The Game: Her Version

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I’m curious to see the reaction to this particular piece of erotica. Please vote and let me know what you think. I’ll be submitting “His Version” also. Which will most of you prefer…hmmm? 😉


Before leaving for the office, Michael pressed a crumpled piece of paper into Jadyn’s hand as he kissed her good-bye. Feigning surprise, she asked, “What have we here?”

He smiled, sexy as ever, and left without a word.

Jadyn knew already. Of course she did. She and Michael had become experts at playing “The Game.” The game usually consisted of a vague list. Jadyn was always expected to decipher the message and perform in a way that would please them both. Not only did Michael get her sexual juices flowing in this manner, but his lists always got her creative juices flowing as well. Using her brain for her man was almost as erotic as using her body.

Smiling, Jadyn opened the wadded paper. By the bold strokes of his ink and his capitalized signature, she immediately knew she would be performing submissively. (The two of them had made quite a long list of regulations over the months, so as to limit their questions once the game was in progress. Dropping character, even for a moment, sometimes caused reprehensible damage.) On the paper, Michael had listed three simple items: rope, camera, and provocative lingerie.

Jadyn groaned good-naturedly. That ass wasn’t making this easy. She couldn’t recall seeing the first bit of rope in their apartment. (Hell, he’d probably hidden any that was lying around.) To phone and ask for its location would be inexcusable. So she didn’t. Instead, Jadyn hurried to the hall closet where she’d stored her Christmas ribbon. Gathering several strands of the silver foil, she gave them a toss toward the overstuffed sofa.

Jadyn’s adrenaline rushed as she hurried about setting up a scene that Michael was sure to find arousing. Knowing him as she did allowed her to almost cheat at the game. For two years, she’d watched his actions through half-veiled eyes as he unwittingly revealed his sexual fantasies. Through trial and error, she’d definitely learned to please her lover.

Stripping out of her robe, Jadyn tilted her head and surveyed the scene she’d created. The camera was in place, her clit vibe was on hand, the “rope” was easily accessible, and her phone was within reach. After donning her chosen pieces of lingerie, Jadyn fluffed the cushions and contemplated ways in which to make the ribbon appear realistic. She knew Michael had deliberately given her an assignment he didn’t think she could accomplish.

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” she whispered to herself determinedly, “We’ll just make it appear that I’m bound.” Soon the click of her camera flash filled the silent apartment. Previewing the shots on the camera’s tiny monitor, Jadyn was more than pleased. After filling the memory card, Jadyn grabbed the phone.

“MJ’s Electronics,” the voice on the other end politely answered.

“Hi ya, Kris,” Jadyn replied, pleased to note her voice sounded low and sexy, aroused even. Kris might not notice, but she knew Michael would. “Michael around?”

“Oh hey, girl, he just went into a meeting but he’s been expecting your call. I’ll put you through, sweetie.”

Jadyn nearly laughed aloud at Kris’ affectionate endearment. She considered herself anything but “sweet,” but she also enjoyed knowing that most of their acquaintances viewed her as proper, feminine, elegant, and quite “sweet.”

Within seconds, she heard Michael’s deep voice on the line. His clipped impatience as he stated his last name didn’t intimidate her in the slightest. “Wagner here.”

“Hi you! Busy?” she taunted, knowing that he was.

“A bit,” he answered, though his tone had already changed. In the background, Jadyn could hear the frenzy of a meeting well underway.

“No time even for me?” she smirked.

“Oh, sure. Go ahead … we seem to be experiencing pandemonium here anyway.”

Michael’s eyes surveyed the room in front of him. No one had apparently even noticed the call other than his secretary. At her questioning glance and mouthed “Adjourn?” he shook his head and waved his hand in her general direction. Gesturing with one finger, he signaled he’d only be a moment.

“Well, Michael, if you insist. I’m simply calling to let you know I’ve performed well this morning. Even better than I thought possible.”

“Oh, really? And your designs? Give me a brief narrative of your canlı bahis best shot,” he curiously replied.

