The First Date

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The car slows to stop. I put it in park and stare down the building beside me. How I got to this point is a whole different story, but I will say it the gutsiest move of my dating career. Somehow I was just drunk enough to go over to the most attractive girl in the bar, while she was being flirted with. I rub the remnants of the black eye that I received after you agreed to it. I flip off my lights and turn my attention to the stereo in my car. It sounds weird, but every since I unexpectedly lost my virginity, I have always sat in front of my date’s house and listened to the song that I lost my virginity to. A weird concept I know, but it’s a ritual I came up with to wish me luck.

I listen as the final chords play, and the song wraps up. I sit in silence for a minute before mustering up enough courage to get off my ass and go to your front door. I approach your door, take a deep breath, and knock. I wait for what seems like an hour, but in reality, it’s only 10 minutes. As I look around, I see it, a doorbell, I facepalm hard and press it. Then I take a step back and wait.

The door opens, and your figure enters my eyesight. A tiny 5’6 woman appears wearing the sexiest red dress that I have ever seen. It tightly hugs your 36C breasts, and it hugs your ass even more so than it does your breasts. Your feet are lined with a cross between knee-high sandals and heels. I work my eyes up from your feet, inspecting your glowing skin that pops out with your hazel eyes. Your auburn hair, as well as your lipstick, nearly matches the red in your dress.

“Wow!!” the only phrase that I can manage to make escape from my lips.

You shine a sexy smile and ask, “What do you think?”

I say the first thing that pops to my head, “Wow uhh… You look way better sober than a couple of days ago when I was drunk.”

You burst out into laughter while you grab for your clutch. “Well, you’re off to a great start so far,” you fire back at me.

I open the screen door as you close the main door behind you and lock it. I wrap my arm around you and guide you back to my car, where I unlock it and open the door for you.

“Chivalry isn’t dead after all,” you smile.

I smile back and close the door once you get settled in your seat. I quickly walk around and enter the drivers’ side door. I guide my key into the ignition and start it, then I pull out onto the road and start driving to our destination.

“So….” You start to say “where are we going to eat.”

“It’s a surprise,” I respond.

“Ohh… I like surprises” you say

The drive to the restaurant is long and mostly silent, aside from a few different interstitial comments here and there after what seemed like an eternity, although it was only a half hour at most.

Finally, we arrive at our destination. You gasp as the restaurant I chose was some unnamed fancy chain place. We walk in and take our seats. It takes a bit for the conversation to take off, but once it does, we talk like we’re old war buddies. The only break in communications comes when receiving our food and when we accidentally take a bite at the same time. The conversation covers every basis that both of us are interested in. It goes from hobbies to jokes, to funny stories, too… well you get the idea. We both are really into each other, and everyone around us starts to pick up on that. Eventually, though, after hours have passed, we finally decide to leave and take our party elsewhere.

We both reach for the black book that contains our check; our hands rest upon each other as our eyes meet. I don’t know if you felt the same way, but it started to get hot and stuffy. Butterflies flew into my stomach. The warm sensation of your hand did things to me that I can’t explain in words. It was hands down the best part of the night, and the night was far from over.

“Umm…. you can let go. I got this.” I confidently say to you

“Are you sure?” You ask, ” I can throw down some money if you want me too.”

“Oh stop it,” I playfully scold you “A beautiful young lady like you should never pay on a date.”

You blush, “ok fine. You win,” you say as you quickly withdraw your hand from the situation.

I open the book and place my credit card into it. Then casually hand it to our waiter, who just happened to be walking by. We talk some more as I wait for my card to return to me, which it does within a timely manner.

“Are you ready to move this elsewhere?” I ask

“Totally,” you start to say, “I suppose you aren’t going to tell me our second destination?” you finish with a question.

“Nope!” I respond

We both then get up, and I reach out to grab your hand, which you take without hesitation. The warm unexplainable feeling I got previously returned as we walk back to my car. Again, I unlock the doors and open your door for you, which you graciously thank me for chivalry again. I get into my side again and start to drive you to our second destination. The drive to our second destination is way different than the first one. The conversation gates have opened, and words flood into the empty air as they travel to each other’s ears. İstanbul Escort Before you know it, the car stops, you look up and realize we’re at the local lake.

“oh wow” you exclaim “you are a total romantic, aren’t you?” you end with a question.

