her muscles rippled underneath her soft, smooth flesh. I tried to distract myself from leering at my own mother, but every stumble of hers lifted the back of her dress further up her legs. The more of her flesh was revealed to me, the more I wondered what she looked like naked.

As soon as we were on the third floor I ran to my room. As soon as I was in the safety of my own private space I shut the door and leaned back against it panting. After several minutes, I heard the bathroom door shut and realized that I would have to wait. Thankfully, I knew just the thing to kill a few minutes. In no time at all I was naked on my bed jerking off to thoughts of my mother. Despite my best efforts I couldn’t focus on anything but her.

I felt guilty thinking about my mother while pleasuring myself, but I couldn’t help it. I kept picturing her bending over far enough that her dress would rise up over the curve of her ass revealing her panties to me. I then had to imagine what type of panties my mom wore. I settled on red satin bikini panties. In my vivid imagination I noticed how the material stretched across her ass with just a small indent between her cheeks. My hands were reaching out for her thighs as my cock erupted in my hand. I covered my chest in cum as my mind wandered.

After jerking off and cleaning myself up, I waited for her to return to her room but she was taking her time. I couldn’t bear to face her after what I had just done. First, I heard the bathroom door open and shut and then something that I hadn’t expected. My bedroom door slowly opened. escort numaraları I quickly pulled the sheets across my body as the dim light from the hallway poured into the room.

My mother stood in the doorway, but she wasn’t wearing what she had worn to dinner. She must have gone to the bathroom to change into something to sleep in. But why was she in my room? Did she somehow suspect what I had just done? I didn’t say a word and neither did she.

She leaned against the door frame looking radiant in the soft light. Her long dirty blond hair flowed over her shoulders. Her face was partially obscured by her hair, which rested gently across the tops of her breasts. She wore a very revealing piece of black lace lingerie that hugged her body and highlighted her generous curves. The two shoulder straps were completely covered by her hair. The neckline was deep enough to offer a tantalizing view of her chest though the thin translucent material that she wore did little to cover her and left her nipples fully visible. The mid-section of her negligee was nearly transparent. It consisted of a floral lace pattern that revealed her entire flat stomach. Through the thin material I was also able to see her panties, which appeared to be made of the same thin black material. The hem of her outfit ended just below her panties leaving her long gorgeous legs on full display.

Even though I had just jerked off, my cock was already rock hard again. Between the alcohol and my recent fantasy my mind was grappling with conflicting emotions, this was my mom after all.

I remained still as she looked at me. She had the kind of look on her face that you don’t give to your children. She wore a look of pure sex. It was the type of look that you expect to see in a porn movie, but definitely not on your mother.


She broke the silence.

“What do you think? I wanted to wear something special, just for you.” She pushed herself away from the door and drew her hands across her body, from her legs to her chest, as she spoke.

The effects of the alcohol were evident in her slurred speech. I didn’t know what to say. I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming. The only thing that I could manage to say was, “Uhhhhh…”

She closed the door behind her as she entered the room which was now only barely lit from the moonlight entering the window. She walked over to the side of my bed and paused.

“I’m horny Marc. I need you.” She reached out and lifted up the covers and tossed them to the side.

“Oh my. I can see that I’m not alone.” She giggled a little as she spoke. Her eyes were glued to my cock.

My mother was standing over me, drooling over my hard cock, begging for sex. At least I understood what was happening now. She had somehow gotten mixed up coming out of the bathroom and mistook my room for hers. I could only assume that the alcohol combined with the dim lighting conspired against her. I attempted to speak up to tell her when she caught me off guard once again.

She reached for my hand and pulled me up. I was left sitting naked on the edge of my bed with my drunken, horny mother dressed in lingerie standing right in front of me. I took my time and enjoyed the sight before me. She was radiant. The moonlight cast a glow against her body. Her skin looked soft and supple. The only noise in the room was that of our breathing.

After releasing my hand, my mother pulled the hem of her nightie up to her bellybutton and hooking her thumbs into the elastic of her panties. I watched intently as she moved. Her pussy was visible through the front panel of her panties. I was in awe of what was happening before me. My mother then pushed her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. My mother’s exposed pussy lay before me. This was the first time that I had ever seen one in person and it was perfect.

She clearly groomed it. She was covered by a thin patch of neatly trimmed dark blond hair running along the middle of her pussy. Through the thin tangle of hair I could make out the distinct mound of her pussy and the crevice that separated the two sides. After a moment that felt like an eternity I managed to tear my eyes away from her pussy long enough to look up at her face. She was biting her lower lip and staring back at me. It was clear what she wanted.