“There are several nice ones, Michael, but I think your favorite will be the one in which my thighs and my wrists are tightly bound to each other. ‘Someone’ has shifted my panties to the side, as I obviously couldn’t have done it myself … my hands are tied.” Her voice was extremely sexy, low and provocative. Michael had to listen closely to hear her above the noise in the room. “We’ll pretend that ‘someone’ was you. In the picture, my clit is already swollen and pulsing. So, I think we can assume you’ve been teasing me for quite awhile. My hand is straining, straining hard, against the rope in the direction of my pussy. I know with the slightest little touch, I’d be over the edge. But I can’t reach it, so I’m begging you to. I’d give anything to have you touch me right now, Michael.”

He smiled, as his cock began to stir while Jadyn continued her dialogue: “My mouth is open, and my small pink tongue is caught between my teeth. I’ve also sprawled as best I can with my ‘rope’ in place. Any part of me is easily accessible — my mouth, my pussy, my ass, my nipples. Any simple flick of your fingers is all it would take.” Her breathing had quickened, quite without her intending it to.

“Well, perhaps your ideas for our ad campaign will work,” Michael said. “I’ll return your call in fifteen.” The phone went silent.

She reached for her vibe and stroked her clit with it for a moment before gathering her camera and phone. She moved her supplies into their home office. Beginning the download process, she awaited Michael’s call.

He returned her call in ten. “I’m standing in a stairwell, Jadyn, heading toward my office. Are you aroused?”

“Yes, extremely so.”

“Good girl. Tell me what you’re doing now.”

“I’m sitting at our computer, downloading the shots. They’re quite hot. I can’t help but imagine you putting me in these positions. I think of you teasing and taunting, taking time to arouse me because that arouses you. I’ve also got my small pink vibe in my panties, and my hips are gently and slowly rocking against it.”

Michael listened attentively and then responded, “I’m inside the office now, Jadyn. I want you to choose a pose and email it to me. Describe what you’ve chosen and why.” Here’s where Michael’s age and experience had always come in handy. He wasn’t all about climaxing immediately, as most of the younger men she’d dated. He enjoyed prolonging the pleasure, as he knew prolonging could make it better for both of them. For that reason, she chose the least “suggestive” of the shots on the screen.

“I’m sending you the first picture I took. In fact, I had yet to get the camera positioned well enough to get an adequate view of the ties binding my wrists. But my hands are stretched above my head and my eyes are gazing directly at you. My mouth is open, and my tongue is visible. Secretly, I’m hoping that you’ll be unable to resist my mouth in that position. Your cock belongs inside that tiny pink hole, and even though you’re in control, I’m deliberately using everything within my power to convince you to place your cock on the tip of my tongue.”

Michael was pleased to have an e-mail by the completion of her description. “Oh yes, Jadyn, this is an excellent pose. Very nice. Very, very nice. You’ve done well. I suppose you think you deserve to climax, don’t you?”

“Please, baby,” Jadyn whispered, all games off. “I’ll do anything. I’ve gotten quite worked up here.”

“I enjoy seeing you aroused. But I also enjoy hearing you climax. Why don’t you tell me about another of your poses, and I’ll see if it inspires me?” He was teasing her. His cock was already very much inspired.

“Well, there is this one,” Jadyn said as she scrolled through the photo software images. “In it, my hands are again strapped to my thighs. This time, though, instead of reaching for my pussy as I described in the first photo, I’m reaching for my nipple. One of my breasts has been exposed while the stretchy spandex lingerie still holds the other firmly in place.”

Michael’s breathing had quickened, and Jadyn could hear him panting on her end of the line. “Well, then,” he responded, “I do believe you’ve thought of everything. I’m pleased with you, my pretty pet. Here’s what I’d like you to do next.”

As Jadyn listened, Michael’s voice whispered seductively in her ear. His instructions were simple, and yet Michael bahis siteleri made sure she approved of them. She was only too eager to comply.

