The Forest Witch Ch. 02

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It was another pleasant morning, and Rowan was under the table, sucking her mistress’s amazing cock for breakfast. She didn’t know how long she’d been living at Olivia’s cottage. Could’ve been weeks or months by now, but she didn’t bother to keep track after that first night with her mistress. Now her mind always felt cloudy, and her body wouldn’t stop yearning for Olivia’s touch.

After sucking her cock so many times, she could easily fit it down her throat without the slightest gag. Sometimes she’d see how long she could keep it down before needing to breathe. Olivia always rewarded her with something extra special when she broke a record.

Rowan bobbed her head up and down, feeling it stretch her throat wonderfully. If she took it deep enough, the collar around her neck would tighten from its girth. Her mind was empty like usual when she had a mouth full of cock and drool ran down her chin. She groped at her own breasts as she worked. Her pussy ached for attention, but her mistress said that it belonged to her and only she could use it. She gurgled happily when Olivia finally rewarded her work. Unlike her cum when she was an inferior man, Olivia’s tasted slightly sweet.

Olivia sighed and reached a hand down to stroke her head approvingly. Rowan kept softly sucking until she had every drop. Once certain she had it all, she placed her head on Olivia’s soft thigh and closed her eyes.

“I’ll never get tired of that pretty mouth of yours, little pet.” Olivia murmured, “you were definitely the right choice.”

“What would’ve happened if I was a bad choice, mistress?”

She smiled and kept stroking her hair. “The same thing I did with all the others. I turned men into beautiful bimbos like you, and if they were properly submissive, I’d make them my pet. If they didn’t…well, you don’t need to worry about that. You’re the perfect toy I always hoped I would find.”

Rowan felt warm hearing that and had to stop herself from touching between her damp legs again. She had to wear a chastity belt for a while until she had learned to control herself, and she didn’t want to have to wear it again.

Eventually, Rowan crawled out from under the table and sat in the chair across from Olivia. It was easier to fit under there since Olivia gradually took away some of her height during their time together. Which made it harder to reach things, but Olivia was always there to help. As much as Olivia teased her for being the perfect sex toy, the mistress honestly did love her.

This morning, she had made the two of them omelets for breakfast. Rowan ate it happily despite already being full. She couldn’t turn down something her mistress made for her after all. They ate in silence, enjoying each other’s company on a warm summer day. Which was nice for Rowan since she wasn’t allowed to wear clothes in the summer. The sun kept her warm during the day and Olivia kept her warm during the night.

When they finished, Rowan collected the plates and put them in the sink to wash. She was too weak to handle hard labor, so she helped with the easier chores like cleaning, washing, and feeding the chickens. Olivia’s warm body surrounded her from behind and pulled her into an embrace. She was tall enough that her soft breasts almost went over Rowan’s head. Hands roamed her stomach before one cupped a breast and the other went between her legs. Rowan had to hold on to the sink to steady herself. Her knees were weak from Olivia’s touch.

“You don’t think I was satisfied with just a blowjob, did you?” Olivia teased. Her large cock rubbed between Rowan’s legs. “You can clean those later.” She kissed Rowan’s neck. “Same with feeding the chickens.” Another kiss. “And pruning the garden.”

“And what will you do, mistress?” Rowan stuttered.

She kissed her again. “I’ll chop some firewood since autumn’s around the corner.”

Rowan panted heavily as Olivia took her time prodding and groping her body. She moaned when Olivia started nibbling on her ear. When the mistress was done teasing, she grabbed Rowan by the waist and easily picked her up. They kissed passionately on their way to the bed where Olivia threw her down. She spread her legs for Olivia as she started taking her dress off, but both of them stopped when they heard someone shouting in the distance.

She couldn’t help but whimper when Olivia turned around to look out the window. Rowan pouted and joined her. Outside was a man walking around lost. The trail to the cottage was obscured in the underbrush.

“You might have a new friend to play with.” Olivia said with a mischievous grin.

“But mistress,” she said, wrapping her arms around her, “I just want you. I don’t need anyone else as long we’re together.”

Olivia just stroked Rowan’s long hair as she watched the man wander around. Anadolu Yakası Escort She licked her lips. “How about we see what kind of person he is first. Who knows, he might not be worthy of being my pet.”