“of course I am… Romantic is my middle name” I retort

you chuckle and say with a cheeky grin “Well Mr. Romantic, are you going to sit there or are you going to get the door for a beautiful woman such as myself.”

“of course I am” I get out, circle the car to your side and open the door “M’Lady” I bow.

you giggle, “You’re so funny!”

We walk towards a little hill overlooking the lake. You stop me for a moment so you can remove your footwear, as they were not intended for the amount of walking that we were doing. Eventually, we reach our destination, and I surprise you with a blanket so we can sit down. We sit down and much like at the restaurant and in the car, our conversation never stops. Aside from the times, we got so enamored in the beauty of the moon against the lake.

Eventually, our conversation winds down after an hour or 2, which feels like 20 minutes to us. The stars fall upon the surface of the water and shine back in our faces. I stare back at you, enamored in your beauty.

You catch me staring at you and say, “Hello, what are you looking at?”

“Oh sorry,” I apologize, “I was just so enamored in your beauty.”

you blush, “aww, you’re so sweet.”

I smile, proud at myself, then I look down at the watch and suddenly storm up a crazy idea.

“Hey, you wanna do something crazy,” I ask you.

“what do you have in mind,” you ask.

“well, it’s such a beautiful, yet kind of hot summer night” I start to say trying to find my words “There’s a nice cool lake down there and we…”

you put your finger on my lips, “You talk too much.”

You get up, grab my hand, and help me up. I grab our stuff, aside from your shoes, which you’re already carrying. Then we race down the hill to a mini dock that extends its way over the moonlight lake. Once we reach the dock, we throw our shit down and, we start undressing. Clothes fly every which way on the dock until I’m down to my underwear.

“calm down there partner,” You say to me, then you turn around and ask, “unzip me please.”

I reach out and pull the zipper down your back, revealing your skin inch by inch until I get it to the bottom. You let the dress fall to the ground and step out of it, revealing the sexiest panties that I’ve ever seen and the beautiful 36C breasts that you carry with you wherever you go. I remove my underwear and quickly hop into the cold lake. When I surface all I see is you hitting and disappearing under the water.

When you resurface, I say, “I guess I jumped in too soon.”

You chuckle, “yeah, I guess you did.”

We swim beside each other and stare into each other’s eyes.

“This was a perfect idea,” you compliment me.

“Yeah, I agree,” I pat myself on the back a little bit.

We spend our brief time in the water swimming around and having the time of our lives. We splash around, we go under to see how clear the water is, and all that shit, but eventually we come back beside each other.

“I had an enjoyable time tonight so far,” You say to me.

“Yeah, me too,” I respond, “I have to admit, I was nervous asking you out the other night.”

“Yeah, I could tell” you respond “You had to wait for that guy to start hitting on me before you decided to make your move” you chuckle.

“tell me,” I start to ask, “did he have a chance in hell.”

You burst out laughing, “oh, you’re totally putting me on the spot here.”

“I mean, I thought it was a good question.”

“no…” You start to respond as if you disagree, “He did not have a chance in hell.”

Our eyes lock into place; we swim closer to each other. Even though the water is cold, I still find myself heating up. The moment is ripe, and we’re both romantically vulnerable. I think to myself; it’s now or never. I lean over and lock my lips onto yours. Despite being so sure this was the perfect time for this, I was still really nervous. Then you reciprocated. Our lips suckle on each other, our tongues dance in each other mouths. The water heats up as we smother each other with our lips. Eventually, I have to break off, you give the look, you know, the one that says why?

“I uh… got tired of treading water” I start to say “you wanna get out and uhh go somewhere more private.”

“I thought you’d never ask” you respond.

We both hurry our way out of the lake and find our clothes. One by one, we both separate and replace most of our clothes. When all is said and done, our footwear, my socks, your dress, my tie, and my underwear didn’t make the cut and ended up bundled up in our carry pile. In place of your dress, you put on my suit coat because you didn’t feel like going through all the aggravation of putting it back on, just to take it off by the time we reach our destination. When we confirm we got everything, we race back to the parking lot and my car, dodging and weaving bushes, Anadolu Yakası Escort stone and on one occasion each other, along the way.