Jadyn clicked the phone off and gave a quick glance at the clock on the desk in front of her. She had barely thirty minutes to prepare. She began to print the files on glossy five-by-seven photo paper. This wasn’t part of his instructions, but Jadyn was sure Michael would be pleased with her ad libbing.

In beginning-to-end sequence, Jadyn placed the printed photographs in areas Michael would be sure to notice on his way through the apartment. Next, she hurried back to the sofa and quickly positioned herself as Michael had instructed. He wanted her on her knees with her ass in the air. Her bottom piece of lingerie was to be completely removed. Arms and thighs were to be “bound,” which proved a difficult task. Jadyn smirked as she deliberately left her arms loose enough that she could reach her clit with the vibe. She turned her face away from the door entranceway and prepared to wait.

The phone began to ring. No way in hell was she moving to answer it. “Son of a bitch,” Jadyn cursed to no one in particular. The machine picked up the line.

“Jadyn, I imagine you’re quite tied up and unable to come to the phone,” Michael taunted, in a voice deeper than normal. “I’m calling to tell you, baby, I’m in the apartment building making my way to you. I hope you’ve managed to restrain yourself as I’ve instructed. If so, I’ll take extra good care of you when I get there. If not … well, you know the consequences of not obeying me.”

Jadyn’s senses perked up drastically when she realized how near he was. Her clit and pussy was quite swollen. Soon her baby would be satisfying her completely. The clit vibe jumped erratically against her sensitive pink flesh. Jadyn removed it and hid the evidence in the crease of the sofa cushion just as she heard Michael’s key turn the lock.

After a moment of silence, Michael began to speak in the quiet of the apartment. “Jadyn” — his voice was hushed — “I’ve just located your surprise. You’re amazing. Do you have any idea how amazing you are?”

In the cushions, Jadyn smiled, proud she’d pleased him. She knew he was looking at the printed photo, picture number one. The one she’d dubbed quite tame and meaningless. Obviously, something about it appealed to Michael though. Her pussy clenched involuntarily at the thought.

“Oh baby, these are so fucking magnificent! How you ever managed this…!” Michael chuckled softly. Jadyn remained silent, basking in the glow of his praise. Her cheeks burned in pleasure and embarrassment at his adoration. She was quite glad they were hidden from view. He’d never let her live down a blush.

She heard him tread softly into the room.

“Oh my God! Baby, you’re so beautiful. And horny, aren’t you? Your lips are puffy and look quite delicious, too. Wow! For now, your instructions are to remain speechless. Don’t say a word. If you are unable to contain yourself, I only want to know in your grunts, moans, sighs, purrs, etc. Hell, scream even. But DO NOT talk.”

Jadyn squirmed against her restraints, overly anxious for his touch. Her pussy lips rubbed together, mimicking the action of the vibe she’d just hidden. God, she felt wet. And hot.

Michael unbuckled his pants. His cock was already hard, as a result of following the picture trail to her. Stepping close to her, he touched her exposed pussy with the head of his cock.

Jadyn, unprepared for the slight contact, jumped as though burned. “Oh!” she cried.

Michael stepped back and immediately slapped her clit, softly but firmly. “Remember, baby, you’re not allowed to talk. Moan your pleasure, please.”

With one more touch, she’d be over the edge. The slightly painful slapping sensation drove her crazy, and Michael knew it.

“Hmm, Jadyn, it appears we have slight problem. You’re about to sully the sofa cushions. A droplet of pussy juice has escaped those pretty pink lips.”

“Mmmmmm,” Jadyn moaned. She wanted to beg him to lick it. More than anything.

Michael stroked his fully erect cock and watched her. Quite uncontrollably, Jadyn had begun to rock her hips slightly in his direction. He was uncertain if she was even aware. Leaning forward, Michael bent at the waist and stroked his tongue along her thigh. His tongue and her juice met in the crease of her leg, only inches from her swollen clit.

Her moans grew increasingly bahis şirketleri louder. Quickly she thrust her pussy in the direction of his mouth, trying to force the contact. Michael rose and slapped her clit a second time.

“Don’t do that again, Jadyn. That’s unacceptable. I can’t believe you. You have absolutely no control, do you, baby?”