Rowan nodded. After all, she couldn’t say no to her mistress. As they watched, the forest shifted slightly. Just enough to reveal the path to their cottage. The man noticed it and approached the house. Vines sprouted out from the ground when he entered Olivia’s territory and pulled him to the ground before strangling him unconscious. Rowan could barely remember when that had happened to her.

“Prepare the bed, little pet.”

Rowan nodded and went to make the bed, making sure to pull the blanket back to put the man under. When she finished, Olivia came in with the man cradled in her arms. She laid him in bed and looked at Rowan.

“Be a good girl and strip him for me.” She went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea while Rowan got to work.

If Rowan had to describe him with one word, it would be average. He had more muscle than she did when she first came but he wasn’t very tall, and his dick was unimpressive. Though no dick could ever compare to Olivia’s. When she finished, she pulled the blanket back over and vines bound him to the bed.

“When will he wake up?” she asked.

Olivia took a sip of her tea. “Probably a few hours. The scent of this place dulls the mind of humans and tends to keep them unconscious longer than normal.” She finished her tea and stood up. “We should have enough time to go on a walk through.”

Every day after breakfast, they’d usually go for a walk around the forest. Rowan quickly went to grab her shoes, still upset that they were interrupted. She was just so horny, and he ruined it. Behind her, Olivia grabbed her and picked her up. Her shoes tumbled out of her hands.

“You didn’t think I’d forget about before, did you?” Olivia grinned. She pinned Rowan’s arms to her sides so she couldn’t move and lifted her legs up against her chest, so she was entirely in Olivia’s grasp. It was Rowan’s favourite position. Olivia could fuck her however she wanted, and Rowan could do nothing but enjoy it.

Olivia’s massive cock pushed into Rowan’s dripping pussy. Every inch slid in slowly, a constant reminder of how big her mistress was. No one could make her feel the way she did. Her hips bounced Rowan with every thrust. Each one forced out a moan. She would tense up in Olivia’s grasp every time Olivia made her cum. By the time Olivia finally filled her up, Rowan had cum at least a half dozen times. It was hard to keep count with her.

“Wish I could fuck you a little longer, but I need to save some for our guest.” She set Rowan on a chair, knowing her legs would be too weak to stand on after that. When Rowan recovered, they went for their walk around the forest. The man didn’t wake up, so they continued their day as normal, finishing up chores, and having lunch and dinner. It wasn’t until the sun had set that the man started to stir.

“Where am I?” he asked, clearly frightened. “I don’t have any money if that’s what you want.”

The two of them lay on either side of him, smiling at him. Olivia’s was genuine, but Rowan had to force it. She didn’t like what Olivia had planned but couldn’t say no to her.

“Well, aren’t you two gorgeous?” His fear had already evaporated, the cottage’s aroma affecting him as it did Rowan. “If you wanted to share a bed with me, all you had to do was ask.”

Olivia reached under the covers to stroke his dick. Rowan started kissing his body, slowly sliding down him. She tried to hide her jealousy as she watched Olivia play with someone else.

“This is so much more fun though, isn’t it.” She teased. “I’m Olivia and that little cutie is Rowan. Though you’ll refer to me as mistress.”

He nodded his head absently, not seeming to care. “No thanks, you might be tall, but I’m the man here. You two can call me sir instead.”

They ignored that, but it didn’t bode well. When he was hard enough, Olivia let go so Rowan could get her lips around it. She took it in and was as disappointed as she expected. Even if she had her gag reflex still, he wasn’t even close to being big enough to reach that far. She bobbed her head a few times before she started to grow bored. He was too small to do that properly. Instead, she decided to just use her tongue to flick it side to side inside her mouth.

“I know, it’s pretty big, isn’t it? My wife tells me all the time when I fuck her.” The man chuckled. “Don’t worry, if you untie me, I promise I’ll go easy on you two and take it nice and slow.”

He finally stopped talking when Olivia started kissing him and her hands moved to play with his nipples. Rolling them between her fingers. Almost making Avrupa Yakası Escort him moan against her lips. Rowan wished that was her in his place. Especially after he nearly ruined their morning fun. They could’ve fucked longer if he hadn’t interrupted.

