The Futa Family Ch. 05

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Female Ejaculation

It was late Wednesday afternoon, and I was sitting in my living room with my friend Taylor. She had surprised me by showing up to my front door with a bag of Taco Bell. If that doesn’t say friendship, then I don’t know what does.

She was one of my best friends; I had known her since 10th grade. We were enjoying our summer vacation and were only about a week away from starting our senior year. Aside from separate vacations with our respective families, we had spent a good portion of the summer with each other.

Even after the food was long gone, we were still just glad to be in each other’s company. At age 18, we both knew that we should cherish this time in our lives. It would still be a little while before we would have to worry about college, jobs, and starting careers.

Right now, she was regaling me with tales of her latest conquest: Valerie Quinn. She’d spent a few nights at her house for an innocent slumber party. By the second night of her stay, she got to bury her face in Valerie’s pussy. Being bisexual, Taylor and I often talked about girls that we had banged or wanted to bang.

“Chris Fenler said that she’s a screamer. Is that true?” I asked her.

“She didn’t get much of a chance to scream because she loved sucking my cock,” Taylor said.

That’s right, you didn’t misread that. Taylor has a cock.

Taylor was a futanari, which means that she had a penis, testicles, and a vagina. If you saw her, she’d just look like a pretty girl who dressed in mostly sports clothes. Despite her unique physiology, she was actually very popular with our classmates, most of whom knew what she was.

“So, there’s a question that I’ve been meaning to ask you,” Taylor started. “What the hell did you do to Cressida?”

I froze and blushed. “What exactly did she say?”

“Well, nothing really. When I came home, she was in a noticeably better mood. She’s been all daisies and sunshine for a while. Emily mentioned that you came over while I was gone.”

Emily and Cressida were Taylor’s older sisters. The two of them had come to stay for a few weeks during the summer to spend time with family. Over a week ago, I’d had a threesome with Emily and Cressida. They were futanari as well.

The strange thing was that Cressida, who suffered from erectile dysfunction, suddenly found herself able to get an erection. It didn’t seem to be problem for her to have sex with Emily, who seemed more than happy to oblige her sister. This was the story that I related to Taylor. It surprised me that she didn’t seem alarmed that her sisters had engaged in incestuous sex.

“So, what happened after that?” Taylor asked me.

“Well, we got dressed, and then Cressida took us into town for lunch at that nice hibachi restaurant, you know that one on McCarthy Boulevard?”


“That’s the one! Anyways, she treated us to lunch, and she started chatting up this hot Spanish lady who was sitting at the same hibachi table as us. By the end of the meal, she gives Emily her keys and says not to wait up.”

“WHAT?!?” Taylor laughed.

“I know, right? Man, I wish I had her game.”

“Well, I’m just glad that she’s finally getting some pussy. She’s been going out almost every night and coming home with a smile on her face. Even my moms are happy about her better mood.”

“Well, she’s pretty nice, once you get to know her.”

“I still can’t believe you’ve slept with my sisters. Emily’s a sucker for good looking guys, but Cressida’s picky as hell.”

“What about Dora?” I joked.

Apparently, Taylor didn’t find that too funny. The smile on her face vanished and she adopted a stern expression.

“Yeah, listen. You need to stay away from Dora.”

“Sorry, it was a joke,” I assured her. “Didn’t you say that she got divorced?”

“Yeah, and she has pretty much spent the last few weeks moping around the house and eating her feelings, but that’s not why.” Taylor hesitated for a few seconds and said, “Dora’s a freak.”

“Care to elaborate on that?”

Taylor sighed and let out a small chuckle. “Out of my three sisters, Dora’s got the biggest sex drive. Normally, I wouldn’t mind you getting with her, but she’d eat you alive.”

My mind tried to reconcile this news while trying to conjure a picture of Dora in my head. Having only met her once, I vaguely remembered a quiet, bespectacled woman while I had my first meal with the Kuhn family. Part of me wanted to call bullshit, but Taylor seemed to be wholly serious.

I was about to direct the conversation towards sex again, but I heard a car coming up the driveway. A few minutes later, my mother and younger brother Eddie walked in. My mother’s eyes lit up when she saw Taylor.

“I knew that was your car!” Mom said. “How are you, sweetheart?”

“Good. I hadn’t seen Carter for a while, so I brought him some Taco Bell for lunch.”

“Aww, you’re so sweet! I’m going to order pizza for dinner. You’re more than welcome to stay.”


