The Freak

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My Dear Readers,


What I write is fiction/fantasy/fairy tales for adults. None of my characters are real, no one was injured during the production of my stories and just like on T.V., they all get up when the scene is over, have a beer, remove the makeup and go home, ready to return in the next chapter, all the boo boos healed.

Some spelling and grammatical errors are mine however some are intentional. Which is witch I leave as an exercise for those anal enough to care.

Votes and comments are as always gratefully received. E-mail will get personnel response if you remember to leave me a return e-mail address.


Dom Woolf


My sister is a freak, I mean totally. She left home at sixteen, said she had learned all school could teach her, and wanted to see what the world had to offer.

She came back at seventeen, sporting a few tattoos and some piercings and some freaky friends who would drop by from time to time. They would disappear into her room and the weird music and chanting would waft through the house for hours.

She left again at eighteen and was gone for a year. Now she’s back and as before she has new tats and piercings and freaky friends and is back to being that mysterious girl the family sees once in a blue moon as she drifts through the house.

I, on the other hand, was the good son, not that my parents noticed me any more than they did her. They are good people, our parents, they just didn’t have much interest or time for anything in the world that wasn’t work related. I was a straight ‘A’ student, finished high school a year early and next year would be off to college, but for now I had a long lazy summer ahead and partying to do.

My parents left my sister and I at home while they went off on a trip for the company they worked for. They would be gone for six weeks.

Did I mention my sister was a freak? Her hair was dyed more colors than the rainbow, her arms, neck, fingers, and feet sported colorful tattoos, god alone knew what else was inked. Her nose had three diamond piercings, her right ear too many rings to count. Her lip and left ear each carried three rings. What other body parts were drilled and filled was anyone’s guess.

Her current choice of clothes ran to either black jeans and flowing black lacy blouses or black floor to neck lace covered gowns decorated in heavy silver chains, necklaces with ankhs or crosses and rings on every finger. Knee high boots completed the ensemble.

Her girl friends outfits made hers look conservative. When they got together the house was filled with giggles, whispered laughter, and sneaked glances. Maybe they were trying to see if their behavior would shock me, if so they had a lot farther to go. A public school education had exposed me to lots more freaky things than sis and her friends had come up with so far.

So one Friday night after partying with some friends I got home about eleven-ish, slightly drunk from my buddies kegger. I popped a frozen pizza into the oven, went and grabbed a shower, took the pizza and one of dad’s beers and plopped down in front of the flat screen to watch some tube.

One beer too many, I crashed. Weird dreams and strange sensations brought me half out of a drunken stupor. I was covered in naked brightly colored girls who seemed to be tying me up and holding me down at the same time.

I struggled, at least I think I did but it was not too clear at that time. I know I stopped fighting when I noticed my shorts had disappeared and some multi colored head was bobbing up and down sucking my dick.

I shook my head trying to clear both my vision and the cobwebs out of my head and my face slapped against a big soft tattooed tit with bars through the nipples and a shiny shield pointing the nipple straight at my lips. I remember sucking and licking fascinated at the taste of both nipple and silver.

It must have taken a few moments, things were sort of blank there for a few, but I remember feeling a finger probing my asshole and then something pushing its way cebeci escort in and vibrating like crazy. What ever it was it made my cock so hard it hurt and between the thing in my ass and the hot wet mouth sliding along my cock I exploded.

Things were a little confused there for a few minutes because the next thing I remember was lying on my back and a naked tattooed Goth with black hair and a blue pussy was riding my prick like a horse. I remember, at least I think I do, protesting or mumbling something when another naked pussy settled down over my mouth.

It had rings through each lip and a ring outlining the clit and then my tongue was too busy licking and sucking for much else to matter or be remembered.

The rest of the night was a blur, all half memories and all confused, with blurred images of tits and tats, ass and pussy, rings and spikes and colors all jumbled in my head. I remembered smoking something and I remembered giggling, wither it was my giggle or that of the coven of witches that held my body and my cock in their ringed and tattooed hands I just can’t quite recall.

I woke up Saturday morning with the three things all vying for my attention. The first was the worst headache I had ever had, fighting for second place was the most upset stomach and coming in third but moving up on the inside track was the fullest bladder I could ever remember.

I stumbled across the room and made it to the toilet before I peed on the rug. Once the snake was drained, the stomach decided to back off a bit and give me some breathing room, which is pretty much what I did for the next ten minutes or so, just sat on the toilet and breathed.