Jadyn heard Michael’s derisive tone and was not pleased. She did feel slightly out of control but decided it was time to give Michael a taste of his own medicine.

Jadyn turned her head to meet Michael’s mocking gaze. He stood over her, tall and formidable. Remembering her instructions not to speak, Jadyn simply looked at Michael. Then she opened her mouth and placed her tongue at the edge of her lips. Her red lipstick was slightly smudged, as was her mascara.

Michael watched Jadyn in silence with his cock still in hand. Jadyn could easily tell by the size of his arousal that he wasn’t as unaffected as he pretended. The tip of his cock head was wet and sparkling.

Slowly, she used her tongue to trace the pouty fullness of her bottom lip. She smiled as he stepped closer. Her eyes watched him, but still she remained silent.

“Don’t think I don’t realize you’re fighting for the upper hand here, you fucking tease,” Michael growled.

Jadyn’s tongue moved to her upper lip. She shut her eyes and whimpered softly as she felt the pussy juice trickling on her inside thigh. She opened her eyes just in time to see Michael’s bulbous cock head in her face. Her mouth was opened and he easily forced his way inside. Jadyn jerked back quickly, intending only to tease. Michael was quick to catch the back of her head. His hand tangled in her hair. “Oh, no you don’t! Suck it now!” he commanded. Jadyn was still on her haunches and jumped when his hand struck her ass. She sucked.

“That’s a good girl. You like that precum, don’t you? All over your naughty little lips, too, hmm?” Michael quickly withdrew his cock head from her eager mouth. How she did enjoy the taste of him and almost refused to let go. “That’s enough for now, don’t you think? You’re playing the game so well. How would you like to be rewarded?” Michael’s hand touched her ass where just moments before he’d left a faint red print. He caressed her skin, rubbing away the sting. Jadyn purred and backed closer to him.

Michael stroked his way to the center of Jadyn’s bulging pussy lips. He traced her slit, stopping only briefly at her clit. Jadyn’s body trembled in pleasure. Michael watched as she rose even higher to prolong the contact. He could see her breasts; her nipples were tight and engorged. He quickly moved his fingers down to her cunt and thrust two of them into her. Jadyn’s cries filled the room.

“Oh yes, Michael!” she broke her silence. Michael was too aroused to care. His fingers were slick and thrust quickly and easily into her. Moving forward, he placed his cock on her lips again. Her mouth eagerly opened.

“That’s right, baby, suck it. When I blow, I want you lick every last drop. We’ll climax together. I’m so close, and I can tell by the way your pussy is clenching my fingers that you’ll be right there with me, won’t you?”

Jadyn listened to Michael’s plan and only hoped that she could wait for him. She suspected she’d climax before he did if she didn’t do something to hurriedly push him over the edge. Jadyn moved her right hand between Michael’s sprawled legs and found his puckered ass with her fingertip. She massaged his sensitive skin but was unable to take the plunge without some lubrication.

Michael shoved his cock more deeply into her throat. Jadyn moaned even louder as she brought her hand up to her mouth. She grabbed the base of Michael’s cock making a pretense of jacking him while she “lubed” her fingers with the mixed precum and saliva juices.

Jadyn moved to Michael’s ass again and worked a finger into his tight hole. “Oh, fuck yes … you know I love that!” Michael groaned. His hips were bucking wildly when he shot his first string of hot cum on the roof of her mouth. As premeditated, he ordered, “Now baby! Cum for me, now!” He aimed for her lips next. Jadyn’s small pink tongue was quick to recover her prize.

The events of the day culminated in that one simple command. For hours Jadyn had been holding off her climax, which for her was a rare thing indeed. Hearing Michael’s permission was all Jadyn needed. She climaxed while Michael splattered the last of his load at her opened mouth.

Jadyn voraciously smacked her lips, looked up at Michael, and said with a wink, “Now THAT’S what I call a day well spent. Wanna do it again tomorrow?”

Michael laughed heartedly and rolled his eyes.

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