In a pathetic amount of time, the man shot a tiny load into her mouth. It tasted too salty and gross. She could rink Olivia’s all day, but her had that addictive sweetness to it that this guy lacked. While he was distracted, she spat it out to the side. She had another idea.

Rowan scooched up and wrapped his tits around his little guy. It was small enough that it was completely buried in her large breasts. She moved them up and down his length, occasionally giving herself a squeeze. Although that was more for her benefit than it was for his. Now she didn’t have to taste his vile thing or its seed.

This time, he lasted a little longer, but still came too quickly. His small amount of cum shot between her breasts and landed on her cheek. Right below her eye. She wiped it off with a lone finger and rubbed it on the sheets. That was probably his last orgasm as a man. How pathetic. Since his dick wasn’t big, he could’ve at least tried to last somewhat longer so she could try to have some fun with it.

Olivia broke the kiss and smiled at him. “I hope you’re ready to handle the two of us.”

He grinned excitedly, not realizing how much smaller he had gotten. Rowan leaned back and hesitantly spread her legs for him. She was already wet, but not because of anything he did. “No need to be nervous, girlie. My size might hurt, but women always end up loving it.”

“N-no, that’s for someone else,” Rowan whined, “use my ass instead.”

The man shook his head, the vines had slackened enough so he could move between her legs. He placed his hands on his hips and thrust his little guy forward. As if he thought it was big enough to be proud of. “I know you’re scared but trust me. You’ll be begging for it after this.”

Behind him, she could see Olivia scowling at him. She had already made her decision. The man slid into Rowan’s pussy, not listening to her protests. It didn’t hurt, it was too small for that, she just didn’t want it in her mistress’s property. As planned for this scenario, Rowan pulled his head down between her soft breasts. While she did it, she also shifted so his dick slipped out to rub against her thigh instead. He sucked at her breasts greedily, not realizing the threat looming behind him. “Come on now girlie, you don’t want me to get angry. I can be unpleasant if you keep struggling.”

“Don’t think you can use my toy however you want, little man.” Olivia said sternly.

“Calm down, bitch.” he said distractedly, “I get told off by my piece of shit wife too often already, I don’t need you sluts doing the same. You’ll get your turn in a minute when I’m done with the little bitch.”

Rowan tried not to laugh at that. She’d be surprised if he even lasted that long. Before he could slide back in, Olivia was already mounting him. Calling Rowan a bitch seemed to make her angrier than calling herself one. She forced her fingers into his mouth to lubricate them before shoving them into his hole. The man yelped at her touch, but the vines tightened again to hold him still.

“What are you- “

“Hm?” Olivia cooed innocently. “You don’t like how my fingers feel inside you?” He suddenly moaned deeply, arcing his back with his face pressed harder between her breasts. Olivia had clearly jabbed at his prostate. “I can stop if you really want me to. Just say when.”

The man stuttered incoherently but didn’t answer. So, Olivia started finger-fucking him faster. Drool started to run between Rowan’s breasts. He was putty in her hands now. She couldn’t see his face, but Rowan bet his eyes were glazing over and his mind was becoming cloudy.

Satisfied, Olivia slipped her fingers out, earning a desperate whine from him. “Don’t worry, little guy. If you liked that, then I’ve got something you’ll like even more.”

She pressed her massive cock against his asshole, and in one motion, she forced herself all the way in. He squirmed against Rowan’s breasts, finally managing to make her feel good. The man moaned and yelped in pain against her as Olivia fucked him fast and hard, taking out her anger on his ass. Between Rowan’s legs, she could feel his dick shrinking as cum poured out.

“Not so big now, are you little man? I’ll make you my bitch and then see what that big mouth of yours will spout out next. Maybe you’ll show my girlfriend some respect.”

Rowan’s heart skipped a beat. Olivia didn’t seem to notice what she just said, she was too angry with him to focus. Against her stomach, Rowan could feel small breasts start rubbing up and down it. İstanbul Escort They weren’t going to be as big as hers, but he was definitely close to being a full woman. Rowan just lay there as she watched her mistress thrust away above her. Seeing the one she loved dominate someone in such a way was surprisingly a major turn-on.