Mom and Dad adored Taylor. Even though they were fully aware of her being a futanari, she was like şişli escort a daughter to the both of them. Matter of fact, when Dad arrived, he insisted that we break out the board games. We all played Uno until about eleven.

“It’s getting late, Taylor,” Dad said. “You had better get home.”

“She’s not going anywhere at this hour.” Mom said. “I’ll make up the guest room and she can drive home first thing in the morning.”

“Not before she gets some of my homemade Belgian waffles,” Dad added.

Taylor sighed with faux exasperation and grinned before agreeing with them. As promised, Mom prepared the guest room for her and then we all turned in for the night. About 30 minutes later, my bedroom door opened, and she tiptoed inside.

“Everything okay?” I asked, sitting up and turning on the lamp on my nightstand. “Don’t tell me you can hear my dad snoring from here.”

“Just couldn’t fall asleep. Move over,” she said.

I tried my best to keep it cool as I obliged her. She lifted the covers and got into the bed. Thankfully, my parents had gotten me a Queen-sized mattress when I reached high school, so there was plenty of room for the both of us.

I said nothing, just wanting for her to make the first move. My heart pounded as I recalled the first time that we’d been in bed together, which had been over 2 weeks ago. After taking me home after a day at the park, we showered together, made out, and masturbated each other.

Ever since that day, I’d wondered if we would ever go all the way. Before our little encounters, there hadn’t been any overt sexual tension or attraction between the two of us, at least none that I could pick up. She was lying on her back right now, and through her t-shirt I could see her hard nipples.

“Hard to believe that the summer is almost over,” I said in an effort to break the silence.

“Yeah,” Taylor said. “This Friday is tax-free weekend; we should totally go shopping together.”

“Yeah, that’s a great idea. Maybe we should bring Eddie along. He got a bunch of money washing cars this summer, so he could get some school clothes, too.”

“Aww, that’s sweet,” she yawned. She rolled over, gave me a quick peck on the mouth and said, “Good night.”

I’m not ashamed to say that got me a little excited. I stared at the back of her head, trying to decide if I should try and initiate something, but the sound of Taylor’s soft snores made the choice for me. I rolled over with my half chubby and decided to go to sleep.

The next morning, I was awoken by my mother opening the door and saying, “It’s waffle time!”

Taylor and I sat up in bed. My heart almost stopped; I had totally forgotten that she was here, having fallen asleep in my bed instead of the one in the guest room. In horror, I looked up at my mom, who didn’t seem phased in the slightest.

“Carter Timothy Doyle,” she began. “This room is a disaster. I don’t want to see you anywhere near the TV until you clean this up.”

“Yeah, slob,” Taylor said as she stretched. “Can’t keep your dorm like this when you go off to college.”

“She’s right, you know,” Mom said before walking away from the door.

“I can smell that bacon all the way from here!” Taylor gasped before jumping out of the bed and running out of the room.

I didn’t chase after her immediately. I was trying to deflate the sausage in my pants before I went downstairs for bacon. My parents left for work after breakfast, and Taylor and I went upstairs to clean my bedroom. Yet again, I thought the two of us being alone in my room would lead to something, but nothing did. After we were done, she departed for home.

On Thursday, Taylor had told me via text message that she would pick me up so that we could just carpool and save gas. I invited Eddie to join me, but he ended up going to the mall that day with one of his friends. He came back that evening with shopping bags full of newly purchased clothing.

“Good luck finding clothes,” Eddie said with a smug smile. “They’re running out of stuff at the mall. I got a ton of stuff on sale. Plus, while you’re sweating it out at the mall tomorrow, I’ll be at a party.”

I got my revenge the next day when Taylor arrived to pick me up. Taylor walked into the house accompanied by her older sister Emily. Eddie’s eyes went large when he saw the two Kuhn sisters standing in our home.

Eddie’s reaction was totally understandable. Emily was a curvy girl with thick thighs, milky skin, and a large bust that immediately drew the eye. She was wearing her favorite outfit of a tank top and tight short shorts that hugged her deliciously round ass.

“We’ll be back later,” I told my younger brother. “Tell mom and dad not to wait up. Have fun at your party.”

I savored the look of envy and regret on his face as I walked out of the house with the two females. We climbed into Taylor’s 1984 Ford Mustang GT and made off to the mall. As expected, the place was a madhouse; it was tax-free weekend, and most people were shopping for back-to-school.

