The Hike

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You walk me forward, holding my hands behind me, telling me not to speak, or make a sound. Your leading me deeper into the woods, only you know the place that you’re taking me. You know it is perfect for your plans. You bring me to a clearing; it is about 4-5 ft round with a log from a fallen tree in the center. The log is about waist high to me. I am wearing a blue and white sundress, it is strapless and only comes to about mid-thigh, and I am wearing the high-heeled navy blue sandals you so dearly love. You are wearing khaki shorts and a blue t-shirt. You press me down over the log and run your hands up my thighs to my ass. But, where you expected to feel panties there is nothing. You flip my skirt up and see that your not mistaken, I’m bare and dripping. I’m so ready for you it is making me moan already. Knowing I’m not supposed to be bare unless you ask it of me, I know I’m in trouble but how I do love, the kind of trouble it is.

You bend down to kiss the hollow of my back as you rub the cheeks of my ass, telling me how you ‘d like to make me pay for the torture I’d inflicted on your body Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir that morning. I remember the look on your face every time I moved my hips in time to you, every time I squeezed my muscles around that cock. I knew I was in deeper trouble then before.

You tell me to spread my legs to there farthest reach as you sit on the ground under me looking up into my eyes as you run your hands up my thighs to the wedge were my core is. Slowly you bring your left hand up and start to gently run a finger over my clit, while you bring your mouth to me and lick along my slit very slowly. Every time you press my button I feel the burn in me go up, the sparks igniting to a fever. I start to moan my pleasure and you stop. You look me in the eyes as you tell me not to make a sound, no one is to know where we are and I’m to be totally quiet or you’ll make me wait to receive my punishment.

I try to move my body along with your tongue and finger as you return to your feast. Yet you tighten your grip with the right hand and tell me to be still, I’m İstanbul Escort to endure this with patience. I crave your tongue and your hands on my body so I try to behave, I try to listen and stay still. You slowly bring your right hand up and start to insert a finger into my hot pussy, twisting it back and forth as you ease it in to me. You tell me to spread my legs further, and redouble your attention to my clit. Alternating between your tongue and your finger pressing lightly then with more pressure. Feeling me getting to closer to my orgasm you stop.

Standing in front of me you remove your pants and bring your hard cock to my mouth. Suck it, you say, as you rest a hand on my head and guide me to it. I slowly draw it into my moist mouth, and try to take you deep into me, I want you in me in whatever way you’ll allow. You begin helping me by slowly rotating your hips into my mouth and withdrawing, shallow little movements, but enough to drive us both mad. I know your going to cum, so I try to suck harder, I want to swallow your nut more then I want to breath Escort İstanbul at this moment. But you withdraw and hurry to my rear again.

I feel you running your dick along my slit, coating it my honey, and inching closer to my entrance. You begin rotating your finger around my clit, never touching but getting closer and closer as you slowly press into my pussy. Once again you say no sound, so I bite my lip to keep from screaming with my pleasure, and frustration. Closer and harder you rub around my clit, making sure I’m squirming with the pleasure, and straining to feel you in me, you continue the very slow, very agonizing fucking, never moving fast or far, just shallow little thrusts, known to drive me crazy.

I want to cry and scream and beg to cum, but I know if I do, you’ll stop. Just as the fever goes higher and I start to feel the pressure making me tighten you press hard on my clit. I cum with the strength of a tidal wave, I nearly pass out with the sensation and the intensity of it. You slowly build a little speed and press just a little farther into me. Hitting another button in me that creates a smaller orgasm though it is just as intense as I feel you bath me from inside with your hot stickiness. You grasp my hair and pull me back for a long kiss. Asking as you withdraw, ” Are you going to misbehave again anytime soon?” I decide then and there to misbehave daily if it gets me punished.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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