Olivia was smiling cruelly, enjoying the way she made the man feel small. His moans became higher pitched, and his hair grew longer until he was finally a proper woman. But Olivia kept going, destroying his asshole with hard thrusts. She leaned down and kissed Rowan deeply.

Feeling her mistress’s lips after seeing her strength and confidence, and her confession, made Rowan’s knees clench around the former man as she came hard. Olivia also came, filling him up so much that some of it leaked out around her cock. She sighed contentedly and slipped out. Rowan pushed the gasping woman off her and got up, hoping Olivia would fuck her again.

Just like with Rowan’s transformation, however, Olivia wasn’t done. The vines flipped the woman over and forced her legs open. Her new pussy was already dripping wet. Olivia didn’t bother cleaning her cock off since it didn’t matter with what she planned to do with her. The man had a chance and blew it.

The woman’s back arched and she screamed in pain as Olivia rammed her cock deep into her, taking her virginity as she’d done with so many others. Rowan felt more fluids running down her thighs as she watched her mistress continue to dominate her toy.

Suddenly, the woman’s breasts tripled in size, surpassing both Rowan’s and Olivia’s measurements. And her ear morphed into large flappy ears while a tail sprouted just above her ass. It was as arousing as it was confusing. Those ears reminded her of something, but she couldn’t piece it together. The woman’s moans became more hoarse, or animalistic, as her mistress continued to pump her full of cum Rowan had never seen Olivia cum so much. She had to have filled the woman five or six times before she finally finished, and the woman passed out from countless orgasms herself.

Olivia stood up and cleaned herself off before looming over Rowan. She picked her up and kissed her deeply, nearly sucking the air from her lungs. Rowan was too shocked to reciprocate and let Olivia have her way with her too. Olivia reached down and lifted Rowan’s legs off the ground, throwing them over her shoulders. She bounced her on her cock with surprising passion. Their breasts bounced against each other as Olivia destroyed her pussy. She knew she’d have a hard time walking the next day and loved it.


The next morning, Rowan stood in the back garden, leaning against the fence of a pen. She watched as their new cow happily wandered around the temporary pen, with no memory of ever being a human. Sometime in the night while Rowan slept tightly in Olivia’s arms, the woman had morphed into a young cow.

As she watched, Olivia’s warm body pressed against her. Her arms wrapped around her body to feel her up. One hand groped a breast while the other went between her legs.

“Careful, mistress” she grinned, “I’m still sore from last night.”

“Oh yeah? You’re going to complain after all that moaning you did? I’d be surprised if you didn’t wake half the forest.” Olivia smiled back.

“I guess this is how you got all those chickens? I always wondered how you bred them since they’re all hens.”

“Yep, now you know my little secret.” She pointed to one of the chickens. “That one was Emery. He had a thing for women who were too young.” She pointed to another. “That one was Hensley. I know, ironic. But he abused his wife a lot.”

She looked Rowan in the eyes. “I don’t just change people because I don’t like them, I change the ones who are better off disappearing or turned into something more useful. There’s been a few good ones, but none of them wanted to stay. So, I let them go.”

Rowan stared into her eyes and kissed her. Not in their usual sexually aggressive way, but soft and sincere. “Like I said on our first night, I’m yours. So, I trust you. I am your girlfriend after all.”

For the first time, Rowan saw Olivia blush. And it was adorable. “I guess I said that out loud, huh?”

“Maybe.” She said and gave another kiss. “But your secret’s safe with me.”

Olivia started nibbling her ear and rubbed her clit lovingly. They’d never had slow and gentle nights in bed, sex was always fast and hot. This was different, but just as good. “At least now you don’t have to share my cock with anyone.”

Rowan moaned; her thoughts came slowly at Olivia’s touch. “Mm, that guy was an ass, but it was kind of hot to see you bend someone to your will. I don’t think I’d mind it if you found the right person.”

Olivia carefully picked her up and carried her towards the cottage. Rowan wrapped her legs around her mistress and kissed her deeply. She tried not to ruin it by wincing. They lay down in the bed together and Olivia slipped out of her dress. “Then, one day I’ll find another pet for us to play with, dear.”

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