Despite Eddie’s warning, I was able taksim escort to get some clothes and shoes that I liked. I was flush with cash, thanks to Cressida paying me over two grand to accompany her on a trip last week. The fun part for me was getting to see Emily try on some outfits. While Taylor was giving her advice, I found myself mentally undressing Emily. I noticed many guys, both single and in relationships, ogling her as well.

We all stopped for lunch, and while eating we agreed to visit a few more shops before calling it a day. Emily admitted that she was tired from all of the walking around the mall, but Taylor and I were just fine, the two of us being soccer players at our high school and having great endurance. I noticed that Taylor’s gaze was fixed on something.

“Something wrong?” I asked her.

“Carter,” she began. “Over there at the Great American Cookies…is that…?”

I looked over my shoulder towards the restaurant space that she mentioned and spotted a familiar face standing at the counter. It was a bespectacled young woman with black and purple hair.

“That’s Katarina!” I said.

“Who?” Emily asked.

“Katarina Jones,” Taylor told her. “She graduated last year. I had her in my Family Studies class. She was really nice to me.”

“You want to go say hello?” I asked Taylor.

“Yeah, good idea.”

We all got up and walked over in her direction. She spotted us and her face lit up with recognition.

“Taylor? Carter? What’s up, guys?” Katarina said with a smile.

She was a plump young woman who slightly taller than all of us. She was dressed in Goth attire, wearing black boots, fishnet leggings, a skirt, and a Slayer t-shirt.

“We’re just splurging on some back-to-school clothes,” I told her.

“Oh, yeah,” she said. “I hope you guys enjoy your senior year more than I did.”

“This is my sister Emily,” Taylor said. “What’s that for?”

Katarina looked down at the massive cookie cake that she was holding in her hand and said, “Oh, I had the crappiest day at work, so I figured that I would treat myself. I looooove the GAC. You guys want to come over and help me murder this thing so that I don’t feel too guilty?”

We all agreed to forgo our plan to keep shopping and accompanied Katarina out to the parking lot and she gave us her address. We followed her home to an ordinary looking house about twenty minutes from the mall. We walked into the house, and I found the décor to be totally opposite of Katarina’s style. There were figurines and knick-knacks on shelves, pictures of family members, and most of the furniture was covered in plastic.

“Nice place,” I remarked.

“Thanks, it’s my grandma’s,” Katarina explained. “After I graduated, I moved in with her. I stay down in the basement.”

We followed Katarina down to the basement, finding a cozy finished room with a television, couch, mini fridge, and an ottoman. She plopped the cookie cake onto the couch and headed to the mini fridge.

“Are we drinking milk, children? Maybe something stronger?”

We all opted for some beer, which went surprisingly well with the cookie cake. It was nice catching up with Katarina. She was bartending at this country club and going to massage school. After an hour, there was only a third of the cookie cake left, but all of us were having a good time. Things got fun when we all started recounting fun stories from high school.

“Just trying to find my way until I can legally start my own weed farm, joking, not joking,” Katarina said before taking another swig of her beer.

“Katarina always had the hookup for the good stuff,” Taylor told Emily. “Remember when you got us into Dave Scheffler’s party last year?”

“YES!” Katarina crowed as she laughed. She turned to Emily and started to relay the tale. “I had these two in my car, along with a few party balls of Coors, trying my best to drive like I had Miss Daisy in the backseat. It’s football season, there are cops everywhere, so I figured that these two goody-goodies would be a great cover.”

“And it worked!” I said.

“God, that was such a fun party!”

“I made a killing selling weed and beer at that party,” Katarina said wistfully. “So, I ran into Jessica Olivera at Walmart the other day, and she had an interesting story to tell me about you.”

I’m not sure if it was the subject matter or the liquor, but Taylor started blushing. Katarina seemed to be fully aware of this and looked like she was enjoying her squirm.

“What story was that?” Taylor asked.

“That you’re a futanari.”

After a few seconds, Taylor merely responded, “By now, it’s a poorly kept secret at school.”

“So…can I see it?”

Taylor stared Katarina dead in the eye for a few minutes before smiling and saying, “Sure, if you show me your tits first.”

Katarina gave a look of amused surprise. “That’s it? Shit, you’ve got a deal.”

She chugged the rest of her drink, tossed the can to the floor, stood up, and heaved her shirt over her head. After tossing her top away, she reached beşiktaş escort behind her back and unhooked her navy-blue bra. The three of us were delighted when her chest was bared to us. She had large, fat breasts with light-brown coaster-sized areolae.