“Don’t you want to fuck me Marc?” She was again running her hands across her body.

I’m not sure what came over me, but I had to say something. Even though she thought I was someone else, here was my own mother begging me to fuck her.


I had sealed my fate. Even though she was so drunk that she couldn’t tell the difference between her husband and her son I was sober enough that I should have stopped it. I couldn’t help myself.

My mother leaned forward and placing her hands on my shoulders she climbed onto my lap. Her bare thighs pressed against mine. She looked into my eyes and leaned in gaziantep escort bayan numaraları to kiss me. The heat from her body felt incredible against me as her breasts collapsed into my chest. Still too drunk to balance herself properly, she slipped on the edge of the bed and fell forward pushing me onto my back and leaving her next to me.

She pushed her face into mine and kissed me again. Her lips tasted like candy. There was no turning back now.

My mouth opened to hers. In her drunken condition she was quite aggressive. He tongue swam past my lips and merged with my own. Her hands were all over my body. I couldn’t resist and began to explore her body as well. Her hips were both soft and firm. My hand reached around the swell of her hip and onto her ass. I pulled her closer to me while my fingertips pushed between her legs. They were immediately met with the warm moistness of her pussy.

My mother moaned her approval into my mouth.

“Oh Marc.”

She shifted her legs to give me better access. My fingers pushed against the soft folds of her flesh and just barely penetrated her.

My head was swimming. Somehow, I was lying in bed fingering my mother. The sweet musty smell of her sex filled the room. How did this happen to me?

Despite her best efforts to help me, my access to my mother’s pussy was significantly limited by the fact that I was reaching around her and approaching her from behind. As I clumsily wiggled my fingers around her pussy I came up with a different idea. I withdrew my hand and pushed her away from me. I picked myself up and pushed her down onto the bed on her back. From a brief moment, I looked down at her as I threw my leg across her body and straddled her.

Her hair framed her face in a wild mane. Her eyes, filled with lust, glimmered in the moonlight. Her mouth was opened as she gasped for breath. He chest heaved in anticipation beneath me. The heat from her body between my legs was enough to wash away any guilt or second thoughts that I might have harbored. Lying in my bed was an incredibly hot woman desperate for me to fuck her, it just so happened that she was also my mother.

“Oh god, I need you. It’s been too long.” She continued to beg for it.

What choice did I have?

After taking in the sight of her body writhing in my bed I took action. First I attacked her chest. My hands pawed at her through her thin lingerie. Her soft breasts were topped by two hard nipples. I massaged her while trying to push the fabric aside, but it proved too tight. Instead I lowered my face to her and began to kiss the valley between her breasts.

My hands remained on her breasts as I made my way down her body kissing her as I went. It didn’t take long until she realized what I was going to do.

“Oh Marc, what are you… nobody’s ever… ohhhh… don’t stop….”

Her words came quickly between her panting breaths.

My lips first made contact with the flesh of her abdomen. Her body quivered as I continued on my way. I took my time and slowly caressed her flesh with my lips and teased her with my tongue. I knew I was getting closer to my goal as my lips sensed the slope of her body guiding me between her legs.

First, I encountered her neatly trimmed hair. I paused my approach and licked and sucked on her for a moment enjoying the texture of her hair against my lips and tongue. Her legs were moving beneath me and her hands were now resting on top of my head. With a gentle nudge from my mother, I moved between her legs and lowered my mouth onto her sweet pussy. She was already wet from excitement and my tongue slid effortlessly across her.

“Oh…. fuck…. yes….” She moaned louder and louder into the dark room.

My tongue flitted between her hot pussy lips and then I pushed my face against her body. My mouth opened wide enough to envelope her mound and my tongue pushed deep inside of her. My mother kept encouraging me as I lapped at her pussy. Her legs were now pushed up and out, giving me unfettered access.

My hands gripped onto her thighs tightly as I assaulted her pussy with my mouth. Her sweet juices flowed from her body and down my chin. She attempted to muffle her moans but I could clearly tell when she liked what I was doing. After a few minutes I was getting more comfortable with my position and began to move my neck as I worked. My hands explored the soft smooth flesh of my mother’s thighs and stomach as my mouth worked on her pussy. I managed to draw my tongue along the entire length of her pussy with every stroke. The tip of my tongue dipped between her lips and gently pressed against her opening.

Eventually I zeroed in on her clit. First I sucked on it, causing her to grip my hair tightly between her fingers. I rolled her clit between my lips and flicked it with my tongue. I could sense that she was getting more and more excited as I teased her. I remained focused on that one spot until gaziantep escort numaraları her body began to tense up. I then lowered my tongue and lapped at her gaping pussy as she came, filling my mouth with her juices.