Once we reach the parking lot, I unlock the doors. Chivalry is fun to practice, but it wasn’t practiced here. Instead, we got into the car like ordinary people. In one swift motion, I tossed my stuff on the back, put the key into the ignition and started it. You followed by throwing your stuff on the backseat and putting on your seat belt. Before you could even do that though, the car was in gear and on its way out of the parking lot.

“Your place?” I ask

“Please?” you ask, “I don’t want to be doing the drive home of shame with someone else taxiing me.”

I nod and say, “Fair enough, although I think I would like that very much.”

You playfully punch me in the arm “You would like that too much.”

“Yeah probably,” I say as I pull out on the main road and start for your place.

Your eyes spend one too many minutes on my crotch before you ask, “Did you uh… put your underwear back on?”

“No, why?” I ask you

“Well, it looks big and bulgy right now,” You say, then you act like you just got an idea “Hey, can you undo your pants?” you ask.

“What?!?!” I ask more shocked than confused

“I think you already know why,” you say with a grin.

I sit there for a little bit before responding with “Yeah, you’re going to have to do it. I can’t do two things at once.”

I take several glances at you working to undo my pants. When you finally do, you motion for me to lift my ass, which I do. You slide my pants forward and let my boner pop out to greet you.

“Wow, you have a really nice dick” You compliment

“Thanks, I’m glad you like it” I respond for the sake of responding.

Suddenly your cold hands graze my cock, making the few little existing hairs around it stand up. Your hands suddenly wrap around it and stroke it about for a minute or 2 before it gets hard as a rock. You flip your hair out of the way, and then I feel your sweet, warm mouth engulf my cock. You bob your head up and down as your tongue dances around my shaft like a stripper dances on a pole. My breathing quickly starts getting heavier as slowly, but surely you bob and dance your head around my cock, only releasing to give my shaft a full on lick.

“Oh… My… God” I say in between breaths ” This… Feels… Amazing”

You release your mouth from my cock “I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I’ve been told by my past partners that I give the best blowjobs.”

“I would wholeheartedly agree with that notion,” I respond.

You flash a smile at me then go to work sucking on my balls.

“Uggh…..” I moan you’re going to make me crash the car

Your mouth returns to my cock as your tongue dances your head down onto it. You bob and dance your head around some more. Slowly I give the car more gas so that we can get back to your place quicker. The warm saliva of your mouth provides the perfect amount of heat to make my semen slowly rise from the deep portions of my testicles. For what felt like hours was only a couple of minutes, but we’ve slowly made progress and are a couple of turns away from your home.

Unfortunately, your mouth has done too much damage, and at the second to last turn for your home I bellow in the trance of a deep breath and a moan “I’m going to cum.”

You pop off of my cock for a brief moment, “Come on, man, if you hold it to my place, you can cum on my tits.”

“OH, MY GAWD!!!!!” I scream under my breath, “You’re too much.”

I hit the last turn, the finish line is in sight, for both the car and I. Here I am receiving the most fantastic blow job from the most amazing woman. No pressure right. You bob up and dance some more. The GPS screams that I’ve arrived. I slam on my breaks in front of your house.

You break from my cock. I breathe heavy to catch my breath from the most amazing blow job I’ve ever received. I watch you as you sit up and unbutton my suit jacket. You then give me the come here motion with your fingers and open the door. Phew… I made it through that car ride without cumming. You step out of the car, and I follow you out the passenger door. I fall face first into the midnight dew that covers the grass. I look up just in time to see your panties fall to the lawn. I get up and chase you to your door. You manage to beat me there and unlock it before I get there partially because I stopped to push my dick in my pants. Which is also in slight pain from the blow job I just got.

I walk into your house and close the door. I say to you, “Finish me off all over those fantastic tits of yours.”

You nod at me and remove my jacket. You scurry to my cock and free it once again before you start going hardcore on it again. Your tongue spins and licks it way around my head, and your head bobs up and down its shaft. Suddenly it becomes too much.

“ERRGGGUUUHHHH!!!!” I Moan Loudly, “I’m Cumming!!!!” I push you off of me and cover your tits with my white gooey man juice.

I breathe a sigh of relief when the last of it has come out “Goddamn Üsküdar Escort Woman, that was hands down the best blowjob I’ve ever received” I compliment

“Well, thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it” You respond.

“Now it’s my turn to please you,” I say to you.

“Well, you gotta catch me first,” You challenge and run away.

