The Horse Keeper Ch. 03

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It was another restless night for me. She had been on my mind and I had to change my sheets yet again when I awoke. The plan was to take her dancing and dining today, and then I’d probably fuck her afterwards.

The day had been very busy, the ranch abuzz with energy. My parents were due home in 48 hours, so any slacking off that had taken place was being covered. I myself was scheduled to give eight horse-riding lessons, so my ass was sore by noon and I was only halfway.

Around 2 pm she called my cell phone to confirm our evening’s plans and to make sure I hadn’t been flooded with work. I told her I wasn’t, but I was. What I also refrained from telling her was the depth of my plans for the evening. I was going to take her to a dance hall and have a candle light dinner set up for us when we got there. After a fine meal of barbeque steaks, we’d dance the night away, and then I’d bring her home to my kingdom and have lover’s sex, which is different compared to the pounding we had done the previous two days.

The rest of the afternoon went by slow due to my anticipation and the fact that I was showing helpless city slickers how to ride a horse. Finally, in the middle of my final lesson for the day, she showed up and began feeding the horses. She waved at me as we both kept busy.

Finally, as the sun began setting, we both became free. I greeted her with a kiss to the cheek and told her that she could change into her evening’s clothes in the tack room or inside. Being the nature girl she was, she opted for the tack room since everyone had left. I walked her to her truck so she could get her dress, then we split ways as I headed for the house to change into my stuff, and she headed for the barn.

The house was full of hands again, all having a merry time at the table, drinking, telling stories. I’d usually join them about this time of day, but I had a hot date to contend with. I dodged by the dining room and snuck into my room, quickly changed into my kicker best, then dashed back outside.

She awaited me at my truck, where I opened the door for her and helped her inside, with a little grab of her tight ass on the side. Off we went into the setting sun. “Where are we going,” she asked.

“Just a little dance hall I know,” I responded.

“A dance hall is open on a Thursday night?” she asked.

“Let’s just say I’m friends with the owners,” I assured her. With this, she smiled and leaned back into her chair as we drove along the desolate road even Escort Beylikdüzü deeper into the country. After ten miles or so, I pointed out the end of our property line to her.

“Wow!” she proclaimed, “I didn’t know that it came out this far.”

“I’ll have to take you riding back in here someday soon,” I promised.

Then, looking ahead into the distance, she saw a structure and asked, “Is that where we’re headed?” I nodded my head as we pulled into the parking lot. “This place looks so cool. I had no idea it was out here,” she told me.

“Most people don’t. Ranchers and hands are really the only people who know about it,” I announced. As I walked her up to the entrance, hand in hand, I told her to close her eyes. She did so, and I guided her inwards. She responded to our own footsteps as we walked across the hardwood floor.

“Can I open them yet?” she asked in anticipation.

“Not yet,” I spoke.

I walked her to the very center of the dance floor, and then allowed her to open her eyes. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed as she took in the sites, “This is the most wonderful thing anyone has ever done for me.” My plan had worked, and my friends had come through. The place was decorated with a very romantic fashion; every table surrounding the dance floor had its own lit candle and white tablecloth, a band awaited us on stage, the owners and their employees stood around us dressed like waiters at some fancy French restaurant, and our table was in the middle of the dance floor with a white tablecloth, fancy silver and flat ware, and two burning candles.

I choked in my throat a bit thinking I had overdone myself. As she took her seat at the table, I managed to mouth an enthusiastic, soundless, “thank you” to the owner. He bowed his head to me and winked back. I took my seat, and we immediately began getting waited upon and the band struck up some slow country songs.

As she looked over the makeshift menu and placed her order, I studied every little detail about her; how she moved, how she spoke, what she said, and her attitude. I placed my order, and as we waited for our meals, the music seemed to disappear from my head as I watched the candlelight flicker in front of her.

We made small talk getting to know each other, listening to the music, etc as we waited for food. Every sentence she spoke, the more I liked her. I couldn’t believe that I had just met this girl two days ago, had become her fuck buddy, and now Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan I was falling in love with her. We ate a great meal, and then sat on the dance floor just watching the band play (they were also my friends).