“That’s it. Fuck me with your mouth. Make me cummmm….” Her voice was so excited that I barely recognized it.

Hearing my mother talking like that got me even more turned on. I gently caressed her pussy with my tongue and lips as her climax subsided. I then lifted myself back up and looked down at her.

My mother’s eyes were closed. Her body was sprawled out before me. Her soft skin glowed in the gentle moonlight. I had to fuck her, but first I wanted to feel her breasts. Knowing that the negligee was too tight, I reached for the shoulder straps. I grabbed them and forced them from her shoulders. In my haste, one of them ripped revealing the gentle swell of her breast. I pushed the second strap down her arm and freed her other breast.

My hands quickly attacked her chest. My mother arched her back as I massaged her breasts. She moaned again as my hands explored her soft flesh.

“Ohhhh…. Marc….”

“I need your cock inside of me.”

I couldn’t resist any longer. I positioned myself between my mother’s legs and guided my cock towards its target. I was about to lose my virginity to my own mother. Instead of being disgusted with myself I was all to eager to fuck her. The tip of my cock pressed against her soft pussy lips. I hesitated just long enough for her to grab my hips. I fell down on top of her. My cock forced its way past her outer lips and slid deep inside of her. The feeling of her hot wet flesh against my cock was incredible. I leaned into her and lodged my cock as far as it would go.

With my cock buried inside of her and my body pressed against hers I tilted my head up and kissed her again. She gyrated beneath me as we kissed. I didn’t want that moment to end but she broke it off and said, “Oh god, honey. Your cock feels so much bigger tonight. You must be really horny.”

“Oh yeah. You look so hot Jessica I couldn’t wait to fuck you.” I had finally gotten up enough nerve to say something.

I didn’t want to move with my cock buried deep inside of my mother. I was too afraid that I was going to cum right away. Instead I rocked my pelvis from side to side.

“Oh that feels good.”

I kept up what I was doing until I felt the walls of my mother’s pussy contracting around my cock.

“I… I’m… cumming…”

It was an incredible feeling when my mother’s pussy gripped my cock as she came. It contracted against my hard cock in a long slow rhythm. I kept my cock buried deep inside of her as she came. Slowly her pussy eased up and she spoke up again.

“Fuck me!”

I had no choice. I slowly pulled my cock out until the tip was resting against her lips and then slowly guided it back into her.

“Oh… that’s it. You feel so good Marc! You’ve never filled my pussy up like this before.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was fucking my mother like she had never been fucked before. That was all the confidence that I needed I picked up my pace and begin truly fucking her. The silence of the night was punctuated with the sound of our bare flesh slapping together as I slammed my cock deep into her body. I watched as her tits shook with every thrust.

I realized that I would never be able to look at my mother the same way again, but I didn’t care. I was fucking her and that’s all that mattered.

The back of the bed knocked into the wall as I fucked my mother as hard as I could.

“Harder, harder, don’t stop fucking me. Deeper. I want to feel you deep inside of me.”

I knew that I couldn’t hold out any longer so I fucked her as fast as my hips would allow.

“I’m going to cum.” I whispered as I thrust my cock deep into her.

My hips crashed against hers.

“Yes! Cum inside of me!” She yelped.

My cock exploded inside of my mother’s pussy as she spoke.

“Unnggghhh…” She grunted as my cum filled her up.

I collapsed onto her body while my cock emptied itself inside of her pussy.

“Oh my god. That was incredible. You’ve never fucked me like that before. What got into you?”

“I don’t know, I just couldn’t help myself.”

We both laid in my bed silently for several minutes before my mother excused herself to go to the bathroom. My semi-erect cock slipped from her pussy as she rolled out from under me.

I watched her silhouette as she left the room and the reality of what had just occurred hit me like a ton of bricks. What was I going to do now? She didn’t know that she just fucked her son. My mind raced as I thought of a way out. I jumped out of bed and darted across the room to lock my door. I hoped that she would realize that it was the wrong room and return to her own bed. As soon as I locked the door I heard her in the hallway. She juggled the door quietly and then gave up. I pressed my ear to the door and heard her enter her own room. Relieved, I went to bed dreaming of my mother’s pussy.

Jessica woke up the next morning next to her husband. As the sunlight filled the room, they both slowly arose. She turned to Marc and whispered into his ear.

“Last night was amazing.”

“Huh, what are talking about honey?”

“Last night, you were incredible.”

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