Deciding I might live, I checked the medicine cabinet for some aspirin. None. Ok, mom always has some in her bathroom. I grabbed something to cover my ass and went down the hall to mom’s room. Lying across the bed were two naked Goth chicks, one of which was the black and blue haired pony rider from my nightmare.

Up to that point I had really been hoping it was just a dream. Forgetting the aspirin I went in search of my sister. I found her in the kitchen pouring some juice, she turned and handed me a glass to me along with two tabs of aspirin.

I popped them in my mouth and took a big swig of juice. It wasn’t just juice. The vodka tainted the sweet just a bit, but at that point I didn’t care.

“A little hair of the dog that bit ya bro, helps settle the stomach and the head.”

“Thanks!” It was then that I noticed what she was wearing or should I say not wearing. She had this thong bikini bottom that almost covered her camel toe in front and hid exactly nothing in the rear. Her top consisted of two nipple shields with bars through her nipples holding them in place, a bunch of tattoos and rings and chains piercing her body in places I wouldn’t have thought anyone would pierce and that was the sum total of her outfit.

‘Yo, Bro. You’re staring!”

“You’re just about naked!”

“Didn’t seem to bother you last night.” She smiled and looked pointedly down at the front of my shorts which I just now noticed were missing a button and gaped open at a most inappropriate spot.

I groaned, knowing now that last night’s nightmare was not a dream but all too real.

“Hey don’t sweat it bro. It’s not like you could get me preggy, besides so far all you and I did was a little swallow the hot dog. I got preggers while over in Europe, found a doc that wasn’t exactly Dr. Kildare, anyway long story short, he snipped a few things he shouldn’t have and now the baby factory is short a couple of assembly lines, so now it’s all for play and no pay.”

I don’t remember sitting down but found I was in a chair. That’s when Tizzy and Dizzy, the other two twits, bounced into the room wearing matching outfits, one g string lighter than my sister’s getup. Watching three mostly naked girls bounce around the kitchen, doing things with food was entertaining to say the least. Black and blue who it turned out called herself, Orchid, brought me a plate of food, a kiss cebeci escort bayan and a squeeze of my cock which was beginning to poke through the misbegotten shorts.

I scooted the chair a bit closer to the table and began to put away the food, figuring that if I concentrated on my plate, the bouncing female flesh might have less effect. I needn’t have bothered as the trio wasn’t about to let me ignore them.

Pinky, I never did catch her name but the bright pink and red hair was impossible to miss, sat down well within my personal space, and draped her enormous tit across my arm as she finger fed me strips of bacon and bits of sausage. She would wipe her greasy fingers on her big round tits making the brightly colored tats shine.

Orchid sat down on my other side and forked a bite of the waffles sis had toasted. She drenched them in syrup and slowly brought the fork over to my mouth. I watched as a huge dollop of maple syrup dropped off the bite and of course it landed exactly where Orchid had planned, right a top of my now exposed and mostly hard dick. The warm liquid flowed over the head of my cock and began its slow trip down the shaft.

More bacon, more waffles, more sausage, messily delivered to my mouth, grease, and syrup falling on exposed skin, and dripped onto my cock. Sis pushed my head down on Pink’s tit and I found myself licking and sucking a combination of girl, pork juice and maple syrup. Orchid began licking the syrup off my member and Pink and sis began kissing and fondling each other with me stuck in the middle. I admit with a hot tongue licking my dick, I wasn’t fighting too hard. Sis grabbed a stick of butter and proceeded to grease Pink from top to well rounded bottom. Orchid took another stick and greased both her and me. The feeling of melting butter and warm hands sliding up and down my cock was heaven.

I could feel myself preparing to cum and Orchid must have noticed too, because she gave some signal to the others and all three women were down at my knees and Orchid played fire hose directing my creamy white shots of cum into three open and waiting mouths.

Cum dripped from each of their faces and all three took turns licking and cleaning each other and each took a pull from the source of the stream including my sister with a grin as she sucked my cock deep in her mouth and used her tongue to lap at my balls.

I think I collapsed at that point having totally given myself up to the women as their sex toy. Recovery included another round of vodka laden juice and more food. Then we all four traipsed off to the master bedroom and the large shower.