I run after you, pants unbuckled and all. Eventually, I follow you to the hallway, and my pants fall to the floor. I trip and fall over but quickly scurry to my feet, Leaving my pants to sit in the hall. I search every room until I find the one you’re in. Which is the master bedroom, where I should have looked first, but oh well. You sit, spread out on your bed. You flash me a sweet, sexy grin.

“Come and get me,” you tell me in a sexy voice.

I run over, and you scurry your way up to your bed. I jump in between your legs and go to town. I open my mouth and place my tongue on your clit. My tongue slowly goes faster and faster until I’m flicking your clit at an incredible speed. Each flick brings you closer to orgasm, and I do my best to flick your way to orgasm. Minutes pass, though they feel like hours and suddenly your hand clenches around my hair. Your hand pulls my head closer to your pussy. I know what’s happening, you’re about to orgasm. It feels a little quick, but I can only assume that while you were blowing me on the way here, you were also dipping your hands into your pussy. It was way too soaking wet for me to have started from the beginning. You thighs tighten around my head, your pussy clinches and bucks as you scream phrases of pleasure. Eventually, it subsides, and you lay there emotionally and physically gassed. You know as well as I do though that we aren’t even close to being done.

I lay there, fingering your pussy with a come hither motion. You turn towards your nightstand and reach in the drawer when you switch back into my line of sight. You’re holding what every man hates but loves to see.

You hand me the condom that is within your possession, “Please Fuck Me,” you ask.

I take the condom from your hand, “Gladly,” I respond.

You take it back, “Actually, I’ll do it for you.”

I watch as your head goes down to my dick, and your mouth has its third meeting with my cock. I decide to take this time to unbutton my shirt, which I do so rather quickly and throw on the floor at the foot of the bed. Suddenly now, we’re both completely naked, and it’s fucking beautiful. Your mouth bobs on and off my cock until it’s hard. When it’s hard, you remove your mouth from my cock and insert the condom into your mouth. Then you bob your head on my cock some to apply the condom onto it. I could have came right there, but I didn’t.

“Now fuck me hard” you demand as you spread your legs.

“Oh, no…” I scold “we aren’t doing this missionary position bullshit. Turn around and get on your knees” I order

You comply and turn around. Once I deem you’re in a comfortable position, I move in and pierce your pussy with my cock. I slowly insert in and out until you get used to my cock. Which doesn’t take very long, but it needs to be done. I slowly fuck you from slow to fast. I grip onto your hips to control the speed. Once I lock in though, I fuck you as fast as I can, until I feel like I’m close to cumming then I slow down. Occasionally I slap your ass to remind you who’s in charge after what feels like 10 minutes. I pull out and lay down on the bed.

“Ride me like a good little girl” I order

You do as your told and don’t argue. You slowly lower yourself onto my hard and glistening cock. Then you ride me like you’re a bull rider trying to win 1st place. Your ass bucks up and down onto my crotch as my dick slides in and out of very wet pussy. The sound of skin slapping together fills the air. Soon it’s joined by the sounds of moans. You don’t want to admit it, but you’re about to cum again. The bucking goes faster, and it also goes slower at times. You keep riding it like a champ, and it impresses you. Your body loses stiffness to keep it upright, and you slowly lie down on top of me. Your cummy titties are sliding against my chest. We lock lips and have a proper kiss this time. Our tongues dance with each other as my thick, meaty cock slides in and out of your ever so glistening pussy. Our moans vibrate against each other’s lips. This position is the most euphoric I’ve ever done. Unfortunately, though, It has to come to an end.

I grab you and awkwardly turn you to your back without missing a beat. Suddenly you’re now on your back, and your legs are wrapped about my back. I buck my hips in and out of your now well-lubricated pussy. The pressure in my cock builds up. Slowly but surely, it all comes to a head with this position. Eventually, it becomes too much, and I have to pull out.

“Why did you stop?” You question me

“I’m about to cum again,” I answer.

I let you lay down fully before straddling your stomach. Then I reach back and give you the come hither motion on your pussy. After all that, I figure you’re probably close to coming. You wrap your hand around my cock and go to town on the hand job. Both of us work each other over slowly but surely. You buck and bounce your pussy around before I even get to cum, but I keep going on your pussy. Slowly but surely, you’re going to have the best damn orgasm a couple of fingers have ever given you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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