The “Hate” Fuck

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He did not hate her. Far from it. He was very much in love with her, and she with him. But for some reason that night he wanted his cock to hurt her. A rush of power unexpectedly filled him, and not to mention it filled his cock. He could feel it pulse inside her pussy as she fucked him on top, her hands cupping her breasts and pinching her nipples. She was showing off for him, driving him wild. She loved making herself the object of his perverse thoughts. She would pause just long enough to feel his cock pulse inside her, stretch her open with the pounding of heart. It was one of those erections which engorged him so much that he could literally feel the skin around his shaft stretch, conforming itself to its pressure. He wanted to use it. He wanted to give it to her. Like a reward for turning him on so much.

“Get on your knees,” he suddenly interrupted the moans descending from her mouth to his.

“Now,” he directed. There was a shift in the mode of their fucking. Her body stuttered, if that is even possible, as she dismounted him and obeyed his command. She presented her ass to him, as ordered, and looked back over her shoulder. Her eyes filled with a hot curiosity just as much as her pussy did. She could feel that he was taking control of her, about to use her. And she enjoyed it.

“Like this?” she asked, her palms planted firmly on the floor, leveling her back with top of her ass.

“No. I want your face against the floor, your tits kissing the carpet.” She heard. She obeyed. She slowly slid her palms across the plush carpet, extending the length of her back like hot taffy being pulled then sagging in the middle. Her cheek deliberately came to a slow rest on the floor, her nipples ever so slightly brushing the carpet. Her ass tilted upward, opening up the view to her pussy squarely in front him. On his knees he moved toward her, reaching out to slide a finger—then two, then three—inside her dripping cunt. He fucked her like that for just a moment or two, and then removed his fingers to wrap them around his dick and dampen Anadolu Yakası Escort its girth with her wetness. He took his fingers into his mouth to taste the lingering flavor of her cunt. His cock, now nicely slick, slid smoothly inside her.

Slowly at first, and shallow. He fed her just the tip of it. Teasing her open. He wanted to lead her to believe that he intended to fuck her slowly, to take his time. But that was far from intentions.

She extended her body back toward him. Lengthening herself and trying consuming the entire size of his dick. He pulled back, keeping her pussy from swallowing much more than two inches. A quick smack on her ass signaled to her just what he had in mind. She sighed an affirming sigh, giving him full permission to fuck her as he pleased. Another smack, the other cheek. A loud sigh, and a quick grind of her hips. Two quick spanks in rapid succession reddened her faultless bottom.

He slowly pulled out of her, resting just the very tip of his cock head in the vestibule of her pussy. The effect of which was to keep her lips parted enough to maintain easy access. Then suddenly, and with a force intended to shock her, he quickly thrust the full length of his cock up inside her. From tip to base, in one powerful, fluid motion he had filled her. Something between a shriek and moan was forced from her jolted diaphragm and out through her mouth. Instinctively, and with a touch of submission to his control, she pushed her ass back against his railing cock.

“Yes. Exactly,” he said in a hushed whisper while looking down at his dick deep within her. He started to push back. He made every effort possible to shove his prick as deep inside her as he could. He reached down and grasped the L-shaped joints where her hips met her legs, and he used them like handles. He pulled her up and back into him harder. He arched his back toward her trying to force himself deeper and deeper. He held his cock there for a moment, letting the sensation of this most-full penetration sink in to both her and him. Bostancı Escort He was amazed that she could take the entirety of his cock. She was amazed at how much she was enjoying the pain that being fucked this way had brought. He held her like that, pulling on the handles of her hips, and aggressively ground himself against her, keeping his cock deep within her. Matching his motions, her ass joined in this wicked dance.

“You like my big cock deep inside you?”


“You like getting fucked with it don’t you?”


“I’m going to use your pussy to get my dick off.”

“Fuck yes. Use it!” Her voice was more breath than sound as she writhed in anticipation.

“I’m going to fuck you. Hard.”

“Yes…yes… Give it to me. Pound me. Get your fucking cock off,” she nearly growled at him. She found herself more excited with him at that moment than she had been in months. The thought of him using her turned her on. It was as though she was his sole source of pleasure, that she was the object of his desire, that she was the gate keeper to his orgasm.

If there is an equivalent of the baseball pitcher’s “wind-up” during sex, they did just that, next. He reaffirmed his grip on her hips; positioned his knees squarely as to maximize the leverage of his body against hers; he twisted her hips further, rotating them to make her pussy more vulnerable. She reached back and began rubbing her clit. With each wave of pleasure this brought her he could see her tight, little asshole pucker and her pussy clench down on his cock. She was enjoying herself. He liked that.

What followed might more aptly be called an attack rather fucking. He never loosened his grip on her hips, bracing her with his strength while he slammed the full weight of his body into her. Over and over again, he tried to fuck her as intensely as he possibly could. He wanted her to force herself from his grip because she couldn’t take it anymore, because she couldn’t bear the pain any longer. Bursts of concentrated, hard fucking erupted: Erenköy Escort the kind that made his lungs burn and her skin flush. Sprints and explosions of his body crashing, slapping and beating against hers. His balls swung and slammed against her pussy, knocking on her hand which was still rubbing down on her clit. With each mad dash the speed of her masturbating increased. Her free had slapped against the floor, half because she needed to brace herself, half because her skyrocketing pleasure made her do so.

Harder and harder, he kept coming at her. So hard, in fact, he made her lose her balance and she fell to her belly against the floor. He did not relent. He climbed atop her just like that, straddling her ass, and pressed his cock back into her gaping pussy. He grabbed the cheeks of her ass with all the strength his grip could muster and began fucking her again. His hands spread her ass open so he could clearly see his dick thrashing her cunt beyond her deliciously rimmed asshole.

“Fuck!” she yelled.

“I’m going to cum!” She cried out in a pleasurable pain, and came forth with the most intense of orgasms she had had in her recent memory. He never let his pace slacken. He fucked her right through her orgasm, and just kept fucking her. Relentless. But just hearing her cum had brought him closer to his own. He would soon find himself at the foot the irresistible wave of his own climax. He couldn’t resist the call of her cumming pussy. It was a magic it had over him. If she came, it was nearly reflexive for cock to instantly catch up, to cum with her.

Feeling his dick engorged with the onset of his orgasm, he pulled out from her, forcefully rolled her over onto her back and stood fully erect over her. Like a hunter over his trophy. Straddling her waistline and looking down over her exhausted, flushed, well-fucked body he jacked himself off until his white hot cum dotted her, from her pussy to her belly, to her tits, to her face. He fucked her, and he marked her.

Out of breath and with muscles twitching from pure exhaustion, he collapsed beside her on the floor. Their sweating bodies entangled one another.

“That was amazing,” she whispered in his ear.

He couldn’t answer. He was just too spent of all energy. He simply squeezed her closer to his body. And he smiled.

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