The Hammock Ch. 01

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We got back to your beach house about 1/2 hour before the sun was going to start descending, marking the end to the most delicious day I had ever spent with you. It was filled with many surprises – a private tour of my favorite soap opera’s set, a picnic lunch in the flower garden on the Getty Museum property, and the most wonderful drive up the Pacific Coast Highway.

I say to you that I can now see why you love living out at this particular beach house – it is miles away from work, yet secluded enough that prying eyes cannot see what anyone else is doing.

We go into the master bedroom, and there is one more surprise for me to open – inside the bag is a beautiful white lace sundress. You nod for me to put it on, as you change into a pair of white gauze pants. Grabbing a bottle of wine and two glasses, we descend to the beach, where a hammock and a very large mattress await us. You get into the hammock, and then help me. We end up spooned one against the other.

As canlı bahis the sun starts to set, you start whispering naughty words into my ear, which cause my nipples to become erect, and a very familiar pulse start to race throughout my body. I lean back and purr quietly, wiggling into your groin, which causes you to growl softly into my ear. One of your very large hands starts to pluck and pull at one of my nipples, as the other large hand starts to blaze a trail down my dress. You then whisper into my ear that the dress must go, as well as your pants – I am not about to argue with you on that!

Naked, lying together, and watching a gorgeous sunset, your hands go back to what they were doing – one playing with my nipples, and the other blazing a trail south, towards my pussy, which you expertly shaved earlier in the morning. Just thinking about that activity made my lower lips get a bit moist, which your cock felt as it rested against those beautiful full lips bahis siteleri that you love to tease.

I wiggle back and forth on your hard, thick, long, cock, causing it to jump every once in a while, knowing that my sweet nectar was slowly dripping all over its length and girth. You whisper in my ear to slow down, that we have all night, and you are planning on pleasuring me all night. Just hearing that caused yet another pulse to ignite in my body. After all of this time, you know all the right things to say to me… what turns me on… how just a glance from your gorgeous green eyes will start my body to react… how hearing your seductive voice sends shivers up and down my spine.

You whisper in my ear to close my eyes, and once I do, I feel you place three items on me – a gorgeous silver collar necklace around my neck, with adjustable nipple clamps attached to two chains on each of my fully erect nipples. This act brings a tear to my eyes, as it means that bahis şirketleri we have reached yet another level in our relationship – a higher level of trust. You say that from now on, whenever we are together in private, I am to be naked and wearing only this necklace. You continue whispering in my ears that tonight I am yours, and that you plan on pleasuring me like you never have before. Jokingly, I use the safe-word that has been mine for years, and you swat my butt lightly. This makes the two of us laugh, as you know that I’d never use it THIS early.

As I open my eyes, I can see that the sun is beginning to set. The sky is now filled with shades of blue, pink, and red, and it makes me smile. I turn my head and gently kiss your lips, and in doing so, ignite a fire in you that had been simmering for a while. You return the kiss slowly at first, and then build in intensity – just like your lovemaking is. I fully understand the twins that you are – the gentle and caring soul, and the sexy wild beast that is demanding and harsh at times – just like you understand the twins that I am – the sensual and quiet dreamer, and the wild sexy submissive who can cum on command once in “the zone”.

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