Showering with three wet, soapy, and giggling women is a experience one must feel to believe. Women as different as these three, made the experience something to be remembered. Orchid had chains in the rings across her pussy, lots of colorful tattoos and tiny almost flat tits, Pink had these large tits with bars through her nipples and the nipple shields had very pointed spikes that she seemed to enjoy having twisted and pressed into tender tit flesh. Sis had a ring between her pussy and her anus, a spur over her clit, small bars north-south and east–west through both areola, besides all the other rings I already mentioned. She had a ball on a spike through her tongue which she proceeded to show me was very useful when sucking cock as the little ball seemed to follow the nerves on the underside of my penis and had me hard again in no time.

We four adjourned to the king sized bed, where with my cooperation they proceeded to ride said penis into exhaustion. Mine, not theirs so out came a strap-on dildo and the play continued with Pink fucking both sis and Orchid to screaming orgasms before they fucked and fisted her into unconsciousness.

Ok, I admit I helped with Orchid and Pink but I was still a little gun shy of doing anything to overt with my sister. Yes, I had let her suck on my cock, several times as a matter of fact and yes, I had played with her nice sized puffy tipped tits. Why was I holding back? Taboos so escort cebeci ingrained that even though I knew I couldn’t get her pregnant, I still froze every time I came close to going that final step.

We ordered pizza and several pay for view movies, made popcorn, murdered dad’s liquor cabinet, and generally had a great time the rest of the day and into the evening.

Pink and Orchid left around ten and sis and I went to our respective rooms and crashed soon after.

There is an old Johnny Cash song that starts out; I woke up Sunday morning with no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt. Now I know exactly what he meant. I didn’t have beer for breakfast but I did make up sis’s recipe for vodka orange juice and brought her a large glass also.

Late that afternoon we were both feeling better and were lying beside the pool getting some much needed rest and sun.

“Yo, bro! A little help here?” Sis held out a bottle of tanning oil and motioned towards her back.

I squeezed the sun warmed oil into my hands and began to lather her back. She reached around and untied her top so I could get all of her back. I was fascinated by the tats that covered most of her back, including one of a dragon whose tail dropped down between her ass cheeks, most of which I could see as the thong she wore was barely any wider than my old kite string.

“Um, that feels so good!” her voice was almost a purr.

I continued to oil her well rounded buttocks and upper thighs. She sighed and spread her legs just enough that both her asshole and her pussy were now visible; the thong didn’t cover a damned thing. I decided then and there as long as she wanted to play so would I. Oiling up my hands again I began to drip warm oil on the tiny brown ring of her rear end. I began to press and oil her butthole and then slipped a finger into her ass.


I laughed and began drilling her butt with first one then two and finally three fingers adding oil as I went. Her hand reached around and grasped the shaft of my cock through my nylon suit and she started to squeeze in rhythm to my finger pressing deep into her ass.

I took my other hand and slipped an oily finger into her pussy, the effect was as if I had hit her with a tazar. She arched her back up and moaned. The top of her suit having been untied earlier popped off those magnificent tits and I used the pussy hand to reach around and grab her left tit. I squeezed her nipple hard and got another moan of pain/pleasure from her.

Suddenly she squirmed out of my grasp, flipped over and stripped off the remains of her suit. Spreading her leg she looked at me with her eyes half closed and whispered. ‘Fuck me, please, fuck me!’

I pulled the suit I was wearing down and crawled between her legs. I grabbed her ankles ad lifted her legs over my shoulders. I positioned my cock at the opening of her asshole and slammed my cock inside. I held still as she reacted, clawing the cushion and arching her pelvis. Then I began long slow deliberate strokes as deep as I could push into her hot ass.

I could see now that the dragons tail ended by curling across her inner thigh and up into her pussy, right above my sliding shaft as it plowed into her butt. I began to go harder and faster feeling her asshole squeeze at my cock on each stroke. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer especially with the look of wide open pleasure on my sisters’ face and the moans pouring out of her fully opened mouth.

Knowing how much she seemed to like cum I pulled out just before I came and sprayed my spunk up her body across those tits and into her mouth and face. She went limp rubbing her hands across her body, smearing my cream all across her breasts and belly. I just knelt there watching her and breathing hard.

We went in and showered and then oiled each other head to toe before resuming our afternoon sunbathing, our suits forgotten on the pool deck.

We pretty much spent the rest of the summer doing the laze around the pool, watch movies, and fuck like rabbits thing. Sometime just us two, sometimes with her Goth girlfriends joining in.

The day before I left for college she took off again. She left me a note.

Bro, loved the vacation and you. I’m off to tour the Far East, but I’ll be back. Love sis.

P.S. I’m preggy. Love ya, sis.

Did I mention my sister was a freak?

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