The Honey-Do List

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It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

“Fuck that! This was definitely the worst of times,” Rob thought as he stepped from the shower. He was in the foulest of moods. It started bad and quickly traveled down a slippery slope to piss poor, to outright crotchety. “And with the fucking day starting out with great promise,” Rob thought.

“Damn them!” Rob said to no one in particular. “GOD DAMN THEM!” he corrected himself as he thought of his three so called golf friends. They had backed out of their game today “Just because of a small class 4 hurricane” that was supposed to track directly over them only to change paths at the last minute, leaving him with a beautiful day and with no one to play golf.

“May the rot in hell!” Rob cursed the local weatherman, NOAA, and National Weather Service (who got it wrong AGAIN) and God, Allah, Jehovah, Odin, or whoever makes the weather. How could they let a day of golf end as a day of yard work? “How?” He said. “Why Me?” he complained. “Screw them all and the horses they rode in on!” Rob mumbled as wrapped a towel about him.

Rob was bone tired and sore. Every muscle ached, his back, legs, feet, hands, arms … even his toes hurt. “She owes me,” Rob said as he lowered himself to the bed.

The “She” was his wife Susan who, upon hearing the golf outing was cancelled, quickly made a “Short” honey-do list of things that needed to be completed at her preschool; some how that list never got any shorter. “She owes me BIG TIME!” he murmured as he drifted to sleep.

Rob was awakened the sensuous sounds of Mark Knopfler, by movement on the bed, and soft warm hands massaging his shoulders. It was dark, except for the golden glow of candles. Her tried to roll over and glare at Susan (His mood had not gotten any better) but found that she had him pinned. She was straddling his bottom and he was too sore and tired to move her. He simply closed his eyes and enjoyed Susan’s gentle touch.

Susan worked his back and neck expertly, erasing his mood and evaporating his aches. She kneaded his muscles lovingly, as a monk kneads bread for his dinner. Applying gentle pressure where she felt stiffness, working the knots out with surgeon-like precision. Jim loves his wife (even as he cursed her). He loves every aspect of her. Only now, he REALLY loves her fingers.

Susan was in control. She sensuously massaged her husband’s back, shoulders, and neck. She traced paths over his skin with her fingernails, ending with a long, slow path up then down Rob’s spine, giving his goose bumps.

His skin was like an erogenous minefield. Each touch of Susan’s skilled fingers sent small explosions all over Rob’s body. She used all her skill. Her delicate fingers kneaded, traced, caressed, and weaved, as she kissed his neck, tickling his back with the silk of her nighty. Rob floated in this mixed state, part sensory depravation, part sensory overload, for quite a while, letting Susan work her magic. Susan had complete control, she knew it, and Rob did not care.

After an eternity of heavenly manipulating, Susan canlı bahis “dismounted”. He tried to complain about the honey-do list but could only sigh. She moved to the end of the bed and sat “Indian” style. She lifted on foot and started to rub it just as she did his back. She massaged the arch, rubbed his toes, individually and together, stroked his heal, and traced patterns on the bottom of his feet. She rubbed, caressed, tickled, and stroked his foot. Susan switched and repeated the processes on his other foot. This was phenomenal. Rob had never had a foot massage before. It may have to be a more frequent request.

Susan rested Rob’s foot between her breasts as she worked his calf. Her cleavage was soft and warm and the silk of the nighty made his toes tingle. He wiggled his toes (to start the circulation he rationalized) only to be lightly pinched. “Be have! You naughty boy!” Susan purred. She could not see Rob’s smirk. Susan was in control and Rob could care less! When she was done, she gently set Rob’s feet on the bed, lightly running her fingernail lightly over his soles causing him to shudder, goose bumps to raise on his arms, and the hairs the back of his neck to stand on end.

Susan straddled his legs and began to knead his hamstrings. These were Rob’s week spots. He had pulled them several times in his youth and now age was catching up to them. Each hand rubbed a single thigh, forming a “W” with the thumbs touching in the gap between his legs. She gently but firmly pushed her hands from knee to his bottom and then slowly brought them back. Over and over, she worked the sore, stiff muscles, slowly releasing the tension on his “rubber bands.”

Rob did not notice (maybe he did but did not care) that with each cycle, Susan was slowly spreading his legs. Millimeter by millimeter she worked his legs apart. When the time was right and Susan had Rob right where she wanted (Well not exactly where she wanted, that would come later), she ran her hands up his hamstrings, and lowering her thumbs, she ran her thumbnail up the bottom of his balls. From the base of his manhood to his lower back, her thumbnails left a distinct line in the oil.

Susan’s surprise attack sent electrical shocks from Rob’s toes to his nose and back again several times. Returning the same way sent more lightning bolts through Rob. She held him as she continued to tickle. The sensation was electric, causing not only his hair to stand on end. Susan dropped all pretense of tease and simply tickled his sack with her fingertips. Stronger shocks ran through Rob. He did not know whether to fight or give in. His torturer knew just what she was doing. She could have created three more lists and Rob would soon agree to finish them before supper, begging for more after. Just as he was about to fight, Susan stopped her tickling and started to massage his legs again, slowly calming him. He caved and let her “wonderfingers” work their voodoo. She worked on his legs until she felt she had complete control once again. Then she stopped.