Katarina’s eyes lit up when she saw Taylor get up from her seat, undo the button on her shorts, and pull them down with her underwear. Crowned with a healthy tuft of sandy brown hair, Taylor’s dick and balls were quite impressive. I didn’t feel threatened by the fact that her penis was longer than mine, especially since I had touched it myself a few weeks ago.

“That is so cool!” Katarina beamed. “What’s it like having a pussy and a cock?”

“I dunno,” Taylor said. “I don’t see it as weird since I was born this way.”

“I’d love to be a futanari; you could have a male and female orgasm at the same time.”

“Yeah, and it’s even much more fun when you masturbate,” Emily said. “If I can’t get hard, I can still flick my bean.”

Katarina was about to reply, but then she adopted a look of curiosity and confusion before asking, “Wait…don’t tell me that…”

Before Katarina could even finish her sentence, Emily giddily got to her feet and mimicked her sister’s previous actions. Emily’s penis was about the same length as her sister’s, but her pubic hairs were a darker shade of brown that bordered on black. I watched her shaft throb; she was clearly aroused at having exposed herself to someone she had just met.

“This is too fucking wild,” Katarina chuckled. “Futanari sisters!”

“Actually, our whole family is futanari,” Emily said.

Taylor gave her sister a look of mild annoyance. She didn’t mind people knowing that she was a futanari but didn’t like a lot of people knowing about her family. Emily didn’t seem to notice her sister’s irritation; she was stroking her dick while gazing at the topless Goth girl.

“I know we just met,” Emily started. “But I would really like to fuck those tits of yours.”

“Sure,” Katarina said as she grabbed her breasts and offered them to Emily.

Emily stepped out of her fallen bottom apparel, pranced over to Katarina, and thrust her rigid prick into her cleavage. The beautiful blonde began moving her hips, sliding her rod up and down within the confines of Katarina’s tit flesh. Katarina struggled to keep her breasts in her grip while they jiggled from the force of Emily’s thrusts.

“Yesssss,” Emily said. “Been a while since I’ve had a nice tituck.”

“Surprised that you can’t titfuck yourself with those huge boobs of yours,” Katarina growled. “I bet yours are as big as mine, maybe bigger.”

Emily took that as a cue to remove her top. In a matter of seconds, she was only wearing her shoes and socks. I moved closer to get a better view. I’d seen Emily naked more than once, but it never got old. I could have wept with joy when I saw Emily’s breasts, which were swaying and wobbling madly.

My nose crinkled as it noticed a familiar smell. It was a strong, fleshy odor that smelled like sweat, honey, and cinnamon. Emily’s body was producing pheromones that were increasing the arousal of all who sensed them.

The pheromones were definitely working. Before, I was rocking a half-chub, but now, my dick was straining painfully against my zipper. I looked over at Taylor, who was now fully erect. She was using one hand to squeeze her breast, and the other to stroke her dick. Her face seemed to be wordlessly begging Emily to finish so that she could have her turn with Katarina.

I, however, I was not willing to wait. I kicked off my shoes and socks, removed my clothes, and got behind Emily. I grabbed her luscious flesh pumpkins as she continued to engage in mammary intercourse with Katarina, taking care not to throw off her rhythm.

“Oh, I was wondering when you’d join in, Carter,” Emily said as she looked over her shoulder at me.

“Yeah, I can’t control myself when I see two pairs of huge titties,” I told her before giving her a kiss.

A shiver of pleasure traveled up my neck as I experienced several wonderful sensations: the feel of Emily’s billowy breasts against my palm, her hard nipples on my fingertips, and her lips and tongue meeting mine. My hard prick was beating anxiously against her succulent ass. She broke off our kiss to let out a loud moan.

“You gonna cum, Futa Sister?” Katarina asked.

“Yeah,” Emily moaned as she looked back at Katarina.

“Do it. Spray me down with your stinky cock juice, Emily. I want it all.”

Emily let out a moan and brought the two of us down as she bent her knees and granted Katarina’s wish. She let out a grunt for each spurt of cum that she blasted. One of them spurted out from Katarina’s cleavage and hit her right in the nose, making her chortle with amusement.

“Shit, girly!” Katarina marveled. “You must have been backed up! There’s so much!”

“That was a typical load for me,” Emily bragged.

Katarina used a finger to clean the large dollop of cum from her nose and put it in her mouth. Moaning with delight as if she had just eaten some tasty yogurt. Even though Emily had just cum, her cock wagged appreciatively. Suddenly, I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders pushing me to the right. I looked around to see Taylor, completely naked, standing behind her sister.

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