The Fantasy

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I still couldn’t get the thought out of my head. The thought of that cock slamming in and out of my sisters pussy. My sis had come to visit me the month before she was planning to get married. She had planned to spend a week at my apartment and then go visit some other friends that lived near me. I hadn’t seen her in almost three years and let me tell you something. Had she ever changed. Pam is four years older than I and the last time we were together being my twenty third birthday. When we spoke on the phone, she had told me that her body looked better than when she was eighteen. Now I must confess that when I was younger I had used a few socks at night, jacking off thinking about her. A lot of the guys at school made fun of her because she is very tall but at her 5’11 she had very long legs. The only thing about been so tall was her tits didn’t look big enough.

That was the first thing I noticed as she walked out of the airport. Her tits were huge.

“Holy shit sis what happened?” My eyes were glued to her exposed cleavage.

“Well I had to make them match my big ass.” She laughed. She spun around and gave me a quick view of her tight jeans. “Don’t you agree that it is getting big?”

I gave it a playful slap. “Nope I think it looks good and I didn’t see it jiggle.”

Now back to where I started. I sat in the front room listening the grunts and her screaming in pleasure. When the man walked past me, I couldn’t believe who it was. It was my fucking landlord. The old bastard is in his 50’s and a big pot belly. He was flopping his cock into his pants as he walked. It was still shining from fucking her. He looked at me and smiled.

“Hey you have one honey of a sis. She is one hot fuck.” He grinned like the cat who ate the canary. “She said she needed to feel a big cock in her before she got married to a little dick man, so I volunteered to give her some fat cock.” He walked to the door and turned. “By the way you are two days late on your rent, but I guess I can give you until Friday.” He laughed.

I got up to talk to Pam but I heard the shower come on. Thinking to myself that she needed to wash up from that old fucker. She walked in wearing just a small towel.

“Oh, um, um, I didn’t know you were home! Um how long have you been here?”

“Long enough to know you fucked that old dickhead! What the fuck were you thinking sis?” I couldn’t help but look at her exposed body. The towel just covered her tits and the bottom was just long enough to cover her pussy. She sat down beside me holding the towel in place.

“I’m sorry that you saw me that way, but let me tell you what happened.” She canlı bahis couldn’t even look me in the eye as she started. “ First I want to say that I love Jerry and I know that we are getting married next month but he is not what you would call a very endowed man. I mean he has an average size dick.”

“Oh I guess you call a small one a dick but you was screaming cock when that shithead was fucking you.”

“Please let me finish so you will understand.” As she sat back on the couch the towel moved down and exposed more cleavage. “Jerry is a great lover but I wanted to feel what a big dick, um, cock would feel like. I know you wouldn’t understand but I wanted to know if it was everything that it was cracked up to be.”

“Well was it? I know you didn’t fuck him for his looks.”

“Oh yes it was outstanding that was the first time I ever had an orgasm during sex.”

“How did you, you know pick my landlord?”

“ He came over to fix the sink in the bathroom and I walked in to get my hairbrush. I didn’t know he was taking a piss but I saw that cock of his hanging down. He is bigger soft than Jerry is hard and I figured that I would be going back home and no one would ever know about it.”

“So what did you do just ask him to fuck you or something?”

“Not exactly, first I went into the kitchen and finished the bottle of wine we had last night. Then I went into the bedroom and started to finger myself. I thought if I could cum I would forget about it, but the more I fingered the more I wanted him, well not him but his cock. So I changed into something that I thought he might like.”

“What did you change into sis?” She started to describe it. “No let me see it.”

“ I can’t show you, he kind of ripped it off me. I can show you the other outfit I was thinking about wearing. She placed her hand on my thigh and rubbed it slightly. If that is Ok with you?” She got up and the cheeks of her ass were showing as she walked back into the bedroom. When she walked back into the room it wasn’t what I expected. She had her long blond hair up in a bum and was wearing a business like jacket with a mid thigh skirt. It kind of reminded me of going to the bank for a loan. She looked like someone you would be talking too. This time she sat across from me in a chair.

“So what do you think?”

“Well sis, it wasn’t what I expected.” She crossed her legs allowing the skirt to ride very high on her thighs. The bottom of the skirt glided over the top of her thigh high stocking and exposed her creamy skin.

“Is that better?”

“Well I guess it is, but is that the kind of outfit he ripped off you?”

“Oh bahis siteleri no, it is the kind of outfit I have under this.” She replied sultry. “But you are my brother and I don’t know if it would be right to show you something like that.” “Well maybe a peek.” She undid the three buttons on the jacket and leaned back. It opened slightly and showed the black push up bra.