As the conversation went on, we were dazed with each other. As far as I could tell, she liked me equally. I finally asked her to dance, and we danced the night away as I planned. About 10 pm I told her that we should be getting out of there so they can set up for tomorrow night. Friday was always a big seller for the dance hall. We then shared the most sensually romantic kiss I’d ever seen, even in movies.

As we drove back to the ranch, she never once took her eyes off of me, and it would have been the same if I weren’t driving. When we arrived, I invited her in to the now empty house. She accepted and followed me in to my bedroom. At this point I would normally have a boner and be pulling off my pants if I had a girl this hot in my room, but for some reason, even though I was hard, I had no urge to fuck her brains out.

We sat on my bed for a while, just shootin’ the shit. Then, she saw my Gamestation and wanted to play the car racing game I had. I accepted gratefully and enjoyed the two hours we raced each other. She was fun to be around, and I enjoyed her company. Finally, we both lay down on my bed just staring up at the ceiling fan, pondering things about each other. We agreed that we were now a couple, and then we sat up and began kissing again.

She leaned into me and kissed my lips, sucking on the bottom one a little. Then we began a tongue-wrestling contest for what seemed like an eternity. Afterwards, she stood up and looked down at me and stated, “I know we’ve fucked before, but this time is different. This time is special.”

“That’s exactly how I see it, too,” I agreed. She pulled each shoulder strap of her dress off each shoulder as the dress fell to the floor around her feet. This action revealed her black lace underwear pieces. I stood up, came up behind her and started nibbling on her neck as I removed her bra. The golden hills were mine again, but I felt different as I cupped them in my hands.

Still holding on to her breasts, I arched my back and caused my bulge to poke her butt. She turned around and slowly unbuttoned my shirt. Afterwards, she began to rub my bare chest with her hands, and then pressed her chest against mine. As we danced somewhat in place, she reached Beylikdüzü Escort down and unfastened my jeans. She followed them downwards as they sank to my shins. She pulled my boxers off and began stroking me slowly.

She wrapped her mouth around my dick in the same fashion she gave me kisses. She tickled my head with her tongue, and then began taking it in, then out again slowly. Her blowjobs had felt wonderful before, but this time I was getting a double pleasure. I felt an extra feeling I hadn’t before. I was all warm inside because I had someone I cared about caring for me. It was hot and yet touching at the same time. It was ecstasy.

I just zoned out with pleasures for a while, and I eventually felt myself cum inside her mouth. That’s when I came back to reality and told her, “That was amazing. I was dazed the entire time darlin’.”

“I noticed,” she smiled with some cum on her lips. Then she guided me over to my bed, undressed us both, and climbed under the covers. “Real couples have sex in bed,” she told me, “so get in here with me. I want to snuggle.”

Of course I obeyed and climbed in the opposite side. I put my arm under her head and we pressed our bodies together. The warmth of two bodies in bed was sensual, erotic, and romantic. As we waited for my cock to return to a hard status, we talked as lovers do; discussions of our lives, dreams of the future, etc. Finally, feeling my hard-on return, she turned her body around with her back facing me and guided my cock in with her hand.

I began to thrust slowly, with her moaning slightly. She began to move in sync with my thrusts, and I gradually sped up. After a while of this, we were both very sweaty. She then climbed on top of me and began to do the work for me. She began to scream as she sped gradually. I was in another daze again but somehow kept thrusting with her movements. Then, she climbed off of me and got on her hands and knees in front of me.

I knew that she wanted to finish me off doggy-style, so I stuck my cock in from behind her. This was a little stretch on my dick, but it didn’t hurt. I pumped away as she moaned away, and then I burst in her pussy. “Oh, baby,” she assured me, “that was the best ever.” I could tell from how she spoke and how she was breathing that she was feeling the same double feelings as me.

“Okay,” I told her, “let me finish you off.” Without hesitation she got on her back and I went down face first into her pussy. I slowly began massaging with my tongue, tasting her juices and remnants of mine. It wasn’t long before she creamed all over my mouth and chin. After she returned to normal, we climbed back under the covers, my body wrapped around hers and my limp cock in her tired pussy. We had another romantic kiss, I snuggled with her closer, and we fell asleep, still one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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