Once again, Rob tried to complain but only managed bahis siteleri to grunt. He did try to sit up, but Susan slapped his bottom ordering him to “Stay.” She was in control and Rob did not care. He could hear her moving around the room but could not tell what she was up to. He was just about to turn and search for her when he felt her silk nighty fall gently across his back. It was alone — Susan was not in it. She had removed the nighty and was standing naked beside the bed. Rob pictured her standing next to the bed, naked, applying oil to her hands, spilling a few drops on her breasts. In his minds-eye small slow droplets of oil was running between her breasts and around her nipples. He smiled as Susan straddled his bottom once more.

Rob was expecting her fingers but was very surprised when he felt two warm globes pressed against his back. Susan was naked, oil had been applied to her breasts, and she was giving his a breast massage. She was tracing two parallel circles over his back. Sometimes she used all of her breasts, other times she used only her nipples. She would run her soft mounds the full length of his back and other times she would act as if she was sweeping home plate. Every move made Rob want to turn over more and more. However, she was in control and for the moment, Rob was staying put.

Susan knew how Rob loved her breasts, almost fixated on them. He loved sneak up from behind, reach around her and “Grab a Handful” of Susan. Of course, she did not mind. During lovemaking, he always paid plenty of attention to her breasts. Now, she had control and she was going to torment her husband. Rob could feel her warm soft skin against him. He knew what Susan was doing and he could not do anything about it. It was torture, he longed to turn over and pin Susan’s breasts to his but she had him pinned.

Susan rubbed his back, making sure she completely covered him. His own skin was becoming soft and he was definitely getting warm! “WOW,” Rob thought. “MMMMMM” is what he said. She pressed herself firmly against his back and smoothly slid the entire length of his oil slicked back.

Finally, she stopped (All too soon Rob felt) and “dismounted.” With a playful spank, she encouraged Rob to flip over on to his back. As he rolled, the towel he had been wearing fell off, exposing his erect manhood. “Looky what popped up,” Susan giggled as he ran her fingernail the up and down her underside of his penis.

Susan climbed on Rob and he thought she was finally going to impale herself. He was somewhat disappointed that he would not have time to play with her breasts and that he knew he would not last long. But, she did not. Instead, she slid his manhood between the lips of her womanhood like a pulley on a rod.

Rob looked up at his wife. The candlelight created a golden aura around her and sparkled off her chest. Once situated, she started to massage his shoulders and chest. She manipulated the muscles, releasing the little tension left. As she moved toward the center of his chest, she paused for a few (too few Rib thought) moments at bahis şirketleri his nipples. Her well-oiled hands rubbed, flicked, and even pinched his nipples. “This is not relaxing me,” Rob said. “Hush!” she returned, giving his nipples an extra hard pinch.

Rob watched his wife work his shoulders and chest to a wonderful relaxed glow. When he could, he watched her slender and enticing fingers work. He saw the intent look on Susan’s face, complete with slight beads of sweat forming on her brow. But, mostly he watched her breast gently sway.

As she worked the muscles with her hands, she slid her self over his manhood. As she pressed against his chest, she slid down his manhood. Then she would pull herself backup and work herself down. Her control was phenomenal. How she kept from having an orgasm, Rob did not know. He did know that every time he would approach orgasm, she would rest for a moment, lowering the urge.

Susan lifted one arm and as she did with his feet, she placed his hand between her breasts and she massaged the oil into his skin. She worked from top to bottom and ended with his hands, concentrating on each finger, flicking them with her tongue.

Susan slip down Rob’s leg, rubbing his penis over her stomach, the between her breast, and finally licking the full length of the shaft as her face slid by. Susan straddled his shins as she messaged his thighs. Kneading the big muscles, she would every so often tickle his balls or pump her fist up and down his shaft once or twice. Rob was fully erect, painfully erect! He was also on the verge of orgasm, but Susan was not going to let him.

Susan slipped back up Rob’s body, licking his shaft, running his penis between her oiled breasts, then over her stomach, and finally resting against her clit. Rob thought he was going to loose it. But, Susan had complete control.

Rob looked are her beggingly. He wanted her VERY BADLY! He reached for her and he moved further away. He tried to masturbate, but she slapped his hand. Susan lay across his legs with a wicked grin on her lips, flicking the tip of his penis head. Rob laid his head back as Susan played with his erection. She would not do any one thing for long. Susan would lick the underside of his penis, and then flick the tip again with her fingernails, only to lick Rob again. She grabbed and pumped. Rob thought he would explode but Susan prevented it.

After a lifetime in hell, she stopped and straddled Rob’s chest. When he raised his head to beg, his eyes almost bulged out of his head. Susan was masturbating, right in front of him and her position stopped him from doing the same. He was up close and personal as Susan worked up to her orgasm. Rob noticed her body becoming increasingly tense; her breathing became more rapid as her fingers moved faster. He reached up and massaged her breasts, pinching her nipples hard.

Just before she reached orgasm, Susan impaled herself fully on Rob’s erection. That was the last straw and he released deep in his wife as her orgasm crashed over her. Susan must have shaken for 15 minutes in orgasm before falling onto the bed beside Rob.

After a few minutes, Susan rolled over to her nightstand and removed a slip of paper. On it was tomorrow’s honey-do list with one item, and it did not require any clothes.

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