“Nice bra sis, but do the panties match?”

She stood up and wiggled the skirt down her hips and let it fall to the floor. Then she kicked it at me. Then she pull her hair from the bun.

“Now that is what I call sexy, sis.” The jacket looked like a mini dress. The straps from her thigh high stocking running under the hem of the jacket. With her four inch heels on she was a statue of gorgeous.

“Now would you like to show me something.” She whispered.

I stood up and removed my tank top. When I looked at her I could tell she noticed the bulge in my shorts. Then I pushed my shorts down to expose my long thick shaft and the shaved big balls.

“Oh my god, that is the biggest fucking cock I have ever seen.” She cooed.

She dropped the jacket and quickly walked over to me. The fat shaft slid up her stomach as her arms wrapped around my shoulders. My hand glided down her back to grip her perfect ass.

“You let me fuck that old bastard when you have been hiding this beautiful huge cock from me for the past weekend.”

Then she covered my mouth with hers, our tongues danced in each others mouths as I increased my grip on her ass. She moaned in my mouth as she grinded her flat stomach into my cock. I unsnapped her bra as she stepped back. Then I pressed my face into the biggest tits I have ever seen in person. I kissed and sucked the huge nipples as my hand brushed down her stomach and grabbed the front of her thongs. I pulled them up, knowing the thong was sliding deep into her pussy. Her hand ran thru my hair and grabbed on to my head as the thong ripped from her body. She gasped as I nibbled on her nipple. Then I felt her small hand wrap around my blood gorged shaft.

“Let go into the bedroom.” I whispered.

I laid back on the bed. She stood at the end of the bed sucking her nipple as she pushed three fingers into her pussy. She was grinding her hips as she rode her fingers. Her eyes never left my cock.

“I want to get good and wet for that monster.”

“Straddle my face sis, I will get it nice and wet for you.”

“Oh my god, you will eat my pussy? Jerry doesn’t like oral sex. He likes me to do a nasty dance like this before sex.”

“That is where we differ sis, I love to eat sweet pussy bahis şirketleri and we won’t have sex. We will be fucking and one other thing, leave the heels on.”

Her silky thighs straddled my face as I sucked her hard clit in my mouth. My hands explored her thighs and stockings as I licked her sweet pussy. I felt her hot panting breaths on my cock as I pushed my tongue deep into her awaiting pussy. She stood up on her knees and rode my tongue. I forced my tongue into her as far as it would go. Her gasps grew louder and louder as she bucked her soaking pussy on my tongue. I wrapped my lips around her budding clit and sucked it into my mouth hard. I popped it in and out of my mouth a few times then I felt her body quiver.

“Oh gooooooddddd I ammmm cumminggggg.” She screamed.

She slid her wet pussy down my chest. Then she rubbed in back and forth on the thick shaft. The shaft was grinding against her clit as the soft lips slid over the shaft. Then she stood up on her knees, reaching thru her thighs and stood my throbbing pole up. I had a perfect view as her lips sucked the fat head into her pussy. I could tell instantly that this was going to be one tight pussy. She started easing up and down slowly each time taking just a little bit more inside her. My hands glided over her thighs and ass, exploring her silky skin. Her body shuddered as she finally enveloped the whole shaft.

“Oh shit my pussy is so fucking full!” She gasped as her head tilted back. She leaned back and grinded her pussy, her hips working like a stripper doing a lap dance. My hands cupped her firm tits as she started riding the pole slowly. Soon she looked like a bull rider as her body bucked up and down faster and harder. My hand gripping her waist for balance and to pull her down harder on my cock. She turned around without my cock leaving her pussy. Now I could watch her big tits bounce as she rode. The look on her face was pure lust. Her mouth covered mine as that ass worked up and down like a pile driver. I wrapped my arms around her and rolled us over to missionary position. I continued ramming into her as I tongue fucked her sweet mouth. Her pussy muscles started contracting on my cock as her body went rigid as she came.

The wet smacking sounds of her pussy increased. I could feel my balls swelling, ready to release the hot cum boiling inside. I pulled out and quickly place the pussy juice covered shaft between her tits. The fat head popped in and out of her tits as I fucked her tits faster. Her tongue darting out every time, the head appeared. She held her tits together as I gripped the headboard of the bed for support. She gasped as the hot jet of cum flew from my cock. Her mouth wasn’t quick enough to cover the head. The hot fluid splattered on her face.

Later that night I over heard her on the phone telling Jerry she would be staying for another week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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